Are Muslims of troubled Kashmir treated unfairly by Indians?

October 20, 2009

Parvez Rasool, a Kashmiri cricketer, was briefly detained in Bangalore on suspicion of carrying explosives, an incident which triggered anger in the Muslim-dominated Kashmir valley.

This is not an isolated case.

Earlier actor and model Tariq Dar, a Kashmiri Muslim, was mistakenly imprisoned in New Delhi for weeks for having terror links. But Dar was later found innocent.

Delhi University lecturer S.A.R. Geelani, a Kashmiri, was even awarded the death sentence in connection with the 2001 Parliament attack case, but was later released.

Are Kashmiri Muslims, weary of decades of violence, treated unfairly by Indian authorities in different parts of the country?

The Kashmiri cricketer’s detention did not go down well in the strife-torn region, where anti-India sentiment still runs deep.

Rasool’s detention comes at a time when New Delhi has decided to resume peace talks with the leadership of the Himalayan region aimed at ending over 60 years of dispute.

Kashmiri travellers and traders who talk of being harassed after militant violence in any part of India, say such incidents are pushing ordinary people further away from the Indian mainstream.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, chief of Kashmir’s main separatist alliance All Parties Hurriyat (Freedom) Conference, said he would be taking up the issue of Rasool’s detention during his talks with New Delhi.

Tens of thousands of people have died during 20 years of anti-India insurgency in Kashmir. The strife has left nothing untouched in the scenic region, once the heart of Sufi Islam in the subcontinent and home to an easy-going society.

Kashmir’s young chief minister, Omar Abdullah, said it is easy to see young Kashmiris as terrorists but urged New Delhi to handle the youth of his state carefully and help heal the wounds of violence.

Kashmiri sportsmen say these things humiliate people in Kashmir where violence between Indian troops and separatist militants has brought untold misery to the residents.

Does being a Muslim from Indian Kashmir invite suspicion in a predominantly Hindu country?


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One cannot turn blind eye as to how Kashmiris are being treated in India. The maltreatment they receive at airports and hotels is a grave concern and Indian think tanks should be reminded should these ill fated incidents continue it will lead to more separatism and sow more seeds of hatred in Kashmiri hearts. Even in kashmir also common people are harassed by government security agencies and often arrested without proper court warrants. On the rise are the fake encounters and extra-judicial killings. Worlds largest democracy seem to miss this part of their integral nation- as they call it.

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Yes, being just a muslim in India not let alone a kashmiri muslim does bring in unwarranted suspicion and bigotry in India.
However i must agree being a Kashmiri Muslim in India is much worse than living life as a street dog.

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This has really been case of many Kashmiris. Many students from Kashmir, who go to other Indian states in order to persue their higher education or professional courses are being treated as terrorists there and arrested on mere suspecions. previous year, Malik sajad, a renowed cartoonist from Kashmir was arrested by Delhi Police for being a kashmiri. A good number of kashmiri students are also languishing in many Indian jails.This is really unfair.

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Yes they it on the independence day of india or republic day of india kashmiris are called to report in the police stations ouside state.Whenver the I card reads kashmiri to indian custodians,they create unnecessary problems and harrassment.

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whatever ppl make like to think but one cannot ignore fact that kashmir is a disputed zone.
It is not easy to diffentiate between terroist and civilian and some cases of misjudement are obvious
Further whatever the case may looking at bomb blastss in capital islamabad it is fair to say karmiris are thousand imes better with india than with pakistan
atleast they can move to other places in india where there are reservations for them what is there fate with pakistan

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I am a Kashmiri journalist working for an international news agency. I was detained for nearly 3 hours at a police station for being a Kashmiri muslim. The story goes like this, I was taking routine pictures during Dushera when a policeman came up to me and asked me to come with him to his officer. I introduced myself to the officer and showed him my Press Accreditation card. I told him that I have recently transferred from Srinagar. As soon as he heard the word “Srinagar”, he hold my wrist and asked to follow him. He took me to his senior officer and told him that he is a Kashmiri. I had two big cameras hanging from my shoulders and still the officer asked me what do I do and what are you here for? as if cameras are used for some other purpose. I told him that I have recently joined AP and has been posted here. I showed him my J&K Press Accreditation card since I was yet to get a Punjab Govt. press card. He asked me what is AP in Punjabi? And I replied Associated Press. He still couldn’t figure out what AP was all about. He took my card and asked me to follow him. He took me to his senior, an SSP, who was accompanying a VIP. SSP, without listening to me, asked the SHO standing nearby in Hindi, “Le ja isay aur jab tak complete information na milay, yeh kyon hai yehan kyu aaya hai… tab tak nahi chorna,”. (Take him to the police station and dont let him go unless you make sure who he is). On the way to police station, one of the constable who was accompanying me said to his colleague in Punjabi, “Yeh Pakistani lagda hai”. I was taken a back and for the first time I thought I am in a big trouble. Once we reach the police station. They start questioning me as if they were talking to a criminal who was just been caught red handed. They asked me my religion, my sect, about my family. They seemed quite disturbed with the fact that why a Kashmiri has been sent to Amritsar for? And that too for some organisation they have never heard of before. To convince them I even asked them to call Director Information Office in Srinagar and find out if I am a journalist or not. I tried to convince them but all in vain. After a while the SHO called District Public Relations Officer (DPRO) of Amritsar. SHO told him in Hindi, “SSP sahib ne ek Kashmiri banda pakda hai jo apne aap ko press reporter batlata hai, kya aap isko jaantay ho?” (SSP has detained a man who calls himself a journalist) and then he read out the form on which he had noted down my information. Surprisingly, he was already aware that somebody will be arriving from Srinagar for the AP and he quickly asked the SHO to handover the phone to me. He spoke to me and said don’t worry I will request them to let you go. After an ordeal of about 3 hours and when the Ravan was already down I was let go. I wonder had the SHO not been able to speak to the DPRO then they could have jailed me and who knows they could have even leveled charges against me just like many other Kashmiris are arrested on flimsy charges and jailed for years altogether. While I was leaving SHO told me in Hindi.. Dekho ji aap ne dhadi (beard) rakhi hai aur aap Kashmiri bhi ho to shak to hojata hai na to isliye pooch tash karni padi, (see you have beard and that too you are from Kashmir, so we had some doubt).

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Yes, the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir dominated by Muslims are being always overlooked they have no say in any field. They are being denied the basic rights.
The students of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) can not travel freely in the busses, trains and even in the air services they are always harassed by the Indian police on the different pretext.
The Fruit of the IOK especially apples are sold at throng away prices because the fruit dealers in Indian capitol Delhi knowing the fact that the traders of Indian Occupied Kashmir cover the long distance to reach Delhi consequently on covering about 2000kms from Indian Occupied Kashmir to Indian Capitol Delhi is a compelling reason for the Kashmir traders to dispose off their fruit at the will of Indian capitol Delhi based Traders.

The forests in Indian Occupied Kashmir are being looted by Indian troops. The custodian of the Kashmir forest department has no say to tell the troopers to stop the denudation of the forests. The Kashmiri smugglers always are hand in hand glove with the Indian troops who loot the forests.

The Kashmir has biggest power generation capacity vis-à-vis hydroelectricity projects
Uri power project is being smuggled in to different parts of India and the people of the Indian Occupied Kashmir suffer at the hands of the stooges of the government of India

Afore said examples are few which is testimony to the fact of my statement.

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Mr Vishal u are the only Indian who accepts that Kashmir is a disputed zone otherwise your government Says Kashmir is an Integral part

Posted by Abu Jindal | Report as abusive

I think this is just one side of the story. Think about what the Indian society has also lost in terms of its men and money in guarding the borders of Kashmir. Kashmiris are provided with a quota in each and every college in the country if they have to re-settle. Kashmiris should also understand and accept the fact that being part of India is inevitable for them and accept it whole heartedly. They can very well see for themselves what situation they would be in if they were in Pakistan by the current situation there. Life’s not a bed of roses either in other parts of India and people should learn grow up and stop cribbing like a child always!!!

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At least in India Kashmiris, are only harrased. In KAshmir, which is occupied by Indian Army, Kashmiris are killed by the savage Indian army. The genocide of KAshmiris is being perpetuated by Indian forces over the last 60 years.

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There has always been some bitterness between Kashmiris and Indians.Indians have a special place for kashmiris in their heart.A kashmiri visiting the capital around the Republic or the Independence day wont get a room, a kashmiri student in a non-kashmiri dominated institution will be treated differently be it in the state(like the incident that happened in N.I.T, hazratbal a few months back) or outside.
And now this incident. And yet India says Kashmir is an “Atoot Ang” for them.

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Folks as an indian i apologise to my kashmiri friends for their mistreatment.. but please there is another side as well – kashmiri talent being recognised spontaneously and fairly by wider public in tv talent contests; Omar Abdullah in Vajpayee’s government a popular minister, and honestly hundreds of people like me who despite everything show some sympathy for kashmiris we meet, and even go out of the way to give them some space and understanding at study or work,and even play a protective role when we see them sometimes unfairly targetted for prejudice; as for the bangalore cricketer incident the police commissioner went out of the way to again and again say he considered the kashmiri cricketer as an indian citizen due all respect and courtesy, but had to consider the high tech explosive scanner and risk to 40,000 spectators as well!
Folks lets cool it a bit if we can, and of course for our kashmiri brothers – guys you have suffered a lot, please things will settle down gradually, and we love want and respect the beautiful, talented and courteous people of kashmir… hopefully we’ll have a PM from kashmir one day too and a popular one at that!

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Some of the comments posted above make me wonder why the Kashmiri Muslims are not even acknowledging the fact that terrorist attacks are carried out in the name of Islam to kill Hindus(even muslims as collateral damage) in all parts of India. Do you think police have any other choice then to be extra careful about Kashmiris when every other month 100’s are killed in the name of Islam.

These same kind of whining like in the above posts are heard in US and UK by muslims.

It is to be noted again that “The above posters dint even condemn terror attacks and started whining”

India is not a first world country and its police is not A grade in any way. To avoid terror strikes they will do what they can in their limited capacity.(I wish they are more sensitive and civilized towards people though).

Remember what China did to Uighurs last month. Killed so many protestors on the street. Hanged 6 muslims with in a month of protests…

Can it happen in India???

Posted by Bharat | Report as abusive

I too am a victim of police high handedness. I had merely parked my car in a no parking zone while I was waiting for a friend to arrive (I was in the car) when a police jeep came up. The policemen inside it came up to me and instead of challaning me (which should have been the worst case scenario) started abusing me and got increasingly more threatening. They started to swear in hindi and were making me get into the Jeep when fortunately my friend arrived on the scene and made a timely phone call to his dad which probably saved my skin.
I am a hindu, in maharashtra.
The police and establishment in general is overworked underpaid and streched to its limit. It is part and parcel of being in a third world country. Expect to be at the receiving end of the stick from some disgruntled government servant at some point or the other. Dont fool yourself into thinking that Kashmiri’s alone have it bad and that the rest of India has a cakewalk or is not discriminated against. I cannot deny that coming from a terrorism afflicted state things are definately harder for Kashimiris, but it would be wrong to say that any misdirected police ire is always solely pointed at them.

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Back when the Khalistan movement was in full flow people were wary of people from Punjab too. It was expected given the stories of terrorism one would keep hearing every other day back then. But today no one hears of any such cases. Give it time, once normalcy returns (and I hope it does) we will hear of such cases no more.
India has no common thread, not religion, not language, not culture, not race – if anything truly unites the people it is the idea of being able to afford a better life for thier children. So long as a kashmiri has the same ideal, there is no reason to want to not share the dream.

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Mr Bharat.
Terror attacks in indian cant be associated with kashmiris. no kashmir has ever been found guilty of any attack in india, except for those who were falsely accused. as far as condemning terror atacks every does that but when killing is done in the name of security no one raises a voice. u talk about china and all they kill in front of every one not like what security forces are doing in kashmir.

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@ harish who writes I think this is just one side of the story. Think about what the Indian society has also lost in terms of its men and money in guarding the borders of Kashmir. Kashmiris are provided with a quota in each and every college in the country if they have to re-settle. Kashmiris should also understand and accept the fact that being part of India is inevitable for them and accept it whole heartedly.

Please tell me any institute where there is a kashmiri quota…. i think you miss out to read properly in hurry…. the quota is for pandits….. not all kashmiris….

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All Kashimiri muslims and Indian muslims on this board are pointing out what has been happening to them but so far no one of them has pointed out the atrocities they committed against the Kashmiri Hindus, who they killed, drove out of their homes and pillaged their properties. why is there never a discussion about the plight of the Kashmiri Hindus? are their rights not mentionable? or does it not fit in the so called secular discussion boards? I know, not one of you will have a grain of gut to come forward and accept that what you did to the Kashmiri Hindus was wrong. Will the Muslims in Kashmir who illegally took over properties belonging to Kashimiri Hindus, be willing to give it back to them? You as well as I know what the answer to that is. Kashmir is a dispute because the Kashmiri muslims created that dispute. The King of Kashmir had agreed to join the Indian federation and the Kashmiri muslims instead of being loyal to their motherland listened to the ugly minds of the western neighbour and started agitating in the name of religion. So, this current state of affairs is as much a doing of the Kashmiri muslims as it is of India and Pak. And instead of asking what India has done for Kashmir ( and take note that India has done much more for the upliftment of Kashmir than Pakistan has or can ever do) may I ask what have the Kashmiri muslims done to become a part of India. When ever there is a natural disaster in the country donations pour over from all over the country for that cause but have we ever heard people of Kashmir donating for any natural calamity that has struck the country? on the other hand, when the earthquake happened in Kashmir a few years back, all the KAshmiri separatists were crying about how not enough was done for them by the Indian govt and the people from the rest of India. Kashmir enjoys special autonomy under the Indian constitution, Kashmiris get reservations and other facilities. So the govt with its limited resources does much more for the people of Kashmir than it does for the other citizens of this country. The onus is also on the KAshmiri muslims to work for the betterment of their region and put down their weapons and try and lead a peaceful life. become a part of nation building to earn respect from the country. Contribute in a constructive way and then you will see that people will no longer discriminate against you. So my question to you guys, are you willing to take that step?

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Why does the media blow the “muslim” issue so out of proportion? Were the “KASHMIRI” pundits not treated badly too by their muslim neighbours? It happens to people of all relegion. If most of the terrorists are muslims and are from Kashmir, the government is going to take precautionary measures, there is no need to create such a big deal about it. Half the things in Kashmir are supplied at cheap, ultra cheap rates by the government, at the cost of a normal, maybe hindu, taxpayer’s money. I think they should stop this “we poor kashmiri” song and try to lead a normal life.

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People are cribbing and whining about the treatment of the Indian troops and “GOONS”. I am sure they are of such mindset that they prefer Taliban rule like in Pakistan? At least here you have the freedom to whine about a criceter being detained once the scanner showed that he might contain some terror objects with him. In places other than India, I wonder what his fate would have been…

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Kashmiri are treated unfairly in India.end of dicsussion.

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there is a large gap between delhi & srinagar so for history & politics goes… such type of incidents are natural to happen so no regrets…..

Posted by dr sheikh mushtaq | Report as abusive

Kashmiri Muslims are not being treated unfairly. It is known fact that our government is doing lot for Kashmiri muslims considering them as minorities. Since independence, our government is Protecting their interests.

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During my stay in one of the princely states of erstwhile British India—Hyderabad, I planned to buy a television set. I asked a sales boy, barely 16, in one of the biggest shopping malls of the city to demonstrate some Television sets as I had to buy one. Before he could get the needful done, he inquired about our identity.

My two friends who were accompanying me said that all of us are from Kashmir. The little chap hurled a one-liner. ‘Kashmir mein sab atankwadi hain’, every Kashmiri is a terrorist. How come? I retorted. Scratching his head, he said, “Aaj tak kehta hai’ , Aaj Tak- a Hindi news, channel says. We didn’t buy any TV set from that shop, however, the Magic Bullet theory, that mass media has a direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences got confirmed. We left the TV and bought the theory instead.

Until Indian media doesn’t change its jingoistic policies and ‘national interest’ rants….kashmiris will continue to suffer at the hands of Indian police and .7 million troops that make Kashmir a largest militarized zones in the world.

Umarblogs at

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Is it a propaganda against India?

Facts:- Anti RDX dog scod smelt the RDX from a bag owned by a cricketer.

How other countries would have reacted to it?
1.Americans CIA might have taken the person away & the world would have never seen him again.
2.Russian KGB would have already killed the person & nobody even heard about such incidence.
3.Chines would have arrested entire team & crew send them to consentration camps.
4.Israillies would have bombed the town where the person is living.
5.And lastly our friend Pakistan might have killed oposite team first before killing the suspect & then blame the Talibaan for incedence ad demand more aid from America.

India is softest target for terrorism. Such things are being tolerated again & again.
A person sentenced for death by supreme court of India is still alive only because he is a kashmiri muslim.

We Indians will never be safe in the hands of such governments.

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I agree with the writer that Kashmiri Muslims are being targeted and treated unfairly by Indians. Those people who are not Kashmiri Muslims are not supposed to post their opinion here. Only Kashmiri Muslims know how unfairly they are targeted and harrasd in each nook and corner of the India. Being a Kashmiri i know it well.

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The question should be the other way, Are the Kashmiri Hindus were treated well by the majority Muslim population there.

Posted by Raju Cherian | Report as abusive

The simple rule is respect others and then others will respect you. If you treat someone badly he would in turn treat you badly when he or she gets the opportunity.

Posted by ranju | Report as abusive

We are all human beings,let us not distinguish people with any religeon. Living across boundaries to be followed by every society. I strongly feel that Society should respect human values and encourage to rectify the mistakes happend till now for better society.
Alexander came, saw and conqured the whole world, but he could’t carry not even single particle of the Earth to hell or heaven. This is the history and people should set as an example of Alexander and learn to live in the society.

Posted by Somaiah M.S | Report as abusive

The matter is being blown out of proportion by Kashmiri Muslims. Our country is under attack from our neighbouring country, terrorist from outside are coming and attaching our people.Bombs are being planted. So in this scenario, KCA called in the police because an international event is taking place. Since their Bomb detecting machine found something, The police came with their own machine and took the Boy into custody for questioning. Later he was released. He was never arrested. So why the fuss about the matter.Had a bomb gone off, the prestige of the entire country and all future events in the country would have been in jeopardy. Is the country’s prestige or the Individuals prestige more important. Had the bomb detecting machine gone off at Saudi Arab the boy would never have been traced for weeks. Their action is very swift. Even Shah Rukh was detained at USA airport for two hours. No US Muslim protested. They know this is for their own safety and security. The people making noises are actually, indirectly helping the terrorists. As a Patriotic Indian let us be sensible and let the Police do their work without fear and pressure.

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i object to the question. you mention kashmiris vs indians. you should ask why kashmiri muslims are treated with suspicion by the rest of the country. you never asked why biharis are being beaten up by indians, or gujeratis attacked by indians, or even why naxals are killing indians. why this separatist attitude? shouldn’t we wonder why hindus are attacked by kashmiris on the way to their shrines? why places of hindu worship are being demolished by kashmiris? you divide the country by asking irresponsible questions. what a shame. we have a saying, “doodh ka jala, chaachh bhi phoonk kar peeta hai”. maybe that explains western profiling.

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I am a kashmiri doctor working abroad & the discrimination begins at the immigration counter in New Delhi,when you arrive in India. The officials there (esp the women) make sure they berate you in every possible way they can. On one of my trips last year the woman official told me that my passport was fake knowing fully well that i had been using the said passport since the Yr 1999 & had multiple stamps over the years from the same counter.But I have even met some genuine angels at the same airport. I am sure their are people in India who can appreciate that their occupation of Kashmir is not ethical & no great country would have it’s name in such a shame.

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This piece was written by a muslim, and is clearly one-sided and biased.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

if india leave kashmir, then it ll be ruled by taliban, and then those are having the fun of this democracy ll understand ‘what real pain can be?’ people are apprehensive because they are not sure which karshmiri is good or which one is bad, its human nature. every normal human being, in and out kashmir, ll prefer to avoid any controversy and thats why even genuine kashmiri may face the heat, but they need to understand the reality.

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funny journalists find always manage to write about kashmiris in india. they never try to talk about what happened to kashmiri pundits or the plight of hindus in pakistan or bangladesh.

Posted by vivek | Report as abusive

It is brutal reality. When we landed at Delhi airport last year, ours was the only family questioned by Delhi police for about half an hour. I felt we are in a foreign country. Yes Indians are definitely treating Kashmiris badly.

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I think it was in 2006 that a young co traveler narrated his ordeal of 3 hour detention in Mumbai airport. Our New York bound Air India flight was delayed for one hour on his account. His baggage was already checked in and the flight couldn’t leave. Later in the flight, sitting next to me, he bared his chest, I was surprised that mere interrogation and scrutiny by security officers would unsettle a person that bad (without physical torture I mean).

During the exhaustive interrogation, his family in Hyderabad was contacted by the officers and his friends in US were also called. One officer was kind at the end and confessed it was all about his face simulating someone wanted by the immigration at mumbai. Here is the twist. He is a Hindu so are all his relatives and friends. He doesn’t have the luxury to blame religion in this case, imagine if it were to happen at the other end of his flight, he could have probably called it racism. Understand, profiling is a tough business for all parties.

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This incident started of with a detector finding traces of explosive material in the baggage belonging to a cricketer. That the bag belonged to a person from Kashmir was matter of coincidence. I am sure the Karnataka Police would have behaved no differently if the bag belonged to someone from,say, Gujarat or West Bengal. Also note that the person was released the same day after investigations.
As too the heading of this topic, a Kashmiri are as Indian as a Gujarati or a Bengali. This could have happened to anyone. In that case, probably it would not have made so much news as it has now.

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A related question I want to pose is “Are Hindus treated unfairly in Kashmir?” I pose this question because of the way in which the custodial torture and murder of Rajneeesh, a Hindu in Kashmir. His offence was that he married a muslim girl who converted to hindu faith. The self-styled ‘secular; media have failed to even mention the incident and there is total black out of the news. The facts becsme known to me when I read Balbir Punj’s article on the subject in the New Indian Express dt Oct 21. Are human rights exclusive to one community? Will the SC take suo moto cognizance of the case and render justice to the victim’s family and widow/

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Yes, they are treated bad
No body accepts that Indian Army mistreated women and young girls..many RAPED and KILLED.
and this where the problems starts. Once you treat someone from your homeland as outsiders… they will act like outsiders.

Ask those many kashmiris who lost their young kids on the hands of IndianArmy.. how many

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Many of you wrote about kashmiri pundits, according to official reports 215 were killed against 47000 muslims i think thats not a fair idea you have,regarding india spending money on kashmir,one should know that whole of morthern grid is fed by hydel power projects in kashmir,while indian army is occupying thousands of kanals without paying for it, no doubt the mistreatment is a part of a security excercise but if found not guilty they should not be put behind bars for many years as prof geelani was, the indian security agencies always want to make a point by making kashmiri innocents there scapegoats.

Posted by juneeda shafi | Report as abusive

India is a big, democratic country. Here almost everyone is treated badly by the authorities and politicians. Why do kashmiris need a special mention.

Posted by R K | Report as abusive

Well actually it depends .My roommate is a Kashmiri having the sirname Geelani.Every one in the hostel interacts and treats him as a friend .He participates in almost all events in the college and there isn’t an iota of hatred for him.

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The part of the story is true…. But i feel that to some extent the people themselves are responsible for the problem. When kashmiris cant stand united on their own soil… its easy to target them out of the state as there is zero chance of unity…

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Its true that there are extra precautions by Indian security agencies in case of Kashmiri Muslims. Almost everyone has the scare when moving out of kashmir. But Detention of students… reputed personalities… etc… at delhi airport and rly stn has become regular practise. If 26th jan security is national importance then everyone should be checked not kashmiris. i m refering to post saying that kashmiris have to furnish u proof before getting accomodation during national days.

Moreover just like when the police top brass dont miss an oppurtunity to invite a press confrence when they catch a millitant…. same people should be bold enuf to invite a press confrence and apologise people when they catch an innocent man….

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Its not like that. I saw one kashmiri muslim youth with jk01 …. no. vehicle broken traffic signal & without accepting his fault, he was just creating scene near ram manohar lohia hospital new delhi with traffic policeman & with a smile that gentle policeman let him go.
I think we all know the seriousness of kashmir but many kashmiri youth are taking unnecessary advantage out of it.

Posted by Balbir singh | Report as abusive

i think it is partly tru and a little over projected. India as a whole is discriminating Nort east and Kashmir…. There are certain elements that do it…. but alongside many people are ospitable to the effected people

Posted by sabir | Report as abusive

i believe that Indian security system like political system is more foe medals rather than teir actual duty… may be because of this race for medals wrong people are indicted many times…. such news of fake encouters and fake arrests are comming up regularly now

Posted by ahtishaan | Report as abusive

its true. There are excesses by indian agencies hat can be seen in the human right articles regarding the state. If the treatment within ur own home by alien forces is so bad how can u expect better hospiatbe atmosphere out of home. Now some may say the article is biased. But so many right abuses cant be biased. this is not the first stuory. its one of the stories

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Mr. Sheikh Mushtaq:
Kashmir is no special place, it happens all the time in rest of the country and in all parts of the world. From personal experience I can tell you this happened in Punjab, my Sikh friends and I never complained like you are doing here. I have been witness to the students being picked from hostel in their vest/pajama by 3AM raid (a norm those days) and next day released when confirmed innocent. Nothing personal here by the Police. Rather we appreciated that police has the guts to do so and keep the terrorists on toes. In another incident in 199?, while going to my hostel walking around 12 midnight, I heard someone shouting “hands up” in pitch dark. I could not see anyone and I heard the guy repeat and asked me to move in certain direction and then I saw that the guy who shouted was standing in the dark and was in fact a CRPF Jawan on duty with his AK-47 pointed at me (In those days he had shoot at sight orders). He wanted to clarify what the hell I was doing walking in the campus at that time. Well, we had good10minutes exchange/discussion with my hands on head/no body movement and his hands on the trigger; in the end Jawan is satisfied that I am harmless, both of us are relieved, nothing personal and both of us get back to our respective business.

Try to see the complexities of the situation. Do not think simplistically. It is better to be safe than sorry. Terrorists do not have label on their head. I hate to say please do a favor to Kashmiris by writing both sides of the story.

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Mr Rajeev.
Good to know your story. here is one more. Ther is an army camp a little away from our home. Couple of months back ther were several bullet rounds shot at midnight making whole area panic. The next morning we came to know that 2 dogs were killed as they were moving thru bushes near the camp. they bullets were fired by army. i think that is the difference between shoot at sight orders in ur your state and kashmir

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You pick any state in India or Pakistan, we will give 10 instances where young man is arrested for lack of evidence, women may be raped by security/police force. It is serious. But it is serious for all states.
So what is the difference. Other state have some development agenda and they are making at least some progress.
The whole issue is that there is no development in JK. It is hilly state, terrain, weather is difficult, so transport will be difficult. Hence, growth will be slower e.g. take example of NE states or Waziristan.

JK People make issue of any small thing and things become complex. There is no solution but to suffer. Even if JK becomes independent, becomes part of Pakistan, they will continue to suffer. There is ONLY hope if they are part of India. Thats it.

Also, after being in discussion for last 60 years (right from 47), it is a matter of pride for every Indian. We may not talk much on NE states etc, which are almost having similar problems, but matter is different for JK. This is beyond political issue, it is a pride issue. I know, this makes it more complex. But thats how it is. Kashmiris have to understand, every Indian have a special place for JK in their heart. We need to hold JK over our dead bodies, period.
Finally, I do agree, there are issues in JK like any other state, but separation is IMPOSSIBLE.
We will go out of our way to help any Kashmiri but it is not true that Indians any way want to hurt Kashmiri. Believe me.

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Rajeev, you were right in pointing out the fallacy in thought. Its easy to denigrate our security forces but, we’ve to understand that those people live by hours, locking eyeballs with the enemy.
And this goes to the detractors-If you have to raise a din, do it for accountability, do it for better methods of policing, don’t just spew venom on the men in olive green. I think its high time the citizens cooperate with the government- else, if the nefarious designs of the terrorists succeed- they may not have a government to complain against.

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