Comments on: Where has India’s hawkish stance on China gone? Perspectives on South Asian politics Thu, 02 Jun 2016 08:03:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: KINGFISHER Fri, 21 Jan 2011 07:48:56 +0000 India may think China has forgotten the issue due to extending the hand of friendship to India and in turn swiftly took the hand and kissed it not knowing that the claws of the dragon is more dangerous than the cyanide poison.

Why because during the recent visit of the china’s President Hu Jintao made it clear to the American that China would request US not to interfere with the internal affairs of China as China considers Twain and Tibet as their internal affairs. This is enough to drive China’s point home that It will retaliate if any one interfere in China’s internal affairs and that also drives home the point directing to India Thus asking US and India both to keep off from it

After US visit of the China’s President when he is back home, things will take shape with Tibet and India and later with Twain. It seems India’s defense pacts with countries may end up in fiasco. It is becoming clear that India sooner or later is going for a big high jump and when it returns to earth its shape and size may have to be redrawn afresh.

It is because of these new developments India may be is in deep tension and thinking hard as what can be done to confront. It is supremacy over Pakistan seems to be taking a dive down to earth.

In addition it is reported that the eastern states and the countries are all anti-INDIA even yesterdays friendly people of Bangladesh is fast turning anti-India today, because of its border Atrocities. BSF killing Bangladeshi’s like birds, and the government is mum to protests by opposition of the country.

In the west is Pakistan, needs no elaboration, so no neighbor to help. This is what happens when people think it can walk alone in this world of uncertainty.

We well wishers of the west pray for India to learn to walk with friends instead of making enemies. It is known that out side enemies can be taken care of but home borne enemies are more ferocious and catastrophic in all respect. Now India is amidst the most ferocious and catastrophic self-created enemies. Only God alone can help it.

Think after having gone through the above why ‘India’s hawkish stance on China is gone with the wind?’

By: 007XXX Tue, 18 Jan 2011 15:41:06 +0000 Indians only know how to bark and never to bite. Congress govt (read Sonia Gandhi) would not hesitate to even sell the nation and amass the income in her swiss accounts. As Indians we need to throw these fools out of parliament.

By: rajanravi Sun, 16 Jan 2011 14:42:06 +0000 indian politicians&generals r just scared of china. U just cant medle with chinese. Remember 1962 they justwalked through indian deffences only due to American interference they stoped. Atleast by then Indian Sychophant Generals & Politicians should have made some long term strategy to takle china!! But no we r focused only towords Pak its easy to bully a weak enemy now that also is over,Pak holding nuke i one hand already the fuse is lit & nation is on a suside mission. Stop promoting boot licking generals.Promote real generals who speak truth. Who will buy real weapons without comission.Who will modernise the deffence. Practically India stands no chance at all infront of chinese forces its a NAKED TRUTH.

By: GaryZaetz Sat, 15 Jan 2011 17:12:13 +0000 The UPA Government’s willingness to avoid confrontation with China over the border regions extends even to violating long-recognized provisions of international humanitarian law that require all governments to return the remains of war dead to their home countries. Indian BJP opposition leader Sushma Swaraj is reported by several major Indian publications to have said, after meeting with President Obama, that the US canceled joint US-Indian exercises in Arunachal Pradesh to placate the Chinese. It is highly likely that these canceled exercises were the recovery operations planned to recover the remains of my uncle and the rest of the crew of the American World War II aircraft “Hot as Hell”, found by American Clayton Kuhles and Indian Oken Tayeng in 2006. The Obama Administration should be ashamed of this act of kowtowing to Chinese intimidation. If the UPA coalition had any part in persuading the Obama Administration to make this cowardly decision, which also seems likely, then Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and her government share in this shame. Thanks go to Ms. Swaraj and the BJP for bringing these embarrassing facts to light.

Gary Zaetz
Nephew of USAAF 1st Lt. Irwin Zaetz, missing in action in Arunachal Pradesh since January 1944
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