India’s 26/11 – religion no bar

November 26, 2009

A year ago, after the three-day siege of Mumbai ended and people took to the streets with candles and banners, a group of young Muslim men, carrying a hand-written poster, walked quietly with the surging crowds.

Seeing them, people began to clap spontaneously, applauding their assertion that Islam was a religion of peace, and not terrorism.

Since then, people in Mumbai, which has witnessed some of the worst communal riots in the country in the past, have come together in their grief, crossing barriers erected by politicians in the name of religion.

Some have accused the media of not highlighting enough, the fact that the militants asked their hostages what religion and then killed non-Muslims.

Others have speculated that the few thousands of Jews left in India would leave the country because six Jews were killed in the attack on Chabad House.

But in Mumbai today, just days after the explosive report on the Babri Masjid demolition was made public, there is a sense of community and togetherness. A big difference from 1992, when riots between Hindus and Muslims that followed the demolition killed hundreds.

And so today, multi-faith prayer services are being held everywhere in the city and there are countless stories of inter-faith friendships that blossomed in the days after the attacks.

And so the nine bodies of Islamist militants killed last November still lie in a hospital morgue because Muslim clerics in the city have refused to bury them.

And so Muslim bakers in Byculla in Mumbai still bake the traditional bread for the Jewish Sabbath.
And so Muslims celebrating Eid on Nov. 28 will gather in the compound of the Jewish synagogue in Byculla for their prayers.

And so at the Chabad House memorial service, Muslim neighbours will be present.
Because when lives have been taken, religion should not matter.


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Indian Muslims are one of the best humans as a Whole in this world as far as following the Islam is concern, many of them has gone higher than Angels.It is not because I am an Indian Muslim. It is because I have experienced while living in India.

Posted by K. Indiana | Report as abusive

India showed that it was a modern country by how it reacted to the 26/11 attacks. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, and all other faiths joined together in a common cause.

Posted by Neoavatara | Report as abusive

No religion is immune from extremism, and religion is not the sole reason for terrorism. LTTE terrorists are Hindus and IRA is Christian. Needless to add Al Qaeda and Jihadis are Muslims and they have killed their own Muslim brethren all over the world including in NYC on 9/11. Fanatics care nothing for religion and Indian Muslims are great beacons of hope in the pluralist multicultural India.

Posted by Sanjay | Report as abusive

I am proud of being an INDIAN, let this article be another inspiration to the people all over the world, to realise the worth of INDIA, the power of INDIA to be ONE irrespective of all difeerences.

Posted by J | Report as abusive

Great work.The examples mentioned show that the common man has little to do with the nuances created by politicians in order to save their seats and fundamentalists that wish to bring the world to an end.India stands united by the side of all those who have lost loved ones.Vande Mataram.

Posted by SANIBH | Report as abusive