Much ado in Kashmir over Padma Shri for Mir

February 3, 2010

It has come as a surprise to many that Ghulam Mohammad Mir, often described as Kashmir’s first counter-insurgent, has been honoured with the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian awards.

Mir alias Momma Kana, 60, who was awarded for public service, has been accused of involvement in cases of extortion and attempted murder.

A man walks past closed shops during a strike in Srinagar June 11, 2008. REUTERS/Fayaz Kabli/FilesA police official told ‘The Telegraph’ that Mir’s name sent shivers down the spine of people across Kashmir — he is said to have run a private militia and helped Indian troops combat insurgency.

“A lot of stories about how he would commit atrocities on people began being circulated in Kashmir those days,” the newspaper quoted a police officer as saying.

In the nineties, over a dozen militant groups were fighting Indian troops and at least three pro-government militia groups were helping security forces in combating the rebellion.

New Delhi has denied the allegations against Mir and said the counter-insurgent is a nationalist who fought separatist militants challenging Indian rule in Kashmir.

But officials in Kashmir say the award to Mir had come as a big embarrassment for the state government.

Mehbooba Mufti, chief of the People’s Democratic Party, Kashmir’s main opposition party, said honouring Mir is unfortunate and like adding salt to the wounds of Kashmiris.

The award for Mir has come amid near daily protests in the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley where anti-India sentiment still runs deep.

Is New Delhi further alienating the people of Kashmir by honouring him?


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SHAME….SHAME….The renegade who killed hundreds of kashmiri boys deserves punishment not an award. I wish central government does some rethinking and avoids embarrassment in Kashmir. By doing that Indians will send a positive signal to kashmir, otherwise every kashmiri will feel humiliated. It is not late and there is time for rethinking. yes by honouring him people of Kashmir will alienate further and will bring shame to the prestigious padam shri award.

Posted by kuku111 | Report as abusive

Can the government specify why they have honoured this man. What public service has he done? What next — a Padma Shri for Kasab and SPS Rathore?

Posted by ToeKnee | Report as abusive

Padam Shri for a person who is accused of grave human rights violations in Kashmir is like abusing all those proud Indian citizens who have recieved Padama Shri award. As rightly said by Mehbooba Mufti the award to a dreaded counter-insurgent amounts to rubbing wounds of Kashmir. If this is deleberate action then it is clear that Indian goverbemnt wants to tell Kashmiris we are not with you but with your killers… is unfortunate.

Posted by drshugufta | Report as abusive

It was very unfortunate that saner persons like National Conference President and union minister Dr Farooq Abdullah and former divisional commissioner Kashmir Wajahat Habibullah had recommended the government gunman for award. The president and prime minister of India must be aware of the developments. It is the moment for government India to think and stop adding salt to our injuries.

Posted by daru | Report as abusive

for a while i cldnt believe my eyes wen i read abt this news in the paper.this is very very has brought shame not only to kashmir but to whole humanity.How can GOI award him for killing thousands of kashmiris.who knows if he has got killed 5000 millitants or 5000 innocents.SHAME ON HIM..

Posted by shanuzhat | Report as abusive

Giving a Padma Shri to a person who has marauded the human rights of his own countrymen speaks volumes about the mentality of the government of India. it is like state sponsored aggression getting awarded and accoladed. Indian democracy is a farce in kashmir and this act proves it once again. lets give padma shrees to all the millitants, naxalites, rapists, murderers, pirates and politicians not to be left.

Posted by shadman | Report as abusive

it is not a surprise since indian state gives these awards under different categories viz arts,entertainment etc and also to a counter insurgent what then?mr sheikh it hardly matters to whom indian state gives padma awards so for as kashmir & kashmiri’s are concerned…see colonial british used to give titles like roy- bahadur,nawab,maharaja etc to those indians who would toe with british so no surprise if indian state applying same tactics???only surprising thing is mehbooba mufti’s statement who & her party is is one of these so-called roy-bahadurs of present indian state…

Posted by walee | Report as abusive

civilian award…… well if the centre is so keen to say that he was a nationalist and did all for the nation…. why didnt they include him in defence services…. its an ironny on the part of such awards that these civilian awards are selected by a panel of bureacrats and no cvilian.. tell me how many civilians know him

Posted by true112 | Report as abusive

momma kana….. andho mey kaana raja….. good quote. seems that the centre is turning to ‘kana’ raaj. what is his contribution to the common civilian. oh ya. many widows, orphans, etc. the moral and motto from today…. “kill your people and recieve awards” “more kills = higher awards”.

Posted by moon55 | Report as abusive

centre is working like a stuntman. another stunt for international claim that kashmir is integral part of india and kashmiris are happy to be with india. give him an award and flash on international news that he is a true patriot. if there is a civilian award then many other people are also wothworthy. but the criteria is that get an award if u can praise india through media. civilian awards have been turned into political awards. thousands have laid life but that is not acknowledged by govt. if the claim is that he nutralised 5000 millitants. how many of them were civilians postered as millitants for personal gains….. the only thing is that truth never prevails over politics……

Posted by emm99 | Report as abusive

To me it isn’t a surprise that a person, Mumae Kanna who unleashed a reign of terror in the past decade has been awarded with Padma Shri by Indian Government. The idea is simple: These awards are meant for rendering “nationalistic” services for the indian Union. What could be a better choice than this person who would behead the innocent Kashmiris without donning the Indian military fatigues!!! I hope the section of Kashmiri people who are crying foul over the issue are the enemies of the Kashmiris and pals of “democratic” India.

Posted by kashur | Report as abusive

It is quiet arduous to understand why Momma Kana has been given the award — Padma Shri. It speaks about the strategy and the intention of the so called indian democracy to encourage the evil elements in a society.
Kana has just helped India in killing the common people and, in fact, has a direct involvement in hundreds of such cases. Talking to a Journalist yesterday Kana asserted that he was involved in the killing and arrest of almost 5000 people in Kashmir (militants, seperatists and the common people).
This is how India boosts terrorism across the world, and then blames Pakistan and other nations for the same. This sample also unveils the brutal face of the “Indian democracy” and the setup of their activities to crush the people of Kashmir.
At the end of day, it doesn’t pinch me as a common Kashmiri that bad people are doing bad things for they are made to do the same, what pinches me is the silence of good people over the activities of bad”.
Even if india will establish a huge platform for such cruel ideologies by encouraging them giving awards, they will have to leave My Kashmir sooner or later, for the falsehood and evil deeds are doomed to perish.

Posted by iqbalbai | Report as abusive

The Government of India has at last done and acted in a true manner as they should have done long time back. Mr. Mir in fact should have been honored long back so that many more youngsters in the valley would have been motivated to follow his path of a true national and a true son of the soil.
Those youngsters who have joined hands with the foreign invaders and become part of the terrorists squads only to help them in their anti-human campaign of disturbing the peace and tranquility of the valley by encouraging genocide in the valley and exploiting the innocent masses, have only acted in a anti-human manner against the will of Allah and his message of love and compassion.

Posted by Ashok1 | Report as abusive

People of Kashmir r already alienated from India, by conferring Padma Shri to Mumkanna, the govt of India has publically shown that they are intellectually bankrupt.. How can Prof Amitabh Mattu n Mumkanna be clubed together?
It reminds me of an old kashmiri saying, “KATTI SHAH JAHAN TE KATTI GAFFAR CHAN.”

Posted by Umer.Asim | Report as abusive

no one knows what it al is about. all the things are so much confusing……… god knows what more is left to see… how much more wounds ar to be sufered..

Posted by true112 | Report as abusive

This is how India boosts terrorism across the world, and then blames Pakistan and other nations for the same. This sample also unveils the brutal face of the “Indian democracy” and the setup of their activities to crush the people of Kashmir.

Posted by ahtishaan11 | Report as abusive

it is like state sponsored aggression getting awarded and accoladed. Indian democracy is a farce in kashmir and this act proves it once again.

Posted by true112 | Report as abusive

Since when did Kashmiris start thinking of people like Farooq Abdullah as sane.It is not at all enexpected of people like him to sponsor names of people like Kanna for Padamshree.At the same time it is a shame for people like Hamid Kashmiri to accept such an award.

Posted by purekoshur | Report as abusive

Can anything make out a stronger case for abolishing these politically controlled awards than what has happened this year with Chatwal and Mir?

Mir may have been an anti-insurgent but because of that he took advantage to hold his own countrymen to the gun. To those who applaud him for leashing a war on terror, please think also about the number of Kashmiri youth who took to militancy to escapeof the terror Mir unleashed on them with his militia.

The National awards are being systematically degraded to become a national shame.

Posted by DaraIndia | Report as abusive

i would simply term it as a mistake of the government. more than the awards we have to discuss its controversies. it is very unfortunate. law stands nowhere. forget people. we are being ruled by people who have pending cases against them. so anything is possible in a country that is governed lawless. i fail to understand that a common man in kashmir has to face problems of verification for passport or job. but for national awards pending cases have no existence. in how many more ways the ulers try to show that we are at their behest?

Posted by shanny334 | Report as abusive

alienation???? it seems as if common kashmiriz dont exist for new delhi. as per my knowledgw it is meant to be a civilian award and should be judged by civiians. the question should be how many locals knew that he was nominated…. all happens behind the curtains… these awards should be renamed as surprise awards

Posted by moo89 | Report as abusive

not a big deal…. there always are anti nationalist ( anti kashmiris) living in kashmir. this is no big deal to confer him award. why should we bother about indian awards. we dream of free kashmir. these awards hold no value to us. just take it as another way adopted by india to lower our moral of freedom.

Posted by tempest | Report as abusive

it is good that kashmiriz are appreciated at national level. now the govt seems to take the population seriously. but if the cases against him are true and he has acted against people and killed innocents then he should be awarded gallows rather than padma… i hope truth prevails

Posted by usha.c | Report as abusive

padma shri is a dream award for any true nationalist. the awardees themselves should keep the respect for the awards in their mind. positive achievements are always accompanied with negative achievements. awarding mir might be unaccepted for by many people, but the wider fact is that kashmiriz are not seperated from india. so there isnt any alienation. it is just a weak and lobbyed selection system

Posted by 2sweet | Report as abusive

and moreover, we all stand united. todays intellect youth knows what perspires at top admin level. we love kashmiris as any other people within the country. let all stand united as true countrymen and dont bother about rulers

Posted by 2sweet | Report as abusive

i dont understand what is its relation to alienating kashmir. the same award has been earlier given to other people amidst controversies. say sant chatwal. does in that case mean entire population is alienated. we must say whether he deserves the award or not. and certainly not discuss alienation as it never causes that

Posted by urmi51 | Report as abusive

whatever is related to kashmir-india get attached to controversies… where does the trouble lie? yes the people of the valley have been isolated. this is just one instance of many. to me it is a showoff to all the people that support india, good way or bad way, you will definately get rewarded.

Posted by andrewzz | Report as abusive

and ya. i was just thinking of how the people and government of india will react if hafeez saeed or salahuddin is given any pakistani national award for their pakistani nationalism.

Posted by andrewzz | Report as abusive

its extremely embarrasing to see Mir being nominated for an award like will be yet another chance for kashmiris to see what kind of values does india uphold as a political entity… it is dishonour to all the earlier deserving recipients of this award…shame to all who decide on this nomination…even if india revokes this decision,yet it stands exposed once again…

Posted by ishrat | Report as abusive

Every body should now one think, GOI cant be a ruler in any of the state in india, because India is a union of states that mean its like a united states,all the states are form together is called united india, because of the state CM and other kashmir officer are fully responsible to declare the name Padma Shri. one think remember you dear people of kashmir we are free nationalist , find the truth behind and prove it to the GOI through any kind of media

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