Comments on: Do Kashmir separatists seek to revive dialogue with new Indian government? Perspectives on South Asian politics Thu, 02 Jun 2016 08:03:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: anup Mon, 22 Jun 2009 10:15:02 +0000 all this kashmiri sepratism is limited to four lanes in the old city of srinagar & is highlighted by fad journos…

By: G.Din Wed, 10 Jun 2009 13:38:38 +0000 Aijaz Ahmad writes:
“Separatist should intensify their struggle on diplomatic level, it is sure violence is no answer to the solution.”
Good! This realization should help.

“But take Kashmiri Pandits also in confidence.”
Easier said than done. Suggest some method to do that. Those who have been leading a miserable, pathetic existence as refugees in their own country for the past 20 years will never forgive those who brought them to this pass. The solution: Create a union territory as they are asking where they can lead a secure life as equal,honourable, respected citizens of India.

” More than 240 pundits have also been killed while as 80,000 Muslim have been killed.”
Pandits didn’t take up arms. They were forced to flee for their safety. Those who used the gun to make India bend died by the gun. Those who used the gun must ponder over what kind of “favours” they received from those who supplied them with those AK47’s and other lethal weapons.

By: dev dutt Wed, 10 Jun 2009 12:42:34 +0000 Kashmir is part of India so they have to prepare their mind it can’t possible as a separate destiny for terrorism that they separatists want if govt. gives me the chance to settle in kashmir i wanna to die there but as a true indian.
jai hind.

By: Cholas Wed, 10 Jun 2009 05:47:40 +0000 IF they dare Separatists should contest elections? More than 70% people participated in Election, which shows separatists are dead. It is high time that separtists give back money they got from Pakistan and join the majority of kashmiris of peaceful living. After middle-east Indian-muslims are the one who are leading a decent, self-respected and beautiful life in the subcontinent. donot cry godhra godhra.. for everything…

By: Nikhil Tue, 09 Jun 2009 20:32:56 +0000 A dialogue between the seperatists and the Indian government can be led to fruition if the seperatists represent the plural and diverse fabric of J&K, not limited to the Muslims in the valley. The seperatists are check-mated at home because other communities in the state do not share their agenda.

The police mishaps – or brutality in this case – is not a Kashmir specific issue. It’s a nationwide problem. People are just annoyed by Kashmiris in the valley painting everything by the same brush. The out-of-work seperatist leaders of Kashmir suddenly got a new job. And, they are doing what they know best; which is resorting to violence. Who says there is not enough work for everybody?

By: rajeev Tue, 09 Jun 2009 15:07:04 +0000 @In 1987 elections when elections were rigged by government the Kashmiri people lost faith on the govt.
– Posted by mir ehsan

–So? There have been cases that elections have been rigged in many parts of India. But normalcy has been restored through proper security and EVM as it happened in J&K elections. You need to look at the rest of the India too. It is a pathetic reason for supporting terrorism-based struggle.
You are not getting any better or worse treatment than the rest of the Indians do.

All Kashmiris: For any bad news, there are huge protests. If you are not supporting terrorism (labeled as freedom stuggle), why there are no protests against Pakistan which funds, maintains terrorism, which in turn makes sure that Indian Army stays there. Also what’s your logic that you never protest against Pakistan for Kashmiris in so-called “Azad Kashmir”? Have you any idea what brethren and sistren in POK are going through? Well at least you are allowed to vent your spleen against India—not allowed in POK, so amke good and proper use of it.

By: raju Tue, 09 Jun 2009 12:03:37 +0000 Whenever the Pakistan itself is in turmoil, it instigates small section of the Kashmiris who themselves declare as separatist, is nothing but Pakistan playing with fire. Pakistan has been facing the militancy of Taliban & Al-Quida due to its erroneous policies. It had become a prey / play ground for USA to force the withdrawl of Soviet forces from Afghanistan . During this process with the support of USA , Pakistan had encouraged the ISLAMIC MILITANTS all over the world to join the fight against Soviet forces. Once the Soviet Union was forced out from Afghanistan, the so called Taliban ( with Al-quida), trained meticulously by Pakistan Military , ISI ‘s Islamic brainwash, under supervision of USA with money, machine gun & logistic support , started working against USA’s interest instead of protecting American Interest all over the world. Pakistan has failed to realize the fault of involving a 3rd country in general and in particular any European country or USA to meddle in its affairs / guide its foreign policy either directly or indirectly.
We Indians should realize the dangers of involving the 3rd party in Kashmir issue. All these western countries & USA want a burning issue alive for ever to cater to their wested interests. This is quite evident in Israel-Palestine issue.
The Kashmir is an integral part of India and every Indian is ready for any sacrifice to protect its mother land. The present allegations against the security forces should be investigated to find out the facts , but creating chaos on streets, disobeying curfew , stone pelting on security forces by a section of people on Srinagar streets shows our neighbor is interested in India’s disintegration. It is highly deplorable to resort to street violence especially on our Security forces. It has become an order of the day in Srinagar to come on streets amass and start pelting stones on our security forces even for an incident happens outside India, where our security forces are not involved. Who has to be blamed for the atrocities committed on Kashmir Pandits , like rapes, murders, house burning and the exodus of half million Kashmir Pundits.
The Kashmiri people have to come to the negotiating table for peaceful settlement within the Indian constitution and I appeal to them not to become a prey to the vested interests of our neighbor.

By: rohit Tue, 09 Jun 2009 10:41:51 +0000 Kashmir belongs to India and so does Pakistan and Bangladesh… These are land of Hindus and the current settlers have no right to live or stay in the said places. For peace, it would be better if these folks vacate the land and go to Haj.

By: Arun Tue, 09 Jun 2009 09:59:02 +0000 Just a few observations based on the oinions expressed above
1. Lack of Development: We have all learnt that govts will not do anything to develop a region. We have a biggest example of such a basket case (take Bihar, Bengal, Orissa). J&K is not alone. Entrepreneurial spirit of people brings about such a change. Most of the development has happened inspite of the govt and not because of it.

2.Election Rigging: Been there, done that. Before the advent of the electronic voting machines and in the pre T.N.Seshan (former Chief Election Commissioner) days, very rarely were elections free and fair. J&K is no exception. I distinctly remember 2 occasions when my parents returned home without voting because their votes had already been cast. I am pretty sure rigging is not taking place these days because I have been able to vote even in the evenings, just before the end of polling!!

3.Unfortunate incidents in which innocent lives were lost: Again, these are not isolated incidents. Flashback to 2006 and the Nithari killings in Delhi or the police encounters in Mumbai or incidents in 2008 in West Bengal. Police will invariably try not to register a offence as it only increases their work. This is nothing unique to J&K.

The only way to control these and other such excesses is by participation and involvement. Voilence or ‘revolutions’ never succeed. One has to work within the system rather than outside to bring about some real change. This can be brought about by negotiations and participation. So YES, there should be dialouge between groups working for more rights in J&K and the Govt.

By: narender Tue, 09 Jun 2009 09:10:28 +0000 Kashmir is am in tegral part of India and will remian so by all means , this needs to accepted by so called seprtaist idealgists etc etc who think that they are the real repesentatives.

Sepeartaion , or even a word similar to it as a soluition to kashmir problem will not at be possible by any means

People need to undestand that pakistan is simply simply
inteseted in desablised India and kashmir is one effective route Create trouble in Kashmir , india forces react innoocents suffer and then they react thru protest again forces react in nocents die people gain protest

Its a vicious cycle being developed by Pakistan and Ksahmiris are being fooled by them.

So called leaders of Peace them selves do not want peace in kashmir be it Hurriat etc because there DUKAN will close if normal situation returns

People should realise that India has developed / nurtured J& K as its in tegral part Roads / power projects / grids other infrastructure created ., specail status – 370 is part of special recoganistion and imprtance of kashm ir in India. NO INDIAN govt will ever let it go down the drain.

Kshmir has an elected govt which is by all means there true reperntative ( Look at the Huge Turn out in Elections ) what else proof you need

HURRIat or any other DUKAN DAR of kashm iri respentative should be packed lock stock and barrel and sent to POK
run there show there becuse they are underdeveloped

India kashmir is perfectly ok if these SO called Dukan’s of Kashmir voices are just packed off,

rest all will fall in line.