Kashmir seeks extradition of accused army soldier

March 1, 2011

A former Indian soldier, accused of killing a Kashmiri human rights lawyer, has been arrested in the United States on charges of domestic violence.

Major Avtar Singh fled the country in the 1990s after he was accused of kidnapping and brutally killing Jaleel Andrabi, a Kashmiri lawyer and human rights activist.

Andrabi’s decomposed body was found 15 years ago in a river. The killing sparked off massive protests and led to a probe by authorities.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir is now seeking the extradition of Singh from the United States.

A Times of India report said a special investigating team found Singh could have been involved in six more extrajudicial killings in Kashmir.

“The accused is in California police’s preventive custody. He would (be) shifted to Srinagar in 15 days,” said senior police official Raja Ajaz Ali, who is also Interpol liaison officer for Kashmir.

Government forces in the Himalayan state have been accused in the past of murdering civilians in staged gunbattles and passing them off as separatist militants to earn rewards and promotions.

Indian authorities have consistently denied systematic human rights violations in Kashmir and say they probe all such reports and punish the guilty.

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Mr.Mushtaq,hand on your heart,do you really think that you can do this kind of reporting if you are in Pakistan,why dont we see any news from PoK?? is it because people are living a life much better than indian kashmir or just for some “Unknown” reason.

I’m intrigued by your title for this article,I believe it should be “India seeks extradition of accused army soldier”, but not “Kashmir seeks extradition of accused army soldier”. It is still a state of India.

Posted by rague | Report as abusive

I also wonder why this is also on the Pakistani site. Not that I object, but wonder why all this is posted on Pakistan now or never also. Putting together news items and asking for views but refraining from giving any of their own is news reporting not blogging. Most of us read this in yesterdays news paper already. We would like to see what views the author himself has? Then there would be room for informed discussion.

Would the author, if he writes about internal Balochistan events, put them on the Indian a billion aspirations site? He would in all probability only write about the so called Indian hand but not about what is happening there.

Bets are open!!!

Posted by DaraIndia | Report as abusive

Mr. Mushtaq becomes the first entity on planet Earth to recognize an independent Kashmir. Even partisan Pakistanis call it India held Kashmir. Is Reuters taking a position here?

Again, I request Mr. Mushtaq to provide us with his credentials. Why is he considered a Kashmir expert? Saying “worked with Reuters since ’95” is meaningless. If this forum has to have any seriousness, full disclosure of the blogger is mandatory.

Posted by trickey | Report as abusive

Dear Mr Mushtaq,

I think the article is too punitive towards the work done by Indian Authorities.Avtar Singh has been on run for years,its the indian government who has made it possible to put him across interpol lists.If he is guilty he would surely be punished.

On another note i would suggest that you should bring up the plight of Kashmiri minority communies as well .Looks like people have forgotten about the human rights of Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to leave the valley because of the acts of violence done by so called “Freedom Fighters”.I am a Kashmiri and i do not want any azzadi,i am more than happy with Indians ruling over Kashmir and i am pretty sure most of the common men share the same thoughts.Perople want peace and prosperity not azaadi.

Posted by koulvivek | Report as abusive

“senior police official Raja Ajaz Ali, who is also Interpol liaison officer for Kashmir.” is a factually incorrect statement. I am shocked to see anything related to reuters being of so low editorial quality.

Posted by skeptic_rj | Report as abusive

@ Shahid. If only we had some kind of LeT training camps sponsored by GOI on Indian side Kashmir,then i would realise the need for PA to maintain army in such numbers Sir. Why is it so difficult for local police of NWFP region to do policing job there? From my understanding, army is deployed there because they are much sophisticated and tactical than regular police force. I believe that’s the same with Indian case.
Also Mr.Shahid, please shed some light on this issue to me.why Indian army is tryin to kill Kashmiris? so when you talk about kashmiris,do you speak only for Muslims??

Posted by rague | Report as abusive

“The firing range poses a risk to our lives and property. Many people including women have developed various heart ailments due to heavy noise of bursting of shells,” said a local, Muhammad Sidiq.
The Artillery regiment has been undertaking firing practice in Tosa Maidan area here for the past five decades. The locals said artillery shells are fired from the banks of Sukhnag River near Chill village towards Tosa Maidan, which has been declared as a firing range by the Army…

Posted by aasma | Report as abusive