Kevin Rudd: Re-reassuring Indians?

November 12, 2009

The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, currently in India, is expected to address concerns in India over attacks on Indian students.The issue blew up in May this year after a spate of attacks on Indian students amid allegations of racism.The Australian leaders have been defending the safeguards and measures taken since then, but every time there is a fresh attack the media goes to town with the issue.With over 80,000 students enrolling in Australian every year the attacks, whatever their nature, have hardly dampened the outflow of students.Rudd won’t be the first to offer a reassurance and given the regularity with which incidents are reported it doesn’t look like he would be the last.Indian students continue to be interested in Australian education.Is this because they can sense that the issue is has been blown out of proportion?Or are they voting with their feet on the state of Indian education system?Are we still sold out over the lure of a ‘foreign degree’ and willing to run the risks for it?


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Hi,It is not new that almost everyday somewhere in Australia an Indian is molested either physically or otherwise.It is completely unacceptable that country with such a big financials and security infrastructure can let this happen again and again and actions are taken if any only after big media coverage in India. Also, the officials cancel their trip to India concerning about security whereas Australian prime minister can visit afghanistan. This clearly shows the willingness of the authority or lack of it to even condemn such attacks open heartedly. The words and actions only come as they sight the business interests of the country.On the other side it is shame on India that we do not have good universities where students can study even after paying lakhs of rupees. Country (leaders and media) is not considering the truth that we are very late in building good infrastructure to satisfy basic needs of young and ever growing population. Students are the losers in this case as they cannot see australia as good prospect (anyways strict visa rules made impossible to make australian study beneficial).Mr. Sibal, its time to act – and act fast. You have good business case to create better universities in india and I think there is a mass ready to pay for good education.

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It seems like this is all unnecessary hype created by some student groups, and the media has been quick to pounce on the story.Students abroad will have to assimilate somewhat in the local culture. Instead if they go around holding rallies chanting ‘bharat mata ki jai’ then things will only get worse.I wrote a piece on this topic a few months back. It can be accessed here

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There are close to 100,000 Indian students in Australia. Given the number of Indian students, why does the Indian media broadcaste every bad thing that happens to every single student? I am starting to think that lazy journalists are out for a quick grap of fame.I am studying in Melbouren and I have Indian friends who are living here to study. One of the girls got a call from her family in India and they were very concerned about what was going on and scared for her safety. At that time she did not even know what they were talking about. She had to look up the matter on Google to find out what it was all about.The Indian media has made this a bigger issue than it really is. Melbourne is a VERY multicultural city. Walking around in the city, most people are from many different countries all getting along just fine. I do not believe for one minute that these Indian students are targeted just because they are Indian. Melbourne clearly loves Indian culture, just look at how many Indian restaurants there are, or how many cinemas there are that playing Bollywood films. However, it is easier to get published if you portray that Indians are being attacked because they are Indians.When will we all wake up and realise that we are all being manipulated by the media?

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Guess what is the infrastructure Lucknow University is adding: lucknow/LUs-political-science-dept-looks -forward-to-infrastructure-addition/arti cleshow/5221229.cms

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even in india we have a number of good institutes offering great creative education. m is a place where you can find the best of infrastructure in the creative vocations.

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Indians students in Australia – There have been concerns about attacks on Indian students in Melbourne, Australia. Famous Australian cricketer Brett Lee was in New Delhi recently to assure Indian students that Australia is still a safe place for Indian students. In recent years Australia has become increasingly popular amongst Indian students.

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India-Australia Relations: Off Again, On Again? diaAustraliaRelations_rmishra_161109

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okay, now that mr rudd has re-assured the indians (out of 26 million people, about 50 men assaulted 30 students out of 70,000 that are there). now will the MNS and Sena leaders re-assure the non-marathi people that they are safe in their own country? will mayawati’s govt re-assure the punjabi businessmen and property dealers that are murdered almost daily in Noida? what about our own countrymen who go about be-heading policemen and successfully murdered 18 more policemen, unlimited CRPF personnel, random CPI workers, railway passengers. when will they re-assure fellow indians that travel on trains and by road is safe? we are also waiting for people belonging to different ideologies to re-assure indians that they will not be butchered just because they are of a different faith. will places of worship be defiled in the name of religion? come on, please re-assure the indians living in india first.

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Rohit,Your anti-Christian attitude is exactly why my parents chose to leave India. When the topic is about violence against Indian students in Australia, why do you automatically have to assume that its because they are Christian?This kind of warped thinking is the top of a slippery slope that leads to the kinds of attacks against minorities in India, that made my parents worried enough to leave.

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An Indian national man has been charged with sexually molesting two girls 11 and 12 in my home town in Australia
So is this going to get headlines in India. I think not

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