Comments on: Ruchika case: Easy on the policeman? Perspectives on South Asian politics Thu, 02 Jun 2016 08:03:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: indiamylove Fri, 25 Feb 2011 12:55:57 +0000 the whole case is crystal clear. rathore is guilty and he deserves imprisonment. everyone knows the truth and none is arguing. we can’t take it lightly taking it as someone’s else matter. today it is ruchika, tomorrow it can be even me or you. this is seriously not done. we need to fight. these people in power can’t be our masters and we can’t simply let us to be their slaves. first of all we need to think that this is our country and ruchika is one amongst us. how can we let her die and waste her and many other lives for RATHORE. he is simply a traitor. we just can’t sit idle. we need to sway him away. we’ll do it all together… common lets b together!!!!!!!…rathore you wait and watch…..its not your kingdom…

By: Moumita Tue, 22 Jun 2010 18:57:20 +0000 This is an alarming case to the youth generation…
Though many of us has heard about the incident, but after watching the wonderful show called ‘Crime Patrol’ I came to know about the complete fact.. I feel this is just one among thousands of such cases, which are in fact increasing every day.
But according to my view I don’t think, so called present DGP Rathore is the only punishable person. Since he had powers, he just tried to utilize it in all ways, to save himself. Rather the real culprit is our own build society, which has forced this little girl to quit this battle…
Come forward, we all can contribute against these crimes on our own little ways…
Look around and first at yourself !!
Only you and I, together us can change this world…

By: amu_iimb Tue, 16 Feb 2010 11:39:40 +0000 The Ruchika Case is just the tip of an iceberg, the problem underlying is of Himalayan proportion. Once in a while one hears of rape, molestation or misuse of power by policemen in the media. When this occurs people try explaining it away in terms of policemen-politician nexus or the low level of pay and harsh working conditions. But i feel people miss the brutality of the reality in abstracting it to theoretical debate.

In fact if you ask any one in the country who happened to have an encounter with a policeman, it is invariably rude, harsh, insulting and humiliating. People at the best try avoid encountering a policeman. If they encounter one, they beg and bribe their way out. From my own experience, whenever i have encountered a policeman i have felt insulted humiliated and extorted. This mode of working of the policeman i guess is routine. Why do we have to grovel before these people, why can’t they talk politely?

I have tried talking to a few IPS officers here at IIMB, they give the routine justifications ; they say that people do not listen if they are talked to politely or corruption occurs in all government departments, why single out the policemen.I find these justifications untenable because the policemen have been given power and uniform to protect the citizens, not to harass them. Secondly corruption in other govt. deptts cannot be a justification for corruption in policing. Corruption in policing is very grave matter because it impinges on our life, liberty and dignity. Without adequate accountability, the power invariably gets misused.

It is this lack of accountability and impunity that makes even the lowly police constable feel entitled to abuse, molest, extort,torture, rape, murder common citizens. I have rarely seen a policeman pay for the chai/snacks from the roadside vendors or pay for the auto. If one looks and compares what a policeman does and a local goonda does, the only difference would be perhaps the uniform.

The present functioning of policing in India is not in line with India being a democracy, it’s perhaps more like the British Raj or even worse Jungle Raj. They rule the streets, not by trust but by fear!

But why are Indian policemen so brutish? Are they all violent psychopaths. I am quite sure that most of them are normal human beings. But what can explain this apparent contradiction. I think “banality of evil” as elicited by Milgram experiment and Zimbardo experiment demonstrates how it is so easy for normal people in authority to perpetrate extreme cruelty.

Secondly it could be due to the prevailing culture within the police department, that if one is not abusive, violent or feared than one is not a good policeman.

More significantly it is due to the perceived impunity from accountability to the citizens and law that encourages them to act the way they do.

The institutionalization of corruption within the system is also a major driver, a few policemen i interacted in informal social settings talk about the transfer-posting system in which they have to pay bribes to superiors to get posting to lucrative posts (where bribe earning potential is huge). Once a policeman in post they are demanded by their superiors to collect a certain minimum quota of bribes. The proceeds of which is passed up the hierarchy.

Who is responsible for this mess? And what can be done about it? I first put the blame on the higher officers (IPS), it is they who are accountable for the behavior of their subordinates. If the subordinates are acting like goondas, it is their dereliction from duty in appropriately directing their subordinates or they are themselves culpable in putting a blind eye to atrocities of their subordinates for the consideration passed up through the system. Or it may be the reluctance of a non-corrupt officer to not himself accept bribes but keep quiet so as to not “upset the apple cart” and avoid ostracization by their colleagues and superiors.
What can be done about it??

There have been lot of talk about police reforms, but the nature of policing has not changed much. I believe it will be almost impossible to change the police system if it is only done by the insiders, and the accountability for action rests solely within the department.

For the system to change, the initiative should come from civil society. Transparency is the best deterrent to arbitrary behavior. I believe that the present mobile and internet technology can be effectively used to expose arbitrary police behavior. I propose a website where people upload voice and video recorded by common citizens using their mobile phones along with the detailed information about the place of incident. The cases there reported could be forwarded to the respective police department and the local media ( news channel, newspaper) and a status update on the progress of the complaint would be done to ensure action.

Another idea is to conduct citizen surveys every month/year about the perception of police behaviour, number of complaints registered against policemen, the crime rate etc for each area from the lowest level to the state level. The data would be used to rank areas according to best policed to the worst policed. It would then be possible to rank the best policed thana to the best policed state. This system would create positive incentives for improving their performance.

A third idea could be involving civil society volunteers to go accompany the policemen in beats. The presence of an outsider watching them would dramatically improves the politeness of policemen.

I expect that any Police Officer reading this comment would be defensive about the organization. But this is how i an ordinary citizen and i am sure many more citizens perceive the system to be. And perceptions are as important as any tangible improvement.

By: Baruah Mon, 08 Feb 2010 22:05:14 +0000 It shows how pathetic the judicial system in our country and how much corruption and politicians weild their influence in the corridors of justice. It is sad that a person who molested and drove a young girl to suicide is not showing an iota of remorse and is trying to escape from the crime. Unfortunately, there are n number of Rathore’s in our Country freely moving around.

By: ashif Sat, 23 Jan 2010 06:49:48 +0000 This man should be hanged in pulic prior with a harassment for week in the centre of the street and this kind of punishment should be given for every policemen who misuses his authority

By: arkay Wed, 13 Jan 2010 17:20:05 +0000 I support radha28’s oppinion. The police force in India(especially Kerala), is misused to favour the allies on Police Official’s side. I have also personally become a scape goat in a similar manner. An IPS Officer(who was the then Director of State Womens Commission), tortured to force me out of an arranged alliance. He was backed by a CI, and a DYSP as well. I wanted to save the marriage, but my life and my parent’s life was more dear to me. I was having doubt of whether there were a healthy law and order system prevailing in the state. Realise that just like women harrassment, the other side of the gender is also put to mental and physical torture.

By: jafferina Wed, 06 Jan 2010 06:30:05 +0000 the decision should be given in favour of ruchika..

a capital punishment is a small thing for such crimes..criminals like him should be given a much painfull punishment…”the officials should pour acid n his face n let him go through that pain..”…tat would however not be even a part of what a girl goes through..!
such trials should be decided in shorter time periods so make the criminals life worst than hell!…

By: nishantsehgal Tue, 05 Jan 2010 16:16:11 +0000 this shows that our system in still physically challenged in the hands of these Hipocrts. there shd surely be a life imprisonment or life sentence for such kind shameful acts.

By: radha28 Fri, 01 Jan 2010 23:45:40 +0000 Oh lord…. India leads as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. same is case with my brother. The other party paid huge amounts to both judges and our lawyer and got the judgement in their favour. Girls party is misusing the laws made in favour of them. A beautiful girl is now a days a bliss for the parents. They can maaryy and re-marry and extract money from the boys side…. every aspect has a dark side too…I am happy…I moved out of this country ..least I suffered…but now my parents and brother are suffering. Judge gives the judgement on the basis of papers which my brother never signed( was made to sign on a blank paper by OUR paid lawyer,and this paper was supposed to be used for differnt purpose). my parents are dying a slow death.I HATE INDIAN POLICEMEN AND LAWYERS……GOD SAVE US..AMEN..

By: DaraIndia Thu, 31 Dec 2009 13:30:24 +0000 Given the fact that the man has been punished it proves he was most certainly guilty – even if it were just a charge of molestation. I have Just two simple questions.

If the accused were a nobody with no position and no influence, would the punishment have been the same?

Is this a reflection on our police, our politicians, our justice system or a reflection of our society and sytem as a whole?

I wonder………..