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September 30, 2010


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it is an hour now whats the results like????

Posted by Deval | Report as abusive

Good !!

Posted by Gupta.Rajiv | Report as abusive

1/3 to Akhara 1/3 to Hindu Mahasabha 1/3 to Muslims now can we all remin calm?

Posted by Kalona | Report as abusive

i think the verdict is acceptable to all, & justified.
it was a land dispute, its not related exactly to “Hindus” & “Muslims”.
but yeah, the sentiments of both religions are attached.

Posted by Gupta.Rajiv | Report as abusive

be coooool yaar

Posted by JAYshah | Report as abusive

Be quitely take the decision

Posted by bandopant | Report as abusive

all those saying its just a land, put ur country first and all just dont get the importance of identity.
Just look at how Vatican, Mecca & Median, Jerusalem lend to indentity of each religion

Posted by mnj_04 | Report as abusive

It is great result

Posted by AyodhyaVerdict | Report as abusive

May this verdict will be accepted by both?

Posted by Senthil-chn | Report as abusive

this will drag for long.

Posted by BHARGAVANOIDA | Report as abusive

Pl comment on chance of this being accepted by all sectors

Posted by Senthil-chn | Report as abusive

it seems like grab and then years later it will be divided in as many parts. ha ha ha

Posted by BHARGAVANOIDA | Report as abusive

if an orphange were to build at that place?? how lovely it would be

Posted by lovevery1 | Report as abusive

Nirmohi akhara is the one under whose control are all the akharas across India.

Posted by Ruchi83 | Report as abusive

build an orphanage

Posted by lovevery1 | Report as abusive

The H Court divided the land into 3 parts but have tried to unite the society. Which is good for all. Should this be accepted by everyone across whole country because no body is loosing anything and / or hurting any body’s sentiments. Apart from religion the integrity and loyalty should be towards the Country.

Posted by NGarge | Report as abusive

the verdicts are on the website rjbm.nic.in.

Posted by BHARGAVANOIDA | Report as abusive

Mr. Soman what is the point in raising and discussing these issues on which Court and the experts have already expressed their views.

Posted by NGarge | Report as abusive

its a very great judgement for the peace of the country.we r very happy from the verdict of the court.

Posted by noentry | Report as abusive

Thanks to the britishers.
They have succeded so well with the divide and rule policy.
It still continues and deeply embeded in our system ooops judicial systems too.
we have live and let live

Posted by enigman | Report as abusive

Mr. Soman the point is that how are we going to react to the verdict ? Positive or Negative ?

If any thing good is going to happen it will not by its own Some body has to take initiative to make that happen.

Let us wait and watch.

Posted by NGarge | Report as abusive

the judges has given a justifiable decision for the both the
parties….so i also appreciate this decision.

Posted by vsingh84 | Report as abusive

Allahabad High Court website crashes
recent news

Posted by Shamanth | Report as abusive

Hindus should appeal for 100% land

Posted by freemason | Report as abusive

I hope India can move forward in peace.
But I am watching the news on television right now and am appaled at the behaviour of the lawyers representing the Hindu parties to the dispute. They rushed to the media and began making pronouncements and victory signs, even before the media had got the signed copies of the judgement.
All political parties had agreed that no one must make remarks that could endanger sensitivities. However, making victory signs, telecast live across the country, much before the Indian people knew what the verdict contained was not responsible behavior on the part of the advocates representing the Hindu parties.
The govt had asked the media to behave and not make irresponsible remarks. The behaviour and body language of the advocates representing the Hindu parties to the dispute was despicable and tantamount to irresponsible behavior. The Bar Council should take appropriate notice of the same.

Posted by Thinker123 | Report as abusive

atlast we followed gandhiji’s way…

Posted by nobodyy | Report as abusive

we should be carefull for our country and its progress .nither mandir nor masjid will be able to give food to needies .it is only issue created by politics and nourished by media for their interests .
Indian ! be carefull your country is being conspirated by non_humans ! THANKS !

Posted by dipjat | Report as abusive

Some lawyers have criticised the judgement as being much beyond the brief of the court. I don’t think so. At least the Judges have taken the lead in giving what appears a practical and humane approach, respecting all views. More importantly, the initial reactions of the few Hindu and Muslim representatives that I have heard, have been extremely mature and encouraging.

The court in my view, has given us the perfect roadmap Now it is up to us to show that we are mature enough to grasp it.

Posted by DaraIndia | Report as abusive

good to have a judgement, now it is headed towards a solution and going towards the final judicial verdict from the Supreme Court

Posted by RajGoel | Report as abusive

Peace should prevail.


Posted by lchowdhary | Report as abusive

The judgement is one which could best be given in the current scenario. After all, the judges were asked to decide on “a what may have existed” scenario 500 or more years ago. That said, everyone was advocating peace, whatever be the outcome of the decision. Care had been taken to ensure that the media would react only after getting the signed copy of the judgement and there would be restraint all around.
What does Ravi Shankar Prasad, advocate representing the Hindu parties and member of the Hindu political party – the BJP do? He rushes out of the court, addresses the media before the signed copy is available to the media, with his goons all around him, making victory signs! Was this a sign of maturity definitely not. Further in the course of the day, he has been rude to senior editors, when questioned on BJP’s plans to allow a mosque to be built there. He called a senior editor of a well known English channel a pseudo secularist. Trust the BJP to call anyone who does not agree with them or asks them uncomfortable questions a psedo secularist. God, they hate the English media.
Yes, the judgement has sought to ensure that India marches on its path of peace and progress but will Ravi Shankar Prasad and the BJP let us do that?
Looks like the BJP and its Hindu allies will now go on a spree destroying other mosques and churches (attacks on mosques have already begun)a few years ago. Just google for church demolition and Karnataka (Incidentally, Karnataka State is governed by the BJP). Sad, very sad.
All parties must uphold the judgement and move on and ensure that other mosques and churches are not demolished. But it seems some Indian politicians will not let that happen.

Posted by Thinker123 | Report as abusive

Ayodhya verdict described as unjust, political, unscientific and illogical, rewarding and justifying more RSS, BPJ, AIHM, VHP and Hindutva mafia mob rule to suppress and persecute minorities in the so called largest secular democracy in the world. Pseudo intellectuals are only fooled by pseudo secularism and pseudo democracy. The verdict only goes to prove asset rights/titles are grabbed by mafia land mob and enforced by Indian kangaroo courts after 18 years after the event. The appeal would go to the Indian Supreme Court for another whitewash to reward the mob before 2028…

Posted by spsyed | Report as abusive

The judgement has been best suited for the modern India. Now no party should proclaim oneself as winner, thereby terming the other into loser.
I feel, if the dispute prolongs beyond this point, that may close all possible ways and India may inch towards some ethnic holocaust.

I only pray that hard liners like VHP et all don’t insist on 100% of the land, utilising the fragmented nature of the verdict.

Posted by dasmin | Report as abusive

An expected but the best verdict. Hope everyone respects it.

Posted by rehmat | Report as abusive

Finally a verdict has come in possibly the biggest land dispute under Indian Judiciary. The judgement shows the high level of maturity and more importantly it is welcomed open heartedly by almost every entity of the society. Good to see India firms united and it should be analysed as a positive sign of “New Aged India”. Media deserves full credit and appreciation in maintaining the peace and spreading harmony across the country. Unity in diversity can lead to a massive rebuild of the nation. God bless us!!

Posted by svishal | Report as abusive

Very well said spsyed. It is extemely cruel to justify the unethical destruction of a mosque by mobs led by power hungry extremists in 21st century modern India .We are in no position to talk of what happened 1000’s and 1000’s of years ago. The suit of wakf board was dismissed stating time as a factor (case not registered within six years). Then why pass a judgement based on what happened thousands of years ago, i.e a temple being destroyed to make a mosque? Time is a bigger factor here. To top it up, empathy and maganimity is expected from the minority community by expecting them in helping in the building of temple and forgetting about the thousands of muslims who were slaughtered by the champions of the movement. Why don’t hindus express magnanimity and talk of rebuilding of the destroyed mosque on the 1/3 land given to them? why r all the suddenly awakened and enlightened mafia representatives in light of the delightful judgement only talking of muslims helping in the construction of a mosque while they climbed on domes to destroy a mosque and also distributed sweets? The gleam in their eyes today makes us sick!

Posted by Hellopeople | Report as abusive

The best verdict could have been, the area to be given to the military, for the country, than to a group of people. It still will be used for the welfare of the nation. or a tribute to the military, a museum could be made. so historic value of the land is not lost. by giving the land to a group will lead to another 50 yrs of fight between our own brothers and sisters.

Posted by freakyfellow | Report as abusive

We have proved our secularity to the world WHICH NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD COULD PROVIDE. We have shown that we are one in all the possible diversity and thats our strength.Lets all work together to make it a common place or memorial for the WORLD PEACE.Lets divert our attention to fight againt poverty,disease,shortage of water to help sustaining the very presence of DIVINITY — thats “LIFE”.Its the same God who created humans ,has created bacteria and animals as well(for which there is no religion ans so no fight of that kind)and He doesn’t require any human intervention(if thats the case who preserved him from the beginning of the Universe!!!).Dont heed to the narrow minded interests of the Clergy/religious community which tries to do fishing in muddled waters.We want to sustain PEACE and harmony.
So this is the time to think,and contribue your reasoning for the noble cause of living for the country,upholding our famous INDIAN CULTURE and continue to refresh the peaceful atmosphere in the country.ITS ALL THAT THE GOD HIMSELF WOULD DO FOR US.

Posted by babuks | Report as abusive

Good judgment

Posted by rehmat | Report as abusive

spsyed and hellopeople

Sticking to the past can make present and future hell. Let us see what would be the reaction of Hindus and Muslims masses if the verdict says a) a Mosque should be rebuilt or b) A temple should be constructed c) the current verdict.

Verdict a and b would have led to thousands dead by now and disturbed the communal harmony we have now. What we need is a break from riots which serve no purpose.

It is impossible to please everyone and even be 100% pleased with the verdict but the Lucknow bench has done a decent job.

Posted by rehmat | Report as abusive

It is best that the original status should be restored. We all know that Lord Ram was born at the site and a temple was built there since this place is sacred. the mughal emperor destroyed this holy temple and buil a mosque over it. that is why, the temple shuld be built here to adore Lord Ram

Posted by hotmanish | Report as abusive

“We all know that Lord Ram was born at the site and a temple was built there since this place is sacred. the mughal emperor destroyed this holy temple and buil a mosque over it. that is why, the temple shuld be built here to adore Lord Ram”
***Building Temple alone or Mosque alone is a recipe for riots. Respect the verdict and move on.

Posted by rehmat | Report as abusive

The verdict seems to be an attempt to strike balance among the contesting parties, but sadly it inadvertently rationalises the sad turn of events that shook Nation on infamous date Dec 06, 1992. Now, here is an opportunity for all of us to rebuid the place of worship wherein the rainbow of all faith and cultural Indian panorama reflects. Let our prejudices be subordinated to humanity and the Indian temple, with Ram, Allah, Wahe Guru, Jesus etc all side by side showing true colour of our diversity come up. God bless India and its citizens.

Posted by Gaurang_S | Report as abusive

The verdict or the ruling given by the court very unfortunately violates the constitutional provision of right of the minority. The contention of the case that was hanging in the court was not to divide the land between Hindu and Muslim. Nevertheless, the fact remains the court ruling was a political ruling than a legal verdict on the real issue of the case.

I presume that soon the ruling will ensue legal fight wherein Congress Party may be faced with bad days to extricate its responsibilities from the demolition of the mosque and the killing of the people on account for dragging the genocide case for decades. There may be a demand soon for transferring the case to the International court of justice.

There is nothing to be happy about the ruling as it seems days ahead is very bleak for the government on the issue both for issuing a political verdict by a court violating the constitutional provision of the right of minority and dividing the land. And dragging the genocide case willfully for decades.

Posted by KINGFISHER | Report as abusive