Reactions to the Kasab verdict

May 6, 2010

A Mumbai court sentenced to death Pakistani citizen Mohammad Ajmal Kasab over the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Here are some reactions from people in New Delhi.


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Capital punishment ? thats all?

Now he can stay in the news for next 5-10 years more with his mercy pleas , and then with the 10years of jail certificate under his belt , who knows , he might just launch himself into politics.

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I must not sound like a mindless murderer…..but i am very good at writing , well there are some kids who born after kasab started killing the innocent people and some unfortunate kids will die with some or other reason but kasab may still be alive……!
I dont support killing of any human being…..and i wont support the hanging or kasab but thanz god he has proved himself not being a human…..! so the fast they hang him ….the better.hope they feel the same what those people are feeling whom kasab and his gang has done.

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