LIVE BLOG: Blasts in Mumbai

July 13, 2011

Three explosions rocked crowded districts of India’s financial capital of Mumbai during rush hour on Wednesday. Get the latest updates here.


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After 26/11 Manmohan Singh promised to create zonal hubs for NSG commandos but nothing has been done on that front. It shows the seriousness of Indian Govt towards the common man’s safety

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It is not Kasab’s birthday. Why do people spread runours at such a critical time?

Lets help the wounded and grieved and do our duty as citizens towards our countrymen first. We all know who is to blame, that won’t change anything.

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It is Kasab’s birthday today – even wiki has changed – Revision Hisory of Ajmal Kasab e=Ajmal_Kasab&action=history

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this is happening time and again. When are those caught in earlier terrorist attacks going to actually get their punishments?? Everything is in limbo….Afzal Guru, Ajmal Kasab…and costing the country crores in keeping them locked…the money can be used for better security equipment in sensitive cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi

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My heart goes to those families who have lost lives and injured in this tragedy.
PC – what has he done as Home Minister..Time and again, when tragedy strikes, he would try to show composed face and give some comments..We have not seen any action from the UNION HOME MINISTER to safeguard this country. I dont think he is fit for the job. We need a dynamic person to proactively work rather then reactively apologize.
There is huge spending year on year on maintaining Intellingence units..What do they do.? By accepting Intelligence had no clue about it, PC has yet again proved his incapability and lack of vision/skill to build a safe India for Indians.
How long are we going to tolerate this.? Knowing well of Pakistan’s hand in Terrrorist activities, in India, why are we not taking stern steps.? Why is Pakistan still in “Most Favoured Nation list” and enjoys commerce/trade ebnefits. Why can’t we issue SANCTIONS against any country that instigates terrorism in India (same as USA does).? Time has come for actions..We have seen enough of Politician talks, without any backed up actions.. Citizens of India need a safer India.

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Unless and until we have a strong political will-power; we can’t do much as we all know we are so called a democratic country. So India come together else today people are comparing us with Pakistan.. later they’ll make it. Thnik on it .. it’s high time now

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Isn’t it shameful how most of the hullabaloo around the whole incident has been based on politics. With political parties and the govt at large riding on this wave of terror, how do we expect the common man to be safe? Hasn’t he borne the brunt of these aimless bombings time and again; and seen his city christened as ‘Fearless’, when in fact she’s had no option but to get back to the grind to merely survive! 011/07/14/black-wednesday/

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