Will India accept gay couples?

July 3, 2009

“Freaking unbelievable. Absolutely speechless!”
Gay rights activists in India have been posting congratulatory messages on blogs and Twitter ever since the Delhi High Court on Thursday ruled gay sex was not a crime.
human rights.

Some see the ruling as crucial for the country’s battle against HIV/AIDS.

India has the world’s second highest HIV/AIDS caseload and gay advocacy groups say fear of persecution by law enforcement agencies often leaves homosexuals without easy access to health information and preventive care, rendering them more vulnerable to infection.

The gay sex debate and repealing of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that makes “unnatural sex” a punishable offence will have wide- ranging implications in the months to come.

But it’s difficult to predict whether conservative Indians would change their perception of the gay community.

India has traditionally been a study in curious contradictions that are deeply interwoven in its social fabric through centuries. If it is embracing and tolerant of alien customs, it is also proud and conservative of its own.

Visitors to the ancient temples of Khajuraho, built in the 10th century, would find homosexual couples immortalised in its stone carvings.

Yet, in the 21st century, gay men and women in India find it hard to come out of the closet in a society that frowns on public display of affection even among heterosexual couples.

While there rarely has been a conviction under section 377 in the last two decades, gay rights activists say it remains a powerful tool in the hands of the police to harass homosexuals.

It also remains to be seen if the territorial jurisdiction of the Delhi High Court will be extended to encompass homosexuals in all Indian states.

The government’s reaction following the court ruling has been cautious.

Analysts say it would need to take the debate forward without antagonising religious sentiments especially those of Christians and Muslims, who are traditionally opposed to homosexuality.

For now, the court ruling will hold unless challenged in the Supreme Court or replaced by an act of Parliament.

The main debate that remains still is to find a common law that allows constitutional rights to gays having consensual sex without letting off paedophiles and same-sex rapists.

But are Indians ready to accept a same-sex couple moving in next door, gay parents at PTA meetings or at social events?


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The most stupid thing that I heard in the recent times. What is going on here ??? Absolutely Ridiculous !! Is this really required ? Why the hell media is projecting this as an issue ? This will surely spoil the new generation. Too bad and Dangerous.

Posted by Kannan | Report as abusive

The point is we live in a democracy and EACH AND EVERY person has a right to live and express himself. I am a vegetarian and I am disgusted by the sight of anyone eating meat, but still i know and accept that everyone has the RIGHT to have a taste of their own.
Like Veg vs Non-veg, Gay Vs Straight debate could continue forever but in that course we CAN NOT IMPOSE our beliefs on others. Until and unless we can let go ourselves of such petty things we would always keep India stuck to what it today is and what brainless Religions want it to be.

Posted by Nigar Jaiswal | Report as abusive

Yes, Nigar, well said. I agree.
Shame on you Kannan. Children would be more mature than you are!!

Posted by Vikas | Report as abusive

Lol…the interesting point is- what if the whole population turns gay? What will happen to the concept of evolution? Looking at the issue from a distance, the objective view point is- is it natural and normal to be a gay? Is it pro-nature or is it something entirely whaky? Well it seems to me nature has made males and females for some reasons and it will be good for humanity if we stick to what has been given to us….Democracy does not mean absolute freedom because that will lead to chaos…we have to put restraint to freedom (through law and enforcements) to keep it working. :-)

Posted by Tiw | Report as abusive

Well! Now, Dont use the name of ‘Animals’ here in vain.

All that people like Mr. Kannan have to do is try understanding that whats natural/ unnatural isnt decided by them but by the nature. Homosexuality is reported in nature in almost all the kingdoms of life and even in humar race or our own culture. It isnt an recent invention.

If in nature sexual intercourse is only about reproduction its enough we all have sex twice in a life time (And some people better never, so that we wont have more retarded people who lack reasoning abilities). If homosexuality is unnatural, any sexual inter-course that doesnt result in reproduction is unnatural.

We are not legalizing rape, we are not legalizing violence, we are not legalizing prostitution. All we are saying is every human being has the right to enjoy the pleasure that is mutual and enriching (the same way the heterosexual marital ‘bliss’ is) without feeling guilt or shame or remorse.

Live and Let live!

Posted by Yogesh Kumar M | Report as abusive

As far the question ‘what if the whole population turns gay?’, the law is not converting heterosexuals to homosexuals. It is because now the its been decriminalized are you going to start looking for a guy tomorrow morning? Besides, they have made homosexuality legal in hundreds of countries and now the whole population is changed to gays/ lesbians in decades.

If you are doubtful about the existance of homosexuality in animal kingdom, watch this video clip in youtube. Its a documentary in National geographic, not a doctored video by a bunch of gay people.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggl5ZGaJF FM
So does all the animals in which homosexulaity is reported become gay gone extinct? No! Dinosaurs didnt go extinct because of homosexuality.

Its not a disease, its not infectious. The law is not going to cenvert people gay, its just going to bring a little about 15% of the population thats living a life in darkness to light. If 15% of Indian population starts reproducing, thats not a big loss.

Look at it this way, your kids will rule the world. They will become the only source of mankind. Its your name that will be remembered and carried through generations. Take pride in those silly facts, and let us live our lives with dignity. I dont mind going to the hell thats reserved for ‘childless man’ when I die. I dont mind my name unheard after generations. You can have them all. But all I want is my freedom, my right and my dignity.

If you are still not convinced,
watch this videoclip
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03PnU27cW Ds
Of course, its a video clip created by a bunch of gay people in response to all the homophobia.

Posted by yogesh Kumar M | Report as abusive

Most ridiculous thing that could have ever happened to my country. Homosexuality, a mental sickness, has been legalised. How could we forget other issues of utmost importance? There are millions living below poverty line and our so called responsible countrymen are busy promoting immorality. Don’t they have any duty or responsibility towards those girls who are killed before they are even born or towards those who are killed for dowry. If you want to adopt something from the west then please adopt better living standards and not there garbage.

Posted by Prashant Sharma | Report as abusive

how it can be happen ? I think High Court has no idea about this decision . It has to be stopped otherwise our country will be spoil

Posted by ashok | Report as abusive

This recent Delhi High Court Judgement for Gay rights became order of the day.
Whether we like it or not,due to more reasoning,more education,more exposure to modern,advanced network websites,many youngsters,students,adults,office goers,Non resident Indians,expects modern changes,flexible approach to their day today relationship or for social friendship.
I am not for it.
But this judgement brings relief from authorities.

Posted by krishnamurthi ramachandran | Report as abusive

Hmm!!! When did Indian lose Indianess and start aping the west or the British? This was a British law brone out of myth/legend of Sodom and Gamora in the Bible. It has nothing what so ever to do with Hinduism whihc even accepts Ardhanareeshwara( trnasexual), ghandharis children born out of 100 pots ( artificial births of every kind) crossing between a fish and a man ( Mahabharatha), crossings between ghandharvas(white men from Afghanistan) and dravidians from south etc etc. Yest Indian who claim they are patriotic cling as if it is the last straw to laws whihc was introduced by the British to suit their religion and convenience. If this is the case why not introduce Sharia law as Muslims also ruled India. I hail the HC for this decision. India should abolish all sorts of discrimination including caste based reservations ( anyone going to court?) and bring true equality to all. Learn to give a hand up not hand outs.

Posted by SV Nagappa | Report as abusive



In Bible it says, They record that from the beginning God made them male and female. This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.

Moreover A marriage without a mother and a father is destructive to children.

Violent crime, drug abuse, teen pregnancy and suicide are often associated with being raised without an involved father. (Fathers and Families By Pete du Pont Washington Times. National Center for Policy Analysis Website. Online. Internet.
Available at http://www.ncpa.org/abo/dc/062004fathers .htm

Thhirdly,45 percent of all AIDS cases involved men who were exposed to the disease through having sex with other queer men

Fourth, A study reported that lesbians may have higher rates of breast and ovarian cancer because of a variety of risk factors like null parity (never having borne a child), childbearing later in life, higher rates of alcohol consumption and obesity.( Health Implications Associated With Homosexuality, The Medical Institute for Sexual Health, March 1999, p. 51

Posted by Sara | Report as abusive


Posted by aadhil | Report as abusive

really horrible, and look at the way they dress, these sick people have no guts to show their faces but want their rights. v can understand the plight of transgenders, but the gays and lesbians..god save them. their unnatural sexual ways are responsible for quick spread of AIDS which is going to be even more dangerous with legalising gay sex. only concession is they will never be able to reproduce.

Posted by yugesh | Report as abusive

Great Blogs… According to me in this world every one has their lifestyle and the way they think. I respect the Delhi HC decision, Section 377 was 150 years old and that time frequency of humans are not like today.. We all need to accept the truth of the nature. If someone like to see their life in same sex then we are no one to create problems for them.. Its INDIA dude…….. Not an AFGANISHTAN or PAKISTAN.. Learn to live happy and stop comenting on others…
Deepak Singh..

Posted by Deepak Singh. | Report as abusive

If you do not wish to be hurt, do not hurt another. If you wish to be loved by your fellow traveller on this planet, then love your fellow traveller.
If you are without sin of any time, the kingdom of heaven has arrived, if the kingdom of heaven has not arrived then you are not without sin. Don’t judge, you aren’t qualified; don’t hurt someone who does not deserve to be hurt. It is simple, people, if you do not get the simplicity of this; you shouldn’t be any part of society.

Posted by Gerald Spencer | Report as abusive

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise for the growing population of the country. Muslims do not accept family planning, though it is for the benefit of the country. Maybe further in the future this country would be having only gays and muslims. Muslims would never support gays as it would not help in spreading the religion.
Time to say “yeh dil maanGAY more”?

Posted by Bindaas | Report as abusive

[…] Rituparna Bhowmick asks: will India accept gay couples? But it’s difficult to predict whether conservative Indians would change their perception of the gay community. […]

Posted by Perceptions are tougher to change? at Blogbharti | Report as abusive

Great Blog…All those who are against the gay rights ….who the hell has given you the right to act as a moral police. According to the constitution every citizen is equal and he/she should not be discriminated because of his/her sexual orientation. The delhi HC did a great job. And @ aveoboy..you feel like vomiting when you hear about gays…mann grow up ….do not be just another ridiculous, brainless religious jerk.

At last I can say proudly that Yeah I am an Indian where every citizen has equal right. Hats off!! and Kudos to Indian Democracy

Posted by Rajat Gupta | Report as abusive

This is very good for India. Finally it is taking steps to be a modern secular society where people can live the lives they choose too and not be forced to live alife they dont want to. For all those who are talking trash about gays, I suggest you open up your mind, read a book or get educated. I am not gay, but I fully support them

Posted by A.C | Report as abusive

Just like the person who choses to eat vegan- homos choose to be homo- this whole sorry ass campaign and endless degree that they are boring this down our throat is getting really old- and the majority of normal people on this planet find this behavior vile and disgusting because it is just that- maybe the vegan will be even more upset when the meat lovers start begging for rights to marry her vegetable- because they were born that way-
it’s supposed to sound as ridiculous as it is- for a reason- there is no point in what they do except for pleasure- plain and simple-
Ask Ann Heche-

Posted by Jimmah | Report as abusive

well actually majority of indians are hindues and in hinduism its allowed. so may be there will be seprate laws for the muslims and cristians in india, in order to provide them the sense of comfirtabilty. otherwise there will be lot of problems in future. on the other hand definatly public is not understanding the after effects of this decision however after 5 to 10 years there will be change in the culture whether normal indians actually wants the identity which india will get after some years. because most of this homosexual couples which are living in third world countries have so much restrictions in their countries so may be they will apply the citizenship of india. and the image of india will become something which is unacceptable in the moderate society.

Posted by saravanon | Report as abusive

One does not have to like homosexuality to support the rights of gays to practice it.

One must accept the right of others to practise what they believe in even if it puts you off–and as long as it does not directly harm you. It is the same case with gays. The idea of a man kissing another man puts me off but as long as it is not being imposed on me, let them enjoy themselves. Who am I to judge? There is only one Great force that can judge and he will judge us all one day.
Let us learn tolerance and not abuse others because we are uncomfortable with their lifestyles. Why are we getting so worked up about gays? We should get worked up about bride-burning, female infanticide, stupid filthy jerks like Bindass who defecates from his mouth, and about child malnourishment.

Posted by Syed Mansoor | Report as abusive

What we are seeing today in our world is the world going the way of Sodom and Gomorrah. If you look back at history Sodom and Gomorrah was burned with fire because of homosexuality – sin in the eyes of the Holy God!

The whole world is getting ready for the coming of Jesus Christ. The Bible prophesies that in the last days men shall burn with lust against men and this is because man has forgotten God and His ways and gone his own ways.

This is a sign that the End of the World and the coming of Jesus Christ is at hand.


Posted by HC | Report as abusive

A couple of days after the ruling was announced I went to a Delhi club and there seemed to be more openly gay people present and in a mood to celebrate. But it seems it’s a step forward for the gay rights movement but it will become meaningful only in the years to come. Gays might become more visible in the big cities, but will it stop police intimidation and discrimination elsewhere? In rural India? Let’s see.

Posted by Seething Lane | Report as abusive

totally agree with syed mansoor.. really.. live n let live..

Posted by r | Report as abusive

I am not really sure whether it is a good move to recognize and in a sense accept homosexuality as a right for those who feel like. For me it started with the civilization and will probably end with it. It would be better to see it as a part of society which will continue to exist whether we accept it or not. One thing we should do is accept them as natural beings and leave them to lead the life they feel like, sex is a personal choice leave them alone and let them feel normal about them being homosexual, no big deal.

Posted by Confused Intelligence | Report as abusive

It is ongoing debate that “biological or environmental” factor both play complex roles in deciding the sexual orientation. if that is so, using Bible or other religion as basis (unscientific) is wrong rationale for not being open to homeosexuality.

Even among heterosexuals, a sexual act that is attractive to me and my partner might be repulsive to onother heterosexual couple. so do we draw the rules there too based on dislike. It comes down to “you like you do”. Same for gays. Sound scientific evidence of homosexulality will change a lot in the future, as of now eeryone is right and everyone is wrong. It just depends.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

do not mix religion with the issue. Let it be individual-specific.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

Mr. Saravanon, what makes you say that Hindus support homosexuality? for your kind information HINDUISM is the way of living of the spiritual and moral beings and not that of the irresponsible people who co-exist.
– India is the moral guru and the spiritual teacher to the whole world, b’cs of HINDUISM which preaches control over bodily desires and teaches to go spiritual.
– Its scriptures derive examples from Sita and Sati Savitri but not from your GAY evidences found on the walls of khajuraho.
So, before you talk lightly about Hindus “BE CAREFUL”

Posted by manav | Report as abusive

Greatly commendable. Feels great to see that we Indians are maturing our notion of a democracy and beginning to realize that we should grow in an inclusive manner. Just so that it is “Immoral” for some, Gays can’t be denied their freedom of existence.

Going by the responses on this Blog I can say that only a minority of some people are opposing this idea. And these are the one who can’t even pick decent words to express themselves leave alone the expectation from them to think out of a Biblical mentality.

Posted by RItesh Singh | Report as abusive


Why didn’t you include family planning, uniform civil code,religious hatred in medressahs in your list? Is it because they hurt the sentiments of certain religion? Dude, look at things that have been affecting the country since independence. Don’t try to be a saint by talking about bride-burning, etc., but smartly ignoring the real issues of family planning and implementing uniform civil code for EVERYONE in this country.
Gays form a miniscule portion of the population and it is not that they are gay b’cos they want it but for other reasons. Browse internet and you will know.
Ofcourse, if they increase in numbers just the way some people grew then the politicians wouldn’t mind providing reservations for them as well. As you are well aware, it’s just a number game in this country and fortunately, the majority in this country are not as religious fanatics as others are.

Posted by Bindaas | Report as abusive

In response to HC, keep your religion to yourself please, for one thing.. most people in india are not Cath and do not follow the same reglion as you, same follows for most of the world, so your comments about your reglion mean nothing to the rest of the world.

Secondly, what you quoted from the bible is not the full story and actually its beleived sodom and such were burned for their GREED not because they slept together, as in the old world to lay in bed with someone often ment their buisness partners. Try learning the whole story rather then spouting half please.

Posted by Kin | Report as abusive

I think these so called educated people who are talking about equality seem to have forgotten the morality. Homosexuality in no way can be justified. After reading the comments of many people what appears is that “sex” is all over their minds. If people think that unnatural sex can bring them much desired “satisfaction” which they think cant be attained by natural means then they are wrong. IT SHOULD BE CLEAR TO ALL THAT RACE TOWARDS MATERIALISTIC THINGS LIKE FLASHY GADGETS, CARS AND THEN NEW CARS, SEX AND NOW HOMOSEX CAN NEVER EVER SATISFY ANYONE. THE GREED NEVER ENDS. We are a spritual nation with rich religious and spritual heritage. ONLY THE GOD’S NAME CAN FETCH THE MUCH DESIRED AND EVERLASTING SATISFACTION.
Those who they think have read lots of books and so talk about equality; has any one of them ever read a single line about sprituality. The four stages of life have been clearly defined as Brahmacharya/Student, Grahasta/Householder, Vanaprastha/Hermitage and Sanyasa/Renunciate. Following these one could easily enjoy the materialistic things which includes sex from and upto a defined stage in the life and at last become one with the godhead.
Our vedas and granths have very clearly planned our life spans so even then if go out of track then its a shame. I think in the western part they have gained the materialistic lead but failed to proceed spritually and thats the reason why they are unsatisfied.
Following someone who is already lost will not take you anywhere guys. Take a dip into the vast ocean of sprituality of which WE have been the pioneers and you will never ask for more.

Posted by Prashant Sharma | Report as abusive

@HC. So if you are so into the bible please tell me if you would really do this to yor unruly child.

“If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them: Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place; And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard. And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear. — Deuteronomy 21:18-21″

It sounds to me like an invitation to stone a unruly child.

Posted by Dane | Report as abusive

@ HC… Or explain this…

Leviticus 11:9-12 says:
9 These shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat.
10 And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you:
11 They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcases in abomination.
12 Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.

Deuteronomy 14:9-10 says:
9 These ye shall eat of all that are in the waters: all that have fins and scales shall ye eat:
10 And whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat; it is unclean unto you.

Posted by Dane | Report as abusive

Religions have totally failed to keep up with the rapidly changing dynamics of the society of today. The religious texts written hundreds of years ago look absolutely dumb when compared to our understanding of Science and technology today. Science says it IS AS NATURAL to be Gay as is to be a straight person. The environmental and evolutionary variables control the distribution of Gays and Straight in the society. Just because Gays are getting equal right does not means that everyone will start turning gay. Just another reason to grow up and start reading Science books.

Posted by Nilesh Mathur | Report as abusive

Don’t know about other, but I don’t have any problem. I think no one should have any problem..

Posted by BJ | Report as abusive

Unfortunately, I don’t think Indians will ever accept the idea of homosexuality being out there in the open. Yes, gay couples will no longer be harassed by the police but being accepted by society is another matter.

Given how our politicians have to keep their vote banks happy, there will be little progress on this front. Until possibly the 22nd century.

With Baba Ramdev and the Sikh community openly condemning gay sex, legions of their followers will in any case oppose homosexual unions.

Posted by Toe Knee | Report as abusive

To the person who wrote this – did you know that homosexuality exists in 1500 different species of animals on Earth?


Posted by MP | Report as abusive

Is Biasing on the basis of the sexual orientation Correct?

With the magical speech “tryst with the destiny” delivered by Jawahar Lal Nehru our beloved motherland stepped into the new era of freedom. Creators of new India promised to shape our country on fundamentals like sovereignty, equality in each walk of life, democracy etc. After 50 years of independence and so many amendments in the Constitution are we able to erode every type of the biasing form our country? Most of the head will surely beckon no in response to the question. One of these biasing in our society is biasing on the basis of the sexual orientation.
Etymologically word homosexual means having attraction towards the same sex. Main reasons for homosexuality are still not well known but it is widely believed that they depend on genetic causes, harmonic causes and social environment around the subject. Homosexual orientation is an intrinsic factor which can come to any individual in any age. All Paramount psychological institutions like WHO, American psychological societies and Australian psychological societies has already clarified that it is not any kind of psychological disease as the subject can be efficient in all the realms of the life as a heterosexual person. It is already been recognized by most of the countries in the world. Researches done have proved that there is no sure shot method for the conversion of a homosexual person to heterosexual person. The only method available for the reparative therapy which can have devastating side effects like self destruction feelings, sever depressions etc.
In the backdrop of previous paragraph can we still do not want to recognize this sexual orientation? On which ground can we separate such people? If we still don’t want to recognize them then we are acting like a dodo that used to closes its eyes and used to believe poachers are not there. Here ignorance will not be bliss because we recognize it or not it is going to exists there.
Most of the protectors of the faith and religion are making lot of hue and cry on the legalization of the homosexuality. All the faith and religion are will dependent and should be practiced with a self will. They should not be enforced. How they are going to control the feelings of people which is much deep seated. This is like tying water with a rope. Everyone in this world is unique and we should respect their uniqueness. We can’t compare each and every quality of people to the standard prototype defined in their respective religion. Everyone’s emotion can’t be molded in same shape. How are they going to counter this genetic & harmonic difference with belief and faith? Is this not sounding like measuring distance in liters?
Even history proves that it was there across all continents in all ages. Names may vary from law of sodomy to pleasures of the bitten peach. The emotions are like fluid which is having an inherent property of flowing. The shape provided by the container to this fluid will be transient. We should better acknowledge it or it may burgeon in negative direction. We are trying to protect IPC 377 which was created by Britons who themselves have changed the law in their country in 1967.
Most of these gay and lesbian couple prefers to have a child. They do this by adoptions. This can also prove to boon to some of the most ill-fated part of our society. Today we have almost 2 to 10 % of the populations which is homosexual. If you include figures the people who are not particularly homosexual but had an experience or are bisexual. The figures will soak to height of 20%. Do you not want to recognize this big chunk of the society? Will this not undermine the basic vision of our constitution?

-writer is heterosexually inclined

Posted by sambhrant Kumar | Report as abusive

We are living in the 21-century and its high time that we indians should realize this. Though people are not ready to accept this fact but gradually they will and they have to.nowdays it is not considered a TABOO to speak about it so openly and people do not think about this community in a very pejorative way. SO PEOPLE ARE CHANGING but what they need is some time. I think it is just one of the milestones for them and still A LOT NEEDS TO BE DONE!!! These people are not aliens but simply a chunk of bones and skin just like us. So I would just say “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!”

Posted by olly | Report as abusive

My dears
Draupadi had 5 husbands.Would you allow your wife or daughter to have 5 husbands?Krishna had so many wives?so had many kings but now society changes it to one.
What it means is morality is dynamic flux and has nothing to do with spirituality. There are no moralistic laws which can be defined as such. Further it is proved that they are subject to change as per time and space. Hence homosexuality is as simple as hetrosexuality and has nothing to do with morality or spirituality
Read your spiritual books once agin dear, we have had homosexual sects in Hinduism.
Tantra even thosands of years ago had gay cults and they were recognized in mainstream.Go to khajuraho and you will see temples with Gay sculptures.
When you talk of spirituality and four ashrams do you forget God Dattatryea was unmarried or hanuman was unmarried etc and so were thousands of your saints etc
If they were exception it means your four ashrams have exception. Four ashrams merely state the stages and don’t discriminate between homo or hetro marriages. So to put things straight
When you look down with disdain upon west just look around. Have you my dear ever been to west? I have been to west. Sure they are extremly materialistic but the rest of the INDIANS and nation you talk about is no less (probably more) materialistic than them. In fact they are more hungry as they have never tasted materials. They are looking for more materials even more fivorously
Again it looks like people who make comment have prejudices and are not aware of
The law of sex and material seeking applies in the same manner to homo or hetro. There is no end to material seeking but fact is INDIA is seeking materials like anything.
Let us not be hypocrites
The same scriptures that are quoted speak derogatory of woman and sex(So should we ban even hetro marriages,sex and female????)
There is no end to human stupidity were words of albert einstein. Using the wall of spirituality to throw bombs at already discriminated people is horrendous act.
If you are spiritual you must understand you don’t discriminate people based on anything be it sex. The same bible talks of non-judgement
If you are spiritual a human is human and what he does in his bedroom is not your business.
When it becomes your business only when he comes for advice or seeking.
Stop establishing yourself as pretending gurus
Morality or spirituality is accomodative of homo or hetro or any human

Posted by anil | Report as abusive

Don’t be an ego-center of the whole universe. Life existed even without sex and will exist even without male-female.Who knows this could be another evolution?
Stop judging about homos. You have no right to it
People feel vomiting on you having sex with girls. Look at your scriptures and saints what they about your sex.
They feel like vomiting
So should you be banned?
Nature and God is more inventive and may be it is just another step towards meger of man and woman so they can act any they like lol
who knows after all when first moneky jumped down from the tree fellow monkeys did made fun didn’t they?

Posted by Kamal | Report as abusive

http://ibnlive.in.com/news/rahul-gandhi- becomes-the-new-gay-icon/93307-3.html

Is the HC ruling politically motivated and a gift from Rahul Gandhi?

Posted by Lubrication | Report as abusive

Now what new,it has been for the past centuries,but hidden.Look at the way the humanity is being treated,let all enjoy the way they want.Later it is a known fact that it will diminish slowly to know it never existed.The way how the Europe and other part of the world shakes between,our country would feel shy of this conduct,but what to do,this is our liking.So be it.Anyone revolting would have to go on this one day.

Posted by T.V.Ramkumar | Report as abusive

The government has no business interfering in people’s lives. Homosexuality is just the way people are and they should be allowed to live freely and with all rights awarded to heterosexual couples.

Posted by Tenzin | Report as abusive