Telangana today, Gorkhaland tomorrow?

December 10, 2009

Protests in Hyderabad

The United Progressive Alliance at the centre has set in motion the process of carving out a separate Telangana state from Andhra Pradesh, a move that is likely to give impetus to other statehood demands.

Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram’s statement on Wednesday about initiating the process of forming the new state was prompted by Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) party chief K. Chandrasekhara Rao’s resolve to fast unto death and violent protests in state capital Hyderabad, home to 1000 IT companies.

As jubilant TRS supporters danced on the streets of Hyderabad and shouted slogans, the Congress-led ruling alliance’s capitulation raises several questions about the likely impact of such a momentous decision.

Since its inception, demands for a separate Telangana state, formed out of 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh, has seen violent protests and political power play, with more than 300 people killed between 1969 and 1972.

Supporters of Telangana, a backward region, have traditionally accused the state government of discrimination.

Successive governments of both Congress and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) have used the issue as a poll plank and promised to expedite of the statehood demands.

The Congress’ electoral alliance with TRS in the state in 2004 was based on promises of delivering Telangana to its leaders and was included in its Common Minimum Programme.

However, Telangana supporters accused the Congress of backtracking following its two electoral wins in 2004 and May this year.

Political analysts predict that the Telangana victory will spark renewed statehood demands for several other regions which have been simmering for a while.

It will fuel demands for a Vidarbha state in eastern Maharashtra, a separate Gorkhaland in north West Bengal or Bodoland in Assam.

Though the Congress is expected to bring in a Telangana bill in the budget session of Parliament in 2010, it has not set an actual timeframe on how it is to go about the contentious issue.

In its plate is also the issue of Hyderabad, claimed by Telangana supporters, but which most ministers from the state have demanded stay with Andhra Pradesh or be turned into a union territory.

How the Congress goes about fixing a definite timeframe towards resolving the issue while balancing similar demands from other factions remains to be seen.


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Hello!! I am Adarsha Kharel from Namchi, South Sikkim. I was acknowledged with the fact the Telengana was carved out as a separate state from Andhra Pradesh. It was a good decision as people with demands need to have it in acquisition sometime or the other. It seems that the time is now and the time is also optimum for other separate-state-wanting leaders like Bimal Gurung to get them carved out.
Lets hope for the best.

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There is nothing wrong with creating smaller states; but the question which needs to be pondered over is whether the carving states out of existing states is the real solution. Post the centres initiation to carve out Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh, the issue of Gorkhaland, Vidharba, Saurashtra, Harit Pradesh, Bundelkhand, Bhojpur, Mithilanchal et al will dominate the media space for some time now. The tactics adopted by KCR will be replayed by the likes of Bimal Gurung and Ajit Singh.
But one needs to think why there is a demand for smaller states – one probable reason could be the ill-representation of the region in the power and developmental equation of the state or may be the power craze alone.
If precedence is any thing to go by then the concept of carving out smaller states out of states has only benefited the incumbent political parties; the present decision too seems to be on similar lines. For that matter several requests fro smaller statehoods pile dup with the Home Ministry are merely based on regional aspiration – and if this is the sole reason then the Centre needs to curb the bud once and for all. What economic sense will the creation of new states make? Have our politicians considered that or is it only political whim and fancies that is the sole guide whence making decisions?
Nevertheless, the decision will give a new sense of urgency to Bimal Gurung who has pledged his people Gorkhaland by 2010…
Hope the new states in future will serve the real visions for which they have been fighting. .

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Logically smaller states should be easier to administer and if this be the reason for creation of another state, then it would be wise to do so. In India the reality is different. Smaller states are easy pickings for corrupt politicians, we have a very recent stark example of that in Mr Koda. Surely after 60 years we should at least know how many states this country needs to be efficiently governed?

The manner in which the Centre has caved in to blackmail by a politician with a one point agenda and nothing to show by way of performance is what is disturbing. What else does KSR have to show by way of achievement? He left his original party because he was insignificant and his party withdrew ministers from the state cabinet because of a naxal threat. Are these the hallmarks of good governance? Will a seperate Telengana really make a difference in the quality of administration or have we now created just one more regional satrap capable of blackmailing the Centre?

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Seperate Telangana is not a good idea. That is only polical demand not a public demand. Why they are not considered rest of Andhra Pradesh people. Out of 23 district in andhra pradesh, 9 districts in telagana with nearly 4 crores people. All people built the state capital Hyderabad a model city in the world. If Telangana need development why this TRS develop the telangana when he has a ministry in state and central.
Donot belive… We want United Andhra Pradesh.

This state built on one Telugu language state.

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It is very upsetting to see what happened to AP.People speak same language and yet want to live in different states. We can go and live in all parts of the world, gain residency rights, citizenships of other countries(we can go to any extent to get them),buy houses, establish businesses etc but our own people although we speak same language still wants to live in separate state. When we are so selfish and can’t tolerate same language speaking people what right do we have to go to other countries and be part of foreign community. We Indians are so selfish creatures and that’s why our land is cursed with poverty/natural calamities..u name it we got it. My heart bleeds for this country? How can we be so selfish that can’t tolerate fellow brothers and yet enter into other countries as illegal immigrants, submit fake documents, degrade ourselves to any extent to live in other countries. Hat’s off to all my Indians

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Andhra Pradesh is one of the developed States today. Especially Telangana is developed till today. If we divide now, this State will become 3 more poor States. Poor Telangana, Poor Andhra, and Poor Rayalaseema. People should understand this and should not break the unity of Telugu State. KCR or other politicians are opportunists. People should fight against the local leaders who are against to development.

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What change will happen if the Central Govn. makes Telangana a separate state or Gorkhaland a separate state .
The ruling party will simple do one thing that is extract money from central gov and the people how are from other states or other ethnic groups .
If the party says that they are going to work for the people etc.. then it is totally eye wash to the general public
i am from West Bengal and from the region which is asked to be included in Gorkhaland . i know what Bimal Gurung is and what he was in the past .
They are demanding Gorkhaland for them but to support it they are extracting money from we people .
They are simple behaving as if we have committed a crime and to hide that we have to give money whenever and whatever they demands .
So if central Govn is thinking to divide the states then it should think that to whom they are giving it because it will decide the future of crores of people living in that part and lakhs planing there future in that going to be state .
So called Gorkhaland was and is famous for its tea and tourism but presently there is no tourism and quality tea which it had in past
– politics ,simple politics .
nothing else

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It would be a dream come true, when Gorkhaland is given the statehood. I think this is a genuine demand. Infact it is a ligit demand and the Indian Govt should realise that smaller state runs better that the larger counterpart.
My heart & soul support goes to the people of Darjeeling who have suffered in the hands of corrupt leaders. Gorkhas should belong to the Gorkhaland.

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Gorkhaland is not a politically- power driven demand, this is a public demand. Don’t you understand how the hill people of Darjeeling are suffering?
Justice delayed is justice denied.

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I think by going ahead with carving out a new, inefficient and backward Telengana from a relatively more prosperous Andhra Pradesh, the UPA government will be setting a wrong precedent. It has already been seen that the recently formed states like Jharkhand, Uttaranchal and Chattisgarh are very backward with so much of illiteracy and backwardness in their people. Thus, while on the face of it small might appear to be better, in India small size only facilitates the government to neglect the state and leave it alone. Thus, it is time when all of us, the citizens of Great India, need to rise up and think beyond state and caste lines. we are Indians first. So let’s live and let others live. The government should focus on developing the backward areas like Telengana and Gorkhaland rather than passing bills to separate them. It should realise that in unity lies all the solutions, not in division.

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Totally disagree with Ved. Obviously he has not travelled to CG. After it became new state, it has seen development not like before. I grew up there, and remember decade ago how eveything was controlled from Bhopal. It took my grandfather 1-2 days to get there for small things. India is too big a country, states need to be smaller and should compete for development. Otherwise, we’ll have cities that are 20 million+ people.
Now, the question is how it’s done. It shoudl be done by consensus, not because some dumb ass politician went on hunger strike. That’s a good opportunity to let them die, otherwise they won’t leave and let someone else new come in.

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The hasty decision by Sonia Gandhi to initiate a statehood for Telangana has broken many a hearts in AP. One must understand that it is only a few section of people are happy with the decision. But majority of the people are against separation. The Total Andhra and Rayalseema is in a state of shock after the sensational announcement made by Mr. Chidambaram. If one goes into the towns of Andhra and Rayalseema they would have a clear measure of the tremendous support for unified AP. I must definitely say that not only Telangana is backward region but there are much more backward areas in most parts of Rayalseema and some parts of north Andhra which have not come into the limelight over the years. I being born and brought up in Hyderabad would always go against bifurcation of the state. The UPA should pursue media reports from Andhra and live coverages to have a better understanding of the present situation before making another sensitive statement on T. Thank You.

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The interests of the nation as a whole cannot be sacrificed at the altar of one man’s caprice- Telangana today, Vidarbha tomorrow, Gorkhaland the day after; soon we will have maybe a 100 odd states in the country, the same situation from which Sardar Vallabhai Patel and other architects of free India rescued us at the time of independence. It will be tantamount to the antithesis of progress.
With food inflation touching 20%, the government should spend its time and energy in more constructive things than acquiescing to the demands of foolhardy politicians.

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Most Indians are concerned that the Telengana issue will create a divisive mentality among Indians and lead to its disintegration. Interestingly,the whole phenomenon of division of states was started by people from Andhra when they demanded to get seperated from Madras presidency. At that time it was the perceived domination of Tamils over Telugu speaking people. Today it is the percieved domination of Telugu speaking people from Andhra region over Telugu speaking people from Telangana. The poison of this so-called discrimination once injected will keep spreading. Unfortunately, the Indian society is built on this practice of domination and discrimination in terms of caste, creed, class and religion. Even after 60 years of Independence, our polity has not evolved a system of equitable development. Many of these seperatist movements are built on genuine concerns of exploitation. Dividing the states is not the only solution;on the contrary,it will only worsen the conditions. Some possible solutions are;
1. The national integration council should develop guidelines on creation on districts,basis for allocation of funds for development, administration etc.
2.It will be a good idea to study the planning system adopted by China which has brought about such a dramatic change all over their country.
3. Our planning system should be made thoroughly professional,decentralised, task oriented and accountable. Unfortunately,the present system is outdated & totally dependent on central planning.
4. Political reforms should address the quality,accountability and responsibility of politicians. The first thing to be addressed is the dynastic rule.It is so sickening to see teenaged children of corrupt politicians being projected as youth leaders and given tickets.
5. The system of referendum should be adopted on all major issues. However,this is dependent on the education and awareness levels of people.

May good sense prevail on all.


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Totall agree with Suran. This issue has been raised by a politician who lost his credibility completely in the recent general elections – KCR – and who is now trying to win back credibility and an image….and how! First with his fraud of fast unto death….with a saline bottle tucked away out of sight with a helpful hospital staff. By instigating and poisoning the minds of the people. The local media has fallen into the trap laid by TRS. TV channels are sowing the seeds of separatism in ordinary people by 24×7 coverage of the abusive language being peddled by TRS politicians day in and day out.

People from Andhra and Rayalaseema are getting beaten up in Hyderabad because of their origin. My appeal to all people of AP – please rethink about this agitation from various angles:
1. a separate state benefits only the politicians – they get to make more money at the cost of you and me. We have a very recent example – Madhu Koda and Jharkhand. 2. the politicians will make you and me fight to get their objectives. It’s our lives which will be affected.
3. There is a lot of progress in Hyderabad for which people from all regions of AP have contributed and hence proud of. Let us work to continue that.
4. All the uncertainty and violence which will flow from this situation due to politicians will impact Hyderabad badly. If this continues, companies will slowly start leaving the city to Bangalore, Pune etc.
5. Let’s create an agitation to get more resources for backward areas of Telangana and also North Andhra, Rayalaseema etc. There are backward areas everywhere not just in Telangana. This is what ALL of us have to fight for.
6. Otherwise, I’m afraid there’s nothing that will be left in Hyderabad to fight for in couple of years time.
Also, 7. This opens a pandoras box. Already, agitations for Gorkhaland, Vidarbha etc. are being intensified. At a time when we face a MAJOR crisis because of the internal security situtation – terrorism from Pakistan, maoist menace which is supported by China – we can ill afford to have so many new states getting created. This will weaken internal security. Think from the country`s perspective. Our neighbours are just waiting for us to break apart, for there to be a lot of violence – they have been waiting for this for a long time. LET US NOT PLAY INTO OUR ENEMIES HANDS when FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER INDEPENDENCE INDIA HAS FOUND A PLACE AS A SUPERPOWER. From here, the sky is the limit for India only if we control the politicians and don`t allow them to divide us.

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this is what goin on the name of separate state..
destruction of natioal property , stopping trains, digging roads
and they are talking about awareness in schools.

it is because of these people that today the common man is suffering..
everything has got a proper channel to do and infact why do you need separate states…
first you all will say that politicians are corrupt and they just say and do nothing …..bla bla….
and now you all, on your own, are providing them room to grow up their expertise in corruption…
just see the example from JHARKHAND … it was separated from BIHAR on the reason that it has good minerals deposit and its growth was less than expected…… what actually happened after partition was that the MINISTERS had reaped the benefits of mineral deposits…. not the common man…..the EX-CM madhu koda is involved in Rs 4000 crore scam …. was this meant for him or the public………….

just concentrate your brains on developing INDIA not on developing your states….
its always said that “intelligence never gets UNPAID”….
and after all (if working) the government was working on plans for the common man…. then what happened ….
and if it worked …. you all dont need a seperate state
and if not worked….. then why do you all want to give them one more chance to earn….
use your brains … not others… and think was this thinking of you all would have let INDIA get free from Britishers….. go back to std 4th and start reading the HISTORY of INDIA…..

MAHATMA GANDHI wrote “Free India would be better able to cope with invasion.”
but the current scenario is that people on their own are busy distributing the areas with so called” BANDH, STRIKE ….”

is this INDIA……
when its CRICKET …. everyone gets united….
then why not on development….
we should have set up examples …. like merging the states… not dividing it….
partition does not assure you of growth….. it does assure you of more politicians in the mainframe….

and you all , the common man, are seeing the benefits of politicians since you have born….
there’s nothing hidden…

the young minds should be encouraged to get people like ARYABHATT… CHANDRASHEKHAR…and many others….
develop INDIA… this should be the soul motto of every INDIAN….

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It makes sense to separate Telangana from Andhra

December 9, 2009 was a defining moment for Telangana. At midnight the Home Minister of India, Mr. P. Chidambaram, announced the initiation of forming Telangana State and instantly Telangana burst into joy and jubilance. Every nook and corner witnessed the spectacle of celebrations that symbolized the culmination of fifty some years of struggle seemingly into fruition. But the news was gloom and doom for opponents of Telangana from Andhra region. They flooded the internet with blurred blogs that reasoned against the formation but those reasons bore very little semblance to truth. They were heavily laced with mistaken facts and muddied truth. They stoked the fears that Andhra settlers in Hyderabad would be driven out to their native places.

Barring a few, the picture was no different with some news papers of national standing that peppered the government on the rationality in forming a new state. Here again the articles were laden with misinformation symptomatic of missing means to unearth the facts. The fact that the first SRC preferred against the merger was simply brushed aside. The fact that Prime Minister Nehru promised to nullify the merger if it proved harmful to Telangana interests was conveniently ignored. So much so it was all hot air and little substance through and through.

This article is an attempt to shed light on the historical facts to substantiate the Government”s move to initiate Telangana formation. As an additional reading I urge the readers to browse through Mr. T.V.R. Shenoy”s article Why is everyone scared of small states?

The incessant trumpeting in the media that Telangana is being carved out of Andhrapradesh or Andhrapradesh is being bifurcated is erroneous. This would be true if Telangana was ever a homogeneous part of Andhra or Madras Presidency. But the fact remains that Telangana had an independent existence as part of Hyderabad State up until November 1, 1956 when it was merged with Andhra in contravention to the Justice Fazl Ali Commission”s report and against the wishes of Telangana people.

Announcing the Government”s decision to merge the two regions, Jawaharlal Nehru, the then prime minister, said on March 5, 1956 in Nizamabad of Telangana,

“Ek masoom ki bachchi (Telangana) ko, ek natkhat (Andhra) ke saath shadi ho raha hai. Ka-yee din ke baad me ittefaq nahi hone ke vaje se talaaq de sakthe hain.”
(Ref: Indian Express March 6, 1956)

The above parable says it all. Talaaq was an option offered to Telanganites to secede from the merger if the merger proved harmful to Telangana.

The fifty years of merger has seen Telangana high and dry. Its waters were clandestinely diverted to Andhra. Today its land is dry, parched and un-tillable. Agreed protections against the jobs for Telangana were nixed. The surplus revenue that Telangana had before the merger was all but consumed for the development of Andhra. The present struggle for separation to its original state is an exercise of the option (talaaq) given by Nehru. It is neither carving out a new State nor bifurcating Andhrapradesh.

Culturally the two regions are miles apart. Telangana culture is a unique blend of Adivasi, Mughlai, Maharashtrian, Kannadiga and North Indian cultures. To pitch for togetherness on the basis of homogeneous culture is like trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Although the 54 years of Andhra hold on Telangana has made some inroads into cultural amalgam, the differences are still conspicuous. Vast differences existed in the days of Nizam”s rule. The native dresses of Telanganites still differ from those of Andhras. In the days of yore native Telangana men wore turbans and dhotis while Andhras preferred lungis and bare heads. Telangana women in pre-independence days wore saris in style similar to rural women in Maharashtra. The cuisines of both regions are vastly different. Telangana cuisines reflect Moghlai and Islamic tastes while Andhra cuisines are heavily reflective of Tamilian mould.

There are appreciable differences in languages. Telangana language is more overlayed with Urdu, Maharashtrian and Hindi words. In my growing up years we were taught to address our uncle as kakayya, a Marathi derivative. It was common to address one”s mother as Mataji. Plenty of Urdu words are intertwined into Telangana Telugu such as Pa-ray-shan (worry), Sa-maj (understand). The tones are different so also the verb endings. All in all the Telangana and Andhra Telugu languages are very incongruous. It is fair to say that they are two different dialects.

Many Telangana festivities are not found in Andhra region such as Holi, Bathkamma, Bonalu, Kolatam, etc. Telanganites fly kites during Sankranthi in a frenzy of passion that is comparable to kite flying in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Incidentally Telanganites observe Muslim festivals too. Peerila festival (muharram) is one of them.

The subject of Telangana culture is copious and a detailed discussion of it will be voluminous. But for now I will provide a pointer to a speech of an illustrious Telangana writer Kaloji Narayan Rao

“Telangana life styles are different, Telangana language is different.”

Development is a multifaceted task aimed at providing basic human needs at one end and luxurious life styles at the other end. Economy and beautification of Hyderabad are two other facets.

The unabated vociferous chanting by people from Andhra for credit for Hyderabad”s development is a hollow rhetoric. It is a good try but a tricky dick trick. A little development towards a stench-free drive across Musi river would have sanitized their claim for credit. But alas, the stench still stays all the way along the river!

City of Hyderabad was judged as highly developed prior to India”s independence. It ranked high among the beautiful cities in India in terms of cleanliness, underground sanitation, gardens, wide roads, lakes, robust infrastructure and sustainable economy. Nizam of Hyderabad was once the richest person in the world. This does not mean that the people were rich, but meaningfully it could be interpreted that the sweat and toil of the people made him rich.

The precious Kohinoor diamond came from Hyderabad. The old buildings are still the architectural marvels that reflect the fusion of Islamic, Italian and Hindu architectures. Some examples of these are Charminar, Osmania University, Mecca Masjid, Falaknuma palace, Assembly building, etc. Spawned around the city are beautiful lakes – Hussain Sagar, Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar. These developments do not bear the seal of Andhra investors.

The merger of the two regions also saw the slow death of the Telangana indurtries viz: Ajamjhahi mills, Sirpur sirsilk mills, Anthargam spinning mills, DBR mills, Alwyn metal works, Praga Tools, Republic forge. The Nizam Sugar Factory is now on the verge of extinction. This record does not add up to any development.

Huge monstrous ugly cement flyovers eclipsing the beauty of the city do not constitute development either. Adding bricks, mortar and cement to the already overcrowded city leaving debris all over is not a measure of development. Sathyam Computers, sure is an Andhra investment but one mired in fraud and deception. Could this be a barometer for development? Whatever development that Hyderabad achieved through government investment is neither the generosity of Andhras nor that of Telanganites.

Hi Tech city lies way out in the suburb of Hyderabad and it does not constitute part of Hyderabad per say. It survives because of foreign investments such as Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, Motorola, Deloitte, HSBC, GE, and out of state investors like Tata Consultancy, Infosys, Wipro, etc. Should we call these as Andhra investors? It beats me.

It is no denying that ever since the merger of the two, Hyderabad had become a Mecca for shady real estate dealers with expertise in land grabbing and illegal acquisitions of government lands in collusion with the men in power. The expensive media blitz unleashed now by Andhras, whipping the fear of getting evicted if Telangana were to separate has no truth. Instead, it has the lurking fear of losing the lucrative real estate shenanigans in and around Hyderabad, and the chilling reality of being exposed to legal investigation into their ill gotten money by the incoming Telangana government.

Telanganites by nature are passive, submissive, hard working and law abiding – a modus Vivendi cultivated under the suppressive kingly reigns and harsh democratic rules unfriendly to their wellbeing. They learned to suffer and live happily among all Indians – Andhras, Tamilians, Muslims, Punjabis, Gujaratis, Marwaris, Maharashtrians, Kannadigas, and you name it. Their history and culture is a rich derivative from the people from different faiths and regions. They will always welcome any Indian willing to settle among them and that includes Andhras.

In whichever way you look at it, it makes sense to separate Telangana from Andhra. The twain shall live in harmony guided by the principle of “Live and let live.”

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If separate state is the desire of a well informed common man in that region, then that would be beneficial to one and all, since as a matter of fact smaller states are good for better administration. If the leaders and administrators of the region have blue-print of the new state to be formed on things like utilities to the people of the region not excluding the poorest.

I tried to see who are the individuals strongly advocating the state separation, prominent are, KCR & Family and Jayasankar, all belong to TRS, all others including students and different political parties are asking out of fear of different dimensions. Try to name few more names, you wont be able to.

I wonder what is a common man thinking about this whole issue. Because the result may not matter to him, but the process does.

Current Problem Analysis:

There are serious economic issues to be examined on the issue of carving out a separate State in Andhra Pradesh. First, the capital city is a serious bone of contention, and once people and investors lose faith in the future, it will decline rapidly, and it will sure impact A.P.’s as well Indian economy as a whole
parts of the coastal region are agriculturally well-developed and have resources and surpluses. For instance, the coastal region generates surplus revenues in the power sector, and is subsidizing power for farmers in Telangana and Rayalaseema. A separate State will be burdened by an unviable power sector. Costal regions are always engines of growth all over the world. Telangana is land-locked, and losing the costal region would retard growth and opportunities. Again, this is the first time a land-locked region is seeking to separate from the coastal belt

Large, unviable lift irrigation projects — at a capital cost of Rs 3-4 lakh per acre and Rs 40,000 per year per acre maintenance cost — have been unwisely proposed in Telangana. They will be a permanent drain on the economy of the region, undermining it without ensuring benefits.

Large parts of Telangana and Rayalaseema, most of north coastal Andhra Pradesh, upland areas of delta districts, and many families suffering discrimination by birth in every village — all of them are victims of terrible misgovernance and political failure.

The need of the hour is to accelerate growth and promote equity and opportunities. What every sub-region of Andhra Pradesh, indeed every part of India, needs is empowerment of people, district governments and third-tier of federalism to help people fulfill their potential


Andhra is not a region but a race and kingdom referred in 800 B.C. Telangana is part of Hyderabad when Nizams were ruling, not the other way around. When first-SRC based states were formed, Hyderabad was split and distributed to Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Part of Hyderabad province of which the city “Hyderabad” was part was given to Andhra Pradesh. Telangana is part of Andhra Pradesh for last 53 years, and if we want ignore this fact, then Telangana was part of Hyderabad only for over 400 years, we can ignore that as well, as the major part of history “telangana” is part of andhra culturally and politically, since 800 B.C at least

Telangana people speak the language Telugu essentially, they have their own dialect, just like Srikakulam or Nellore people have their own dialect. Disowning Telugu Talli is meaningless and creation of Telangana Thalli is purely political. Demonstrating this by saying that Telugu movies make fun of Telangana dialect should not be a reason for asking a separate state, we can see many movies poking fun at Srikakulam, Godavari and Kadapa districts dialect.

Andhra Pradesh state formation history is well documented, and SRC recommendations are well documented as well, any one can Google them out. But the details are so vast, no one bothers, so the politicians pick the parts of the same and reads out to the media, and they telecast to us repeatedly, so start believing it until the ‘opposite camp’s politician picks some other parts and tells us. If you listen to Prof Jayashankar and Undavalli Arun Kumar, you will realize.

Does any one of us know that Telangana assembly voted more than 2/3 majority to join in Andhra Pradesh and why was 1969 Separate Telangana agitation stopped? And what was the reason and conclusion for stopping the Jai Andhra agitation ? And why the latest agitation starting only after YSR’s death?

In the last 36 Years what were the occasions when MLAs or MPs of Telangana have stood in the assembly and parliament for the cause of the region? That is irrespective of political parties. At least the very point of “separation” was not seriously discussed in the house. What respect they give to the house if they want to decide every thing on roads?

Methods and Consequences:

When we read or hear the word “Bandh”, what comes to our mind. May be a few politicos or students marching through the streets and demanding the businesses to close down. But no more, now Bandh is imposed by few goondas and no demand, but throwing stones and breaking glasses of whichever business is open.

When they call for bandh, what happens exactly? Students and office goers sit at home, watching TV. Daily wage earners like milk man, Auto rickshaw guy, milk man, daily labour… all have to stay home, no income for the day, means no food for that day… Almost.

Intelligence sources say that there are radical elements involvement in students agitation and few political parties are hand in glove with the radicals, and while the small states are good for better administration, at the same time Telangana is vulnerable to become the Naxal State. What answer do we have other than dismissing the intelligence reports?

Why don’t they think in the lines of strengthening the municipal and panchayat organizations and amend laws where NGOs can question and challenge them.

Now with the IT companies thinking of shifting key operations away, industrial convention venues shifting to adjacent state capitols, and even the entertainment being banned with no apparent justification we do not know about the safety of a person on road.


In the media age which we are now, we think we are over informed by watching and reading loads of news every day. But alas they all are feeding the same news in repetition. If you have observed telugu media in the last 2 months you would appreciate my point. What happened to the floods or the affect of it? After they reported it’s the worst storm in 100 years? How can it settle in so quick? This whole “Telangana” issue is a product of Media’s TRP and Unemployed politicians’ subconscious joint venture.

I switched away from news channels since last 10 days and now I feel at peace. Yesterday only I read that high court has ordered all news channels to stop showing people destroying property or committing suicide. They were also asked not to beam provocative or objectionable speeches and debates…At last !!!

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I have expressed the pain and anguish on the Telangana issue in my blog 1/small-is-beautiful-but-littleness-is-u gly/

Do check it out and let me know what you think about it.


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