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September 21, 2010

Commonwealth Games closing ceremony

News, views and updates from the Oct 3 – 14 Games in New Delhi. Share your views.

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I was there in Feb/Mar 2010 and said “there’s no way this’ll all come together in time”

Posted by davidbrunn | Report as abusive

Truly sad to see the CWG news. As for scandals, even the Vatican is facing one. Heck with the organizing committee.

Posted by SKrishna | Report as abusive

Undoubtedly, the 19th Commonwealth Games at Delhi, will be labeled as one of the World’s “Greatest Sporting Blunder”

Posted by hariblewett | Report as abusive

Well said, Anuja. “Varying degrees of cleanliess”…??? Heights of irresponsibility! Our Govt. and bureaucrats don’t just make mistakes, they uses their “wisdom” to turn the blame to others! When are we going to stand up like a man and accept our mistake and work on it?

Every thing has a limit, even corruption and self-indulgence should. We should start realizing that every event is not a scheme to make easy money… business IS NOT everything!!! The basic idea of international sports meet like this is never MONEY!! It’s not IPL for God’s sake!

Has anyone ever sat and calculated the amount of money spent for events like IPL, CPL etc? And yet, people from other worlds still call us third-world country, developing country… and somehow, we have grown a prety hard rhino skin on us! Great going!

Posted by Sharit | Report as abusive

Main scourge in India is corruption among the people in power, which feeds into every aspect of the civil mechanism.
Average Indian citizen is hard working and diligent, it is the people in charge of the system are like cancer who feed onto the behemoth like vermin, slowing down progress, which is a direct cause of the failure of the CWG preparation.

If the people in charge like Manmohan, Sonia, Montek, Advani, Rahul, Mmata and the rest does not take serious action against corruption, it is a direct proof they colluding with the people behind corruption.
The first thing India should do is to stop corruption before the country can think of any progress…

Posted by tallgrass5 | Report as abusive

Best thing would be to put Kalmadi and his team to jail with non bailable offenses (treason if required) and a transparent inquiry into the whole eight year loot by a credible non bureaucratic team of investigators. Responsibility should be fixed and money should be recovered by the offenders.

Since the above is not going to happen in a THIRD WORLD democracy as India, the second best thing would be for the participating nations to wake up to the reality of unpreparedness and pull out at this stage and sue the Delhi government for losses occurring because of their unkept promises. Perhaps that will force some of first option.

Posted by Windturner | Report as abusive

I have never felt so shameful and embarrassed in my life, the way I do today. Our “great political leaders”; as habitual; found another great way to accumulate enormous wealth, called “Common Wealth Money Minting Policy”

Well! they have been successful in the loot.

They looted the pride of our nation and left us to shambles.

As i am finding appropriate words to pen down my emotions; tears are rolling down my eyes; with a sad feeling of being helpless.

To our amusement; last week’s newspaper flaunts that India is the third powerful country after the USA and China.

If people utilized and channelized the efforts, talent, dedication and nation’s wealth in the right direction; we could have superseded a lot of powerful nations.

Every political, federal and private body is aware of whats happening; how our nation is molested, raped, brutally murdered.


Has the greed become more intense than rising level of CO2 which causes Global warming.

I pray if a politician is reading my “writeup straight from my heart”; should behead him/herself.

We don’t require parasites, we require leaders.

Posted by Kamalsethi | Report as abusive

yet another Raju scam is not solved and new Raju (PN Raju of PNR Infra) scam has born adding to the bundle of issues. Selection criteria for a contractor is money and caste ism

Posted by cavalier1 | Report as abusive

Recent incident is minimum reward to the country for a contractor company consisting of board members which does not have even a single technical expert with professional experience forming part of the board but only community members with strong political links must visit

Posted by cavalier1 | Report as abusive

I feel a very familiar but most intense (to date) feeling of impotent and helpless anger at the shame that we Indians are being subjected to. I say familiar since this is not the first scam or first instance of absolute failure of of our delivery systems.
It pains me immensely to say that extent of moral and ethical degeneration that has set in our governance is just appalling.I am no longer even sure if we can govern ourselves to create an equitable society.

Posted by Ekinsaan | Report as abusive

When I speak of corruption in political spheres, people often tell me that we are all responsible for this, corruption flows from the common man, if I am so morally strong I should join politics instead of criticising people etc.
Partly, this is true, the corrupion does start from small things like paying bribes to the orderly. But I won’t join politics because I do not understand it at all. And I REFUSE to believe that the hundreds of young Indians joining politics from college levels, are all just power-hungry leeches since Day 1. There must be 10 people at least, in every such 100-s, who have strong morals… what happens to them? Why are we still helpless about our country’s ongoing descent into the black hole of corruption and power? Why we never have any other option to fight it other than commenting in blogs?
Kamalsethi, I feel the helplessness you are feeling… but we are way out of mending… we need an apocalypse… a Judgement Day maybe. As extreme as it sounds, we have pushed ourselves towards it… and no turning back now.

Posted by Sharit | Report as abusive

I wnt to say something to our people & to our media abt CWG. What u al guys are doing you guys are insulting India day by day. Today in newspaper I read that Sydney, Atlanta, Athens, Manchester & Beijing al these citis have hosted Olympics and CWG and they hav also stadium conditions were so messi and Sometimes these cities officials denied to give even transport facility to some countries players.Media I really dont understand What u guys are doing you are showing messi conditions and poor areas & water logging at this stage when players start coming to India. I think players who denied taking participate in CWG they get influence by India media. These show very awesome pics on world television. i just to request people & our media plz plz get some positive behaviour about our country & CWG. I know our govt. is corrupted but else we can do. We have only 1 solution to survive in the world market which is CWG success. So plz wake up think about it.

Posted by abhiacoolguy | Report as abusive

Whatever, Indian emedia is bogus, no doubt in That. TRP is the only thing which they are concerned about. Print media is somewhat better in that respect. If media is really thinking about the CWG and its irregularties, where are they befor 1 year, six months that to two months???? They were busy in Covering cricket news, scandals, spot fixing etc. This is really pity for indian media which doesn’t act in time and when they act they are not constructive. It is true that because of media only things were brought in to order at CWg but that tarnished the image of india globally. Media has to be responsible for everything. Now, out of nothing they are making an issue of Ayodhya and Babri Masjid. What the hell?? Sensitising the people, making the people to react sharply..One of the classis example of that was H1N1 virus spreading..what they did?? Media only spilled the bin, created huge panic. Now what?? Nothng..H1N1 is still there, people are still working..actually some constructive mutations are required for indian media to make them more responsible..

Posted by snsahu | Report as abusive

As everybody knows our national image is hit badly during preparation for the games. Almost every media house is covering minute happening at the village. Unfortunately Little attention has been paid to the other parts of Delhi. No body has paid attention towards the people of Delhi and their sufferings during the preparation. The cooperation extended by Delhi including 30,000 volunteers is still being ignored even after free services.
According to Mr. Mani Shankar 77,000 crores is being spent during this mega event. Do you think that this money can change the image and the looks of Delhi?. if yes,then compare the progress overall Delhi as of now.
Our government actually woke-up late and started work in a hurried manner whether it’s sub standard equipments,purchases of various kinds raw material etc. Red tape played a vital role including every person involved. now comes the blaming policy and shifting the responsibility to other to save your skin from corruption.

who is responsible?

Chairman of OC says he is ready for the inquiry and also states that he deserves the appreciation Award also if not found guilty. he is ready with answers for the future inquiry which he is anticipating. Similarly others are also ready the same way, and we would be fooled again and as the time passes people would forget it and politicians will start-up the new process to convince the masses again. This happens every time in our country. Our attention is always diverted to other issues.

Would you forget?

Posted by scientia | Report as abusive


I am a student at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and am doing a project on understanding the marketing strategy for the Commonwealth Games 2010, and will be coming up with recommendations for improving it.

For the same, I request you to please spare 5 minutes and complete the following survey: keting-Survey-for-the-Common-Wealth-Game s

I would also appreciate if you could post this link on your website.


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Cricket World Cup : The tournament will start with the game between India and Bangladesh on February 19th at Mirpur, Dhaka and tournament will ends with the Final on April 2 in renovated Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

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