Comments on: Will Mayawati’s Brahmin card work this time? Perspectives on South Asian politics Thu, 02 Jun 2016 08:03:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: Anandkumar27 Thu, 20 May 2010 10:05:24 +0000 Dear Friends as I belongs to UP an I am seeing UP very nearly in past 20-30 years no development of villages as well. And only blame game is going on so at all I am not happy wit this government.and she also a dalitbrahman because she is doing same as brahmans hd done in past .she is only copying and when anybody copy and take revenge the person is not fit to rule.
She has no ideology.
And some f my friends have said that UP is developing so I would like to inform them that India’s growth rate is 7.5 % As compared to UP’s growth rate is 2.67% and it is only in western UP.

By: M.P.RAMARAO Fri, 15 May 2009 15:45:34 +0000 One thing is very clear. As one of the contributor says, with Satish Misra as her principal adviser , she has changed her mindset and establilshed a bond with brahsmins to get her elected. Every one in this country has to realise brahmins in particular have a social responsibility as far as this country is concerned, which they have been fulfling with slight aberations. They worked for the welfare of this country and work for the same in future but with a rider. The moment they realise , they are being treated as 2nd class citizens, in this country, they won’t accept. It is everybody’s secret what has happened to Mr. V.P.Singh (the so called Msaaiah of OBC ) who wanted to create his own vote bank through unscrupulous method. Brahmins community is a dynamic community and they adapt to the situation immediately, they r individual thinking lot. Mayawati’s mentor Kansiram’s slogan had fetched him nothing as he proposed to utilise the services of so called forward classes and through them into ditch. But the reality is different. Wisdom has prevailed on her on Mayawati and followed the advise of Satish Mishra , changed the Kansiram’s slogan nto “SarvoJano”.
Who ever wants to rule this country, has to understand the fabric of this country’s social system and work towards cohesiveness of all sects. What we Indians require a worthy prime minister who is suitable for that post irrespective of his status. Brutal majaority will not give a chance for a candidate to become prime minister. The moment Mayawati shows the colours of Kanshiram’s thinking, she may be suffocated in UP only , she can not come out of that state to reach the Prime minister’s seat.

By: Bala Subramanian A Tue, 28 Apr 2009 13:27:57 +0000 I agree with Mr Mukerjee”s analysis which is balanced and factual. By nature and tradition Brahmins are individual thinking lot. They do not vote by the words of some one. State Elections are very much different from Parliamentary Elections. If Chief Minister Mayavati continues to use Brahmins for her personal ambitions, she may have to face a shocker just as BJP and Congress previously.

By: Amit Daga Tue, 21 Apr 2009 12:05:16 +0000 Dear Krittivas, Nice and logical question after left lalu mulayam blog on Muslim voter. Finally some one show some concern about Hindu who are still in majority some how(managing)
Welll i have nothing to do with this matter(religion). But i remember that i was in my class 7th and use to abuse mayawati and BSP (that was time when they endorse the slogan -tilak taraju aur talwar inko maro jutey char), one of my friend use to say me if one day mayawati will come and approach u for some favor you start praising her and i replied that i prefer to be a dead man rather than to praise such a lady (even after their 2 time allies with BJP in UP State).

But today i am alive also and praise that lady whom i believe is second modern Chandragupta at least for UP. Despite of her endorsement with criminal and punishing political enemy and forgiving friend she has some thing to say right.

The point of being support from Brahmin and other upper caste is in no doubt she has done a lot in terms of progress in UP specially on roads, education, healthcare not total crime rate , but satisfactory changes has seen in past 2 years. extortion cases ransom murder communal tension is at near to 4 year low in UP right now, she has not only nale political criminal of other party but not even spare of herself. Thats all happen cause of one mind i.e Satish Mishra Modern Chankya.

So who says Brahmins are not getting their share but in fact UP govt is run by them only after long long years of exploitation from other community now as far as other upper caste is concern except Thakur other will support her for social engineering and development issues.

As of now till she manage a balance of caste ism in her party and ticket distribution and doing well for society a true sense benefiecre for HIndusim as the only way to fight or stand is unite but we are not and see what happen if unite, (when a majority govt can form in UP) how it will benfecire to entire nation if caste ism is all a mator of time and all known as Hindu. Satish Mishra is true sense a real brahmin who know to rule and run the govt from his mind. I have no doubt in capabilty of Mayawati along with Satish Mishra. The only problem is still she need a criminal free system who can attract educated middle class and work in the benefit of nation.