Will ban on pre-paid mobile connections further alienate Kashmiris?

November 3, 2009

Rebel violence in Indian Kashmir has fallen to its lowest level since an insurgency began nearly two decades ago.

But the central government has banned pre-paid mobile connections in the strife-torn state, leaving nearly three million subscribers disconnected over security concerns.

The ban, which comes days after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh offered fresh talks with Kashmiris, has annoyed local residents while troops deployed in the state are also distressed over getting disconnected from their families.

The ban also put around 20,000 youths in danger of finding themselves without a job.

Is the ban justified at a time when rebel violence is at its lowest and New Delhi is trying to win the hearts and minds of Kashmiris?

The ban follows reports that neither vendors nor service providers carry out thorough identity checks on buyers when issuing a connection.

Until five years ago, intelligence officials resisted attempts by the central government to lift a ban on mobile phone services in the region, fearing they could aid militants in planning attacks.

New Delhi allowed mobile phone services in Kashmir in 2003, eight years after the rest of India, now the world’s fastest-growing market for cellular services.

But security forces say troops have eliminated many militants in Kashmir by tracking their mobile phones and tapping conversations.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir, India’s only Muslim-majority state, said it would take up the issue of banning pre-paid connections with New Delhi to ensure that genuine users do not suffer and security is also not compromised.

“It is not a positive development,” a state government spokesman said.

Will the ban on pre-paid mobile phone connections in Kashmir further alienate people?


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banning pre-paid will not alienate anyone, the worst it’ll do is cause a little headache for people who will have to get their connection converted to post-paid. Its not a big issue to make such a fuss about..

Posted by Younus | Report as abusive

Yes it will futher alieniate the Kashmiris… we will return to the dark ages again.

Posted by Dia | Report as abusive

What has suddenly gone wrong with the normalcy claims India has been making for past several years now. Now when the militancy activities which India terms as “violence” is declining and is as its lowest ebb where from does this “security threats” emerge.
Of late, the Indian Union Ministry has barred its team from playing a national level (Ranji Trophy)match in summer capital, Srinagar, city same “security reasons” as threat.
It’s sheer duplicity that one hand claims of normalcy are made while on another concerns are being expressed over the security.

Posted by Gowhar | Report as abusive

The government tries its best to convince people that J&K is a part of the world’s largest democracy. That the people there have the same rights and privledges as any other Indian. However, the ground reality is pretty different. Security threats are everywhere…the maoists, the extremists so on and so forth. There are blasts and attacks in different pasrts of the country every single day but NOWHERE is the common man made to suffer…then why this biased attitude towards kashmiris who are trying there best to be a part of the national scene. Will this one act not make them more vulnerable to the ploy of the fundametalist groups of Kashmir. You cannot make the people of an entire state suffer because of security issues. Its the government’s responsibility to ensure that no compromises are made on our security front but without alienating our own people. Its like you are sending out a message to all Kashmiris…a message that says Sorry we cant trust anyone of you.
I sincerely hope that the Centre takes a more practical approach towards this problem inplace of further increasing the distance between J&K and the rest of the India.

Posted by Jyoti | Report as abusive

Its just like treating twins in a family in different manners,In Assam there are ULFAs,In Jharkhand we can hear and see news of hijacking a train, in Bihar we have lots of news related to local terror,terrorism is everywhere why the same rule is not imposed on these state and if troops are arresting militants just by tracking their cellphones then it should be used as a weapon against terrorism,its not easy to approach valley due to inadequate means of communication,banning prepaid mobile phones will be another step to isolate valley with rest of the world.

Posted by Rafat | Report as abusive

Well, India seems to follow the footsteps of Israel in further suppressing the victims of subjugation. There are 101 ways of ensuring that genuine users do not suffer and so called security is also not compromised, whay dont they just ask the operators to cross examine the users and only stop the services of doubtful subscribers. As far as alienation is concerned government of India least bothered what people of Kashmir think and want. Do we still have any doubt regarding that?

Posted by Altaf | Report as abusive

@younus…it is not question of three million pre-paid subscribers, it reflects attitude of center government towards Kashmir….it is definitely step motherly treatment and people take cognizance of it. so it is going to make a difference and alienate further Kashmiris.

Posted by hina shafi | Report as abusive

The ban has once again reminded the people of Kashmir about their position and status, otherwise there are more than a dozen cities across India, which are on the radar of militants and criminals, but it is only Kashmir, which has been made a target, I should describe it as a decision taken in a haste and without considering the problems of the people of this poor state…otherwise, there were many other ways to correct and stop the misuse of mobile phones

Posted by sahil | Report as abusive

The states in northeast have a poor signal reception and cell phone utility is minimal in mostly uninhabited terrain. Thanks to the developments taken up by center the situation in the valley is as good as in rest of the country (cell phone wise). These essential steps are taken to curb terrorism, to track the calls and their owners. Two men bound to India on terrorist mission were arrested in Chicago last week, both are Pakistani immigrants with US passports (Google- Chicago terrorist- to read firsthand). In western airports, passengers will have to takeout shoes and get them (shoes) scanned, yes you have to cross metal detector scan barefoot.
The current ongoing rapid violent deterioration in our neighboring nation keeps administration on its toes, all to prevent loss of life. Iam surprised, thankfully, no indian cities are burning till now . So long as our friendly neighbor is spending sleepless nights pushing men (and even women) to blow us all to smithereens, no choice. On the part of people – lets be vigilant and report to security if any suspicious activity is noticed.

Yes, cricketers should play in Srinagar, hope they will be convinced of their safety and reverse their decision soon.

Posted by azad | Report as abusive

It is to mention that Indian Army has confessed this thing that the sophisticated weapons with regard to the communication of the militants has not been seen till date by the Indian Army. Sophisticated Satellite phones can be easily used by the militants i think they do not need Pre or Post Paid sim cards. Before introducing the cell phone in the valley the militants were more active than now it means that the cell phones hardly matters for them. in the due course of the time the post paid would also be banned so that the designs of India would be cherished Kashmir will be back to its pre 1953 position as is being demanded by the main stream political parties.
The people of the Kashmir are well aware of the fact that they are being taken to ride by the India. To keep the world in dark India should ban all the electronic media links in the Kashmir viz Television Internet etc. In the recent past the Mobile text SMS service was totally banned in Kashmir perhaps with this intention that blog services would come to end and the world will be in the great slumber.
Gone are the days when the people were taken to surprise that the particular place is forbidden. It is age of science and satellite everything is being monitored by the world through satellite fortunately the India has also the same facility. How foolish it is to say that the Pre Paid mobile is in the hands of Militants. This has been revealed by the security agencies that they intercepted the messages of the militants being communicated by them to their mentors through Satellite Phones this is very easy for them and it will hardly make any difference to them even if it is banned. I think the authorities in the Indian befool the people of the Kashmir on the pretext of security lapses. These pre paid and post paid is being issued by the concerned agencies only after proper verification. Post paid is also there which might have also landed in the hands of Militants is it not possible for them to use the same for their activities.
There is an animal living in the desert when ever his predator approaches to him he hides his head in the sand with this conception that the animal has not seen his killer and the killer immediately pounces upon him without any struggle same is the case with the India who think they are wiser but the world knows it best.

Posted by YNK | Report as abusive

It most certainly will alienate people. By taking their access to communication the government is only setting itself up to deal with a generation that is socialized differently.

Posted by s | Report as abusive

This is about control. Notice how the rest of the world has passed ID acts. Has sought to ban technology. Spies on its own people.
Kashmir, India, U.K, or USA, all the same, domination and control of the people. The people at the top want to suppress and blame it on terrorism. Terrorism has helped bring about all the control schemes. What a joke.
The global warming non-sense is the same premise, control over the people and wealth creation and power grabs for the powerful and elite at the very tip top.
This is bigger than India. This is world wide and only getting worse. The more the people give the more the elite take.

Posted by all about control | Report as abusive

Yes this will further alienate Kashmiris..even if they need to check out things they can do it by verifying all the existing numbers..not depriving all the existing users…

Posted by Jeelani | Report as abusive

Definately it will have an impact on day to day life. Once you are used to certain things daily its really difficult to have it cut off all of a sudden. Lets hope the people come out of this

Posted by Ahtishaan | Report as abusive

In southern waziristan, some 30000 Pakistan armymen took over 11000 fighters without actually banning anything there. Here for 800 fighters they need cell phones to be banned along with 700,000 troops to confront those fighters. How brave!


Posted by umarblogs | Report as abusive

It is hardly an attempt to alienate people. On the other hand, it is by far the simplest method to increase security in the state. The main feature of pre-paid phones is that pretty much anyone and everyone can buy one without any kind of identification whatsoever, use it till the balance runs out and then recharge or keep it away. This also is the greatest vulnerability. Militants get easy access to a communication device without any need to identify themselves or be monitored.

Cell-phone technology only allows the operator to track a cell-phone to a specific cell on a grid. Let us assume that a militant gets a pre-paid phone with no documentation. He is making calls to his other buddies and the army is tapping his calls along with everyone else’s. At best, if found out, the army can pinpoint where he is, but he can just as easily ditch the phone he has and start using another one and the lead is completely lost.This has been used until now to locate various rogue elements but its need no longer exists.

Rather then see it as a negative thing, the banning of pre-paid phones is just another extension of the Indian government’s pledge to incorporate Kashmiris into India. Due to the improving security situation, the need for constant monitoring has reduced and rather an olive branch has been offered to honest and good civilians to move over to a billing cycle backed with documentation, so they can be taken off the suspect list. This is more of a pledge towards further enhanced security, increase in privacy, and a way to wipe out the last of the rogue elements.

We should really be happy with all the moves the Indian government has been making these last few months. They have succeeded in suppressing the insurgency significantly and are making further peace gestures towards complete incorporation of Kashmir into the Indian Union. This is nothing but a step to increase the security of the people in the valley and a pre-emptive preparation for the point when the violence that has gripped our neighbor leads to its collapse and spills over into Kashmir. The Kashmiri people have dealt with enough violence and bloodshed because of the fault of a greedy army across the border with a flawed state policy of terrorism. The Axis of Evil is about to collapse. With the help of the peace-loving people of Kashmir, India will emerge stronger and safer than ever before.

Posted by RV | Report as abusive

It looks so in appropriate to take such a decision. you cannot cut a communication line. we are not in any state of war. communication is cut in case of war like situation. alas… another dictatorship. a hurdle in development.

Posted by saima | Report as abusive

I think that the government acted in a haste. Definately it should have contacted local government befor enacting the decision. The local govt is against the move. Communication is really essential for development. and this step can put the society on back foot.

Posted by shabir | Report as abusive

Its a camoflague at the behest of security reasons. It is the in ability of the government to check whats going on in market. first they give cell companies a go ahead and never check what they are doing. i think government should have checked security related issues while issuing sim cards. Yes it is true that sim cards are mis used. but because of reluctant approach of government to make a check at right times. Now at the end it makes its own mistakes filled at the cost of local people.

Posted by Saqib | Report as abusive

Well, the prepaid ban can not alienate the Kashmiris from India, because to get alienated one has to a part of that system. Fortunately, Kashmir has never been a part of India. India is an Occupation and will remain so. Thats is the only reason why perpaids have been banned. Otherwise, there are only 700 armed militants in Kashmir, why would they have banned 30 lakh connections.

Posted by Kadri | Report as abusive

So the prepaid are no more… God bless them heaven….
i believe the decision is good but the reason is bad. we know that excess of everything is bad. thanks atleast post paid will work. and i believe that a person who really needs it wont bother whether its prepaid or post pain. from society point of view our conservative society was getting too much indulged. so its better to keep a check.

Posted by akram | Report as abusive

some posters here complain as if the entire telecommuncations were blocked, including email service.

Seriously, most of my friends and family use monthly subscription cellphones, not the prepaid cell phone cards, so i thought it shold be minimally inconvenient. It appears the use of prepaid card is more common in the Valley, what must be the reason if i may ask.Sorry to know this is such an inconvenience to the people.

Posted by Azad | Report as abusive

Its now the communication blockade,voiltion of freedom of expression.There is huge middle class population in kashmir who use prepaid facility only.Thus banning this will definately alinate them

Posted by Aadil Bashir | Report as abusive

It will surely alienate the Kashmiris. At least 20,000 people involved in pre-paid SIM selling will be rendered jobless soon. Out of a total 4.5 million mobile connections in Jammu and Kashmir, 3.8 are pre-paid ones making it clear it is highly favoured in the state. Disconnecting 3.8 million people will annoy most and please few. Izhar

Posted by Izhar A Wani | Report as abusive

I don’t understand the logic behind banning the pre-paid services. Even post-paid connections can be a security threat. If the Govt of India claims that proper verification is not done in case of pre-paid connections how are they so sure that a thorough verification is done in case of post-paid connections. Tomorrow they might even abandon the train services which they’ll claim is helping in transporting militants from Baramulla to Anantnag without checking the luggage etc.

If that is the case then ban pre-paid services all over India, even mafia and naxals and moaists can mis-use it.

Posted by Shafat | Report as abusive

You have to look at the alienation as a part of bigger reality–that of illegal occupation of Kashmir, and presence of Indian soldiers in Kashmir, against the wishes of Kashmiris. The disconnect of Kashmiris with India will remain till the last Indian soldier remains on the soil of Kashmir.

Posted by Majid | Report as abusive

Very bad decision. Clearly shows lack of intelligence of Indian Intelligence Squad. The mobile communication network is the heartbeat of daily life nowadays. Kashmiris will be frustrated and pissed off with this decision.

Posted by Mithun Paul | Report as abusive

Deadly Q from Sheikh Mushtaq! The ban is more likely to further alienate separatists, terrorists. But then there is post paid connection available eh? Will we see the JeM operator and JKLF operator speaking over post paid connections with their sleeping terror/ separatist moles in Kashmir? Will baby Mehbooba and baba Syeed talk over post paid connections only? Will they use VOIP? Will they get satellite phones sponsored for free by Col Gadaffi, Sheikhs of Arab nomads?

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

i fail to understand how will it help the security issue,if the prepaid connections have been there since last many years and has the voilence gone down,the facility in this part of the world was enjoyed making things much better on the psycological aspect but now they will have to go by norms set by the security agencies which becomes a bit of concern,i believe the militants have operated without its much help but even if they have i didnt matter whether it was prepaid or post paid, i think the security agencies should work on other specific things rather than putting such a large population in distress where employment and freedom to use this facility is being sabatoged.

Posted by adeel shafi | Report as abusive

Please stop prepaid services in intaier country so that right person use the service with country orianted only. some person are miss use the sim . for j&k reduce the rate of post paid rate so that sitizen are not fais any problems

Posted by sndwivedi | Report as abusive

i think situation was becoming better day by day with development on many aspects altogether many avenues are being set for better understanding of this globalised shining human resources development and commoners were replying with peace on thier mind but to suspect such a large population may bring a question or two reagarding thier woe to end twenty years voilence and where thier leaders were now going every corner in securing this initiative, i think the indian government should understand the overwhelming response to the recent election and dipping of voilence, return of normal life had so much to tell about the situation rather than making it difficult and presenting a difference between rest of india and kashmir.

Posted by juneeda shafi | Report as abusive

indian govt wants to see kashmir in dark ages thats why they are banned the prepaid connections in kashmir without any meaningful reason.

Posted by suriaya | Report as abusive

The question of alienation doesn’t arise. The people of Kashmir are already alienated. As far ban on pre-paid connections is concerned, it is illogical and irrational as the people associated with this trade also say. “If pre-paid connections are a security threat, how are the post-paid connections safe when similar verification and documents are needed for the issuing a pre-paid or a post-paid SIM card..

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Let the government ban all the cellular services in the valley. It hardly matters for us. If the people of valley could survive without these services before 2003, it won’t make any difference to us now. We Kashmiris are only for freedom from India even as it means a disconnect from the entire world

Posted by Umar | Report as abusive

This is a blunder by a developing nation. When the world sees that technology is responsible for advancement india is lacking behind. Instead of using the technology for security, India states indirectly that Technology is a security threat. Then everything on this earth will seem to be a threat. Its on how we deal with it

Posted by Tanveer | Report as abusive

There is nothing to say that mobile communications will come to a close in Kashmir thanks to the ban. What it will mean is that poorer people who could use pre-paid connections instead of buying a landline will have to look at being unconnected.
What puzzles me till now is why can’t it instead be made mandatory for cell phone companies to check pre-paid customers while creating new accounts? Penalise them for cases of wrong recording and there would be some incentive for data being relatively accurate.
Or have the companies refused to do so?

Posted by Rambler | Report as abusive

It indicates that the government has received intelligence reports saying there could be so many Pre-paid connections currently obtained in the J&K region without going through stringent identity checks and that is why it seems the government has decided to ban pre-paid connections there.

I think it may hurt the genuine people in the region- not because that their current pre-paid connections have been banned by the government citing security reasons; but this has been applied only to their state, whereas the security threats in the context of unidentified Pre-paid connections are everywhere in the country and they are not just existed in the J&K. The decision does not seem supporting the policy of central govt. to make involve Kashmiris in the process of democracy at greater levels, and maintain peace and normalcy in the region.

Basically, I do not understand why there should be two technically different procedures of identity checks for buying Prepaid and Post Paid mobile service: an easier procedure for Pre-paid connection than the post paid connection. I think there should only be one countrywide common procedure which is really a stringent one for both the connections; no matter how much it may cost to both the parties – mobile service operators and the customers.

It is simple to understand that the whole system of carrying out identity checks of mobile subscribers everywhere in India is a problem and it is not just pre-paid connections in J&K are running security risks. When the government banned Pre-Paid connections in the J&K, it should at least have announced or asked mobile operators to follow only one stringent procedure of identity check of the subscribers in the rest parts of the country.

Posted by Pawan Khatawane | Report as abusive

It is a sad situation. The government can act against only common people and not the companies who created this problem. This shows that its so easy for home ministry to make kashmiris suffer.

Posted by Ahtishaan | Report as abusive

Yes to some extent the kashmiris will be alienated. but thanks to the home ministry not 100 percent alienation to this deprived nation. I wonder that in future the other means will also be cut

Posted by saima | Report as abusive

When most of the militants use Satellite mobile services, what is point in banning the mobile phones? Sure there should have been intelligence reports! But what’s the point in making the common man go through this difficulty!

Posted by edsley | Report as abusive

surely the impact will be wide. not only alienation but also a backfoot in technology. Reduction in employment. as per reports at least 20k people involved in pre-paid SIM selling will be rendered jobless

Posted by saqib | Report as abusive

It makes me believe that kashmir is an experiment ground for india in any matter. Terrorist attacks and security lapse was seen in Parliament attack and mumbai also. Then there sholud have been ban in same states too.

Posted by shabir | Report as abusive

No way to treat your citizens. I was stopped by a Kolkata metro security personnel for carrying a laptop. I was told, no equipments are allowed as security was stepped up after a threat. He never made any attempt to establish my identity. Although I was allowed after I produced my news channel id and requested for the police order which barred laptops. The same checks should be in place for pre paid mobile connections as for the post paid ones. People opt for pre paid connections to keep a check on their mobile usage. Banning it altogether is no solution to the problem.

Posted by Prabhat | Report as abusive

to sme xtent its good dat pre-paids r no mre.as people misuse it a lot……….

Posted by mehvish rasool | Report as abusive

I fail to understand the move by the home ministry. This is not the proper way to deal with security situations. this is like a message to whole world that how weak our security is. The govet should use secret defensive tactics that does not invilve inconvinience to general public

Posted by tanveer | Report as abusive

This is another way to show that Kashmiris are under indian occupation. This will definately make people think against the central government when the same government says situation is improving. This shows that state government is a puppet govt of centre. even when state parties argue that it is a wrong decision, centre is least bothered.

Posted by Akram | Report as abusive

The decision supports the fact that india is too obsesed with defensive tactics. It seems obvious now that our government can make any decision forced on citizens at the behest of security reasons. We spend 1/3 of budget on defence. still technology is not safe. then where are we spending. where does the defence budget go if at the end we tax payers have to suffer? is the defence budget spent at the parties and tours of defence personnels? Even the much hyped 3G service is being delayed due to defence reasons. If we bother about development then these problems should be solved before cropping up. If at the end Citizens have to suffer then i think that we should not pay any taxes to be diverted to defence. if we are spending so much on defence, then defence must give us security out of it. Not at the freedom of citizens.

Posted by usha | Report as abusive

I don’t understand why Indian government treat kashmir like this. They want to keep kashmir wid them at one hand and on the other hand India dont consider it to b a part. Why to ban pre paid connection…why not increase security, why not make sure that the connections are given to genuine people after full inquiry. People are getting alienated from their families, they cant talk to them even now. What India exactly want to do..i dont understand. If there are terrorist in Kashmir, it doesn’t mean all Kashmiris are terrorist. there are more militant in valley than its population, what are they all doing. Indian government should look to it that alienation is not the solution.

Posted by Tejashwini | Report as abusive

This is a simple case of India occupying Kashmir.

Posted by Kadri | Report as abusive

The vendor (seller) will make no effort to verify the buyers identity while selling prepaid cellphone chips. But while selling the postpaid,to collect money later, he will make enough effort to establish the identity of individual.It will be in sellers own personal interest to track the customer he will have some witnesses to sign the agreement and take other measures. Satellite phones can be tracked in minutes.

Posted by Azad | Report as abusive

look, everyone in india has to provide proof of ID, including identity papers or passport, and a picture. i have to do that every time i get a prepaid sim card.
if the vendors in kashmir can’t do that, something is wrong. everyone else in the country seems to be able to follow the rules.

Posted by theTruth | Report as abusive

prepaid mobiles as postpaid mobiles should be banned in kashmir, it will not only help society in general but will get rid of so many bad things.

Posted by ajaz | Report as abusive

I dont think banning pre-paid connections in Kashmir would lead to less terrorist activities, cell phones are being used in Kashmir since 2004, but the terrorist activities are going on since early 90’s & moreover militants would be using much more sophisticated equipment to communicate. If the Home Minister thinks pre-paid connections pose a security threat he should have implemented this rule in the capital which is more susceptible to these threats

Posted by Azam Khan | Report as abusive

Banning pre-paid in Kashmir is not by choice but one of the steps to make the state more secure. On one hand, this will lead to some unemployment & hinderance in communication but we also must understand this is done for the safety of people only…

Looking at other’s comments I guess the better way would have been to make the process of new pre-paid connection more secure. Only people in the state cannot be held accountable but the mobile operators should co-operate with people and the govt. The other alternative would have been to make post-paid as beneficial as pre-paid with no compromise on thorough background check. Which could mean reduction in rentals and calls charges so that the people who rely on cellphones genuinely do not feel deprived of their rights to use technology.

Posted by Rusty | Report as abusive

Instead of pleading, people of Kashmir should co -operate with the Govt on all its initiatives to make life more secure and better.

Posted by Shivakumar Ramakrishna | Report as abusive

i see it as a harassing tool, apart from many who are rendered jobless. This ban won’t alienate us, but surely it will add fuel to fire… Back in 2003 when mobile phones were introduced in kashmir, it was then a disputed area and it is now, the security problem was then and now, i don’t understand the sudden ban on prepaid SIMs., for me it is an opening to another conspiracy!!!!

Posted by Mudassir | Report as abusive

The picture with the article is horriyingly stereotypical reienforcing the idea that Kashmiris are strange and more like the Western/Indian image of a terrorist. Ordinary Kashmiri on a phone is not unlike any other homo sapien on the phone.

One would see this as an ordinary interest in the exotic if there wasn’t a pattern visible in all reporting.

Posted by gowhar | Report as abusive

It seems obvious now that our government can make any decision forced on citizens at the behest of security reasons. We spend 1/3 of budget on defence. still technology is not safe. then where are we spending. where does the defence budget go if at the end we tax payers have to suffer? is the defence budget spent at the parties and tours of defence personnels?

Posted by usha | Report as abusive

Yes this will alienate the common people I do not understand why there should be two technically different procedures of identity checks for buying Prepaid and Post Paid mobile service: an easier procedure for Pre-paid connection than the post paid connection. I think there should only be one countrywide common procedure which is really a stringent one for both the connections; no matter how much it may cost to both the parties – mobile service operators and the customers.

Posted by Ahti | Report as abusive

Rather then see it as a negative thing, the banning of pre-paid phones is just another extension of the Indian government’s pledge to incorporate Kashmiris into India. Due to the improving security situation, the need for constant monitoring has reduced and rather an olive branch has been offered to honest and good civilians to move over to a billing cycle backed with documentation, so they can be taken off the suspect list.

Posted by shabir | Report as abusive

there are many ways of ensuring that genuine users do not suffer and so called security is also not compromised, why dont they just ask the operators to cross examine the users and only stop the services of doubtful subscribers. As far as alienation is concerned government of India least bothered what people of Kashmir think and want.

Posted by tanve | Report as abusive

Its is one more expamle set up by India that they have kept kashmiris at their mercy. When all the kashmiris feel safe in kashmir with mobile services on. I dont know why people in security feel scared sitting in delhi.

Posted by accram | Report as abusive

@I dont know why people in security feel scared sitting in delhi.”
– Posted by accram

-Because they have to rule from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, not just Delhi.

Some commenters make it sound as if this move gives some sadistic pleasure to the govt.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

This is typical Delhi heavyhandedness that will cost India dearly. If security was a concern, here was a golden opportunity to make prepaid cards very easily available, with the hidden catch being that the operator allowed all conversations to be tapped. Not only would they have avoided pissing off the entire state’s population, they could also have listened in on the calls that would have tipped them off about terrorist activities.

Good to see the unimaginative babu mentality is alive and well in Delhi, 25 years after the death of the original heavyhanded prime minister.


Posted by Ganesh Prasad | Report as abusive

you should be made security consultant for chidambaram… brilliant idea ma. why I never thought about it before. keep posting mate.

Posted by azad | Report as abusive