Why is China issuing separate visas to residents of Indian Kashmir?

October 2, 2009

New Delhi is barring residents of Indian Kashmir from travelling to China on separate visas issued by the Chinese embassy.

Saifuddin Soz, senior Kashmiri leader and member of India’s ruling Congress party, has said the decision by China to issue hand-written visas on loose sheets of paper to Kashmiris was “not acceptable”.

Why is China issuing separate visas to people from Indian Kashmir?

Separatist leaders say that China’s decision to issue visas to Kashmiris on loose sheets reflects Beijing’s recognition of Kashmir as disputed territory.

Kashmir, where tens of thousands of people have been killed since an anti-India insurgency broke out in 1989, is divided between India, Pakistan and China.

India controls around 45 percent of the former princely state, Pakistan around a third and China the rest, a largely uninhabited slice of high-altitude desert.

China has given no explanation for its move, but New Delhi took up the matter with the Chinese embassy and asked Beijing to stop discriminating against Indian nationals on the basis of their “ethnicity” and “domicile”.

“How would they feel if India only offers a stamped visa to Tibetans while issuing visas on a separate paper for the applications residing in other parts of China,” an official from the Ministry of Home Affairs was quoted as saying by the Economic  Times.

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, who calls for greater autonomy and cultural freedom for Tibet, has lived in northern India since fleeing Tibet during a failed uprising against Chinese rule in 1959.

China accuses the Dalai Lama of wanting independence for Tibet.

Beijing’s new visa policy for Indian Kashmir may affect only a handful of residents and businessmen of the disputed Himalayan region but diplomatic implications of the Chinese move could affect relations between Beijing and New Delhi.

China currently has little interest in stoking tensions, as it has been trying in recent years to reassure nervous Western nations that its economic rise will not be matched by military expansion. Diplomats like to talk of “peaceful development”.

Then why is China issuing visas to residents of Indian Kashmir on loose sheets of paper and not on Indian passports?


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In the not too distant past many countries including developed ones issued visas as paper ones whether for tourists or business. The entry and exit chop-marks were however stamped in the passport. The fact that China issues a paper one for the people of Kashmir but not for the rest of Indians is a reflection of the current political situation there. There is a dispute for that region and even the USA Administration would like the parties concerned to sit-down and resolve the issue. The paper visas for the Kashmiris also have the advantage for the passport holder in that they can remove the visa and not face any additional hassle from the Indian authorities for having visited China. A bit easier than USA citizens formerly visiting relatives in Cuba via third paty countries and not having their passports stamped by Cuban Imigration. The newspaper report in India merely exposed something that was going on for years and has ruined what little mobility the Kashmiris have for visiting neighboring countries.

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Mr. Sheikh Mushtaq,
Why the articles in our blog always ends with a question mark(?)

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First and foremost Jammu and Kashmir belongs to India full stop. China will soon one day break up like Russia and their people would eventually realise that democracy is the right way to go and we can expect some flexibility in a very very rude nation. They occupied Kashmir region using force and are real cowards. We must do what China did to our beloved citizens in the region. Recognise Tibet as a new nation on its own and issue visas – hereby keeping China out of the picture. And moreover the Foreign Ministry is worried about the arm power of China, do not worry you minister China will collapse on its own policies like a super massive black hole. You cannot carry on a communist regime for a long time dictating people. People are born free in this world and noone has the right to control anyone.

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What ever be the observation, let us start issuing paper visas to Tibetians sit back and enjoy the fun! No need to waste a breath.

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India should reciprocate this by issuing separate visas to people from Tibet and Xinjiang and India should also openly support for the cause of Tibetans and ethnic Turckic-Mongol muslims.

Posted by Zubair Salim | Report as abusive

KASHMIR IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF INDIA as per the Indian law whatever China is doing, they do it as per the International law and Justice. besides that China is actually countering the growing strategic relationship between USA and India.

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@ brr, becoz we want to provoke a debate on the subject.

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The_Obsrver’s explanation makes perfect sense. The reason China gave them a visa on loose paper is to allow them to remove that paper (thus remove the record that they have visited China) is they wish to. Obviously Indian doesn’t want that.

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Some of the bloggers here just don’t get the irony of the situation. An Indian (Kashmiri or otherwise) has in an Indian passport a travel document that allows him/her to return to India after travel abroad. The Chinese issue a visa attached or a separate paper that allows a individual (tourist, worker, businessman, etc) to enter China for a set duration. The visa the Chinese issue is for their records of entry/exit to China and not for the other country. For a so-called democracy like India to issue directives to their emmigration officials not to let non-criminals exit their country on an Indian passport is a disgrace and may be illegal. Such actions restrict the freedom of movement of not just individuals but Indian subjects at that. If the Indian Government have an issue with these paper visas then they should take it up with the Chinese Government directly and not take it out on the little guy.

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China is a dangerous country. It has oppressed its own 1.5 billion people for more than 60 years by denying them democratic rights and meddle in other countries internal affairs. It proliferated its nuclear technology and missiles to rouge states such as Pakistan and North Korea. Its shame that it continue to opresses its own people and mercilesly murdered tibetians for decades and took their independence right away, contnue to meddle in Taiwanees cause and suppress hundered of other states.China has even illegally occupied part of J&K which is integral part of India and continue to meddle in Arunachal Pradesh which is another Indian state. World should denounce China and help chinese people stand up against this imperialistic communist regime. India on the other hand is a vibrant, secular, multiracial multirelgious,fastest developing democratic country with free press and media. Hats off to India and Shame on China.

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Answer to the question raised in the last line is simple. Because China understands that kashmir is occupied by india.

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China is playing all psychological games to divert and suppress India!

This is called psychological warfare when the opponent gets too distracted, confused and loses focus.

One way for India: Quickly reciprocate the gesture by issuing paper visa to Tibetians, Uigers and Inner Mongolians. Establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan. And then focus on building military relations with US, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Burma and build a strong and massive deterrence!

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Who’s is suffering: Kashmiris or Chinese?

Normal students, businessmen and visitors form Kashmir are suffering. India won’t allow people emigrate on such fake, duplicitous visas.

This is another example how the corrupted vision of a few selfish separatist leaders bring misery and suffering to the whole community!

And India is still allowing these separatist leaders to travel all over the world and UN on Indian passports and make new friends and do anti-India acts. Glad India is not China where such leaders are executed and organ harvested!

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China issuing separate visas to residents of Indian Kashmir is cowardly act.
The Reason is: In 1962 when India never felt China as a treat, But China attacked on unprepared and small Indian army. Now every thing is changed, Indian army fells that china is biggest treat than Pakistan. China cannot take military action against India because of fear of defeat, world would support India, China would also loose the foreign investors and trade.
Indian Kashmirs will lose money for China Air Ticket.

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Answer to the question raised in the last line is simple. Because China understands that kashmir is occupied by india.
– Posted by Kadri

If India has occupied Kashmir, it has more right to occupy (1. India Partition agreement 2. Kashmir Accession agreement 3. Shimla agreement 4. UN mandates)

Can China show it’s occupation agreements with Tibet or Xinjiang?

Can Pakistan show it’s occupation agreements with Balochistan or Pak Occupied Kashmir?

Forcibly occupying or stealing something doesn’t make it your’s!

Communists and dictator terrorists are partners in crime. When you become a democracy, you will get the legitimacy to question a democracy! Go play with your terrorist buddies now!

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i think China is playing dirty here…. the fact is that Kashmir has been occupied by India[some people might say ‘forcably occupied’]for quite a while but so is Tibet by China.Is the Indian Govt issuing seperate visas for the Tibetians????????????? NO.Has China given them freedom???NO….so China meddling in its neighbour’s affairs and its a true case of double standards.

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Today China is instigating by various tactics and only the citizens get exited on issues. What about the Politicians/Burocrats, they hav absolutely no concern for any such issues, except minting/eating/sucking blood of citizens. Indian Politicians/Burocrats are CANCEROUS who need to be cut nd removed instantly. We need a country without existing Politicians & Burocrats, they r the enemies within.

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@ Kadri

If China is genuinely concerned about Kashmir as you say, dont you think they should also give back Aksai Chin and the Northern valley they have either occupied or gifted by Pakistan?

Posted by Peacemaker | Report as abusive

China is fanning faith based separatism to achieve some false sense of victory, conveniently forgetting it’s uighur population and tibetan dilemma. Sooner or later, it will have to stick to it’s own stand of not fanning faith based separatists. Otherwise the disgruntled elements of China will go to those disgruntled with China.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive


Your comments are rather absurd and do not make any sense. Why China would not want other countries to see who has traveled to China or not? Then China also should not issue the stapled visa for Pakistani’s coming from Baluchistan. Regarding your claim that J&K is disputed, then China should also not claim the area of J&K which is under its control. Moreover, Tibet is also disputed and Indian Govt. should also separate visa to Chinese citizens coming from that region.


You speak the language of separatists. What can be further said about you.

My guess is that China is doing this to put some pressure on India in solving the boundary dispute between the two countries. It might also be possible that China wants to somehow funds separatists and militants fighting in valley against India as its all weather friend Pakistan is in trouble now and can’t do it itself.

Posted by Naveen Kumar | Report as abusive

Kashmir is an internationally recognised Disputed territory as per UN resolutions.

China is doing the right thing here, meanwhile the biggest democracy in the world can keep 2/3rds of its standing army in 1 occupied state out of 27 other states and claim it is integral part of India, yea right.

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Answer to the question raised in the last line is simple. Because China understands that kashmir is occupied by india.
– Posted by Kadri

This legal occupation is justified by:
1. India partition agreement
2. Kashmir Accession agreement
3. Shimla agreement
4. UN resuolutions
5. 10+ elections in last 60 years with more than 70% votes in last general elections

Can you show me the illegal occupation of:
1. Baluchistan and PoK by Pakistan.
2. Tibet and Xinjiang by China
Any evidence to justify? Everyday there is oppression, murder and ethnic cleansing happening in these illegally occuppied areas!

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This is for the kind information of those ignorant people here in this blog who I think don’t know true history of Jammu Kashmir. I want to clear one thing especially for the Indians that I am a Kashmiri national and will always appreciate moves like Chine did while issuing separate visas to Kashmiris.
One thing is clear that Jammu Kashmir is not part of India and the state will never become part of India, which I think is a rough state which always suppressed the neighbours besides its own population in occupied territories of the Jammu Kashmir and other states.
We are thankful to world’s emerging power China as well as the 56-nation Organisation of Islamic Conference, which always supported Kashmiris in their struggle for the national independence. We appreciate China for its courageous decision to issue separate visas to Kashmiris.
Muhsen Naseim
Jammu Kashmir

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Answer to the question raised in the last line is simple. Because China understands that kashmir is occupied by india.
– Posted by Kadri

This legal occupation is justified by:

1. India partition agreement
2. Kashmir Accession agreement
3. Shimla agreement
4. UN resuolutions
5. 10+ elections in last 60 years with more than 70% votes in last general elections

Can you show me the illegal occupation of:

1. Baluchistan and PoK by Pakistan.
2. Tibet and Xinjiang by China
Any evidence to justify? Everyday there is oppression, murder and ethnic cleansing happening in these illegally occuppied areas!

Posted by Soman | Report as abusive

China is trying to find a way to strategically balance the weakening power of the Pakistani state and its armed forces by going on a diplomatic and strategic offensive against India. Despite China supplying India specific nuclear technology to Pakistan (as revealed in AQ Khan’s latest letter disclosures), Pakistan may end up like the Soviet Union (and that would be ironic, since they fought against it and acted as a catalyst for the Soviet Union to break up) – in that though it has nuclear devises, the Union no longer wants to remain a union and individual states/provinces have the power to challenge the rule at the center, simultaneously if not in an individual capacity. While Gilgit/Baltistan and Sindh may gravitate towards India in case of any break up, the former causes concern in China since China would then be in a weaker position regarding any military confrontation with India and in Tibet specifically, while the latter – Sindh- with close ties to Balochistan, may cause a write off to all the investment that China has strategically placed along the Pakistani coastline with intentions for future joint anti India naval operations. This diplomatic move by China is just that – diplomatic – in the sense that it converges with Pakistan’s views and tries to place India on the defensive (signaling that China places importance in maintaining the part of Kashmir it currently occupies in the event of any future military conflict with India).

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Yes, it is strange that the China is doing it now. Beijing seems to be doing it in response to India’s growing profile and also the New Delhi’s thickening strategic partnership with the US which China sees directed against it? More over, it is also the result of India’s covert support to Tibet resistance. And of course alsobecause of the China’s close relations with Pakistan. Kashmir being India’s Achiles Heel, Beijing knows pressing it would put India on the defensive.

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It is expected that the separatist leaders see the China move to grant stapled visas to Kashmiris as the Beijing’s recognition of the disputed status of Kashmir. they have welcomed it. But did China ever consider Kashmir as integral part of India? Never. What these new visas have done is create problems for ordinary kashmiris who will have to find new ways and means to go to china

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China has rightly issued visas on a separate piece of paper as Kashmir does not belong to India. India have forcebly occupied Kashmir. Kashmiris have been rightly struggling for its independence for last 50 years. One day or the other Kashmir will be a new nation. The sooner the India and its citizen accept this, the better. I am a Kashmiri and I know this. I thank China for this step

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China has taken a very very good decission to issue separate visas for kashmiri nationals. Kashmir has been struggling for its freedom from last 60 Years. Indian Army have forcebly occupied Kashmir. If india claims kashmir as integral part why Indian Army Killed more than one lakh innocent kashmiries in the the region.Indian army have to stop Killing now innocent Kashmiries. This is a bitter truth which all Indians Know that Kashmir Was separate Nation. In short I appericate this decission of CHINA. I hope all Nations of the World will help us to set KASHMIR FREE FROM INDIA.

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First of all, people around south asia have LIVED HAPPILY under Indian administration, than China or Pakistan, this is what history says.

We(India) should start supporting “INDEPENDENT TIBET” and “INDEPENDENT BALUCHISTAN”, if China and pakistan start supporting “INDEPENDENT KASHMIR”.

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

The visa issue is very simple…..China considers Kashmir as disputed territory like India considers Tibet as disputed teerritory. The only difference is that there is no Un resolution in Tibet but a series of UN resolutions on Kashmir suggest a disputed land. My dear Indian friends why are you running away from truth. Kashmir will be an independent country one day like it was before 1947. Chrs

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@Dia….you are aill informed about meddling in neighburs’s affairs….india has given rufuge to Tibetan separatist leader Dalia lama, since decades. The spritual leader is headind an exiled government in India….who has started it?

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This problem is easy to solve. Tit for tat. India should start issuing separate documentation not just for the Tibetans but for residents of Xinjiang as well. That would solve the issue pretty quickly and bring the Chinese back to the bargaining table.

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I think Pakistan should issue similar visas!

This way, Indian Govt can effectively ban all all travel/business between Kashmir and Pakistan.

Few corrupt Kashmir politicians have made it a habit of going to Pakistan every month to collect salary/bonus from ISI!

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Most of bloggers here are very much like warmonger and sanctimonious lot who kept stirring hatred with their narrow and sarrow views of the whole situation. Many seem to immerse with begrudging with other’s success, especially China. If, any bloggers were from China, i reckon many/medias will be gladly declaring thw world of a well brainwashed and blind nationalism populace. Glad that they had great leaders in India but with a tough task to do.

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Kashmir is disputed territory. India is in violation of many UN resolutions that call for plebiscite on Kashmir. In fact the incorporation of Kashmir into Indian territory via the Indian Constitution is illegal without the holding of a plebiscite. China appears to be simply acknowledging that Kashmir is disputed territory, and formatting its visa regime to suit.

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India and its new Western allies are dreaming that China will fall apart just like Yougoslavia. But this will never happen as 90% of China’s inhabitants are han ethnic. India has more chance to collapse than China. All Western countries are jealous of China. In 2000 G. Bush has promoted India as a new ally to counterbalance China. Thus the US has lifted all bans on technology and military sales to India. India is now buying Billion of dollar of military equipment from the US and hence India is becoming more aggressive towards China. But India must not forget that India is only a virtual country where people live in a dream world where every body is rich and beautiful (Bollywood).

Posted by Willy Vee | Report as abusive

Great! I am totally for it… Add Independent Uighur, SWAT, FATA, Sindh, Punjab too! Are muslims of UK US France fed up with respective countries? Take the first step and form an organization and get registered with UN.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

India is having a more aggressive tone on China thanks to the fact that George Bush had lifted all technology and military bans on India in view of using India as a counter-balance against China. That is why Western countries are supporting India on nuclear technology and in an advent of future military stand-off. Of course China could not defeat India because the latter has bought billions of Western and Israeli military equipment and in a military conflict, India would be assisted by the Western countries. However despite military and technology embargoes China is still being able to produce hi-tech weapons. China will never be dismantled as the ethnic han makes 90 per cent of its population. Now the majority of Tibet inhabitants are Han and all the business activities are under Chinese hand. India is being threatened by religious conflicts, sikh and maoist separatists and a lazy population who spent its time dreaming in front of Bollywood films.

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we must understand that not only China but many other important countries have started to beleive the Kashmir is a disputed area because majority of the Kashmiris do not want to be part of india. The demand plabesite in accordance with UN resolutions. On the other hand majority of the Kashmiris on Pakistan side are happy to be part of Pakistan. We could not kill Kashmir issue for 62 years despite using sheer power, so it is time to think seriously and settle Kashmir issue according to the wishes of Kashmiris, UN resolutions and as agreed at the time of Indo-Pak partition, otherwise we are always in danger of nuclear war and ongoing hatered between India and Pakistan

Posted by Azmat | Report as abusive

Indian govt should not again swallow china’s provocation. They shud do the right thing of recognising Tibet as a disputed territory, allow Dalai Lama to move freely anywhere India. We should not be dictated as to what we can do in own country. Bring more economy to Northeast, develop roads and infrastructure to reach those areas in-case the Chinese aggression. Just like we do not neglect any part of your body, Northeast our Left half and Kashmir our head must be protected and developed.

Posted by bharathi | Report as abusive

India and pakistan had their time and after 62years of KASHMIRI occupation they could not let go Kashmir the way people of Kashmir wanted it
We must not forget India and Pakistan are robbers and they are robbing Kashmiris sources with out permission
of Kashmiri people
China must help Kashmiris in becomeing a respected Independent Country and good neghibour for all
I think we Kashmiris must have MDW to show the might to our enimeis and pushing them back in dark holes
A Kashmiri

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What the hack? I am Indian Politician. I an here to make money. Don’t you know politics is a big business in India? I am not here because I love my country. Sorry, I must say, my country is …. well, I do not know. But I tell you, it is too much fun to make suck Indian assets, and take people of India for a ride. OK, have to go to Switzerland now to study how to eradicate slum from India (Psst… family wanted a vacation). Got the story??

What else can you expect from our so called leaders. Indian politicians have no will to do anything. China, and Pakistan both are taking India for a ride from last four decades. What did we do?

Expect more to come. Retaliate OR perish. Wake Up! People of India! WAKE UP!

Wake UP! Come out of dreamland of cinemas!!!!

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why kashmiri after enjoying indian rights .. backs china, a regional people can not claim .. to be country…

Posted by true indian | Report as abusive

China is doing the wrong thing here
the way china doing is all diplomatic

Posted by amir | Report as abusive

Sheikh Mushtaq:

China is supporting terrorism in NE India and other parts of India, and now this paper visas to Indian nationals from an Indian state. I am not sure why China will be an exception here if such dirty strategies have backfired historically for nations around the globe.

Uiguirs Muslims, Taiwan, Dalai Lama/Tibet, Hans hegemony are Chinese Achilles’ heel. The oppressed Chinese population might be smaller fractionwise, but is huge in numbers and leaves HANistan very vulnerable; they better watch out. I think this is one more reason for India to stay in Afghanistan.

Now about separatist leaders: Would it help ther cause? NO, yes sure it will bring a smile in short-term but lon-term effects are not good. In addition to India-Pakistan game, they are now getting stuck in India-China game.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

@A Kashmiri
– Posted by Gill

-yeah sure 😉

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

To Indian:
Does China openly host any separatist of India in China?
Well, India does host Chinese Separatist Dalai Lamma
I think China should not just issue a separated VISA but should also openly host separatists of India in China too, As Bloggers here suggested, Tit-For-Tat.

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relegious classification =never.
if required???????????
only then,
belive in god+yes,GOD=TRUTH=LOVE=POWER.

Posted by Dr.Mohamed firoze chekku. | Report as abusive




Lets not challenge ourselves and be doomed!


Posted by Dr.Mohamed firoze chekku. | Report as abusive



Posted by Dr.Mohamed firoze chekku. | Report as abusive

EVERY TIME THERE IS A SCARECEITY FOR FOOD,humanbeings have fought like animals according to HISTORY.




Posted by Dr.Mohamed firoze chekku. | Report as abusive

kashmir for the kashmiris only, please. india and pakistan please give back our territory so that we can form one nation. as independent nation we want all kashmiris to return, muslim and non-muslim kashmiris. all those who are writing about our freedom, are you really supporting us? today we have seperate visas, tomorrow seperate passports. and this is the third time i am writing a comment but not getting published. why? many have written immoderate things. do we have censorship? i think reuters is very irresponsible.

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Kashmir is of India.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

China always has a policy behind its great wall. no one knows whats going within there…. lets see how the future actions prove out to be…..

Posted by Saqib | Report as abusive

Dont know what makes China take up such a cause after delay of time….. May be it thinks that its the time to take India for a messy ride

Posted by Sameer | Report as abusive


Posted by Munna Dwivedi | Report as abusive

Yes China keep supporting Pakistan with Kashmir and then not only will you have a few Uighurs to deal with but will also have the Talibans sitting on your border once they take over Kashmir. Then the riots by Uighurs this year will look like a picnic compared to what the Talibans can do with the nukes you supplied Pakistan.

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I think that the china is trying to show india that there are other big fishes in south asia…. it is trying to bow the indian highlights of its supremacy….. India has never been so determined about the borders with china… but now is the time

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We could not kill Kashmir issue for 62 years despite using sheer power, so it is time to think seriously and settle Kashmir issue according to the wishes of Kashmiris, UN resolutions and as agreed at the time of Indo-Pak partition, otherwise we are always in danger of nuclear war and ongoing hatered between India and Pakistan

Posted by junee | Report as abusive

let us see if india belives in only wait n watch police…. or whether india is really capable of any action

Posted by fahad | Report as abusive

its time india show its stand firmly and with direction and purpose/india has never been assertive enough on issues related to Indo-China disputes.

Posted by uday | Report as abusive

i did my graduation in shillong/the college was full of students from various racial or communal backgrounds/majority of them has always been the nagas and the mizos/one of them tries to dominate the other all the time in every sphere of college curriculum or extra-curriculum/sometime they go for full fleged battles/but ironically the fights begin from silly disputes like plates for food…….whereas the problem lies with their ego …………….this is exactly what is happening with India and China

Posted by uday | Report as abusive