What does Nobel for Obama mean for India?

October 10, 2009

Obama has won the Nobel Peace prize.The citation commends him for calling for a nuclear-weapon free world, emphasising the role of international institutions and preferring dialogue.Less than a year into his presidency he has yet to implement much of his programme.”For the time being Obama’s just making proposals. But sometimes the Nobel committee awards the prize to encourage responsible action,” said Poland’s Lech Walesa, a Nobel Peace Laureate.What does it mean for India to have the most powerful man in the world honoured for his policies?The policies of the Obama administration are different from those of the George W. Bush era when multilateralism was seen as a liability.Bush’s ambassador to the U.N. was John R. Bolton whose scepticism towards multilateralism was well known.Yet Bush helped India get a crucial waiver from the Nuclear Suppliers Group and was described as the friendliest U.S. President India has had.Obama on the other hand has called for strengthening nuclear non-proliferation, prompting India to seek clarifications.Pratap Bhanu Mehta, president of the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi, argues in a recent column that Indians find it more difficult to deal with those who they think of as American liberals than the conservatives.Will we now see a more forceful and active Obama on issues like non-proliferation that India is wary of ?


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Well it is a well known fact that a war over fanatics, radicals, monolithics cannot be won by spinning, weaving and fasting.While admitting the lack of capacity to provide good governance (in this case it is global, leader is US, led by Obama) is hard to come especially when power tastes sweet, covering the pit of failure by weapons like spinning, walking, fasting, actually results in genocide.So, Obama is covering up his inability to provide good governance with weapons borrowed from the master of spinning, walking, fasting. Infact Obama has become obsessed with his thought process that he is now actually asking you to spin, walk, fast your way to top, something you have been feeding to world, while being unable to provide good governance, it becomes difficult to digest.America will fall from where ever it was because of Obama as he tries to spin, walk, fast his leadership and the sound & light effect would be better than the blast of Hiroshima.One can recall the statement of JFK when one Gandhian, also called as Nehru, had to rely on Army for one Operation Vijay “You spend the last fifteen years preaching morality to us, and then you go ahead and act the way any normal country would behave…. People are saying, the preacher has been caught coming out of the brothel.” Maybe he got hurt by the statement and decided to square it all with 1962.It is a terrible catch 22 as one advocates peace which one knows, if put into actual practice, will wipe your own followers and some unfortunates who had to follow the nut out of helplessness.

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Obama must denuclearise USA, his own country and then try to denuclearise the world.Nobel committee has shown that it is a political setup and it wants desperately to escape the wrath of Militant Islam.These caucasians donot know how to cope with dimisnishing dollar value this new phenomenon.

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I think the more pertinent question would be what the Nobel to Obama means to Obama himself. It will be interesting to see his reactions now because how he sees himself now is what matters.

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sometimes first steps in the correct direction have to be rewarded to ensure the rest of the journey continues towards the correct goal. what we have to think about is this: what will obama do with the trust the world has put in his vision. desmond tutu was rewarded for the efforts he had put in for the best part of his life. for obama to receive the award BEFORE he has achieved any tangible result, is of course very optimistic of the nobel commitee. what all desmond tutu achieved AFTER he received the award, there has been little publicity. the fact that obama is more visible will definitely force him to act upon his promises. let us hope some good comes of this. otherwise the reputation of the nobel organisation will be tarnished forever, they will be seen as sycophants, panderers.

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Obama getting a nobel is a political setup and nothing else.He has made promises to the world, promises worth being rewarded with a nobel, but only if those promises are kept and fulfilled.

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The news of Obama being rewarded with a nobel was shocking and trivial at the same time. They have reduced this award to travesty, a farce. It came as shock to me because Obama has promised nothing which is a far cry from other presidents’ promises.

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Is that even a question? Why is it relevant? I can not believe Reuters is publishing this type of discussion. This blogger should find some real work.

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A Russian politician observed that the prize was a reaction to the Bush era and its neo-conservatism. http://en.rian.ru/russia/20091009/156410 411.htmlThe prize affirms Obama’s liberal policies, both when standing on their own and especially so when compared to Bush, who is described by some as the friendliest U.S. President India has ever had.Now if you read Mehta’s piece, I have linked to, you might see Indians don’t get on too well with the U.S. liberal establishment.How is Obama going to react to this unexpected and at this stage even unwelcome honor is going to have a bearing on which policies he espouses and which he implements (and which he discards etc. etc.)Many Americans are wondering if the Nobel is going to influence him and how.You can sample some of the letters written to New York Times here:http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/10/o pinion/l10nobel.htmlThat has a bearing on every country.And that’s why it is a question.

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Check out:Peace Laureate Obama: Questioning the wisdom of his Acceptancehttp://pravinsheth.blogspot.co m

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I think that President Obama already has made his views on nuclear disarmament quite clear — pushing the Senate to ratify the CTBT, and then pushing the remaining eight countries (China, North Korea, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, and Pakistan) to ratify it and for all nuclear-armed countries to commit to disarmament (of course, it goes without saying that no country will disarm unilaterally, and that disarmament also involves regional issues that must also be resolved). I don’t see how getting the Nobel would influence his policies.

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1.I was so glad to hear that Mr. Barack Obama had won the Nobel Prize for peace.2. Until recently I was under the impression that Nuclear Weapons capacity was integral for the security of any nation.3. Now I feel that India, which is the land of Gandhi should lead in renouncing nuclear weapons and all nations too should renounce nuclear arms as these are horrific weapons that are capable of destroying the humankind.Instead all nations can strive for improving the lot of the poor and disadvantaged people as progress on technology and financial fronts have benefited only less than 5 % of total population on Earth.

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kautilya, I was about to post what you posted. next topic suggestion for reuters bloggers ” what does obama’s suit mean for india ? “

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SeshadriIt appears you are not aware that from Nehru to Vajpayee all the PMs went to UN showcasing the global disarmament, citing the discriminatory laws (included in both CTBT and NPT) and, understandably, the P5, as ill representative as it is, shoved it under carpet. Now that some self assertive nations went ahead with their pursuit to arm with WMDs, world started to realize the futility of the same. Worse,the prospect of WMDs falling into the hands of nonstate actors (Pakistan a case in point) looks more horrific and a sense of urgency took over.The age old Indian stand will become official UN policy in near future. The disarmament and denuclearization was a resolution India wanted UN to adopt since the beginning of nonaligned movement. Sadly, indias slogan is hijacked, it is prudent to table the resolution as indias. On a realistic note, no country will divulge from the ownership of the WWMDs.The Obama award is irrelevant to India, why should India care about the Nobel prize anyway when the committees are so biased or ill informed, I would ignore the Nobel prize.

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Nobel committee should explain why they choose Obama, if they can explain it will clear the air and we at least know the real deal.

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if obama can able to resolve the tibet freedom then he is great and india also can sign for nuclear weapon it is the first china who need to stop a mind of occupying other nations and make dictator rules.

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