Chandrayaan finds water ice on moon

March 3, 2010


After India’s first lunar mission Chandrayaan – 1 found evidence of water on the moon’s surface, scientists have now discovered more than 40 small craters with water ice on the moon.  

Chandrayaan – 1 carried a NASA radar on board which has detected deposits of water ice at both poles of the moon. 

Many scientists believe the discovery is very significant. They say water ice could serve as a natural resource for future lunar mission landings, can be liquefied into drinking water and water components could be used to provide breathing air and rocket fuel. 

Could this breakthrough unravel much more about the lunar space and the solar system? 

Space scientist and former Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chief, G. Madhavan Nair called this the “finding of the millennium”. 

Do you think this discovery will lead to sustainable human presence on the moon? 

Nair also believes that Chandrayaan – 2, India’s planned second lunar mission, could be taken to that region, could go further deep than the NASA radar (Mini-SAR) and substantiate the evidence found by Chandrayaan – 1. 

Has India made a place for itself in space exploration with its first lunar mission itself? Also, will these discoveries change the way we look at the moon?


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Posted by Saanya | Report as abusive

I truly wish we can do all what ISRO claims with water sources on moon. Maybe, using this fuel, we will be able to travel double the distance from what we are today. Also, idea of human colony is not far fetched. Wow! so where did you go for weekend Sam. Oh! I just went to moon, for a change, to visit my in-laws.

Posted by viga | Report as abusive

@Do you think this discovery will lead to sustainable human presence on the moon?
—-One got be expert to answer this. Great job ISRO!

Posted by RajeevK | Report as abusive

What’s the realty rate on moon?

Posted by Bharateey | Report as abusive

There is also the water in vapour form that ISRO’s CHACE instrument found. I am surprised why Nair is silent about its findings?

Posted by lvs | Report as abusive

Even if Isro or nasa can convert the water to a breathable atmosphere will the moon’s gravitational field be able to hold the atmosphere together. As you know its the earths gravitational feild thats holds our atmosphere together. But the moon’s gravitational feild is just 1/6th of that of the earth’s. Do ISRO or NASA have any ideas of increasing the moons gravitational feild? If so great job……….

Posted by AjayFrancis | Report as abusive