Comments on: Is Pakistan still aiding Kashmir militants? Perspectives on South Asian politics Thu, 02 Jun 2016 08:03:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: Dr Mushtaq Tue, 28 Jul 2009 12:15:43 +0000 Well the violence has fallen to its lowest after New Delhi and Islamabad started talking over their disputes in 2004. I think, since then, Pakistan is too busy to help Kashmir insurgency..let us give devil its due

By: javed iqbal Mon, 27 Jul 2009 12:13:14 +0000 @rajiv ..true support by united states to afganistan but religon differs,its since ages that states allied with others to fight a war one would think was reasonable enough to enter into,same is happening buddhist chinese and muslim pakistan are millitary allies,i would agree to pakistans messy situation but that is again an international issue of being only muslim nuclear power which the west would not want to, apart from this its what the players of elite would want to happen like bang of indian economy in the nineties,with other millitary and nuclear cooperation but still u had kargil a sucess to pakistan theoratically so lets always a hope that peace succeseds and world enters a comfort zone once forever and you and me are satisfied.

By: B Shantanu Sun, 26 Jul 2009 10:26:46 +0000 Sheikh: I did click on the link to this article but stumbled on the headline itself..

Could you please explain why you chose the word “militants” over “terrorists”?

And if you have a moment, please do read this post (and feel free to comment):

Bad Militants


By: manoj Sun, 26 Jul 2009 05:41:45 +0000 nobody wins in a war. the so called winner as well as loser looses something or other. why can’t we just be good neighbors. it is easy to change friends like US and UK but impossible to move away from a permanent neighbor. let the money and people directed for all this destructive things work for development of our people.after all we were one in the past, there is no reason why we cannot be one now. may GOD bless both the countries.

By: rajeev Sun, 26 Jul 2009 04:25:13 +0000 @I still ask the same question, what is wrong if Pakistan aids Kashmiri Freedom fighters.”
– Posted by Kadri

@pakistan replies with true support to kashmiris”
– Posted by javed iqbal

-In addition to my earlier post, read this:

True support beacuse the religion is same? Then why supppress Balochis and why suppressed E Pakistanis despite being common religion. Isn’t there more to it than religion? Oh I see it is that 2 nation theory concept. But creation of Bangladesh, demand for Balochistan, Pakhtunistan all say that the hypothesis of 2 nation theory is trashed and anyone still holding onto it is embracing a stinking concept. So if 2 nation theory is trashed, does that not invalidate the demand that Kashmir be a part of Pakistan? Or is it that then let Kashmir be independent? That was not an option in first place in UN charter if soemone still respects that. And also, if such a strong Pakistan carved out of India is in mess in 60 yrs, what would be the state of poor Independent Kashmir. why would Pakistan not be envious of Kashmir’s growth if K ever becomes free and succeeds.

All said and done there is no stopping Pakistan if it wants to give aid to kashmiris by supplying men from Pakistani Punjab. But considering everything it is best for Kashmiris not to accept this help and reject the Pakistani-sponsored terrorism. These days anyone seen associated with Pakistan is in trouble for all the right reasons. Kashmiris should have their own indigenous movement that should be what Kashmir is all about—not some wahabbi stuff.

By: rajeev Sun, 26 Jul 2009 00:53:03 +0000 @I still ask the same question, what is wrong if Pakistan aids Kashmiri Freedom fighters.”
– Posted by Kadri

-Kadri, nothing wrong. But few problems.
1. Kashmiris have no say in Pakistan’s so-called aid for kashmiri Freedom struggle.
2. Pakistan can give aid but is it sincere? Answr is: NO, if you know what Kashmiris face in Azad kashmir. mangladam displaced 100,000 kashmiris. Leaching the naturalk resources fro kashmir etc….
3. Also, how can a sane Kashmiri trust Pakistan who gifted away a chunnk of kashmir (Shaksgam valley) to Chinese.
4. There is day/night difference between taking revenge from India for Bangladesh creation and aiding Kashmiris against India. (Pakistan’s stupidity mwas the reason not India). Earlier Kashmiri understands better off will that be.
5, many are equating US/UK, India/Russsia alliances with Pak/Kashmiri alliance. In all those alliances their is a logical mutual trust, but with pak/Kashmir I see none, just commmon religion is the only which defeats the logic. Some evidence in favor of why Pak/kashmiris alliance is not workable is menetined above.

I hope I could address your concerns.

By: josh Sat, 25 Jul 2009 21:51:13 +0000 Hello everyone I have been reading the Kashmiri problem for many years I think Pakistan is doing quite a bit now, now that it is suffering internally with the problem of terrorism of the Taliban and the others, it reminds me of 1947 the images we see in swat valley. Pakistan’s army is fighting a war which their own leaders created out of false pride. The situation is devastating for the future generations because the young people are looking forward to bright future which is liberal and these elements want them to go back to medieval times of violence and hatred. From the comments I see people supporting a violent struggle against India in Kashmir what is there to stop these elements to impose the same rules in Kashmir if they do get independence?. Don’t forget we were one at one time, even Kaide-Azam Mohd.A. Jinnah’s grandfather was a hindu called Gokaldas Megji. and millions of muslims in Pakistan have their ancestors who were hindus. So this fight SHOULD not be for Kashmir THIS FIGHT SHOULD BE FOR ERADICATION OF TERRORISM IN INDIA AND PAKISTAN Kashmir issue is just to mislead people towards destruction of our beautiful land. Our father of the nation Mahatma Ghandi ji taught us the power of nonviolence if both the nation’s leaders talk straight about making our generation understand about our history and roots the terrorists will have no leg to stand on and that is our biggest weapon.

By: Kadri Sat, 25 Jul 2009 13:48:45 +0000 Those who boast of Indian economy. Answer my two questions. How many farmers commit suicide each year in your country. How many people are below poverty line and how many sleep without food on the footpaths of your “Shining India”. And lastly, India will have to leave Kashmir, if Pakistan helps Kashmiri freedom fighters, it good, if not, it is Okay. Kashmiris can fight this war on their own, like Afghans are doing.

By: sushil Sat, 25 Jul 2009 04:48:12 +0000 Pakistan is doing what it has been doing, increasing miltancy in the world. Because thats its comfort zone.
It won’t come out and fight terrorism out of blue. Its habbitual for pak military and ISI to support non-state actors, (or state actors in terror roles as zardari wanted to say). Its not moral, not ethical, worse not even religious. Just US funded projects(previously is my guess, but US govt still pour millions of dollors in pak so doubt the previously word) which if stopped, will shut down the terror factory and starve the pak mil and ISI. Pakistan preferrs to starve and kill its own citizen just to keep few generals happy. I believe pakistan people need food, clear water, clean energy and chance to prospere. What Pakistan govt (and partly world, in terms of money, weapons, drug money) gives its citizen, Bomb blast on each friday.
May God Help Pakistani People !

By: Sardar Saeed Malik Sat, 25 Jul 2009 01:36:17 +0000 For more 60 years, both nations i-e India and Pakistan are beating their bare chests in front of each other, to no avail. All their efforts to reconcile and meet each other half way to conclude for peace, are all in vain. This is not only the mockery of the fate, but also down ward spiral for both unfortunate nations. The world community should give credit, where credit is due. The province of Kashmir, belong to The country of Pakistan, period. This has been the mandate in the UNO, since the inception of these countries. Both countries are so close to each other, yet so far!