No hope for the Indian tiger?

January 12, 2010


With three tiger deaths in the first two weeks of the new year, 2010 has started with warning bells ringing for the environment ministry and tiger conservationists in India.

According to the Wildlife Protection Society of India, there have been 84 tiger deaths, by both natural and poaching causes, in 2009-10.

Considering that the last count of tigers in 2008 was 1411, wildlife experts say tigers could be extinct in 20 years.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has said, “17 (tiger reserves) are in a very, very, very precarious state, you could have a Panna or a Sariska in any of these 17 at any point of time.”

Do you think the land of tigers will have no tigers to boast of in the near future?

Though arrests in poaching-related crimes have increased, many wildlife conservationists complain that the law does not catch up with the arrested poachers.

Sixty-six people were arrested in poaching-related crimes in 2008 and 72 in 2009 but there were no convictions.

Many poaching cases are unnoticed as poachers take away every part of the tiger’s body and do not leave evidence at the site.

Is India being callous towards its wildlife? Do you think we need more stringent laws for wildlife protection?


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Anti-poaching law must be revisited.

Posted by pmumbai | Report as abusive

I like tigers 😀

Posted by Saanya | Report as abusive

@Is India being callous towards its wildlife?”

–It is an understatement that we as people and govt are callous towards wild-life and nature. I have not seen people protesting against poaching-Why not?

@Do you think we need more stringent laws for wildlife protection?”
— I do not know what kind of law is at present for poaching-related crimes. But obviously they are not stringent enough.

Posted by RajeevK | Report as abusive

I don’t understand: WHY NOT CLONNING those disappearing wild animals, before it is too late?
We could do it in sheep, so why not a TIGER?

Posted by beni8888 | Report as abusive

Well…lets not start this cloning business again… Why should there at all be need to get down to such measures to save this rare species.We need another movement like SAVE TIGER i feel.. rest about protesting..I am yet to see us Indians protesting against something that doesn’t concern us personally.

Posted by viga | Report as abusive


@WHY NOT CLONNING those disappearing wild animals, before it is too late?”

–Cloning is being considered/undertaken for various endangered species in India. It is not that easy as it sounds though. Also cloning is not going to solve the problem of rapid decrease in tigers and more importantly cloning will not bring back the genetic diversity in short run. Number via cloning will give a false sense of security because genetic diversity will be lacking–it’s a clone after all. Genetic diversity will take time—multiple breedings.

We got to remember that cloning is not a solution to poaching and deforestation. What are we going to do with 1000 times more tigers if we do not have natural habitat for them. Also, we do not know exactly what we are getting with cloning. There is lot unknown in cloning. But sure cloning is better than facing a scenario of having no tiger.

Perhaps we need to clone responsible citizens and politicians and the remaining should be trashed!

Posted by RajeevK | Report as abusive

Too bad the future of the Tigers in the wild is bleak.

Issue lies with the very basic ‘struggle’ of our people living in the villages surrounding our so called protected National parks…
would they care for filling their families hungry stomachs or worry about the so called National Animal in a country filled with hypocrites.

As long as there are buyers – and be assured there are billion of them just north of India’s borders – villagers and poachers have great incentives to hunt tigers.

Cloning….easier said than done. And even when its done…it is not going to be the solution. The problem is not that Tigers are dying….Tigers are getting poached for money.

Unless until we raise the standard of living for the people in the villages surrounding to the parks, most efforts are going to be in vain.

May be the future of Indian Tiger and most of the wild life does lie in the ‘controlled’ zoos and Cloning.

Posted by AnupShah | Report as abusive

I answer to Benny, what if we cloned the tiger? Where would we put the animals? The issue is that India already has too many people, and that, my friends, is the so-called invisible elephant in the room. Until population and its demands on natural resources begins to decline, there is no hope for the tiger or any of a multitude of other species – especially with a government as pusillanimous as India’s. Take a leaf out of the Kenya Wildlife Service’s anti-poaching strategies: they shoot poachers. End of story. THAT’s what India needs to do if it is serious about conserving the tiger. Anything else is, pardon the pun, a paper tiger.

Posted by Dr_L_Milich | Report as abusive

The death of the Tiger would be a national calamity and shameful. It would be evidence that not even our most protected and nationally important symbols are safe in India.

The death of each tiger is beyond grief, it is an admission of our failure and of our callous disregard for the beauty and majesty of our country. If India allows the tiger to die out, might we all ask “what hope is there for us”

Posted by Petercj | Report as abusive

I am completely in agreement with Dr L Milich’s view that we ought to follow Kenya’s example in dealing with poachers in India. That would instil fear in poachers reducing the instances of the same in time. The mere fact that one can get away with minor punishments even if caught for poaching is the reason that such things continue to happen. It is indeed a shame that we cannot live in harmony with the fellow creatures we share our world with.

Posted by Anju1984 | Report as abusive

Today’s Wash Post has an article on how the Chinese are driving the Indian Tiger towards extinction. They show remarkable insensitivity to so many of the world’s problems. This is just one of them.

Posted by Redant | Report as abusive lid=58703

Posted by Bhatia.R | Report as abusive

the need to protect and preserve the tigers is paramount and requires that extreme measures be taken to stop the wanton slaughter of these beautiful creatures.double or triple the forest guards and order them to shoot to kill all poachers. this will give nature and the tigers a chance to recover.also it is very necessary to protect and preserve the tiger breeding areas so that the tigers can reproduce.importing of swine to be released would aid in assuring that adequate protien is available as well.

Posted by bluetiger9669 | Report as abusive

guys just share what all we can do with it? how can we act? give suggestions please!

Posted by kapstvm | Report as abusive

we should make an example of paochers. line them up in some place very public like tiananmen square and run them down with tanks or let the chinese blast them with assult rifles on international news. anybody who buys tiger parts should also be burnt to death with mapom. but hey people love people more than we love other species a damn shame really cause they will all be gone forever very soon. People that kill almost exticnt animals are worse than genocidal mass murders.

Posted by poachersmustdie | Report as abusive