Anger, agreement at Muslim leaders gathering

October 14, 2008

jama.jpgSecurity was tight at the entrance to Gate No. 7 of the Jama Masjid in Old Delhi, a 17th century mosque built by Mughal kings, and the venue on Tuesday for a gathering of Muslim leaders from across the country to debate the persecution of Muslims.

Police shooed away fruit vendors and cycle rickshaws spilling over from the crowded market nearby, while others stood around the metal detectors at the entrance while their colleagues cased out the giant white shamiana inside with sniffer dogs under the slowly revolving ceiling fans.

 A full half hour after the scheduled time, when only the first few rows of seats were occupied, Maulana Naksh Bandi of the Jama Masjid began the proceedings, inviting various leaders to the dais, and declaring in Urdu: “there is no law, there is no justice for us. It is the rule of the jungle.”

Pausing to take a call on his mobile, and to recognise leaders who slowly filed in, some helped by their assistants, the Maulana said that staying silent would only lead to a more terrible future for Muslims in the country.

Bombings by suspected Islamist militants have killed hundreds of people in recent months, and Muslim leaders accuse the police of indiscriminate arrests of young Muslim men who have been labelled as terrorists and paraded before the media.

Next came Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari, influential leader of the Jama Masjid mosque, the largest in north India, who said Muslims needed to draw up a blueprint to deal with the circumstances, with even such practical solutions as legal help
for those being held by the police.

His speech, also in Urdu, was by turn fiery and angry, and at all times impassioned, its rhythym broken only by latecomers whom he acknowledged, and frequent shouts of “Allah-O-Akbar” (God is Great) among the audience who now filled all the seats.

I was struck by the anger felt among the listeners, the quieter ones of whom nodded in assent and said “beshak” (certainly); it was another sign of how communal politics was growing in India and of how Muslims are fighting to be heard.

As the sun travelled higher, glasses of cold water were passed around, but there was no cooling the Maulana, who accused the major political parties of trying to curry favour with the Muslims ahead of the 2009 election.

But Muslim leaders including the Maulana were equally political, said Seema Desai, an analyst at consultancy Eurasia Group in London: “Muslim leaders will be heard more than might have been the case in the run up to the national elections,” she said.

“But as long as Indian political parties think along communal lines its hard to see how long lasting solutions will be found.”   


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Why are the muslims complaining? Muslims are targeted for the terrorist activities not only in India but all over the world. Instead of accusing police and administration they should do some self searching and educate their people of ill effects of terrorism.

The world will be a better place if the muslims respect other religions.

Often I heard the accusations that muslims are turning to terrorism since there is injustic done by the western world on their community. This is not a reason to kill innocent people. If this is the case all Jews should kill each and every German they see, but they never do it.

Posted by Sameer | Report as abusive

It would also help Muslims in India if their leaders condemned the bombings where the perpetrators are Muslims. That would go a long way to show their support. Leaders like Maulana Naksh Bandi & Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari are only fueling religious tensions and as usual crying foul. Time to end the double-standards folks. You are either for India or against India.

Posted by alwaysindian | Report as abusive

Leaders (Religious and political) Should talk sense. All present activities are dividing the nation and also complicating. This will lead to more terrorism and communal differences. As a whole the nation is bleeding there is no ME (my community) in this. Stop hate war. Learn to live togather. Both the Hindu and Muslim community needs to do self searching. The goal has to be that Nation comes first.

Posted by Sandeep Mitra | Report as abusive

The root cause for terror is lack of Education, piousness and understandability.
Muslims are prey for political parties, which Muslim leaders are not understanding.
Why target or highlight only Muslims? when there are more horrible things done!
Stronger laws, indianization has to be started and implemented.
When INDIA lives on the laws of designed in accordance to others(Britishers) this is what it happens.

We are not still independent by following the laws of others.
We are still in dark age by loosing our virtues, culture and heritage.

Posted by Truth Apprentice | Report as abusive

following religion – be it hindu, muslim , christain or any other is sacred private and personnel matter.

should be followed within four walls of your own house.

the moment its made public its root cause for others.

a hindu temple -a problem for non hindu — loud spekers,
trafic jams, bomb threats …

a Mosque – problem for non muslims – same as above

a church – problem for non christian.

in the process of following religion in public we forget

how its creating problems to others.

need of the hour is religion of human being.

respect all human being.

question the blind faith which leads to hate and problems.

Posted by Rashmi | Report as abusive

If peace is what they really wanted then the speeches would not be in anger.

Posted by Mehul Khatri | Report as abusive

Very good piece by Rina Chandran, highlighting some of the injustices done by the police and other enforcing agencies to Muslims in the name of tackling terrorism; injustices that bigoted people like Sameer support.
If any Muslim commits a terrorist act, he must be condemned and punished severely.

But one must ask why the police who are so quick to catch and try suspected Muslim terrorists, often innocent youth, are so slow to act against the murderous terrorist thugs of the Hindu Bajrang Dal who rape nuns, burn Muslim children alive, and attack minorities in general.
This double standard–kids gloves for Hindu rabid groups, supported by the BJP, and across the board stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists–has to end if there is to be peace in India. Terrorism knows no religion and Islam hates the hurting of innocents.
Sameer, you petty man, realise that and you better start some soul searching yourself and take on the terrorists in your own community as well. Then you have a right to speak.

Posted by Syed Mansoor | Report as abusive

See i donot know and understand how they allow to give such statement in public and outcry the sentiment of less knowledge people, they are saying like Enitre INDIA is against muslims and ISLAM, the statement followed by Maulana Naksh Bandi is very unfortunate, If there is no law and if mulims cant be safe in INDIA, they can no where saved in world. where they enjoy uninterputed advantage of minorty. More to this if the culpurit by mistake all muslims , thats not a problem of administration, it never means that all muslim are culpurit, by this is a question on which they should ask themselves plus find some solution that why all terrorist and culpurit in blast are muslim.

Its very unfortunate that student from Jamia caught in delhi attacks, but more over most unfortunate that they start terming them innocence and ignore the seriuos fact of finding by poilce and firing occur.. What the hell they try to say about system and administration, they should make thier own system perfect and than blaim,

While the fact that innocent youths are detained cant not be ruled out and which is very unfortunate. but system has its own problem and illeffects we should consider to help those person by laws untill no concreate ividence of involvment not found.

But by terming system a failure they are just ijucting more poision in thier mind.. result more blast more arrest and more huuu cry..

SO better these so called religiuos leader consider the real problem and try to solve that why indian muslims are involving in these activities. and killing so many innocent people who are not hindhu, muslim or any other religion but ofcourse a HUMAN BEING.



Posted by Amit Daga | Report as abusive

Dear frieds
at last but least,the muslim leader are awaken from their deep sleep , but not fully awaked, muslim leaders have to play active role for their community and not for their self realised goals, it is the root cause for the muslim agony in India, as majority of the muslims are for their self development and not for community development, internal rifts and social violence is the another root cause of their delorable conditions,
1. counter diplomacy
2. counter attack or revenge.
3. Take equal share in the governance , in cabinet or from outside the cabinet, the cabinet decisions should not be on Hindu outfits like RSS,VHP,Bajrangdal etc.,
counter organisation for such violent organisations,etc.
Education, health, diplomacy, historical and Gerographical back ground knowledge should be develop.

Posted by Pean and sword | Report as abusive

First of all, we are all Indians first. each of us should respect each other, whether religions wise, ecnomical wise.

Any thing against our own country’s laws should not be encrougaged.

Killing a human being can not be a solution in this modern society.

At the same time, politicians should not mis guide the peoples for their vote banks.

All must be united. see American waged war against terrism, but there are somany muslims in America, whether they are blamming their own country in the aggressive manner?

Hence in the 21 st century, there are so many things which needs more attention like poverty, Education, ecnomic developments, social development, behaviour development etc.

We should focus in that only, and we should not encrouage any human killing activities, our mind and soul must be strong enough by not allowing any brain washing.

Jai Hind.

Posted by nathan | Report as abusive

The reaction of the religious leaders of Muslim community is obvious and natural under the ongoing socio-political situation in the country. The hate mongering fascist sangha parivar is fully responsible for spreading the communal virus since 1925 with the inspiration of their guru Golwalker’ prescription in his written work “WE or Our Nationhood defined”published in the year 1939. It is unfortunate that Indian media appears to have conveniently forgotten the Dec.6 1992 episode when the most deadliest seeds of revenge/terrorism was planted to blast the holy constitution of India. Media should not play an one sided role in its style of reporting for the sake of real National Integration. It should learn to condemn every communalist may it be a Shankaracharya or a Sahi Immam,biased reporting of media will prove disastrous for the country and its survival.

Posted by siddharth | Report as abusive

One must question the role of nationalism in India. Who does it serve? Is India a viable “nation”.

Despite the fact that most religions call for tolleration of others they are inherently arrogant in assuming THEY, and only they, know the will of god(God… etc…). This leads to a superiority complex. Add in a mix of racisim to religious bigotry and you have a powerful devicive force. When language differences are factored in it makes a peaceful union of differences nealy impossible.

Given the above facts of Indian politics one needs to revisit the idea of an Indian nation. India has for most of history been a tiered society where one group rules over others. The other groups are ranked in a strata based on influence, wealth and population. It appears, from the outside, that little has changed in India.

This means that the concept of “nation” is a tool of control by the current ruling group. This means that minority groups, particularly muslim groups (who at one time dominated the sub continent) are not likely to buy into the concept of India ans a nation.

This is where war germenates. The division of cultures continues and unless a major restructuring of how India is governed it is unlikely to be avoided.

Do not forget there are external forces that would gain advantage to see India weakened by internal strife. China and Pakistan are the most notable. These two countries just signed an economic partnership that could build into (or perhaps already is) a military alliance against India.

This is a massively complex problem that will not be solved easily, nor will it be helped by simplification of the issues.

Good luck,

You will need it…

Posted by anoutsider | Report as abusive

“I was struck by the anger felt among the listeners, the quieter ones of whom nodded in assent and said “beshak” (certainly); it was another sign of how communal politics was growing in India and of how Muslims are fighting to be heard.”

So lemme get this straight. Instead of making sure that madrassas don’t teach terrorist ideals, seperatists don’t break apart this nation, or condemning the act of terrorism openly, these people are busy ‘fighting for their voices to be heard’ ?

Is this some kind of joke? Lemme put it this way, if not for parties which survive on vote bank, muslims wouldn’t even have the freedom to whine about few policies of a nation who has given them more than a devoted ‘muslim’ state anywhere in this world.

What muslims in India are trying to do is simple. They are afraid to speak against the terrorists, or the people who support them because of ‘fatwa’ and ‘jehad’ and whatever else their leaders do in their spare time. So instead of fighting them, these people are busy trying to convince everyone else that there is no terrorism and if there IS, it isn’t inspired from Islam at all. Every muslim arrested is innocent and police should instead start arresting Hindus. This is what these people want.

Did I mention how pathetically our nation is proud of people like Akbar.. Aurangzeeb to Tipu Sultan.. or the monuments erected by them after they were done killing Hindus, converting them and detroying Hindu history (temples to books to whatever they could find)? Don’t you feel proud when a nation is recognised by a symbol like Taj Mahal whose leader killed Hindus to establish his kingdom and create white shiny monuments to teach us how powerful muslims are? History is fun, future will be even more interesting, esp. if Hindus let Congress come into power again and let them destroy what little identity Hindus have left as a majorit in this country (any other muslim nation which treats Hindus like brothers and not just outright kill them blaming conversion?).

Censor too much?

Posted by Nikhil Sharma | Report as abusive

I agree with Nikhil, people in this country are insane to allow this kinda shows in public , which proudly condems the nation and government. SO called influencial community leader instead of saying violence should be stopped is cowardly saying violence is right and and is openly asking community leaders to provide support to people who embrase coldblooded violence. Isn’t this like openly saying muslim youth to go on rampage and we elders are here to cover your back ??
and should i say the ruling political party is impotent when it comes to controlling muslims ?

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

Getting angry ?? Joke huh ??
This so called Mr. Influencial community leader should first understand showing anger on a public stage like that not only anger his fellow muslims, there is no way for other communities to take this news or reaction with cool heads and show mercy. It is this behaviour of this community that has kept them alienated from rest of the nation or the world i must say. High time to mend your attitudes..

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

To my brother Mr N Sharma, we were from India and now live in South Africa. Do not display your ignorance by suggesting that the Mogul Emperors were propagating Islam by fire and sword, this is the western myth. Islam was spread by love by the Sufis, if it had been as you suggested then the whole of India would have been Muslim. Read your history as we did because of our love of HINDUSTAN; and hopefully we will reapply for citizenship, since the British RAJ that took us to the shores of Africa as our forefathers were forced into indentured labourers. I admire the late Mrs Indira Gandhi who did write an article for the local newspapers the concept of the Sufi propagation than the Moguls..
WE MUST CONDEMN ALL TYPES OF VIOLENCE AT ALL TIMES. The famous saint of AJMER, Moinuddin, Kwaja Gareeb Nawaz stated “LOVE TOWARDS ALL MALICE TOWARDS NONE”. May the Almighty bless us all, Mushtaq

Posted by Mushtaq Mahomed | Report as abusive

I am much that i will not dare to get in to any auto or taxi of any muslim. I will not dare to give any of my houses for rent to a muslim. I will not go to any shops owned by a muslim. I will never dare to hire any muslim in to my company. By this am minimising my troubles, you never know when somewhere some terrorist is shot and if that person happens to be a muslim the whole community gets angry and you never know what a person does when he is angry and my community though majority in this country doesn’t have a voice when iam in trouble…thank you reuters for a very informative article

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

If the muslims are not happy in india they can go to pakistan which was created for them. Get out.

Posted by Raghav | Report as abusive

The political leaders committed bulunder in 1935 by accepting division of Indian population in three segments, Hindu, Muslims, and ohters for accepting SWARAJ (self-rule) from British Government. India is for Indians, who are citizens of India without any discrimination what so ever. The next blunder was accepting partition on the basis of religion,Hindu and Muslims for independence of India in 1947.

Further problem arose for the reason of unfriendly relations between India and Pakistan.

The present problem can be solved by religious heads by total exclusion of politicians by spreading message of love for humenity. Divide we fall united we stand.

Posted by Sitaram Agarwal | Report as abusive

what an outcry.. crocodile tears.. instead of gettnig islamic image better they are working towards tarnishing it..Increasing communal tensions..

Posted by indiawellwisher | Report as abusive

Mushtaq Mahomed wrote “Do not display your ignorance by suggesting that the Mogul Emperors were propagating Islam by fire and sword, this is the western myth.”

What a joke.Mushtaq pretends that he didnt know that mughals massacred hindus by millions.Anybody who read the mughal’s own records like akbarnama ,babarnama will know this.

This is the problem with muslims.Never a muslim will agree that their religion is the reason for this terrorism and antinational acts.

Another muslim in this forum “Syed Mansoor” says muslim terrorists were caught swiftly.

This is a lie.
The terrorist group SIMI aka indian mujahideen were at large for 4 years after comitting bomb blastsstarting with mumabi.
But for the apprehension of abu basheer in ahmedabad blasts case recently the police were groping in the dark about the identity of terrorist group.

Again this same person is swift to make allegation of rapes in orissa without the conclusion of trial.
The famous jhabua nuns rape case which roiled the world media was proven to be the handiwork of christian tribals but the damage was done and many websites still continue to report this on hindu organisations.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

Raghav, how ignorant you can be mate?

If Muslims go to Pakistan/Bangladesh, why not all the Hindus go to Nepal or Sri Lanka and all the Christians can be sent to Vatican right?

Indians have the right to remain in India. And Indians like you should be jailed for passing comments like you just did.

Posted by Ranjit | Report as abusive


Probably you should stop driving too. The oil you put in your car is most likely coming from muslims.

Have fun.


Posted by Vipul | Report as abusive

The fact of life is that there are good and bad people on both sides.
The Indians have to understand that both the communities will have to live together. Peacefully or otherwise the choice is theirs.
Hindus will have to forget the wrong doings of the Past, such as Aurenzeb and help the Muslim community to join the main stream.
Muslim have to try hard to do so, they should mix with people and not live in so called Muslim areas, should mix with Hindus in festival, like Holi and Dewali.
I had a good Muslim friend, Engineer by profession, we always shared his joy on Id, but on Holy or Diwali, he along with his family will shift to some Muslim family and aviod these festivals. These acts creates a bad taste and many ordinary people will nor be able to tolerate this.
The politicians and religious leaders are and will always be there to exploit the people, it is us who have to bridge the wall by sharing each other joys and sorrows.
The religion should be confined to the 4 walls of the hose and should not come to streets. Respect others religion as you do for your own.

Posted by Mk | Report as abusive

Where ever they are minority, they talk of persecution and scream equal rights and democracy! They then breed like sheeps and try to control the country! Terrorism are then publicly denied but endorsed in private! What about the Hindu minorities in J&K? What abt the Hindu minorities in Malaysia? Hypocritical dogs!

Posted by WeArEiNdIaNs | Report as abusive

This is what the delhi bomber Zia-ur Rehman said …

“If Allah wants, I’ll bomb the market where my mother buys vegetables. She will be sent to paradise.”

“Whatever knowledge I have about Islam, I have no regrets about what I did.”
“My father told me I’m not his son. He doesn’t understand jihad for Allah, and nothing else matters to me.”

Some innocent man there
Ref:/ p?option=com_content&Itemid=1&task=view& id=16662&sectionid=30&issueid=74&page=ar chieve

Posted by Rajeev | Report as abusive

Having gone through various comments, I am sad to see that communal hatred has burnt deep bruises into our psychology. As someone has rightly pointed, this is NOT a forum to abuse each other(and Reuters should moderate strictly). These are NOT times for making each other feel excluded or unwanted.
A third party (non-Indian) reading this blog will definitely feel it easy to take undue advantage of this situation (what we popularly term as “the foreign hand”).
Brothers, these are not times to inflict pain on each other (And I point a finger to all of us, irrespective of our faith). These are difficult times for our nation where we MUST unite and we MUST progress. I appeal to all real leaders – political, religious or otherwise to sit together and formulate a strategy for the social, economical and theological prosperity of our rich culture that has been famous for inviting and welcoming alternate thought process, alternate faiths, alternate paths to reach a common goal since the past 5000 years. Lets not be bogged down by religion, region, race, cast, faith, beliefs, orientations. Lets ALL come together and keep only one goal in mind – “Progress, Prosperity, Growth, Stability, Unity, Diversity, Respect, Tolerance, for each and every INDIAN”.

Posted by Chaitanya Soman | Report as abusive

India does not belong to Hindu, Muslim or Christian.
It belongs to people who are born in this country.
The name of this country is India and not Hindustan, Pakistan or Kabaristan.
All religious fanatics please leave our country. We want to live in peace.
In case you don’t have any other place to live, then shut your mouth and live in peace and harmony.

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

To the guy saying India is the name not Hindustan.. are you high? Hindustan was the original name (afaik, came from some arabian word).. and technically, even that wasn’t the name. There is no name for India so you can’t even call it India then. Genius.

As for those calling reuters to censor.. great job. Tells you how scared the people talking about ‘peace and love’ in this country are of truth. Hindus will sacrifice everything they have, even right to free speech and let these lunatics talk of freedom and ‘their’ right to free speech while we’re at it.

Yes reuters should moderate and block all comments they don’t want to hear, just like Times of India and the Hindu papers do on their site. Leaves a great impression.

Posted by Nikhil Sharma | Report as abusive

Muslims have been suppressed everywhere in world for so many years by others religions. It is now time for all Muslims to come out and conquer the world. Islam is the only true religion. Allah is the only God and Muhammad (Pbuh) is His prophet.

Posted by Chengeez Khan | Report as abusive

Well said Kabir. Thanks for highlighting the truth about the larger muslim community.

Muslims first job is towards their religion and claim that this country is not doing anything for their well being, before saying anything like that I would like to ask them to retrospect and think what their community has done very big to this country.

Coming to the “Hindustan” argument, yes Pakistan,Afganistan, Bangladesh were once part of the Hindustan. Muslim grow in numbers (at least 10 kids per couple)concentrated in one particular place and then fight for seperate country through Jihad (Terrorism). Thts how Pakistan and Banglasdesh is formed.Presently the virus is spread to Kashmir…then west bengal and UP….I think in the next 100 years India will be a Islamic country ruled by terrorists ( Like taliban and take this country back to 500 years.

Jai Hind.

Posted by Hari | Report as abusive

Hello Brothers,
This is indeed a very serious and introspecting times as 20 years earlier there were wars,communal clashes prejudices and all hating stuff in all communities and nations, irrespective of religion.Those SIMI,RSS and VHP etc were all there.None of these groups were newly erupted.But in all why Violence at these scales.Murdering,plundering etc.Do lately humans have turned more cannibals.Bosnia,Iraq,Afghanistan,LTTE,B Odoland,ULFA,Kasmir,Kurds,chechenya,Irel ands Gujrat all these are latest 21st century Clashes,where people are more educated more advance.The Problem is every nation is led by Not STATSEMEN,LEADERS OR VISIONARIES but buNch of Plundering thugs whoe are selfish amassing wealth and leaving the societies to fight each other to distract.ISLAMIC Terrorism isnt any concept or Ideology.NO muslim Nation in past ever exercised it for any means.These are all Latest creation of REAL people WHO infact ACTUALLY CONTROL WORLD POLITICS.Taliban and AL-Qaeda are also not self erupted and not a Mainsteram ideologies and will not be succesful in future.
ALL EDUCATED WISE AND INTELLIGENT PEOPLE ARE JUST BUSY LEAVING THERE LIVES FOR THEIR OWN,IN COSY HOMES SATISFIED leaving thugs and illiterates to Plunder society only complaining we dont have control on time……..too late.

Posted by Muizulla | Report as abusive


Well said Rashmi. Ditto my point.

@Syed Mansoor

You just showed how a typical muslims reacts, they point at bajrang dal and say hey they do it too you know.

Grow up. Terrorism is not an Indian thing. Every murderer should be hanged including bajrang dal activists.

Muslims need to do some sould searching indeed, not jst indian muslims but muslims everywhere.

Following religion by the book is distancing them from society.

Posted by A | Report as abusive

This is totally gross..Muslim leaders should condemn the actions by the young muslims and should abide by the rules..They are more than welcome to leave the country if they do not want to contribute positively to the economy and the country..These leaders should be put behind the bars for the rest of the life for the inflamed speeches..They should realise that India is the greatest country on the earth and they are lucky to be alive in the country because of the religious tolerance of the hinduism but time taking it granted has gone..Wake up and work

Posted by ak | Report as abusive

Man….just went through the thread….so much of venom?why are we again falling in the same trap…..Do you all again want a partition of the country?

Posted by salman | Report as abusive

Oh yes, Muslims and Hindus will keep fighting as usual, while the xians will quitely pump in billions and convert anybody who is willing to see his soul (either by greed or by misery). So stop acting like fools. All indians are brothers and should respect each other instead of trying to outgun each other…

Hope I wish if tihs was as simple as said…. :)

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive