Is Rahul Gandhi prime minister material?

July 1, 2009

He’s been called the “Quiet Revolutionary“. And India’s prime minister-in-waiting. But does Rahul Gandhi, a virtual novice in the rough and tumble of Indian politics, have what it takes for the country’s top job?

He didn’t exactly set the house on fire during his first five years in parliament. And until this election, Rahul’s only USP was that he belonged to India’s first family, the Nehru-Gandhi family which has given the country three prime ministers.

He’s only 39, and has no experience with complex subjects such as Pakistan or the economy.

But after the recent election, Rahul has emerged as a savvy politician, a grassroots activist with a finger on the pulse of the real India.

His strategy of not allying with any of the regional parties in northern India despite pressure from party officials paid off big time.

The Congress party’s decision to go it alone in northern India helped it more than double its seats in Uttar Pradesh.

Initially, based just on his political strategy for this election, there was much speculation over whether he would join the cabinet, and if he did what portfolio he’d get.

Eventually, Rahul wasn’t a part of the cabinet, but he’s still seen as the face of the Congress party from now on — and perhaps prime minister at some point in the future.

But isn’t there a danger he could be sidelined if he isn’t part of the federal cabinet?

Sure, he has age on his side and he can learn over the next five years. Besides, like his father, Rajiv, he appeals to millions of young voters in India.

But he’s not alone in that sense. He is part of a new generation of young parliamentarians like Sachin Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindia who have a completely new perspective on politics.

So the question many in India are asking is: could Rahul Gandhi be overshadowed by other younger politicians who are in the cabinet?


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I find it quite amusing that in a land of 1.3 bilion people we cannot find alternatives to 1 family which is ruling at the helm since independence. IF this is not Monarchy.. what is it! A cartel? Feudalism? I hope the young educated indians wake up and take appropriate steps to move India forward on merit and not on reservation or cartels.

Posted by Jay Ramakrishnan | Report as abusive

Whatever the critics may say, Rahul and Priyanka will pay an active and central role in Indian poltics .As a developing nation India needs a strong federal government which can only be provided by the Congress and the Gandhi family. Further I don’t thing that any young leaders like Sachin.. r the Sindias can over take Rahul.
Rahul has his own charisma and style…

Posted by Jey Subramanium | Report as abusive

I totally agree with Mr.Ramakrishnan.
India is not the property of Nehru family or Congress. Also personally, Rahul or Priyanka are not qualified and unfit to be a Prime Minister. In my view, they should even away from Parliament. There are huge number of good people. We must not allow these family politics further. Better they can quit politics 100% otherwise they can move to Italy.

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very recently, there was a topic with a different heading but the essence is same. Why is the media so worried about Rahul not being given any ministry in the central cabinet? Why are you making this as a issue and giving an impression as if Rahul is not opted for prime minister post if not 2day or in the very near future, India is going into Bay of Bengal. India will never and it will be there for ever. Men may come and men may go , but India lives for ever. Whether a person has any prime ministerial material in him or not , time and opportunity decide but not u and me. A worthy person , suitable for ruling comes to that post and rules but not each and every body who ever is proped up by the media. If he is worthy , and advertised by the media , he would certainly occupy that post , supported by people. This u must bave observed in case of very recent prime ministers who were unworthy to occupy that post , stayed there for a few months and were thrown out either by their own group or by their own front. Every body was under impression after Nehru , who would be and India would go to dogs after Nehru. But it did not. Day by day voter is becoming wise enough to select and vote . If Rahul has the ability , integrity, honesty,leadership qualitires to rule this country, voter would certainly elect him. if u think, because he has gandhi as suffix , belongs to Nehru-Gandhi family, and son of Sonia Gandhi, he is worthy of becoming P.M., i am afraid, this argument may not be accepted by our voter who has common sense. There are very worthy candidates in Congress who can become even cabinet ministers , they have not given . Don’t entertain sycopancy which is very detrimental to the party. Encourage internal democracy, and our parties should be like Democrats and Republicans in USA. Each leader has to do a lot of spade work to come to that level. It shoud not be a cake walk. Each one has to struggle , go to public , mingle with public, get the pulse of the public and should be a expert in one or two topics of importance , like Foreign affairs, social securtiy , educational policy. That is what required for a leader in India but not A family clan, or group leader with brutal force. once again , i wish all the best to Mr. Rahul to acquire those qualities how Mr.Obama acquired in due course. Don’t fall into the trap of sycopants who wil use Mr. Rahul for their vested interest.

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Jey Subramanium,

Why has India failed to reach place where other developing nations post second world war like Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia are given the fact that these nations were at par with each other after second world war and that out of 62 years of Independence, India has been ruled by “A strong federal government which was only provided by the Congress and the Gandhi family”?

Please do answer… I would love to read your fabrication of lies which would try to hide truth.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive


“out of 62 years of Independence, India has been ruled by “A strong federal government which was only provided by the Congress and the Gandhi family”?”


out of 62 years of Independence, India has been ruled for more than 85% of time by “A strong federal government which was only provided by the Congress and the Gandhi family”?

Reuters has not published my earlier comment in which I had proved that the entire article is farce and fabric of carefully woven lies of writer.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

“Novice” Rahul(and Congress) made BJP and others the see the mirror in recent elections. Voters of India were not at gun point that they voted for Congress. Surely Congress and Rahul emerged as the best option available today. And those who point out the origin of Sonia Gandhi, can I ask what more she will have to do to prove her loyalty towards India. And yeah, I am not a Congress member, just a voter who trusted Congress this election.

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I am so sick and tired of some “losers” who go around saying India is like a monarchy. They say this because their candidate cannot win an election! Indian’s decide who is the best person to lead the nation and if they decide it’s a Gandhi then that’s does not mean Gandhi’s are bad. They are the winners/Champs and people love them. People are very quick to point out their flaws but they never talk about the great things they have done for the nation.
It was under Nehru Gandhi vision that India set up world class engineering university called IIT that every one raves about. Space program, civilian nuclear deal, Tech Revolution, which everyone is so happy about was also promoted by Rajiv Gandhi. Do I have to remind it was the Congress led Gov that opened up the economy in 1990’s!
We have had non Gandhi’s rule India like the BJP and clearly majority of Indian’s did not want to see them back and thus they were defeated in the recent election. Now we have the losers cry and say Gandhi’s have a monopoly. I am sorry to say once again that they are the Champs and people have put them in power in a democratic process.
As for the critics of Rahul Gandhi claiming he is too young or not experienced. Once again I am sorry to tell the critics that experience is over rated. Its leadership that really counts when it comes to leading a nation. USA has had many good young leaders who did a great job just to mention a few, JFK, BILL CLINTON and now OBAMA. If they can run the world’s most powerful nation then why can’t a young leader run India?
India is a young nation and needs a young leader who can understand their problems. The 70 plus year old senior citizens are out of touch with the Masses who are on average 30 years old or younger.

Posted by Vick | Report as abusive

I am very much agree with what Mr Ramakrishnan has written on the Congress and it’s monarchy rule under the shadow of Gandhi family over the last 50 years or so. As far as I am concerned, I do feel that India is a vast country with a population of over 100 million. Over the centuries, India has produced many famous intellectuals in various fields, for which, we countrymen truly feel very proud their achievements even today. What I feel that if we indeed love our country and have faith on our countrymen’s merit then, I don’t think why we don’t find the best man for the position of Indian Prime Minister than mediocre Rahul Gandhi.

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

Let the best person win!

Rahul has proven his leadership and strategy skills during last election. Both Rahul and Priyanka had worked hard for Cong. Are there any alternatives out there? than let those people show their faces. A Leader has to demonstrate his leadership.
Look at Dr. Manmohan Singh, his clean, strong personality was instrumental in Cong. winning the votes.
It is very easy to critic about someone but difficult to outperform someone’s good efforts.
I am sure Indian voters are educated enough to notice who can Lead them to a better future.
If today, BJP or any other party come with an alternative which focus on inclusive development rather than religion politics, they will have a chance to Lead.

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One needs at least 10 yrs of cabinet experience before one is judged for the job.

Posted by Azad | Report as abusive


Before 2009 elections, I thought Rahul Gandhi is some dumb politician from Gandhi family and his sister Priyanka is much better than him. His positive so far is his much cited go-alone decision in UP. But I am still uncomfortable with the idea of promoting a candidate like him for PM office, which is not small thing. Apart from this he has no other experience to guide the nation. He may turn out to be a miracle but one does not go by that. I am not completely sure about this guy so would have loved if he joined the cabinet so that he shows steel there and people know him better. But then that could be the whole idea of not accepting the cabinet position could be that his negative side is not exposed and whatever he has done now will be forgotten in the next election. So this is his (and his mom’s) careful move. Parallels are Obama (very deserving though) who was not in Washington and that was cited as his positive point by democrats because he did not carry the baggage unlike much experienced opponent McCain. Talking about political dynasty, this is nothing new Bush and Kennedy families in US are known for that.

Someone asked the alternative to Rahul Gandhi…. I like this guy Shashi Tharoor. He is Minister of State for External Affairs; served UN Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information between 2002-2007; almost became UN Secretary General. He received Ph.D. (in foreign relations??) when he was 22Yr old.
I think he is young is young (53Yr) and knows foreign relations and is acceptable to people (Loksabaha elections). What do you guys–the critics of Rahul Gandhi as well those who love Rahul Gandhi–think about Shashi Tharoor as PM? Although he has limited experience but he is a diplomat and can take on the like of Hillary Clinton one to one and 5yrs from now, he will all set to be PM, if Congress wants that way. Grooming him would not bad idea. One cannot groom a good PM out of an idiot or a mediocre Rahul Gandhi—whatever he is. I disliked Rahul’s declining post. Period. He chickened out.

Some useful links on Shashi Tharoor. oor pr/13/my-dilemma-with-shashi-tharoor.htm

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

What is a prime minister material ?
Was Deve Gowda one ? Or was it Chandrashekar ? OR PV Narasimha Rao ? Or that VP Singh with his Mandal Commision ?
More basic question — Why we all indians, today, voted for Congress over BJP ?
In my opinion, it all comes down to leadership by any person or party who has a agenda (read like a mission with a vision) and that agenda is pro-voters.
As of today, i see congress is that party with such leaders. Now whatever the family rule, or last some 60 odd years of history — I want to live in today looking at the future.
For those who thinks otherwise — Please do name other party politicians (with qualifications) who can replace Manmohan Singh, PV chidambaram, Pranab Mukherji, etc.

As for Rahul, I think he is very smart. He is working on building the basics of a party. He is a leader in training at this time. I think he should wait, gain more exposure in party affiars, country affairs by being a part of development programmes, maybe take charge of a Govt. function which he can manage.
With BJP down (and almost out), Rahul is aptly working on developing congress in its weaker areas. I dont see any leader who has done this. Everyone runs for the post.
I favor not one party, i favor the people who are in the party. Congress has some scumbags(i hate Arjun Singh), but today, it also has the most promising leaders (younger generation) for our country.
This time Congress has also refrained in allocating tickets/seats to criminal candidates and during post allocation Karunanidhi was shunned when he asked all posts for his family. This is a good sign.
We can always blame the system, it is dirty. Yes, it is. But we do not stop practicing cleanliness just because the system is dirty.
And as Hemant said, Let the best person get the chance — I think we are educated enough to chose one.

Posted by marap | Report as abusive

Yes, down with ‘Gandhi’ haters and ‘monarchy’ conspiracy theorists. People of India are not fools. The way Rahul Gandhi conducted himself during the last election campaign impressed most people (including me) and it had nothing to do with his last name. India needs young and energetic politicians like him and he should become a PM sooner than later.

Posted by Uday | Report as abusive


I do agree that India was under the congress rule for more than 85% of the time and also India has not grown the way other countries like Japan China… have done. But now we are the second fastest economy and we need stable government .Neither the BJP nor the third front can provide a stable government .BJP doesn’t even have a strong leader …all the second generation leaders are fighting among themselves and the Third front I don’t have words to explain…
Whatever you may say in next General Election take my word Rahul will steer Congress to a Majority on its own…

Posted by Jey Subramanium | Report as abusive

Though it appears so on the surface, I believe that in reality it’s the Congress party that the people voted for, not just the Rahul factor. It’s only the media that is creating the hype around him to the extent that some people get frustrated about seeing the same party (family, in their words) ruling the country time and again since Independence. In fact, the party has been successful in attracting stalwarts to its fold and it is this people that have made the party survive for so long. It’s the combination of the party’s brand along with the kind of leaders it has and a bit of Rahul factor that catalyzed its success in the recent elections.

Posted by Srikanth | Report as abusive

To all those who are ranting Gandhi owing to their political preference for Congress and those braying anti Gandhi owing to their allegiance to Left or BJP or other parties. I do not vote for any political party in India because the political system of India has failed to achieve anything.

For those who are ranting Gandhi…

“It was under Nehru Gandhi…. IIT that every one raves about. Space program… which everyone is so happy about was also promoted by Rajiv Gandhi” (Vivek)

IIT cannot teach anything that is beyond book in it’s prescribed courses. All IIT does is take in cream of society and when you take in cream, the output would be good. Let IIT take average student of society and churn them into super persons like Nehru, Gandhi. If IIT was not there even then our students would have done the same thing. There are multi million examples… For example Ramanujam… Come out with contribution of IIT of super persons Nehru Gandhi in engineering (For India) as against of a loathsome engineering colleges of world which were setup by ordinary mortals. About others like space program, the statement is empty and hollow. Not everyone is happy about it. To test myself I went and asked few common persons out in street… My panwalla, chai tapri wala, rickshaw driver… Surprise!!! they were not aware about single term and did not know how it affected them. Please come to my place Vivek and enlighten these idiots who are unaware of godly things done by Rajeev Gandhi.

“Do I have to remind it was the Congress led Gov that opened up the economy in 1990’s” (Vivek)

Was there any alternative other than to open up economy?

“critics of Rahul… I am sorry to tell the critics… leadership that really counts… USA has had many good young leaders… If they can run the world’s most powerful nation then why can’t a young leader run India?
India is a young nation… 70 plus year old… Masses who are on average 30 years old or younger” (Vivek)

Where has this leadership be it of Nehru or any Gandhi taken us… Loss of War in 1962 in which Nehru got away scot free?… I am not criticizing other tid bits like Gowda, Bajpayee, Gujral for they were like bubbles in 62 years of history of India. Vivek, you can come up with some numbers like GDP or PCI numbers against nations like Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia since 1947 at gap of every five years. Your comparison with USA is childish and I would urge you to rethink over it. If you feel it is ok, then drop me a message and I will try to explain.

“Are there any alternatives out there?” (Hemant)
Yes there are but all (including Gandhis) are hopeless… The degree of hopelessness varies… Leader who appears to be least hopeless gets elected… I am sure the newly formed muslim parties in this election will be able to prop up one more Jinnah… Hope this new “Jinnah” will be less hopeless than “Gandhis”

If real alternate has to emerge, then give people RIGHT TO REJECT these parties (Congress, BJP, Left and Co) and men of straw (MMS, Gandhis, Advanis, Yadavs etc) and alternate will emerge

“Look at Dr. Manmohan Singh” (Hemant)

What is there to look at? Anyways are you talking about Dr MMS who was not supposed to lead India talk with Pakistan post Mumbai Attacks till terrorists are handed over and one more Mukherjee who was braying war cries of all options open?

“I am sure Indian voters are educated enough to notice who can Lead them to a better future”

I need to be enlightened! I think majority of aware persons like me do not vote… For example, in UP where Gandhi/ Nehru clan fought, has voter turnout of 48%. Please shower some pearls of eye openers here.

“If today, BJP or any other party come with an alternative which focus on inclusive development rather than religion politics, they will have a chance to Lead” (Hemant)

Gujarat, Kerala lead the nation as per development indices but your prophecy seems to clash. It seems that perennial misery of our nation like Bihar, UP, WB contribute more leaders to nation. You know why these states are in misery especially UP which produces Nehru Gandhi?

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

Jey Subramanium,

What India needs is not a stable government but a government which can address the issues before nation. All governments have failed to address issues of nation. Current government will also fail to address issues of nation.

Future, no one has seen. It is true that in Congress, no one other than Gandhi can rule and this is because others are incompetent; the entire party is full of incompetent persons and it is leader’s policy to raise incompetents (like MK Gandhi had dislike for Subhas Chandra Bose and every one in Congress who used to challenge him) That is why Nehru got away scot free after 1962 debacle where India lost more than 3000 men and with thousands more as prisoners of Chinese with not even a single Chinese Soldier captured by India. However unlike you, I do hope that someone better than “Sick” Gandhi aka Congress, “More Sick” Advani aka BJP, “Perennially Sick” Left, “Parasitic” regional parties will prop up who will be not made of straw and will address the issues of nation. At least I do not go around and use my electoral right to elect leader/ party “with lesser evil”.

Lastly, if we have a leader like Rahul Gandhi post next elections, it would be unfortunate for India… More unfortunate than the current. India has done very well when Gandhis were not on scene (Ruling or Opposition) i.e., in era of PV Narsimha Rao (post Rajeev Gandhi), Post Nehru for a short time.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

Rohit ,

No point blaming the system .If you want to change the system we have to participate in it .Nothing is going to happen by finding fault in what happened in the past.
Yes our leaders have made mistakes, but we learn from our mistakes.
Further Congress party has come exceptional leaders like Manmohan Singh, Chidamram ,Kamalnath ,Sibal ,Thoroor etc… and young leaders like Sachin ,Sindia ,Jindal….

All the issues facing the nation cannot be addressed in months or years it will take decades. We started our reforms in late 90s .. and we are already seeing the results ..
If somebody is to be blamed for the present state of Indian it is each and every citizen of this country ..persons who don’t vote ..those who evade taxes. those who don’t follow rules ..
Stop cribbing about our present state and start contributing in whatever ways you can to change this country ..please vote in the next election ..your one vote can change a lot of things

Posted by JEY SUBRAMANINA | Report as abusive


With due respect to you and your political affiliation,

Can you tell me which issues on which elections were fought, have been solved… You can go right from 1947 and onwards?

Can you predict when will the issues get solved… Take another century or millennium. However, I can tell you that there are few remedies for a mismanaged nation like a long war, high inflation, long term of natural disaster.

Those who had to develop have already developed. For your kind information, if you do some researching on what is contribution of Indian companies in economy of India, it may be an eye opener for you.

There is point in blaming system for the system has failed to produce any result and will continue to do so for next millennium.

The exceptional leaders of Congress are not recognized beyond their territory and cannot survive on own. A research on role of Scindias during British Rule may serve good to you… You can add in MK Gandhi too… Read Richard Griener’s article.

If someone is to be blamed about the present situation, I am not to be blamed. It is a curse to be born in this country, for majority of people of this nation live to die, meeting their daily basic needs. Only thieves, liars and corrupt people survive where there are people more than the resources of nation.

Lastly, do not preach me to vote for a choice between politicians, parties with varying degree of evil. I will vote when I get the “Right to Reject”.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive


“””It is a curse to be born in this country, for majority of people of this nation live to die, meeting their daily basic needs. Only thieves, liars and corrupt people survive where there are people more than the resources of nation.””

–Despite all what you say, you seem to be thinking about India rather than quit thinking about it. Are you living in India that you face day to day problems and you have no way out? Have you envisoned living in China for life since it has progressed so much–better than US growth? If not, why not? Just asking.

Also I posted about Shashi Tharoor, what’s ur thoughts him as PM?

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

Rahul Gandhi is only as good a prime minister material as I am or any other person blogging over here. There is nothing extra ordinary about him. He is not a good orator, which is one of the most important qualities to be a true leader. He has theatrical abilities (sleeping in a hut, in a dalit’s home is theatrical. If he had done something substantial like providing reservations to economically weaker sections rather than the caste based reservations then i would have considered him true champions of dalits). He has learned from experience (watching his mom) that by being behind the scenes he can exert influence over policy making becuase he has the Gandhi surname and he can bid his time reorganizing the party (at which he has been successful) so that when the congress truly has the numbers then he can be the PM.

As for the author’s question could it be that Rahul Gandhi be over shadowed?…
What a foolish question… Isn’t the author reading newspapers? All the leaders, big and small, old and young (including the likes of Sachin Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindia have been rooting for Rahul to become the PM)..
Does she think that Sonia gandhi will ever let that happen and on top of it all Priyanka Gandhi (who has a lot more charisma than Rahul) will support her kid bro to be the PM.
If Rahul Gandhi brings about equality for all as it should be (reservations only for economically weaker sections, universal civil code [that is true secularism….isn’t it?]) and at the same time can help improve the infrastructure of the country and provide a climate of good business opportunity then he has the qualities of a good PM.
Else he will just be any other PM (there is no doubt that he will be a PM one day) with the Gandhi surname.
Yes it is dynastic politics and it so because indians love dynasties… It is the people who elcted them so if it is a monarchy then it people who voted for them who needs to be blamed not the guy who is running for a post.
Only when people are properly educated and also have the ability to look beyond the text books then we will be able to find a true leader.

Posted by Aman | Report as abusive


It is not possible to change certain things. Like the country you are born in. When I said the above things, it means more for common persons of India like a rickshaw driver other daily wage earners, not for persons who have the luxury of blogging everyday. On personal note, if I get a chance, to move into a country with decent social structure, I would surely prefer to move out of this country for good and for ever. But as long as one lives in this country, there is nothing but to loath about everything in this country on a daily basis. Move out and observe (Eg., a journey by train, watching surroundings, every time it enters/ leaves a City) and you will know what is there to be proud about.

Shashi Tharoor is unimpressive… Zero caliber for a leader… Ordinary orator, topped with sophisticated communication, never seen him speaking language of common persons… I don’t think that he will ever be known by common Indian even after his current five year term with Congress in Government like name Gandhi, Laloo or Advani is known… Forget common Indians, he won’t be able to cultivate followers in his own party. In future, the best he can be is to become another Chiddu who, if gets out of Congress, and fights on own, would be able to retain only his seat and nothing else.

Coming down to Shashi Tharoor, use some common sense and answer, which leader, has gained prominence in Congress when Gandhi’s were not in scene?

Only one… Morarji Desai but he was fooled by Mr K Kamraj of Congress; K Kamraj was fooled by Nehru and Kamraj was in turn dumped unceremoniously by Indira once he made her undisputed leader of Congress.

The story is interesting… Post China war debacle, Congress was facing big time downturn in fortunes. So Mr K Kamraj introduced Kamraj Plan in which Congressis fooled people of India by spreading lies. In 1964, Nehru died a natural death (which you believe was China effect) but before death (after hearing Kamraj plan), Nehru called in Kamraj to Delhi and made him president of Congress with vow to promote his good for nothing daughter, Indira Gandhi. Mr Desai had the best chance to lead India after Nehru’s death but Kamraj fooled him and Shashti got elected. By the time Shashtri died, Kamraj had built Indira’s image (propaganda image… Similar to what you still see in Congress for Gandhis) and Mr Desai had been weakened. Mr Desai again rose to fight after Mr Shashtri’s death but the timing went wrong as he had been weakened by Mr Kamraj and Indira won the majority. The first thing Indira did after becoming the prime minister, was to sideline Kamraj and destroyed his standing in Congress. Kamraj left party, and died after a period of non glorious fading years leading to his demise. It seems ironical to me that the person who helped build Nehru Gandhi family after 1962 war died a death which deserved to be for Nehru.

The same story was repeated with Sitaram Kesri recently and both Sitaram and Kamraj had one thing in common… They belonged to backward class.

Would you still bet on Shashi Tharoor?

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive


“which leader, has gained prominence in Congress when Gandhi’s were not in scene?”


“which leader, has gained prominence in Congress when Gandhi’s were active in Congress?”


We need to reject the current leaders of India… They are good for nothing. Almost all leaders get elected based on vote bank politics of religion, caste, region, language. Counting non casted votes as rejection, after giving bogus votes a weightage among casted votes, not much is there on leadership front of India. Once people are given right to reject, politicians will automatically start to address issues of Nation or perish. At present, the politicians do not have the fear of perishing and they indulge in all sort of cheap politics to come to power. Politicians in name of developing nation, develop themselves and create multi million dollar worth of property by their life time. Politicians are not answerable to anyone… Not even law… Politician can use law enforcing agencies to screw life of persons… Politicians screw around with the tax I pay and promote Haj, conversions of Hindus. With vote to reject, we can expect better politics. After all, India do deserve to reject bad politics and politicians.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

Very good term brought by Aman to describe Rahul Gandhi “Theatrical”… Indira/ Rajeev used to tribal head gears and what not to fool Indians.

However, I do not believe that general people love dynastic politics. India has too much of population and poverty. When resources are less than population to be sustained, people get exploited. Population, combined with lack of awareness is biggest problem in propping up a universal leader. Congress has a culture of dynastic politics because it suits party as a whole. Gandhis are more of propaganda material and less of substance. It is evident from days of MK Gandhi. Indian politicians are opportunistic by nature. Politics was introduced in this country by Britishers when Congress was formed in 1885. The entire history of Congress is of opportunism. Freedom was also sought only when Britishers were weakened by 2nd World War. Only under leadership of propaganda and less of substance, a set of opportunistic politicians can exploit situation. Congress as a party has indulged only in loot, rape, murder and pillage of country after propping a name Gandhi, time and again.

Congress set a standard of cheap politics (of divide and rule) for nation which was further exploited by Muslim League, then Janta Dal, numerous regional parties. Now, in this recent elections, muslims formed muslim political parties which, ultimately, again (Like in 1940’s) lead to cry for division of India.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

FOLKS (Rajeev, Jey, Azad) where have all you gone! Let’s create a movement for “Right to Reject”. After all, our country deserves a leader much better that the mediocre men of straw produced by our current democratic system. Alternatively, you can still question me on viability of “Congress = Nehru Gandhi Family” for India… Let’s keep this post going!

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

Instead of discussing whether Rahul is a PM material or not, wouldn’t it be better if can come up with a list of expectations that we want from PM material and see how many of those can be matched by Rahul?
The discussion will go on and on as each one has a different expectation from PM and they think Rahul is a PM material if he matches their expectations.

Anywayz, the following is an old article but take a look at it if interested in Nehru-China issue. na-india-and-the-fruits-of-nehru-s-folly _1101845

Posted by Sunny | Report as abusive

The discussion we should have around is that we need the “RIGHT TO REJECT” in order to make our democratic system and politics more answerable to citizens of Nations

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

All said and done, I think he has the potential to be the PM (when compared to the other aspirants)

Posted by Joe Zach | Report as abusive

I was not talking about whether he can become PM or not… I was talking about whether he has the caliber or he is a man of straw like Gandhi, Nehru and the clan and whether we should actively go for 49 O which is right to reject in order to float a democracy which produces leadership of caliber becomes-the-new-gay-icon/93307-3.html

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Yes This is what INDIA is consulting various heads for all the century.Family business is done at all times like TATA,BIRLA,…..Now Reliance.Why cant INDIA have something different than this.Call upon all the IAS officers and ask their views.This was once decided by the late rajiv gandhi for the indias strong politics.No wonder RAHUIL can become India’s PM but at this young age it is difficult to control the unwanted human error,which I can say “have the pleasure when you have the time to grab upon something”.Now the population does not have enough time to think as day by day prices are soaring and everyone is striving to live with their daily bread.There should be something written in the CONSTITUTION with very strict law for the politicians…

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hi i have naver saw such a great handsome,intelligent guy in politics,hoping to great success of the rahul in his ca rear. this is a gorgeous Indian. check your personality on

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I was not talking about whether Rahul Gandhi can become PM or not…. I was just saying give him the time to prove himself.The people think he behaved like an actor but who are not in this politics. He belongs from nehru-gandhi family that is not his fault,if they did mistakes it is not true that he will also do.He is also a simple human being let him live his normal life.Don’t make an issues.He tries to bring all the youth together.He is just ten years old in politics.
Best of luck.

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Hi Rahul,

My feedback to our ministers is:

-> STOP Curreption from Top to Bottom
-> Provide gov jobs to GENERAL category in gujarat-umreth
-> Stop price changing formula in gujarat
-> Ask our all goverment employee to Respect the public who has selected to goverment and officer
petrol 1ltr-52.**
500grm milk – 13.**
and so on……
what is bigger than this..?

there are so many issues are here.

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Dear All,

Would like to say only a thing that “Jai Ho.. Congress Ki Jai Ho.. Rahul Baba and Priyanka Ji ki Jai Ho..” I am a non political professional.. Guess you people have Seen the working style of BJP, SP, BSP etc. political parties. If you wanna sell India to Pakistan or some other country then go and VOTE for them.. Congress is only party which can give a better life.. otherwise God Bless You.



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Dear Rahul

I’am writing this open letter to you and sincerely hope that this letter reaches you. I’ll be too optimistic to hope that you will reply this letter, but it is man’s nature to dream and so be it.There has been a wide spread belief in the country(read Congress workers) that you are the wind of change that will sweep the country and pull the rug under the opponent. They firmly believe that you will bring Congress back to its glory days( I sincerely does not mean emergency days)and it will come back to power on its own , without support of nagging allies( Mamtas and Laloos) , like your father did in 1984( thanks to sympathy wave generated). But before to fulfill the wishes of your followers, iwould like to pose few questions for you:-

1. What are you going to do to introduce democracy in the largest political party of the world’s largest democracy? The party in which the party post are nominated and not elected. The party in which it is the name of the father and not the sweat that you lose is your qualification.

2. What are you going to do to end the dynasty rule in your party? Your so called youth brigade is just a bunch of dynasty children , born with silver spoon in mouth.

3. You keep on emphasizing the power to youth . Can you highlight any one of your achievement, which has reduced the misery of the youth in this country? If you can’t remember any of the misery of the youth ( Off course you can’t because as you have never undergone any of that), then I’ll help you. It’s like Un-employment, Lack of quality education, lack of equality in opportunity, etc. And please these are not all, I’ve not included generic problems like poverty, in-human living condition, corruption, caste system, high inflation, etc because they ar common for everybody.

4. The austerity drive taken you and your party has been highly appreciated by the media. And off course it should be . You have been travelling along the country side in air conditioned SUV’s , taking chopper to places where SUV can’t go ( in this you have been taking high risk ,by flying beyond the stipulated timing all this just for the welfare of the people..!!) and obviously travelling by aircraft. Oh I ‘am sorry, I did not mention that you travelled in poor Indian railways in I’st class AC of Shatabdi Express(in which you got stoned remember) , which was a nightmare for your security staff.

5. It is also appreciated that you travel ( In AC SUV’s) to dalit homes and take meals them and even sleep there( Off course Mayawati ,who supports you in the center, alleges that you take bath with special soap after that). What real actions have you taken for the upliftment of the dalits? ( Cleanliness begins at home) ). None of congress CM is dalit; there are very few dalit in your party holding high post and your youth brigade does not have a prominent youth face (I can’t remember anyone now). How about the idea of giving your party president post to a dalit…!!!!

6. Your visit and its reference in parliament in your speech, to Kalavati residence in vidharba has been a lot talked about in Indian media. I would like to ask you who is responsible for the present state of Kalavati and millions other like him in Vidharba? She lives in a state which has been ruled by your party most of the time since independence( barring a small patch of SS-BJP rule) and at the same time your party was at the center too…!!!

7. Your party proudly takes credit for bringing liberalization in this country and taking it to the path of progress. I’ ask you that why was liberalization brought in 1991 and not in 1951? Why was the country denied opportunity that it has today? Was it the lust of power hungry people who wanted to keep the strings of power with then(red tapeism)?Or was independence just the extension of British rule, with now brown ruling instead of whites. Or is it because the foirst Pm of the country was of socialist ideology. So the country run based on the likes and dis-likes of only one individual and not based on what the country needs. Now the irony is that the liberalization was initiated by a PM who does not belong to your dynasty. Although Rajiv Gandhi could have done wonders , if he wanted , because he had the greatest majority ever in parliament.

8. Isn’t it pitiful that a person who was born in this country , suddenly realizes that he should know his motherland and starts his “discovery of India” after 30 years of having fled and bled in this country?

9. Isn’t it ironic that you spend a night in dalit home in a full media glare and you celebrate New Year in a five star resort in Jaiselmer with no media flash lights…!!!

10. Why are you afraid of conducting press conference? But it seems that your party is more afraid of you conducting press conference, because whenever you conduct press conference, the aftermath is that the entire congress party is on the media giving clarification on your statements . And the same applies to your party president also.

11. You give impression that you believe in social justice and equality . But your party follows feudalistic culture. What steps you intend to take to reduce sycophancy and feudalistic culture in your party? Isn’t it shameful that when you visit Mumbai the CM of the state waits for you under the sun for three hours( time which he could have well spent in the welfare of the people) and the Minister of state for home lifts your ‘chappals’..!!!!Is it just because you belong to the dynasty? You say that you don’t like people calling you “ Yuvraj”, but you don’t mind getting the treatment..!!!!(action don’t confirm your words)

12. Nowadays you have been repeatedly saying in UP that the funds send by center are not being spend by the state government. Can you just tell what happened when it was your government at the Center and in the state? Why was nothing done then? By the way very few of the states ruled by your party appear in the top ten best states , according to the survey by India Today, so what is happening to center funds there?

14. You have been travelling around the country meeting people from all sphre of life, but did you visits the house of any of our brave soldier who has laid for the country . Or is it just that they don’t for a formidable “Vote bank” and are therefore insignificant and expendable.

13. You have very willingly embraced the perks of your dynasty . But why aren’t you equally willing to accept the blame for 1984 Anti-sikh riots, Bhopal gas tragedy( and shameful fleeing of Anderson) , Kashmir problem, and countless other?

I expect you to answer above question and come clean so that the people of this country know the truth before you rule them.

By a Common Indian

for more details, comment and contribution

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