India, China take a measure of each other at border row talks

August 5, 2009

China and India are sitting down for another round of talks this week on their unsettled border, a nearly 50-year festering row that in recent months seems to have gotten worse.

China’s Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo and India’s National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan are unlikely to announce any agreement on the 3,500 km border, even a small one, but their talks this week may well signal how they intend to move forward on a relationship marked by a  deep, deep “trust deficit”, as former Indian intelligence chief B. Raman puts it.

While the entire Himalayan border is disputed, including the Aksai Chin area, it is the row over large parts of India’s Arunachal Pradesh in the eastern stretch of the mountains that has strained ties in recent months.

The Chinese, says Raman,  are demanding that at least the Tawang tract of Arunachal Pradesh, if not the whole of it, should be transferred to it.  They are apparently adamant that if that doesn’t happen, there won’t be any border settlement, he says.

India’s position is that there can’t be a transfer of populated areas in any border settlement. Tawang is a populated area, its citizens are Indians, New Delhi says.

So firmly have the Chinese dug their heels in, that they refused to endorse an Asian Development Bank  irrigation project in Arunachal Pradesh in June on grounds that it was its territory. Last month, India’s Foreign Minister S. M. Krishna confirmed to parliament in a question-answer session media reports about the Chinese objection to the project which appeared to have stung India.

So where do they go from here ? India’s decision to deploy additional troops along the border in Arunachal Pradesh and beef up its air defences in the region have deepened the sense of unease, more so by making a public announcement of the military moves.  It might be concerned about Chinese buildup in the area and of growing border violations, but to talk openly of the Chinese threat and moves to counter it hardly inspires confidence.

There is a history to this: in the months leading up to the 1962 war between the two countries, India, according to some people at least, took fairly strident positions in public against China, only to be humiliated in the brief conflict.

There are some signs of a calmer, more measured stance in New Delhi and Beijing ahead of this week’s meeting in the Indian capital. There was no need to “demonise” China as a potential threat, India’s top level cabinet committee on security headed by the prime minister concluded last weekend at a preparatory meeting, acording to a report in the Indian Express. But New Delhi will be watching China closely, it said.

Beijing for its part said the two countries must exercise the “greatest political wisdom” to arrive at border settlement. The People’s Daily quoted China’s ambassador to India Zhang Yan as saying: notwithstanding the “twists and turns” in ties, the two countries had the same responsibilities of developing their economies and improving people’s lives.

Bilateral trade, as the People’s Daily in a separate article notes, has flourished despite the strained political relationship. “China has become one of India’s largest trade partners, and India is now one of the most vital investment and overseas project contracting markets for China,” it says.

So is trade going to be the glue holding the world’s two most populous nations together?

(Photographs of India’s Manmohan Singh and China’s Wen Jiabao and Nathu-La on the border between India and China)


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United States of India .. A view from MIT

“By 2040, after a transformative reformation of entire power structure in former Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan will formally merge into a United States of India” an.html

Posted by George | Report as abusive

It seems that China’s main concern with Arunachal Pradesh is the Buddhist monastery in Tawang. Why does China see Tibetan Buddhism as such a threat that they must wipe it and its people from the face of the Earth?

Unless there is a secret world government and they have something else planned my guess is that Tibetan Buddhism will out last the Chinese communist party’s designs to crush it long enough for interest in Buddhism to make a major comeback in China.

Posted by Malcolm | Report as abusive

Listen and talk but don’t trust! Nehru did that mistake and got back stabbed!

China didn’t have any claim on Aksai Chin or Arunachal Pradesh till 1959. Only after Dalai lama fled to India and took shelter in India, Chinese started preparing for war and making claims on Indian territories. Then went to war with India in 1962 when US and Russia were stuck in Cuban Missile Crises and India had little help from anybody. Nehru was pretty naive to believe the commitments of Chinese leaders and Chinese occupied Aksai Chin.

Recently when France honored Dalia Lama, French cars started failing emission test in China and China blocked the import of cars from France.

Pretty weird thinking from China. With these border disputes, China is pressuring India to jettison Dalai Lama. Is India ready to trade it’s soul?

Chinese influence is rapidly failing in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, N Korea, Mongolia, Africa. With domestic and foreign troubles, Chinese leaders are very unreliable and unpredictable.

Posted by Gory | Report as abusive

Prior to the construction of the Tawang monastery, Tawang was traditionally inhabited by the Monpa people, who reigned the Mon kingdom that stretches from Tawang right up to Sikkim. The Mon kingdom was later absorbed into the control of neighbouring Bhutan and Tibet.

The Tawang monastery was founded by the Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso in 1681 in accordance to the wishes of the 5th Dalai Lama, Nagwang Lobsang Gyatso, and has an interesting legend surrounding its name, which means “Chosen by Horse”. The sixth Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso, was born in Tawang. Tawang was long one part of Tibet until 1951, and it came under effective Indian administration on February 12, 1951, when Major R Khating led Indian Army troops to relocate Chinese squatters. India assumed sovereignty of the territory and established democratic rule therein[6] to end the oppression of the Monpa.[7]

During the Sino-Indian war of 1962, Tawang was returned to the control of Tibet. The valiant last stand of Mahavir Chakra awardee Jaswant Singh Rawat took place in Tawang. After the voluntary withdrawal of Chinese troops, Tawang was once again under Indian administration. In recent years, China has occasionally voiced its claims on Arunachal Pradesh, especially Tawang, and Chinese troop incursions continue to occur frequently. According to news reports, the state government was willing to swap territories with China in order to make border adjustments, but it firmly refused to lose out any major towns or monasteries to China.[8]

Today, Tawang serves as a center for tourist attractions, thanks to the preserved beauty of the Tawang monastery.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Posted by TONSTER | Report as abusive

STOP feeding the enemy#1 i.e China;
STOP trade and investments with china; china has no intention of returning land or making peace with india;
it’s dragging its feet so that trade and investment could
continue from which chinese people,workers etc will profit but indian land will firmly remain in china’s hands as long as it can drag on the issue. WTO etc is um-
important. But china will NEVER return the land bec it
knows lands are won/lost by war and war india won’t dare
fight unless it is ready to nuke china and india is NOT
ready to nuke china. So waste no time holding negotiations etc. Just forget the whole thing

Posted by jjmk4546 | Report as abusive

what is the most unbearable thing of westerners to Chinese people?

the westerners’ arrogancy;westerners take it for granted that they are god that they always hold the truth,so they have been telling the Chinese what’s wrong ,what’s right ,what to do…

You westerners won’t get respects until you Stop your arrogancy,prejudice and peremptoriness.

Posted by urcute | Report as abusive

So is trade going to be the glue holding the world’s two most populous nations together?

Here is a thought…. t/article/220/47297.html

“Statistical analyses of trade relationships generally find that trade is conducive to peace; however, numerous case studies find that international trade either played no part in particular leaders’ decisions about war or prompted them to escalate rather than become dependent on others…..Many hope trade will constrain or perhaps pacify a rising China, resurgent Russia, and proliferation-minded Iran, as it well may. Nonetheless, any prudent analysis must incorporate caveats drawn from states’ particular political economy of security policy. In non-democratic states, however important global markets may be to the economy in aggregate, elites will be most sensitive to sectoral interests of their specific power base. This mismatch can cause systematic distortions in their ability to interpret other states’ strategic signals correctly when genuine conflicts of interest emerge with a nation more domestically constrained….the more the international economy resembles a true global marketplace rather than an oligopolistic economic forum, the less likely it would appear that aggressors must inevitably suffer lasting retaliatory cut-offs in trade. There will always be someone else with the capability to buy and sell……In many of the states whose behavior we most wish to alter, such sectors — internationalist, export-oriented, reliant on global markets — lack a privileged place at the political table……

Posted by Vipul Tripathi | Report as abusive

This is a very long brooding over China in inter national borders.
India is a very calm and patience is a virtue of Indian Government and from Indian minds.
China had already annexed some parts in other side of the India-China border.
Once Communist China turned to modern capitalism ,indirectly encouraging her traditional religion,Buddhism made be suited to claim some areas in Arunachal Pradesh to its territory.
Indian Prime Minister with many political parties supports,stable majority,man of sincere,clean handed images, very strong in clear thinking will make Chinese claim will be some fireworks like at the time of few minutes jolly.

Posted by krishnamurthi ramachandran | Report as abusive

China is India’s number one enemy.

China and India never bordered each other until Chinese invasion of Tibet.
China gets involved in India’s neighbours such as Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
India must affirm that it does not recognize the Tibet as part of China and help the Uighers.

Posted by Phil | Report as abusive

China wants Tawang and other parts of Arunachal Pradesh to consolidate its hold over Tibet, to remove any possible military threat from India by making it almost impossible for India to ever launch an offensive against this remote part of China and to use the entire Himalayan Range or cis-Himalayas as its buffer zone. Control of the Aksai Chin, and the leased areas of POK by Pakistan to China in 1963, also effectively cuts off India’s access to Central Asia.
Yes, announcing the additional military and developmental measures like posting two fighter squadrons, raising two mountain divisions and building new roads in the Arunachal mountains may serve the purpose of telling China that India continues to be serious about defending its territory but may also take a very long time to fructify and in the meanwhile can actually provoke China into taking a harder line by engineering more border incidents along the entire 4500 km long border. India, therefore, has to be extremely cautious and quickly build military and diplomatic options to face any eventuality.

Posted by Ramesh Phadke | Report as abusive

Indian diplomats continue to be content in reacting to events. Its politicians, who manage foreign affairs behave, are all wannabe statesmen who think they have magic wands which will provide instant solutions to old sores.

In sixty years India has not worked out a China specific policy just as it has failed in evolving a Pakistan one. We keep waiting for events to unfold.

Posted by Dara | Report as abusive

If India is not aggressive and dominant and intelligent in its geo-political thinking, China will sting India again, just like in 1962 (as you say rightfully). Chinese military and political establishment sees India as still buying weapons from here and there. India is a place which started making military tanks in 1960s but their army still refuses to fully endorse these tanks. Chinese see India still vacillating on both domestic and foreign issues (1 step forward, 2 step backward culture). Its like no matter where you go in India its a “Babu culture”, all the way from PMO down to farmer Joe.

Posted by Shekhar Bahiya | Report as abusive

Dear my Indian friends:

We, Chinese, have never ever considered India as China’s number one enemy, even as an enemy. Indian and Chinese should be friends: China is the India’s largest trade partner and India is No.9 of China’s largest trade partners.

The unsettled borders between India and China have nothing to do with communist or democratic. I am here is not arguing with you about the relationship between the Chinese central government and Tibetan territory. The truth is that all the legal documents about unsettled borders should have been signed by Chinese and British according to the international law. The British signed an India-Tibet border agreement (Simla accords) with Tibetans local government in 1910s without Chinese central government’s approval. This agreement is what Indian claims are basing on but we consider it as illegal. Last year, the British foreign minister apologized the British position in Tibetan issue, thereby delegalized Simla accords.

The south Tibet (that is called Arunachal Pradesh by India) had never been ruled by Indian before the British came. There are lots of Indian immigrants since 1960s.

We don’t like to fight with our friends but if we are forced to involve the border war, we have never been scared. The 1960s’ war can tell the world.

Posted by Zhang | Report as abusive

My Dear Zhang,
First, Please fix your English.
Second, don’t threaten everyone with war.
Third, Brits mess up everywhere. Doesn’t mean India will have to pay. You can go and ask the Brits. There is no way to undo history.
Fourth, Tibet was not part of China in 1910. China invaded Tibet in 1959. So there was no need to make China a party to the border agreement. A lot of countries have not accepted China’s invasion of Tibet and DON’T accept Tibet as a part of China. So you have an illogical argument here.
Fifth, Britain recently only accepted Tibet as a part of China. That didn’t mean Britain abandoned all previous signed agreements.

You can go to war with India. But you never know the outcome. What if (a) Tibetians, Uigers, Mongolians, Taiwaniese all uprise together? (b) What if US, Russia, France, Japan, Australia all help India? (c) What if Taiwan gets scared by Chinese behavior and declares independence? (d) What happens to Chinese super-power hopes after war? (e) Can Chinese economy support a war in current political and economic environment? (f) What if India abandons One China policy and starts actively supporting Tibetians, Uigers and Taiwanese? (g) What if US openly comes to India’s help.

In 1962 war, all major powers including Australia, Japan, France, UK faulted China and warned it to withdraw immediately. Nixon wanted to nuke China if it tried that again. US was considering to supply nuke technology to India after the war. Only the Cuban missile crises limited US and Russia ability to help. There is no such crises between US and Russia now.

If China goes to war again, It may forcibly occupy Arunachal Pradresh because Indian leaders are still following Gandhi. But China will end up losing Tibet, East Turkestan, Taiwan, Spartly Islands and it’s world stature as a reliable power. The subsequent events will contain China in a tight box.

In spite of repeated terrorist attacks and Pakistani occupation of Kashmir, India is not going to war with Pakistan because India will lose a lot more than Pakistan in the longterm in economy, world stature and reliability. The same relation holds between China and India!

Is China willing to pay this price?

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive


I couldn’t help laughing.

I know my english is not good and general speaking, Indian people have better English level than Chinese people. Everyone in the world knows why. i don’t care my englsih and won’t try to fix it.

I already told you that we, chinese, had never considered India as an enemy. We are not going to start war. We don’t care about “India abandons One China policy and starts actively supporting Tibetians, Uigers and Taiwanese”. That means nothing to us.

Can you please give yourself one or two countries who DON’T accept Tibet as a part of China?

Two points:

Nixon just lost California gubernatorial election in 1962.
Taiwan, whose official name is Republic of China, also considers the south Tibet as its territory.

I am not going to waste my time to argue with my dear indian friends. I just want to say if Indian dare to start the war again, they will be humiliated again.

Posted by ZHANG | Report as abusive

red china can hardly manage the land it has, including the lands populated by very non-chinese peoples. does the prn need more of other peoples’ lands to rape and pollute, having already turned a beautiful country into an increasingly waterless toxic waste dump?

Posted by jd | Report as abusive

Dear Zhang,
Ok, I’ll ignore your English. I don’t know much Chinese either!
India is not going start a war with China because India is not a militaristic country like China. Did 1962 war solve anything for China? You should learn to achieve democracy in China. A democratic China is in the best interest of the world. Democracies don’t go to war! When faced with domestic turbulence, dictators and commies prefer war. External threat is the only reason for power grab by dictators and commies and they invent new external threats.

China has border dispute with at least 6 countries including Russia and Japan. After a war with India, these countries will choose a different path. You know what a militaristic Japan or Taiwan or Vietnam can do to you. What if India denies Indian Ocean to you? China is not a super power and will not be one until it respects its minorities. Your economy is external driven and government holds the country together by military. Look at Russia or N. Korea or Pakistan and their fate. Why did Chinese Premier run away from G-8? Never seen anyone run away like that. That tells me how serious are your internal problems and how much trouble your Govt is in?

Better try for democracy and respect for minorities. Arunachal Pradesh problem is your Govt’s creation. After failing miserably to block India’s growth through various means such as NSG, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka, ADB, China’s Govt is coming out of the closet. Inventing trouble with India is a good way to divert attention and cover up internal failure of communists.

At this point, the credibility of communists are at the lowest in the world. There are protests all over the world against Facist China and two peaceful unarmed civilians (Dalia Lama and Kadeer) are giving sleepless nights to Communists. India has a lot more credibility in world than China. China is already is in so much trouble when India is neutral.

If China goes to war, the current Gandhian leaders of India will be kicked out and the next-gen young leaders will be much more aggressive and militaristic. Think about all the troubles if India actively supports and arms Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Tibetans, Uigers, Mongolians, Malaysia, Philippine.

US is the only super power in the world. Still US is preferring dialogue to war and trying to improve relations through diplomacy. China should learn lessons from US.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

My Dear Zhang,
You can laugh, you can run but you CAN’T HIDE from the truth. You just confessed above that UK only recently accepted Tibet as part of China. There are so many other countries like UK, who have not accepted Chinese military control over Tibet. Despite all the pressure and arm twisting, your Govt miserably failed from stopping the world tour of Dalai Lama and Kadeer. Does that tell you anything?

Invading another country and holding it by force doesn’t mean you own it. When time comes, it’ll blow up. You can have a country if you respect democracy, human rights, minority rights and human dignity. Communist Govt is too greedy for power to respect these civilized human values.

“Chinese people need to be controlled”: Action star Jackie Chan 5227.html
This tells me how your Govt herds you. DON’T believe what your Govt says. They are just fabricating lies non-stop.

List of Countries who don’t accept One China policy and don’t have diplomatic relations with China.

Africa (4 states)
Burkina Faso* (1994)
Gambia* (1995)
São Tomé and Príncipe* (1997)
Swaziland* (1968)

Europe (1 state)
The Holy See* ( Vatican City) (1942)

Oceania (6 states)
Kiribati (2003)
Marshall Islands* (1998)
Nauru (1980–2002, 2005)
Palau* (1999)
Solomon Islands* (1983)
Tuvalu (1979)

Central & South America (12 states)
Belize* (1989)
Dominican Republic* (1957)
El Salvador* (1961)
Guatemala* (1960)
Haiti *(1956)
Honduras* (1965)
Nicaragua* (1990)
Panama* (1954)
Paraguay* (1957)
Saint Kitts and Nevis* (1983)
Saint Lucia (1984–1997, 2007)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1981)

Are you going to fight for democracy now? Was I able to convince you?

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

Communists and Talibans think alike.

Grab power and land by gun .. then attack minorities and kill any political opponents .. threaten neighbors and other countries with attack .. spread guns and weapons to ideological brothers in other countries .. suppress and decimate minorities everywhere .. no tolerance for other religions or faiths .. ban internet, TV, journalists and spread own news glorifying themselves .. when citizens ask for dignity and rights, kill the citizens and blame neighboring countries and threaten war ..

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

Zhang says:
“I already told you that we, chinese, had never considered India as an enemy. We are not going to start war”

Then what the hell are Chinese doing in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma? How do you justify supplying nuke technology to a terrorist country like Pakistan? Why did China back stabbed India in 1962? Why is China occupying Aksai Chin? Do you have moral or legal rights to be there? How would you feel if India or US supply nuke arms to Taiwan or Japan or Vietnam or Mongolia? Why are there people protesting and shouting “Facist China” in front of Chinese embassies all over the world?

Chinese Govt was talking peace and friendship in 1962 and was preparing for war in the background. Nehru got fooled by sweet talk and cunning. Why are all these claims coming after 1959 when Dalai Lama fled to India.

Posted by Gory | Report as abusive

My Dear Zhang,
It was Kennedy who wanted to nuke China, defend India and not Nixon as I had mentioned above. Kennedy also discussed about supplying nuclear arms to India in 1962, after the war. But as things improved, he went for a civilian nuclear research cooperation. No .. not any shady nuclear arms deal like you have with Pakistan or N Korea.

“Any large Chinese Communist attack on any part of that area would require the use of nuclear weapons by the US, and this is to be preferred over the introduction of large numbers of US soldiers,” the New York Times quoted McNamara as saying in the recording.

After hearing from McNamara and two other advisers, Kennedy declares: “We should defend India, and therefore we will defend India.”  /2287484/posts

So if China messes with India, China will have to deal with a lot more later.

Personally, I feel China should attack India so that we can get rid of current Gandhian leaders. Current Indian leaders are too old and too slow. New young leaders will liberate Aksai Chin, Taiwan, Tibet and may be XinJiang. New leaders will fly the proud flag of democracy all over and around China. India will join NATO or any similar force to contain China. Also, India will increase defense budget and acquire latest US goodies. Original US goodies paid by cash will be no match to your stolen goodies.

So please .. please attack India. We deserve one!

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

“Taiwan, whose official name is Republic of China, also considers the south Tibet as its territory”

Taiwan (RoC) also considers China (PRC) as it’s territory. Are going to give PRC to RoC?

Truth is Tibet was free or autonomous most of the time until China invaded it in 1959 and continues to hold it by military force till today. Ask any Tibetian!

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

I don’t think your english is bad. :)
Anyways, there are some quarters in India which are wary of China and its intentions, moreso because of 1962 war, which stung India and also because of China’s close dalliance with Pakistan.
As far as Arunachal Pradesh is considered. The Chinese even in 1913 during negotiations for Simla Accord didn’t have a problem on demarcation of boundary between British India and Outer Tibet. But they had a problem with demarcation between Outer and Inner Tibet.
What this means is that they didn’t have a problem with the McMahon Line but due to differences over internal demarcation with Tibet, they withdrew from negotiations. Since then China maintains that since they were not a signatory to the agreement thus it is not binding on them.
From India’s perspective, when the agreement was signed Tibet was independent as China didn’t have sovereignity over Tibet. It was only after establishment of PRC that the border dispute came into being. Now as we understand borders do not change with a change in government or form of the government.
And your point that Tibet considers South China as a part of Tibet is misleading because the Tibetan government in exile (valid or not) doesn’t consider Arunachal pradesh as a part of South Tibet.
As far as war is considered, its not going to happen. Yes China has a bigger military, airforce and navy than that of India but that doesn’t mean India will eb a pushover and both the countries will lose.
Its better to let the trade and commerce grow between the countries and border talks can continue.
As far as supporting seperatists is concerned, India will not do it, since no country in the region is free from its own seperatist movement.

Posted by Aman | Report as abusive

Sanjeev Miglani:
I see my posts not being uploaded. Is there a problem?

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

Dear Zhang,
You have been really polite while asserting yourself and I appreciate that. China is a fast emerging superpower today and so is India. It will be fool worthy for both the nations to go to a war again which will drag our development by at least 50 years again.

We Indians love peace but considering the latest developments in Chinese military and its increasing presence in Indian Ocean is a definite concern for us. There is no reason for us to trust China again after 1962. Therefore until and unless confidence building measures are taken by both the sides these escalations are bound to happen again and again.

I can only think of one scenario whereby we sort out our differences through talks otherwise there would be no India and no China.

Posted by Aaruni Upadhyay | Report as abusive

Talks with China is a sham.Do away with China economically.
It can not repeat 1962 as this is a changed world,especially a changed India

Posted by S.V.Ramanan | Report as abusive

Arrogance of Power!

China had border dispute with Russia and China politely solved the dispute through talk, as it know it can’t win over Russia in war.

But China is preferring force and military threats in disputes with Taiwan, Japan, India, Vietnam, Mongolia because China knows these countries are weaker. Saddam Hussian was thinking similar when he invaded Kuwait.

Communists are not rational. India, US, Japan, Austraia should block Chinese before they become another menace like Hitler or Stalin.

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

The 1962 war brings horrific memories. The loss of lives, the strained relations and the antipathy have made the two countries bleed in so many ways. Wars only heighten the worst instincts in human beings.But it is imperative that both countries bury the hatchet and concentrate on making the region a zone of peace. The two fastest growing economies have teeming populations and the gigantic human potential should be harnessed to the maximum.There seems to be a new realization that the two countries could develop vital bi-lateral relations which would further world peace and international understanding. These two economic giants could make such a positive contribution in enhancing stability in the region.

Posted by Pancha Chandra Brussels | Report as abusive

@Talks with China is a sham.Do away with China economically.
It can not repeat 1962 as this is a changed world,especially a changed India
– Posted by S.V.Ramanan

SVR: I cannot conceive 2 neighbors sharing walls to stop talking to each other and have any other kind of exhange.
I see no solution here. This does not work at the level of 2 nations and that two one is UNSC permamnent member and the other will soon be.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

It is good to be patriotic, but then if one get carry away uttering rhetoric statements and insults to other.. i think that is bordering stupidity & ignorance. No matter how hard you try to (or wish to) belittle the other, you can’t stop them from becoming better..better.. and better; So, what you should do is look within yourself, are you doing justice to yourself by becoming (or work towards being) better than the other ?……You may one day wake up facing a worse truth than your nightmare. Ponders

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

We in Vietnam also do not like Chinese expansion policy. However, most Vietnamese respect Chinese people, their hard work sprit and humble way of talking. India, on the other hand, have been always a friend of Vietnam, but a very weak and negligible friend. China has acted as any country having power, it will exert even more power on its neighbours when it become stronger. Its natural for any power state. We in Vietnam and India should shut up and work hard before talking abour confronting China.

Posted by Nguyen Luu | Report as abusive

Very nice question left by you at the end. It is right the trade amount is keeping them together, any rise in conflict will result in reduction in trade and hence destruction of their economies.. But the evil signals which China keeps giving time to time is very disturbing and a matter of concern, intruding deep into Indian territory, placing fresh claims on Indian soil, Helping Pakistan in nuclear and defence technology. But it is true that future wars will be fought for resources and not for the boundaries. That time India and China will have tough competitions in Africa. Two super powers could never exist in the neighbourhood, one will always trry to crush another, if a mutual trust is developed we can rule the world. Just like China and Russia are working on improving their ties, India and CHina can do the same

This can be a possible related post (Why Indo-China ties will be more favourable than Sino-Pak) why-indo-china-ties-will-be-more.html

Posted by sanskar27 | Report as abusive