Comments on: U.N. concerned over Kashmir unrest Perspectives on South Asian politics Thu, 02 Jun 2016 08:03:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: selfkashmire Tue, 19 Jun 2012 05:26:20 +0000 why India govt.tell the world kashmir is a part of our land why india govt,tell this state belongs for us why not UN understand over illness why!!!!! i search the answer can one time come u realized that someone less in our problem’s…i hope one day come that someone see our problem…….

By: eryes Thu, 11 Nov 2010 13:28:36 +0000 kahsmiris who wnt independece arnt bloody traitors you idiots. kashmriis are apeopel and they consider themsleves differnt to idnians – and they wre independent before india shoved thier flag over them
theyre patriots. theyre fighting for ther people. they cnsider their peole kashmiris!

tell me is india fighting for pakistanis? no? why not after all we share blood, historyc, culture, lingusitics. becase we have drawn a line ebtween idnia and pakistan. so we conider our own different to paksitan.

does india fight for afghansitan and iran? no ? why not, go back far enough and we were all indo-iranians! because we do not parade under the idno-iranian banner. similiry kahsmiris dont parade under the idnian banner and they dont have to if they dont want to.

By: Hameem Thu, 23 Sep 2010 11:49:19 +0000 Well,don’t try to divide our Kashmir into sects just for your national interests. You people have’nt spared anyone in Kashmir. Indian forces have been killing children 90yrs.
In fact Shia community has been playing greater role in on going freedom struggle. All heads of Shias are Leaders of Hurriat conference.
Not only shias but also gojar bakrwal, parhis and even Pandiths like R.C. Kak (PM of Maharaja Hari Singh), Pitamber Nath Dhar (famour Kashmiri poet), Prem Nath Bazaz and hundrends of others have been either exiled or killed for raising voices for right to self determination.
And another lie you put here is about Muslim %age here. According to International census committee J&K has 90%muslim population.

By: IndiaFirstHand Sat, 14 Aug 2010 14:25:30 +0000 People who claim that they want an independent Kashmir are not being realistic. The independence claim is only made in J&K but not in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) or the part of Kashmir given to China by Pakistan.

The right of self determination will also not work. The 40% of Kashmiris who are Hindu, Buddhist and others will want their Kashmir to be part of India . In addition I also believe that the Shia Muslims who are also the victims of this Sunni-led militancy would want their own space as well. So we will be back to square one.

Limited autonomy is the only practical answer. hmir-self-determination-or-self-delusion  /

By: kashur123 Fri, 06 Aug 2010 12:11:04 +0000 Despite damage control efforts, a diplomatic feud rages over remarks that were put out by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s office last week, which called for calm in Kashmir and indicated support for the composite dialogue between India and Pakistan. The UN appears to be backtracking on its position after India has registered a complaint that the remarks were unwarranted. India wanted the UN to distance itself from the remarks that it asserts are being used by separatists and Pakistan government to claim that the international community is on their side. The UN communicated to the Indian government that the remarks were not a statement made by the Secretary General but a “press guidance that was taken out of context.” Ban’s chief spokesperson Martin Nesirky said that this information was not a statement made by Ban but it was “information provided by the Secretariat (and) distributed by the spokesperson’s office.” Ban’s associate spokesperson Farhan Haq, who is of Pakistani-origin, who originally sent the information by e-mail to journalists, said that while this was not a statement made by Ban, “it was all generated by the UN.” Despite India’s objections, Haq has maintained that the contents of the e-mail reflected the views of the UN chief. The nature of the remarks, however, does not sound like a “press guidance” and at this point the UN is struggling to resolve the situation without completely disowning its remarks. The e-mail circulated by Haq had said that Ban was “concerned” over the prevailing security situation in Kashmir over the past one month and called on “all concerned to exercise utmost restraint and address problems peacefully.”

By: drshugufta Fri, 06 Aug 2010 11:52:39 +0000 When the UN made a statement on Kashmir, then stepped away from it and blamed it on an Associate Spokesman, there was more than met the eye. Inner City Press has inquired and finds the following: the initial response on the violence in Kashmir was produced by the UN Department of Political Affairs, in what is called it “morning prayers” meeting, chaired by DPA chief Lynn Pascoe.
Then, even before the statement was released, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s chief of staff Vijay Nambiar, a former Indian diplomat and intelligence operative, edited the statement, “watering it down” as one senior UN official puts it.

After UN Associate Spokesman Farhan Haq emailed the statement to four journalists and it was published, the Indian Mission to the UN protested. They came to meet with the UN, Mr. Nambiar, for more than two hours. Apparently, Nambiar did not fully disclose his initial role in editing the statement.

By: Seth09 Fri, 06 Aug 2010 02:29:53 +0000 “There is blood of innocent children and teenagers spilled on the streets of Kashmir ”

Absolutely agree! Teenagers and children are totally innocent and it is so unfortunate for them to be part of all this. Instead, their parents should be prosecuted for criminal negligence by putting their kids into dangerous situations.

By: RajeevK Thu, 05 Aug 2010 17:32:30 +0000 @where every Kashmiris is considered dangerous and a terriortist…”
–Posted by mnadish

—Avoid posting what is not true. In India, most of people genuinely believe kashmir and Kashmiris are part of India, remaining believe Kashmiris are genetle people who are sandwiched between terrorism by pakistan and Indian Army. There is always a small fraction that might represent your view, but that does not mean that is the general view of a kashmiri.

Get rid of your misperceptions.

By: sbals Thu, 05 Aug 2010 17:01:47 +0000 I am not understanding the situation at all. India has border in all places.. West Bengal has border with East Bengal.. Army is not killing any Bengali there.. Bihar and UP is having Border with Nepal.. Army is not killing any people there.. There were trouble in SriLanka and Army was not killing any people from Tamilnadu.. The issue is simple.. All these places.. the citizens of India keep the integrity with India and its security forces and create that trust.. In Kashmir may be some people are turning traitors… Mr. Omar Abdulla, the chief minster himself is Kashmiri. His entire family is Kashmiris.. The entire Nehru family is Kashmiri’s .. SO every Indian see them as representation of Kashmir.. not some separatists who is creating problem in the valley..The people we think who represent Kashmir want to be integral part of India and to have a peaceful life.. and that what we believe..

By: RajeevK Thu, 05 Aug 2010 16:40:31 +0000 @The situation is getting worse and uglier by the day for the hapless people of the valley and can only become disastrous for them unless the U.N. intervenes and fulfills its moral and legal obligation towards the people of Jammu & Kashmir.
Posted by haleema11

—Now that Pakistan has fulfilled its promise of “self-determination” in Azad Kashmir, it is time India does something about it. What do you think haleema11?

Why don;t we hear a single word from you about terrorism, err moral support by Pakistan to kashmir cause and the “pre-determination” status (Kashmir banega Pakistan!)given by Pakistan to Kashmiris. Is that all to be pushed under “we do not care about India and Pakistan” carpet?

Why don’t I see Kashmiris being vocal about anti-terrorism stance? or is it support in any form from anywhere that supports K-issue is valid? This must not be interpreted that the “current” problem is or is not Pakistan-induced.

You need to remember that solution to K-issue–whatever that would be–is in the hands of lndian and Pakistani leaders. Indian leaders will be hesitant to to take a stance on K-issue which Indian voters do not support. To get Indian support, Kashmiris need to realize the problems of Indians and see what they say.

Kashmiris need to look at larger picture. First place Kashmiris will get support from in this world is Indian voters, and that support is critical for the issue.