LIVE BLOG: Anna Hazare vs Indian govt

August 16, 2011


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Everything needs to happen in a provable, seemable, attainable, logical sequence… evil cannot just get vanquished by a sword that rises in the thin air. Ram needs to be born, needs to grow up, get exiled, and then reach Lanka to kill Ravana because he kidnapped his wife.

An evil like corruption too cannot simply be wished away by a few days of fasting… there has to be a complete sequence before we reach a climax where the actual beheading takes place!

Anna arrested is almost like Lanka in peril…

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Pathetic to see this Spineless politicians arresting a person who is fighting for a noble cause…. Are we Indians so spineless to watch this unfolding……..Our politicians are pretty sure that we will not come to the streets to fight and hence people like PC are saying Anna ” do’nt talk with 0.05% support”!!! No revolution in India will come through unless we, the voting fools, come out fight for our rights. Iam sitting in one of the venues of IAC for the fasting….. hope all of you will join this cause

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Today is the darkest day in Indian Democracy.

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Now it will be worst than emergency. We are prepared. Bande mataram

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Sabhi party ek coin ka do hissa hain. Either head or tail. We dont have any faith on our goverment now

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Now it is time to awake. Join hands . Intense anti government movement.

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We will banish this government by all means

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sorry sir. But we are human. Our patience have some limit

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Violent revolution is coming. We will show ministers that common people are more powerful than Indian Army

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Is this beginning of REVOLUTION ?

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Voices of ppl lke Anna can’t be muffled by detaining them… He stands today as d voice of 120 cr Indians.

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What is happening is really really sad. We need a complete overhaul of our political system and our politicians. I’m sure that there are respectable politicians also but completely fail to understand how they can even tolerate the corrupt criminals who also claim to be politicians and sit beside them.
Sending Anna to jail …what rubbish… the sad part is that we will again elect these corrupt criminal idiots…and they will again form the govt.
I’m a very very proud Indian but this govt. makes me feel ashamed to have to live in this great country.
Who is this government really protecting?? PM is an honest guy….so who?

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rise and rise till the lamb become lion

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from strength to strength !!!

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rise and rise till the lamb become lion

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Indian in now god hand

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Focus on the issue and not the person. It is a real threat to our democratic traditions and a progressive nation.

Corruption is not going to go away but effective legislation and implementation will be a good deterrent. and therefore any such initiative must be supported whole heartedly.

Thankfully we have woken up to it and people are determined to see concrete outcome, not another lameduck legislation.

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by the way where are the young emerging leader(s). they found so much echo in the land acquisition in noida and are totally silent on another issue confronting the nation.

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PM need some one who has clean throat

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Mr PM please listen our voice You are the face of democracy not autocracy ..

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This Gov don;t have rights to rule the country……Please get out of India…….

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This PM is like a puppet and key holder is sonia gandhi.
He is a shamefull person .He looses all respect.Please vote for his resignation.

We don’t want sach kind of Puppet PM.

Try to support this great great Gandhi(Anna Hazare) to the extent so that our country will be free from this burning issue ‘corruption’

Vande Mataram……….Jai Hind…Anna Hazare Zindabad.

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Where is the crown prince ? Measuring the size of land in Noida Extension …… little time for conscience or moral thinking I guess if you have billions to take care of stacked in safe havens. poor show by the people in-charge. get up or should I say wake up and see the issue and not who is saying what.

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Keep the pressure going Mr Hazare and team. The nation admires you and your tenacity. Small men will come up with small responses to your big goal, let not those deter your ideals.

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Germany rise because they sign treaty of Versailles and they have weak opposition here the condition are same they don’t sign jan lokpal . I think Indian army came forward took over the control and establish democracy what we need

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The leader of the country must be a strong person who can take up bold decisions without fear of being questioned.

If we are leaving any tom dick and harry to file a case and using valuable energy of the country’s top leader- we are heading to weaken the leadership

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INDIAN British Congress

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In Parliament, I see that, still, the “Leaders” are fighting with each-other, to put down each other and argueing what others should do. They do not have real Political, moral and ethical WILL to resolve current crises.
They do this all-the-time in parliament and do not care what they should do.

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All the Supporters of veteran Indian social activist Anna Hazare MUST KEEP atleast Indian national flags visible on their hands during a protest march against corruption wherever they are in INDIA.
All Indian MUST keep Indian national tri colour flag visible with their homes, offices, business premises, shops, building gates where ever its possible.

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Narendra22. totelly agree with you..

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There is no doubt that Anna Hazare started his movement against corruption with noble intentions. But, over the past few months, it seems like he has become egoistic. He wants a big venue to carry on his fasting, pretending as if he can’t fast elsewhere. He just wants to ensure that more people get involved in this drama, but, leaving out those who have been fighting against corruption for decades, and also the ones who have their own version of the LOKPAL. He calls this-“The fight for independence”. Independence from what?corruption or this UPA government.Everyone is acting as if corruption started only under the UPA, and by thwarting them, corruption will end. Well, any guesses who will rule when UPA falls?. They are equally corrupt, yes , I mean the BJP. So, before taking the streets, just use your grey matter and think on what’s happening. It’s no longer a fight against corruption, it’s fight between BJP and UPA, where ANNA is portraying a Gandhian image and luring everyone into this drama. And if he succeeds, Democracy, the backbone of out country, will fall.

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i am a supporter of Anna hazare…..and I believe that after coming this Jan Lokpal Bill there will be change in society…..Nice article….
I have found one more article over net which describe the level of corruption in india and in world  /facts-about-corruption/

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anna wants attention n want to be a national hero i think. al this naatak suddenly. u all r supporting n so strongly reacting why did u all not do anythng till now. just because 1 fellow made a rukus u all wana take part in it n enjoy.

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Anna we are with you.
this Goverment has increased Petrol and gas price 12 times and dont think about reducing it when the price is already declining for more than one week . but increased price within one week.
More over when protest for Corruption was begin to rise they increased price in order to divert common man so we cant speak.But this really not affected a lot to Anna Movement.

Goverment have a single explanation IT WILL HAMPER OUR ECONOMY GROWTH.In my view i believe they just want to loot common man’s money just to divert as much they can in their times.

Of course New programs are created for People but after Politicians taking their share.And the person who won the contract or have the responsibility to perform the task try to recover why not.

all these kickbacks can be found or realised by common people.But who cares.Politicans always enjoy previlages
they dont have to buy anything like house ,vegetables,petrol,telephone,etc which comes as a gift from people since they represent us.So these people will never understand our need as they belongs to other class.

Our Parliament dont even have a qualification to become a NETA.Just one precious eligibilty required either u r wealthy,or belongs to political class or associated with them or else become a Chamca.

for this reson corruption is not going to evaporate.But Those people who say we encourage corruption by bribing a traffic police,police,and justice official, i just want to say that We dont have time to waste for such a dirty mesh.Because i cant spend running a month for chhalan issued by a trffic police man . so why not pay him Rs 50 instead of paying 100 to the court.

My point here is every knows about corruption .But we are helpless. so Anybody cant blame Common man.We just want to survive.

So our System should be changed or modified like their should be provision for paying fine digitally or cash at the point of dispute.

For Public offices , the salary of goverment lower level servants should be increaed.So they willnot take bribe due to MAJBURI.

So corruption is very dagerous.For a common man we cant survive without bribe.

So i whole heartedly support ANNA .I really dissapointed about the way the POLITICIANS like LALU advising us about corruption .

The main feature of this August revolution is that the Youth Generation of India are slave to the Old ,Paranoid,Slave and Chamcha Creating System.

Since we have GANDHI LIKE person who is willing to lead from front against these dictector politicians and chamchas we should support it.

Once i believe that If an educated person become a prime minister it will be freeom but looking at Dr Manmohon Singh i now believe a PM can be a puppet of an Illitrate goverment


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Anna we are with you, every indian which ever state he or she belongs is with you. We have to remove corruption from this country.These dirty politicians are fooling the people, which ever party they belong are all corrupted. Politicians play drama in front of people by throwing stones at each other, but behind the scene they help each other in doing corrupt activities. There is nexus between corporates and every political party in india. Politicians take bribes from corporates and turn help them in getting benefits.
Crores of rupees is being spend for the upliftment of rural and deprived population of this country but only a meagre amount reaches them. The beaurocrats(not all) are also behind corruption in this country. They give advice to politicians on how to do corruption and what all loop holes are there in the law. Even judiciary is not out of reach of corruption as we can see from the recent incidents.
We the people of India should be united and fight this evil of corruption. Let’s join the second FREEDOM STRUGGLE.


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There is a Constitution and it is the mandate…it is not Anna Hazare or any non-elected person like him, it must be the duty of the constitutional institutions to frame laws and implement them in India. I am against this Anna Hazare. Why not try a constitutional way? I do like to frame a private bill like that framed by Anna team, which aim to punish Anna team and like people with Death penalty, what would be the future of India? Will this be permitted in India? Will it be Constitutional? Or what would be the state of our parliament iff every group want it like Anna? Do not remember that India something called religious institutions which also can conduct such strikes against a government?

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How many people have stayed away or unsubscribed from services provided by companies named in 2G Scam? Neither is Anna’s camp discouraging people from using services from those companies, all they want is support for getting power

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More important for our country to control population
Job security in private sector

Jai hind

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Congradulations to the civil society of India for taking up this issue. Please do not let the parties in the opposition to hijack this for their political advantage like what happened in Tamil Nadu. If the government do not concede the best option is to field a ‘Hazare movement’ candidate to each electorate in the next election. Politicians will cry fowl by stating that the contestants do not have political experience. This wont matter as the country is run by the beuracracy and what is needed is facilitation form the top with strong anti-corruption and fair play legislation. Push for anti-discriminatory law too and India will leap frog in soft developement by 30-40 years. Good luck . Damien. Sri Lanka

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selfish poeple are trying to potray that this protest is an arrogant display, blackmailing and what not of the great Indian Parliament. wghere was all this greatness when millions were being looted. Do not believe these masked super smart clever people. keep supporting this fight against corruption till it reaches its logical end.

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many elected representatives, across party lines, are trying to cook up baseless charges against the protestors. how very small and cheap of these people.
once a effective lokpal authority comes up they will start licking there also.
they are mostly opportunistic and have low level of self esteem or regard for the nation.

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many systems like traffic challan are designed such that you have no choice but to pay a bribe and get on with surviving and trying to earn your daily bread.
no one likes paying unnecessarily. it is this very ruling party that has institutionalised corruption and made in a national industry. almost all politicians, bureaucrats, judges have their children either overseas or employed at high levels in corporates in India, irrespective of their ability. able father/ mother and much more abled children.

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I would like to raise an important issue which is not only relevant but also will also help us to develop our view on corruption. I believe , a country can not progress without controlled corruption.. One instance is that economy can not grow that if there is no corruption. I request all of the viewers to share their thought on this, because I see corruption has many faces. Anna’s call to fight against corruption is a genuine call but I want all of us to have a realistic view on it. Let’s decide what kind of misappropiation we would call it a corruption.

If the Lokpal Bill is passed, there is a high probability of constitutional crisis happen any day. We send politicians to parliament and assembly. So before we send them, we should make very informed decision on them. So rather than throwing stones on them later, we, the people of biggest democracy, should think and be very sure that we are sending eligible candidates only. Every one will agree that we take election very casually and it seems we lack adequate knowledge.It is very srprising that 90% of Anna team even what is written in draft.
We are heading towards a constitutional crisis. I would like to ask Mr. Anna Hazare whether he is ready to give us coruuption free government.

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The call of India…

Hi all.

I am not in any political party nor supporter of any political party. I am telling what I am feeling.
Congress as soon as they into power started increasing the commodity price in order to satisfy the sponsors of their candidates in the elections. The poor Indian stated to tighten their stomach without uttering a word thinking that the result of the economic crunch.
The congress got a very hint and started increasing the prices from commodities, steel and all the areas including the petroleum so as to fill their voter bank from trading sector.
By doing so, government also started getting increased %ge of tax revenue and left medium to poor class of people ignored.
So all the beurocrates (main beneficiaries where congress and supporting traders) and the government is happy of increased revenue left behind RBI, middle class and lower middle class to poor left behind, which resulted the increase of crime rate, corruption and so on.
Now RBI took a firm stand. But what is and who is for the common INDIAN?
Now keeping the ANNA HASARE show to continue for a period of time, gets enough time for the oversees accounts to be managed to a safe position.
So ANNA HASARE, we and all the common INDIAN wants to end the show by getting all the desired results we want.

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I went to the Ramlila ground yesterday. It was a humbling experience. There was so much energy and fervour. People identify with this cause and the number of tricolours being waved was a reminder of the love people have for the country.
No one should underestimate its strength. The crowds were well behaved and the volunteers working round the clock to direct the crowd, ensure traffic moves (I do not remember any political or religious rally or gathering in Delhi being civilised)with alomost no support from the administration (which is very typical of Indian administration).

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The protestors are not at all arrogant. They are people who have worked hard through their lives and paid taxes.
The people in power are clearly failing to recognise that the demand is fairly well thought, their version of the Jan Lokpal bill well drafted with checks and balances.
The authorities are biding time and hoping this will fritter away (and media seems to have joined hands to spread this cheap rumour) while people are losing patience.
At the venue I saw people from all walks of life and religions, not just middle class contrary to Govt propaganda.

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If a small snake enter our house, even if it is not poisonous we beat it to death to
protect ourselves and our family.

The poisonous snake ‘CORRUPTION’ is roaming happily in out BHARATH. We have
fed it a lot. It has become huge enough to swallow a blue whale. Even if we are conscious we are sleeping. Now the BRAVE HERO ANNA HAZARE has given us a good burn on our back and made us awake. Let
us be with the HERO to Kill it save our GREAT BHARATH.

When ever ADHARMA increases and DHARMA decreases, GOD appears. Now the GOD has appeared in the form of ANNA HAZARE. Let us be a part of his team by our possible ways to slay the EVIL DEMON ‘CORRUPTION’.


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To all those who wish to support team Anna in their fight against corruption but are unable to do so due to geographical or other limitations:

Posted by AaIndian | Report as abusive

where is the corporate world, bollywood, and sportsmen? are they all supporting the government. are they good only for the ads they act in, or good for making movies on corruption? can’t they come out and support the cause. because more than anyone the goby will relent to the corporate world, the bollywood and last but not the least the sportsmen.

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Those activists who have been left out are trying feverishly to get recognition. Even Jesus and Gandhi were doubted till the very end, they continued nonetheless.
The cause is more important than the person. Listen, read and if possible see for yourself (by witnessing the rally’s and the people) before passing remarks.
One prays sense will prevail and we will see the dawn of a new era. Atleast a beginning would have been made.

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Read the Govt is still thinking and calling one meeting after another including an all party meet tomorrow. One senses buying time, an old tactic and ambivalence, a key attribute of clever people. May God bless them.

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First of all it should be clarified whether it is mandatory that this bill should be referred to a standing committee? What if the committee delays ?
Should the committee itself be reconstituted ? Presently it includes some members who will be hell bend to stall the proceedings and play every dirty trick to for that purpose.
I think the Lokpal should have three distinct functions .
1. EXECUTIVE OR INVESTIGATIVE. There should be sole head under whom there can be two or three deputies. They should have experience in this line.
2. JUDICIAL OR TRIAl: The Lokpal cases should be tried under different set of rules and procedures. The concepts of all the burden of proof is on prosecution etc should be done away with.there should be effective rules radically different and not influenced or imitate The Civil procedure Code or The criminal procedure code . For eg it should not be stipulated that prosecution should reveal all its evidence first.
3. ADVISORY OR PREVENTIVE. It should be free to advise the speaker . or any court or any autonomous body inviting attention to corruption related evils.
Lokpal should not claim such privileges as contempt of court, baring a public debate as subjudice or would influence the proceedings.

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What a SHAME….a Gandhian is tortured by a gandhi based political party…plz our PM u were always called a puppet,atleast stop showing the full show….when can we call you the Superb Sikh in the race we Indians are so proud of….

I Support- Anna Azare

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Hats off to you Anna and team, you have woken a sleeping and tormented nation. Everybody has flaws and so would you but your fight and path is correct. May God bless you and make our Govt and opposition get well soon.

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In 1982, in Singapore, LOKPAL type BILL was implemented and 142 Corrupt Ministers & Officers were arrested in one single day.. Today Singapore has only 1% poor people & no taxes are paid by the people to the government, 92% Literacy Rate, Better Medical Facilities, Cheaper Prices, 90% Money is white & Only 1% Unemployment exists.. Re Post this if you want to live in a corruption free country..

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Anna announce his movement against anticurroption well before 16th August, 2011 and Government was in a position to discuss the issue to avoid todays situation. It is suggested not to believe this Government who’s mejority of the MP’s are curropted.

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What Do you think Guys Does this movement of Anna Hazare will effect to our Indian Government and the they bill passed the bill that will really help India and the people.

Posted by bizzduniya | Report as abusive

There is Anna’s Lokpal
There is Rahul game changing plan
There is Sheshan’s draft
The govt draft all agree should be thrown outof the window

The objectives

1. Anna to end fast.
2. Government should show commitment towards strong lok pal.
3. Democratic Institutions should not be endangered.

Simple solution.
Pass a Resolution with a specific timeline (not more than 1-2 months) that the Government will come up with strong Lok Pal Bill that will use the best of
A. Anna’s Draft.
B. Seshan’s Draft.
and immediately call for a special session to debate and vote on each point on both drafts and the outcome to be placed with standing comittee

Posted by SrikantCBE | Report as abusive

Please see my blog, for several articles on the Anna Hazare anti-corruption agitation. There are many misconceptions that people are under, such as: this is an undemocratic, unconstitutional agitation that seeks to subvert parliament, etc. See the issues discussed clearly, and please do leave your comments on the site! Thanks. Also, I have just added an appeal to the govt. to save Anna’s life – please use the draft letter there and email your MPs ASAP!!! Thanks!

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Congratulations dear fellow citizens. We have begun again on another journey. Let us hold our hopes stronng and determination and keep marching. We can (if we try and keep trying) build a stronger nation and polity which works for the people.

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Annaji why we are diverting from corruption to politics .Do we will get tough lokpal bill by bycotting congress.What gurantee is there that other political parties will give us tough lokpal and laws.Will they punish defaulters without desparity .Do you think that all other parties have less ommission sins.Is there gurantee that we will be secular by other parties.Why we cannot have our own civil candidates.Will we not face semi dectatorship if other Indian major political party comes to power.I appeal to Anna’s team to see if defalts by congress minus defaults of other parties equal to bycot congress

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It is shame that instead of encouraging the cause for the betterment of our society at large, our leaders want to divert, humiliate and try all means, whether right or wrong, to ensure that Anna & his team are crushed. Mr. Digvijay Singh, you will be considered in great esteems if you will fight for right cause. Alas, your comments only and only show your and your colleagues’ meanness. There are 2 ways to come to limelight and be remembered – 1) The Gandhian and 2) The Godse. It is for you to decide.

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Vande Mataram Hi, this is rakesh ambekar form IAC thane. this is a request to annaji that they he should propogate about IAC NAGRIK SAMITI in every ward of states through various forms of media so that it will be easy for every IAC volunteers to handle the task of forming IAC NAGRIK SAMITI. Jai Hind.

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My dear Anna

aapko lokpal bill ke siwa kuch aur nahi dikhai deta… aap un sabhi points par koi kadam kyo nahi uthate hai kya aapkeliye lokpal hi sabkuch hai.Mahingai jisse pura desh paresan hai jisaka aam aadmi se sidha relition hai uske bare mai kyo maon baithe hai.

(agar aapka en chjo par koi intrest nahi lete to pls aap bhi dusre netao ki tarah shanti se gar jakar soiye. dikhawa karne ki koi jarurat nahi hai.)

Posted by satush | Report as abusive

WE iNDIANS ONLY WANT THOSE POLITICIANS WHO ARE TO SERVE US AS SOLDIERS SERVE AND GIVE THEIR LIVES FOR MOTHERLAND.No political party is worth of this salt ,hence Annaji should bycott all these parties and create army of good politicians like Subash Chandra Bose.
Let us see todays India in eyes of news paper
1] State pulls up builder for another SRA scam in Mumbai.When these people will be punished?Hence we want good politicians.
2]on day 33 midday meter down fails to tame errant auto rickshaw. We want Govt ruled by good independent civil candidates.
3]HC bans portable USG machines.Has govt punished anyone responsible for killing girlchild due to misuse?
4]-fold rise in fines for traffic violations .Has Govt punished those who do not give reciepts for offence?
5]Govt plans sale of 2.5 acre jj land to fund makeover .Their are cores of rupees seized by govt .where this money and tax goes?

Posted by monteiro | Report as abusive

Everywhere discriminations at all levels are rampant.We need Anti Discrimination Law with civil consequences with compensation at the cost of the discriminators. I have drafted a comprehensive bill .To study the bill u may call me on 9450490555,,9415082534,,or mail

Posted by Ksajurist | Report as abusive

The writing is all very clear on the wall – Congress or for that matter any Party would never bring or subsequently enforce Anna’s Lokpal. They would rather sacrifice their Government, in turns, if need be rather then digging a grave or creating a permanent threat to all their lucrative ways. No party is different in this regards – had any one of these been serious then scenario in parliament, when Anna was fasting, would have been the same as we see today on FDI. Shouldn’t Anna or the Society at large now seriously contemplate creation of a third front being supported or lead by someone of the caliber of Sh Kejriwal ?

Posted by lakhan | Report as abusive

sir my salary approx 40000 is pending from last 9 month but they are not giving me money they always say me that wait for some time please suggest u all…….

Posted by rahul11.kush | Report as abusive

The self defined and proclaimed “TEAM ANNA” (excluding Anna jee himself), are nothing but a TEAM of loosers and non achievers assembled together to attain their individual self goals of achieving quick success in life and to be heard and seen by us common citizens. yeah….it is… can’t you all see…! well, Mr Kejriwal, a man who left his job halfway, betrayed his very job. His obsession for being in public life is very much obvious. He wants to fight a battle by imposing his own preferred (favourably bent ) rules in the battle field just like a kid in the house who wants that everyone in his house must play the game by his laid down rules or should be thrown out of the house. He seems to be afraid to play the game by the rules that have been laid down and acknowledged worldwide. Mr Shisodiya and Ms Shazia, betraying their job (of a Journlaist) by trying to gain extra milage by taking undue advantage of the previlage their job gave them. Mr. Kumar Vishawas, a poet by profession as he claims, (god knows what worth he as written so far) trying his best to gain publicity (may be to market his name/articles/books in future). Mr. Prashant Bhushan, a not so successful lawyer – politico (as his father) , portraits a picture of a depressed man picking up random agendas (thanks to the PIL culture) with a single point objective to be in the news and Ms Kiran Bedi, let down by the system (she was unable to become the Delhi police chief despite her clean image and hard work).
My humble advise to Anna jee is that lead the way for us (not for TEAM ANNA) with full command and authority. You have a cause, and you have the experience to take it to conclusion. Remember, when you sat on fast for the first time, all followed you. We did not come there for all the above individuals. So why you need to consult these individuals now, why you have to take their advise and follow their plans and strategy? The fight is simple…yes I mean it…it is very simple. Call upon the masses, plan and discuss with the masses in open, include the people and your cause will see the light of the day one day and if these individuals want to follow you , they are most welcome. However, if they intend to become your guardians, then it is a concern to be worried about for all the citizens who have great faith in you.
(someone pls translate this to Marathi please for Anna to read)

Posted by anupam_mishra | Report as abusive

It is very much necessary to open a new front in
political battle.A humble suggestion is being sent for your democratic discussion
1. Name of the party-ACPI[ANTI CORRUPTION PARTY OF INDIA]. i.e . straight fire 2 the point of struggle.

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For the first time I am just dying to cast my vote in election. Hail Anna… I am voting. Tamal

Posted by Chatru | Report as abusive

Political party will now thinking that congress vote will get share and chances of the willing as majority party for congress is not easy job. ya Anna team can set Mostly his candidate where the most corrupt political leader are present. and target them to loose the election.. But who will controlled the elected leader that he will not leave anna after get elected.. every leader should beahve as per party hi commonad from heart .. then and then only it is possible.

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If we don’t jump in2 mud & clean it , we can’t get fresh water. So we nid 2 b muddy at 1st then we will b able 2 get a corruption free India. our intention must be kept high. Otherwise no indivisual or isolated struggle can do any help 2 the soceity.

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There are lot of confussions about Anna Hazere’s
movement now. Let a party (ACPI as I proposed earlier) be formed.Select only 50 persons who are hundred percent honest and focus them for M.P.s in the forthcoming election in 2014. As we know no single party would get majority, support from outside is required whosoever would like to rule. ACPI can support them in their own terms. If ACPI FAILS TO ELECT SUFFICIENT NUMBERS OF M.P.s or after eledtion afew members change their colours for vested interest, we can conclude thus “many a miles still we need to go, slogans only hold no root to earth.”

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Anna is for the third alternative which is the common VOTER himself. It is easy to choose between right and wrong, but one must become the change he/she wishes to see in this world, as Gandhi Ji said !

The common man is the real master in any democratic system, but unfortunately has become the servant or again subservient of his own servants. It is all about re-defining this dynamic but vital relationship in our democratic system, which is of paramount importance in India. Poverty does not automatically mean that our public is dumb or deaf or criminal in its intent and its actions. The real challenge is to bring in INTEGRITY in to our ACTIONS at every level in the governance of the country, in its business practices, and in the over all management of the country’s wealth and its national interests !

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