LIVE COVERAGE: Japan quake, tsunami

March 11, 2011

The biggest quake to hit Japan since records began 140 years ago struck the northeast coast, triggering a 10-m tsunami that swept away everything in its path. Get live updates here.


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Wonder if the power company or the Govt is covering up on this Nuke plant story. BBC & CNN keep contradicting themselves.The news channels in India are going balastic on this Nuke emergency.really don’t know where to look for accurate info.

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HI REUTERS, you keep saying Jiji reports: do you trust they are getting the right information out, also why can’t news agency be at the site if the govt and tepco say it’s safe. too many anxious readers awaiting on this news hoping that all is safe.

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I Hope Sea water works, finding fresh water would be very difficult and in that quantity.

Would pray that the core cools off, also why doesn’t IAEA Send a team, cause they call themselves the experts.

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