State polls: Congress win or opposition loss?

October 23, 2009

The ruling Congress party-led alliance has won state polls in Maharashtra and Arunachal Pradesh and is set to form the government in Haryana.

Elections were held in the three states this month in polls seen as a major test for the Congress coalition after a strong victory in general elections in May.

The state poll results come at a time when a resurgent Congress, fresh from a victory at the centre, has begun to find footing as the single largest party.

However, analysts debating the outcome reflect more on the decline of the right-wing Hindu ideologue and a fractured opposition than a clear victory for the Congress.

The BJP has been struggling for some time to find an identity that would directly translate into votes. The BJP-Shiv Sena combine in Maharashtra failed to take advantage of the anti-incumbency factor.

Political pundits say it’s another example of the party’s failure to introspect post the Lok Sabha election.

Time alone will tell whether the ‘Marathi pride’ poll plank of Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena will help it strengthen as a mainstream party.

For now, the Congress-NCP coalition is set to come back on a promise of reforms and loan waivers for farmers.

Ashok Chavan is credited in his short time as chief minister with bringing back the party to power despite serious setbacks like the Mumbai attacks and a spate of farmer suicides plaguing the state.

In Haryana, the Congress fell short of the halfway mark, winning only 40 of 90 seats.

The results in the northern state have to some extent dampened celebrations for the Congress, which swept the polls in Arunachal Pradesh.

Poll experts say election results have put the Congress in a better place to implement reforms.

At the same time, this is also a clear call for the opposition to unite and find common ground in the months to come if they hope to stay in the running.


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A brazen Congress with no credible opposition is quite a scary thought.

Posted by madman | Report as abusive

I think the election in Maharashtra, at least, has given a boost to what I call ‘the do nothing’ party and government. Thats exactly what they have done so far and the opposition helped them get away with it.

The BJP-Sena spent most of the time fighting their off shoot the MNS. Raj Thackeray seemed to be their common opponent not the Congress. Their whole campaign was an attck on the MNS rather than the pitiable state of governance the Congress dished out for 10 years. They had any number of issues in almost any section of the State to knock the Congress off their feet.

The Congress today may be patting itself on the back for having outwitted the Sena through Raj Thackeray with his limited agenda. In the bargain they have unleashed a scorpion who will sting them very soon . This again is old style Congress functioning, short term gains, long term suicide. They will be dancing to Raj’s tune within a few months. He will determine the agenda and the Congress will go into panic mode trying to control events which require them to show some backbone.

Posted by Dara | Report as abusive

It may seem that congress gaining going to strength to strength. But the fact is there is no other party enough to oppose Congress. In fact I voted for Congress but more of a helplessness because BJP has become a joke and no other party are credible enough. This is very scary. Not good choices in democracy!

Posted by jacob | Report as abusive

Rightly pointed out. There is no strong opposition party in the country and Congress is in a advantage positions. BJP is weighed down by its internal squabbles. Whatever the reason, India’s oldest party has every reason to deliver now.

Posted by Deepak | Report as abusive

GHMC To Give Height Relaxation Waiver For Akkineni Family
Koride Mahesh, TNN 27 October 2009, 06:38am IST
HYDERABAD: The Akkineni family is all set to reap the harvest for doing their bit to ensure the ruling Congress’ victory at the hustings. And the dole will be in the form of height relaxations to Annapurna Studios to put up an international entertainment and media centre on its 22-acre premises…………….. hyderabad/GHMC-To-Give-Height-Relaxation -Waiver-For-Akkineni-Family/articleshow/ 5166144.cms

That’s what we are talking about…. the congress rule fellow indians

Posted by azad | Report as abusive