Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar?

March 3, 2010

CRICKET-SAFRICA/The Maharashtra government is going to recommend Sachin Tendulkar for the country’s highest recognition — Bharat Ratna.

Not only politicians of various hues but former cricketers have also rooted for Tendulkar.

Calls for the award have become louder after Tendulkar achieved the rare feat of a double century in the one-day format.

In the event Tendulkar does get this honour, he will be the first sportsman and the youngest person to be so felicitated.

Should he be awarded the highest national honour?

The case for it seems quite strong.

Tendulkar’s greatness in various formats of the game is acknowledged by his peers, seniors, spectators and statisticians alike.

One argument against conferring the award is that he is too young — keeping in mind that the award in many cases has been given posthumously.

But while a politician can be active in politics till death and an artiste can keep performing till the very end, a sportsperson’s achievements are telescoped in terms of the years he is active.

It may be safely said that Tendulkar is nearer the end of his career than the beginning. And the time is ripe for a stocktaking of his contributions to the game and the country.

The fact that the award so far has only gone to politicians, artistes (the last three recipients) or scientists/academicians seems more an argument for extending its ambit.

A Twitter comment read: “Bharat Ratna to Sachin Tendulkar? Bharat Ratna has lost its value. Invent a new award.”

If it is so felt, can there be a better opportunity to rehabilitate the award itself by giving it to someone with impeccable credentials and popularity?

As for inventing a new award it may be safely wagered that one will be named after the superlative Sachin sooner or later.

Moreover, the Bharat Ratna was conferred only thrice in the last decade.

In a country of over a billion people can we not find one person to honour every year?

Is it justified to linger when a clear choice presents itself?

Or are we prepared to answer the charge that Indians recognise people only after they have been honoured outside the country?

The only catch is that the Bharat Ratna is “given for exceptional service towards advancement of Art, Literature and Science, and in recognition of Public Service of the highest order”.

So an award for Tendulkar has to be justified in terms of public service.

Think JRD Tata, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa — all past awardees.

Tendulkar has entertained and embodied the hopes of a billion-plus population for two decades but does that qualify as “public service of the highest order”?

(PHOTO: Sachin Tendulkar celebrates his double century during the second one-day international cricket match between India and South Africa teams in Gwalior February 24, 2010. REUTERS/Punit Paranjpe)


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I’m not against sachin or any athlete else,but don’t give bharat ratna to players/actors.

Soldiers,a good writer,a good doctor,a scientist,a good teacher are much greater and deserves than athletes.

leave it as a game and think once who is really useful for a nation or entire world.

they earned millions of money with craziness of fans and don’t believe that they are real heroes.just entertainers’s enough!

Posted by Suchithra | Report as abusive

bad analysis
un matured comment
every body know it
u r not only who think about this

it is already classified category

what to do with soldiers
there is many awards for them
better than this
bharat ratna

so stop commenting like this

Posted by roop279 | Report as abusive

@ Suchithra

Athletes are entertainers, agreed. Who said its not public service.
Soldiers,a good writer,a good doctor,a scientist,a good teacher are much greater and deserves than athletes?????
Dont agree to it. Everyone follows their passion and try to do a good job. U can not compare two ppl from different professions.
Sachin never played for money. He may have played for 100’s than wins!! its still arguable though.
Infact Sachin started playing when there was no money in cricket. He is not like Dhoni etc., It was his passion, look at the joy in his face on the field even after 20 yrs. I am sure u never have it on ur face after u do the same job for 20 yrs.

Posted by alexDrison | Report as abusive

we back no to BR-award to mr.sachin, Olympics is must bigger event than socalled cricket played mostly in 5-8 places. Immense-pride for Nation with Olympics vs others.

Suchithra made it clear and you roop229 be mature, stop bad analysis-first follow yourself.

‘I’m not against sachin or any athlete else,but don’t give bharat ratna to players/actors.

Soldiers,a good writer,a good doctor,a scientist,a good teacher are much greater and deserves than athletes.

leave it as a game and think once who is really useful for a nation or entire world.

they earned millions of money with craziness of fans and don’t believe that they are real heroes.just entertainers’s enough!’

SAY NO & Act now, BR-AWARD IS NOT CAKE From Sponsers…

Posted by Hindustanee | Report as abusive

@Suchithra – just a small history lesson for you…

The following receipients of Bharat Ratna were all performers and were credited for their superior abilities in what they do:
– Satyajit Ray
– M S Subbalakshmi
– Ravi Shankar
– Lata Mangeshkar
– Bismillah Khan
– Bhimsen Joshi

I am unable to comprehend how an athlete is different from these performers!

Posted by aka666 | Report as abusive


“.. so-called cricket is played in 6-8 places..”

For the record, International Cricket Council has 104 member countries and there are in total 223 countries in the world, making it 46.6%. Also, I wonder how many places Sitar is played for Ravi Shankar to get the BR award! (mind you, I’m not discounting his expertise in playing the instrument)

As the name of the award says, it is “bharat ratna” – the jewel of India – who ever makes India feel proud deserves this award.

Posted by aka666 | Report as abusive

I think, Sachin is already a Bharat Ratna; at present, he is perhaps the only most popular personality in India who makes all Indians very happy with his feats. We all love his respect for the game, and his achievements. However as far as Bharat Ratna award is concerned, the only technical problems one may see, are whether Tendulkar’s outstanding athleticism be justified in terms of public service and the other is his younger age. I believe inspiring billions people in many ways; not just by the way of sports, is an incredible public service itself. Once again, I think, SRT is already a Bharat Ratna, the award does make no difference. When SRT himself has expressed that he is interested to focus on his game, politicians and media should refrain themselves from making it an issue, otherwise little master would have to come forward to explain that he is happy with his game and the love and honors so far he has received in India.

Posted by Pawank | Report as abusive

Friends, I feel very concerned about our Indian people mentality these days and especially school & college going kids…Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian award given by Indian government to honour any civilian in India..Everybody knows what a civilian exactly means. It doesn’t have any category…In the case of Sachin Tendulkar, no one can question his integrity, Sportsmanship, exemplary behaviour, being a role model to younger generation etc etc…Leave his records and the money he earned, see his commitment, positive approach, carrying the pride of India more than two decades…I made a habit of reading about Sachin Tendulkar when i feel i need to be motivated and my kids will have that too…Sachin deserves it morally & politically…

Posted by Psycs | Report as abusive

@Sachin never played for money. He may have played for 100’s than wins!! its still arguable though.
Infact Sachin started playing when there was no money in cricket. He is not like Dhoni etc.”
—Yes very arguable and let us not think about Dhoni like that–times have changed.
Posted by alexDrison

@Sachin deserves it morally & politically…
Posted by Psycs

-It is not so easy to justify him. I admire SRT more than I can express. But my question to those who want Bharat Ratan award for Sachin is why not give to hockey legend Dhyan Chand who made Indian the king of hockey for a long time and brought Olympic golds and captivated Hitler and Mohammad Ali? He definitely did not play for money. He was magician. No body asked Sachin to change his bat since it could be special, but Dhyan Chand was asked in case his hockey stick is special. How many goals he scored?

Also, why not give it to Don Bradman (Bharat Ratna does not know any boundaries). Can we justify that Sachin is better than Don Bradman and Dhyan Chand?

Here is a case for Dhyan Chand il/item314176/%22Give-Bharat-Ratna-to-Dh yan-Chand%22/

My take: Let us leave sports aside and not be included in this category.

Posted by RajeevK | Report as abusive


I wish you would have considered other sports persons like Dhyan Chand and Don Bradman in your article.

Tell me which is more unlikely based upon the achievements: another Sachin will be born in future or another hockey player like Dhyan Chand? It seems unlikey that any player can match the achievements and artistry of Dhyan Chand. il/item314176/%22Give-Bharat-Ratna-to-Dh yan-Chand%22/

If Bharat Ratna has to go to this category, it should go to Dhyan Chand. “Chand” meaning moon was given by his coach that will shine one day, much before he became famous. Not very far from Bharat Ratan. Quite a case we have here for Dhyan Chand.

But I will say leave these sports people out and create another award that is not routinely given but is given to gems only.

We Indian are very emotional but let us think straight and analyze properly. Opinions can not be right or wrong, mostly but poor analysis can happen in emotional rush.

Posted by RajeevK | Report as abusive

How could you compare some one like Sachin ( A tax cheat) who plays for personal gains with people like Kalam who dedicated his whole life to the country. Kalam worked and lived for the country where as Sachin work and live for his own personal gains. Please do not reduce the standard of Bharat Ratna by granting that to him. There are more deserving candidates in ISRO.

Posted by rcv | Report as abusive

He is Tax cheat though.

Posted by rcv | Report as abusive

@row – Sachin, a tax cheat? If you are working in a MNC, for the amount of salary you are getting, most of the companies arrange for a tax consultant to prepare papers and if you are not filing it it would be deducted from salary…Sachin plays 210 days of competetive cricket and practicsing for the same, he spends rest of his balance time with his family…He may have chartered accountants for preparing tax papers and paying tax…If you tell him a cheat, did you mean to say that he called up his auditors not to pay tax this year? I beleive this site don’t allow abuses…Did you had an extra bowl of stupidity yesterday to write a comment like that?

Posted by Psycs | Report as abusive

@ rajeevk – Friend, Dhyan Chand is really a magician..We all accept it. That is the reason i specifically wrote Sachin deserves it morally & politically…See the impression sachin left on highly corrupt Indian political structure? You should be an angelic spirit to escape conspiracy from politicians, dangerous criticism from media and religious based parties especially if you are a celebrity…It is not like old days, with modern mass media have ears all over to write anything and everything to anyone who read, see or listen…It needs a superhuman human effort to be a gentleman even if you are a gentle man and then think about something lower…Sachin had kept his modest nature even at this stage of countless praise, glory & Money…Nothing to take away from Dhyan Chand…He too deserves Bharat Ratna.

Posted by Psycs | Report as abusive

to all the people who commented with a “no” and the critics above :

pls remember that we all are mere mortals, and do not even have a right to talk about SRT…he is way above it his dedication, his generosity, his contribution to the game etc..

to the person who said SRT is a tax cheat – SRT is the highest tax paying sportsperson in India ! Infact he is in the list of the top 100 tax payers in India…! Do you whats the population of India – 100 crores…how many people pay tax – 4%…which is 4 crores…SRT is among the top 100 from those 4 crores !

also..just because Dhyan Chand or some other deserving individual didnt receive, shouldnt mean that SRT’s fate should be the same..its like our forefathers didnt have electricity, tv we too should live in darkness !! how ridiculous does this sound !

to the person who said that ISRO deserves it : I am sure it does…pls ensure that people talk about its achievements..publicize it etc !!

Lastly, SRT is a person who is way way above all..yet remains down to earth always…let us all as Indians support the cause …

happy weekend people !

Posted by genx1981 | Report as abusive

@He is Tax cheat though.
Posted by rcv

rcv: hey, could you share more or are you done?

@Nothing to take away from Dhyan Chand…He too deserves Bharat Ratna.
Posted by Psycs

Psycs: I am SRT fan and was going to vote YES until I thought to check the reports. I find Dhyan Chand’s case more compelling any day. His contributions remain immortal.

@also..just because Dhyan Chand or some other deserving individual didnt receive, shouldnt mean that SRT’s fate should be the same..its like our forefathers didnt have electricity, tv we too should live in darkness !! how ridiculous does this sound !”
Posted by genx1981

genx1981: Bharat Ratna Award can be given posthumously, what stops that being given to Dhyan Chand.

Posted by RajeevK | Report as abusive

For the present players/actors/politicians/bureaucrats/a ctivists/tycoons with enormous power or pelf may be excluded from the consideration for the award of Padma Vibhusan or Bharat Ratna.Sacrifice,austerity and selflessness may be primary attributes before assessing the eligibility.Deviation from this principle will amount to encouragement of hedonism

Posted by bakwas | Report as abusive

I dont see any necessity to confer “Bharat Ratna”.Bhrat Ratna should be given to the persons who have inspired people in to their better livlihood or making some sense in the society or fighted for the freedom of the people.Sachin never made that he for himself played and made ads to fill his pocket.And people who making this news are very painful to the Bharath.Only like few persons who awarded the Bharat Ratna like Rajiv gandhi ,MGr bcause of them only he deserves…

Posted by jayak | Report as abusive

Forget BR – Sachin for PM!

Posted by Purrag | Report as abusive

I m in favour of “Bharat Ratna” to Sahin Tendulkar , not because i m a die heart fan of him like billions of other indians, but he deserve for this beacase of his excellence in his profession, and its inspirational for every indian.

Posted by B.S.Chodhary | Report as abusive

SACHIN is a true legend and a true brand ambassdar of the game, above all the cricketer…. He really had entertain billions of people for last 20 years with great dedications towards the game and with hugh expectations of all peoples. Billions of people loved you Sachin u make our country proud. Just salute to the great man.

Posted by pradeep_pp | Report as abusive

Cricket in true sense is an art-form in itself. Mastering any art form requires great sense of devotion, hard work and perseverance.

Sachin has truly mastered art of cricket no other being on this planet is even closer to him when it comes to fill people with joy and awe. Add to this the immense pressure of a billion people looking at him to deliver and yet he has solidified the never say die spirit and continues to do so since two decades.

Inspiring people believe to think and do unbelievable is true public service by any standards.

Sachin Deserves “BHARAT RATNA”.

Posted by vijayapte | Report as abusive

whether ppl like it or not.He is India’s greatest sporting hero and is on par with Pele,Maradona,Federer,Rod Laver,Schumacher,Mhd.Ali
Why always politicians should get it? If Sachin doesn’t get Bharat Ratna it will be as blasphemous as Gandhiji not getting Nobel Peace Award.

Posted by Legendkiller | Report as abusive

Bharat Ratna should be given to guys like Rana Sanga, Chatrapati Shivaji, Udham Singh, Bhagat Singh who sacrificed their lives for the country. Sachin, Dhyanchand etc got what they deserved for their excellence, which is recognition, fame. I feel sorry for hockey and non cricket players for they don’t get same money as cricketers but coveted awards should be for those who lay down their life fighting for country. Politicians, musicians, actors, sports persons etc reap the benefit of their efforts during lifetime.

Posted by Bharateey | Report as abusive

Instead, freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were labeled terrorists.

Shame on these scholars/politicians. arat.htm

Posted by RajeevK | Report as abusive

Its time to Support the Legend… &ref=ts&gid=337195967155

Posted by pansome | Report as abusive

Sachin doesn’t need support. People need his performance to support themselves and drink some elixhir of pride provided by Sachin’s batting demolishing best of attacks. Sachin provides people with rare moment to be proud of and inspiration that folks of this nation can do something than getting beaten by every tom dick and harry of world. As far as Bharat Ratna is concerned, highest awards should be left for people who sacrifice their lives for the country.

Posted by Bharateey | Report as abusive

Pls don’t make this award ALTU FHALTU.
Yes Sachin is a Very Good player, but not belongs for Bharat Ratna Award.His achievement is remain with him, he is playing with to earn money.
I think u know he is not pay the tax for his Imported Car BMW

With his profession he is doing a buisness, earning mor & more money. Can you here ever Sachin open a Cricket school at any village, all we know Cricket profession is only for Higher & upper higher class.

Its a very jokeful, If we thinking for Sachin then why Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Laxmi Mittal is not get awarded by Bharat Ratna.

All this person is suitable for this Award than Sachin.They make India educated, economically, employed lakhs of Indian and takes Indian all over the world.

We already make a wrong decision to give this to Lata Mangeshkar, she is only a good singer why this award is not given to Kranti Jyoti Savitribai Fhule, first teacher in women.Lata mangeshkar is elected at Rajyasabha but not put up a single problem of Women, lower class or middle class. She was the only person whose absenteeism was more.

Before deciding this we have to make some measure

What he make which affects the Indian Society in terms of growth, for lowering Indian poverty, Indian Racialism, how many State, City or village get educated by Sachin or How many person get employed by Sachin.

Why we are tryimg to sit in the row of that Legends, they make India because of that they awarded as Bharat Ratna.

Yes there should be highest award in Game like Bharat Khel Ratna.

Posted by Rahulashu | Report as abusive

actually i realy dont no why every one is telling about money and wats wrong in there if he is earning money.only because he is earning money he shouldn’t get bharat ratna, unbelievable man.i believe that all depends on votes and if more than 50% people’s think its right sachin desrves it.on the other hand no one said that dont giv bharat ratna to soldier’s,scientist,etc or if sachin get’s bharat ratna than importance of that bharat ratna will become less.

Posted by abhiraj | Report as abusive

Actually, Bharat Ratna should feel honoured with Sachin……

and even this world’s highest honour may be nobel prize (if it was for sports ), must have been bestowed to sachin, no that particular honour would have felt honoured to perpetuaity .

look, at my points in detail aspects…

Its crystal clear, that sachin is the person to influence 120 crores indians in this modern era (each indian), it was Gandhiji previously.

Now what is his influence or total impact on us or even the planet at large?

Looking by his karma gestures n humbleness, on india in particular n world in general, no one ever has given (not achieved ) more in the modern era .

What has he given (not looking at what has he achieved’s angle), happiness, self belief ,joy, true art , majesticity,confidence.
n countless more undefined.

he earns crores but thats a medium of life, do we want materialstic pleasures really, or the art of spirituality.

spirituality coz… when a person becomes higher than his karma, he attains salvation or moksha.

just look at him n u wud see he has achieved that, n we hav got some of it by sheer watchin him.

and for critics, good n correct criticism is important but wud u criticize the SUN for burning us to flames of envy,jealousness n

SACHIN is the world’s only modern surviving legend till now in his 37 years in this planet.

so “Sachin being GOD of cricket” is correctly hailed in this quote is enough to justify that he is a special creation of THE GOD.

Posted by vijaykhortha | Report as abusive

yes sachin should be giveb bharat ratna.

Posted by vijaykhortha | Report as abusive

BHARAT RATNA = Bharat (India) ka Ratna (Jewel).

Ask Yourself! isn’t Sachin Tendulkar a Jewel from India?? Isn’t he the Only Jewel in Cricket. Isn’t he the only Person to HOLD ALL THE CRICKET RECORDS. If he is a good person at heart and plays for India all at his soul, HE MUST BE AWARDED!!!!!

Posted by Kaash | Report as abusive

sachin is not holier than thou! he is happy to play ipl to make million bucks but not interested in playing T20 world cup for India..that makes very him very patriotic son of India !!!!

Posted by twitters | Report as abusive

He can play for IPL because he gets huge money, which is not there when he play for India in T20 world cup.
Secondly he is going for holidays to Europe with family which is more important rather than playing the T20 W/C

He has entertained us by his big hits but haven’t we paid him from our pockets to make him the richest cricketer of India ?

Posted by | Report as abusive

when sachin hits a six we all be happy forgetting our all tension or pain.
Till he remains in pitch we keep hoping that we can win.
Oponents keep their mouth shut.
when he makes india win or scores a hundred we feel proud on ourself and relaxed,
overjoyed as if we have achieved something personally…
other contries,including our most enemy country pakinstan.. plan a game just keeping him in mind…thats makes us proud.
they are jaleous and we are happy that we our team has been blessed a man whom the WHOLE WORLD says “The Master Blaser”.He is the only one whose name is now taken before Sir Bradmen.
He is a nobel person,most important a very simple and being so rich and Big keeps his attitude down to earth still after so many years of success. (see the attitude of dhoni or youvraj on their face).
Always gives his best in his field.A total trustworthy and loyal..for his game.
what more quality is needed in a Bharat Ratn.
People get awarded at the end our their career
He is also ending his career…pls vote for him to get BHARAT RATN…its my personal request from indians
There is not need for him to prove himself for Bharat Ratn..see his records no one in the history of cricket has done what he has done.Not a single cricket professional has even reached nearer to his records…(he is also a human being like others) that shows his dedication,commitment,hardwork,honesty,c onsistency in his profession.
whenver cricket’s name will comes sachin’s name will also come that means the name of INDIA will come.

what more a single man can brings for his country.
I know one thing that Jealous people will always criticise weather awarded or not Sachin is a real BHARAT RATN.

and if we talk about doing something for peoples, I think making the people happy,giving him the sense of pride,
filling them with the emotion for their county is enough.
i know at some controversy is said he belongs to india first and then maharashtra and people stoodby him across the nation.
If there is point for servicing for people i want to know what Bismillah Khan,Lata mageshkar,A P J Abdul Kalam and other have done for people excluding some…every one is a master in any single field.

we should encourage him to do gud for his country in future after cricket by awarding him.

and if there is a question of making money…my answer is.. if there is a money in the field of cricket and
offers comes to him then why shall he deny and we dont have any problem of it if he is earning moreover he only has made indian cricket that much hit and populer in last two deceds that offer of very high price come to only crickers…there are alkhs of people who just see cricket because they are impressed and want to see sachin playing.
and last but not least.. i dont know but some one says above that he has not paid the tax of BMW car…my answer is… one reason is not enough to disqualify him from the race of Bharat Ratn you need to bring per he is the heighest tax paying sportsman in india.

Posted by rinku84negi | Report as abusive

Bharat Ratna is to be given to any person who exceeds in any field and contributes for India.And Mr Sachin Tendulkar is the right choice.He is contributing for his nation from long years and now its time that people award him for his excellence in cricket.
Don’t we,people of India are proud of saying that Sachin belongs to my country.Then why not award him.He is a true and living example of sportsmenship.
Sachin Tendulkar is a good choice.India has won many of its matches relying on him.The only question people ask is that “Is sachin playing or is he out”.If he is out then many get disappointed.And if he is playing then they say “India will easily win”.

Posted by swapharry | Report as abusive

ya sachin should get bharat ratna, we should be very proud for that. we are very thankful to god becoz we live in this century where we get the apportunity to see a man like sachin tendulkar.

Posted by jazzrahul | Report as abusive

After reading this forum and does some research,
If we started giving Bharat Ratna for sports then it would be Dhyan first as he is the first contributor and also to the National game of INDIA … we should not change the scared roots as something comes in between …

Cricket is not over national game and sachin contributed after Dhyan …

And if we start sports into this why cant we start cinema and award many persons ….

Posted by rgh | Report as abusive