Allies fretting over issues a warning sign for Congress

November 9, 2011

The past few days have been quite busy for the government. As yet another spiritual leader started yet another “movement” against corruption in the government and bureaucracy, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was at the chic French seaside resort of Cannes, holding discussions with heads of state of the G20 nations on how to deal with the crisis in Greece.

Back home, another petrol price hike left the general public seething as the main opposition  Bharatiya Janata Party went on the offensive yet again. Singh put up a firm stand when he said that the country should move more in the direction of deregulation. It was a situation he has found himself in regularly during his second term, that of political versus economic compulsions.

Talking about political compulsions, the biggest problem Singh and his government seem to be facing right now is not the opposition or a frustrated middle class bogged down by double-digit inflation and price rise for most food products and essential commodities, but an ally who has been known to have her way within the UPA coalition.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress holds 19 very crucial seats for the ruling alliance in parliament. So when she threatened to walk out of the UPA over the petrol price hike and sought increased communication between the Centre and allies before taking any vital decision, the first order of business for the PM after his return was to meet her and some of her party members.

To say, however, that she could not get a commitment out of him to roll back on the hike and that other allies within the UPA did not share her opinion, would be to miss the point. Even if one discounts the fact that she may have managed to get increased sops for her state out of this meet, the larger issue here is that the Congress finds itself on increasingly shaky ground as state and parliamentary elections come closer.

As if unpopularity among the general public and an assertive BJP was not enough, it may now need to deal with the prospect of unhappy partners ruining its chances in the upcoming polls. If it hopes to come back to power for a third term, the “Grand Old Party” of India has to ensure threats by Mamata and those by the DMK earlier this year do not become a regular occurrence.

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India’s chief executive is an expert economist no doubt but had no experience to be an expert Administrator. To run a country as vast as India with multidimensional problematic issues like External terrorist attack added with more dangerous home grown terrorist attack throughout the length and breadth of the country. An estimated one million home grown terrorist s are active in entire country. To hide the fact of these home grown terrorist activities fearing US may not Put India in the terrorist list, this they have been doing since long.
Whenever Indian government thought of more danger it to hide blamed Pakistan or the then East Pakistan now Bangladesh. Even now the same technique especially now Bangladesh is accused leaving aide Maoist terrorist.
However, the Prime Minister has agreed and made statement that Maoist has become even danger for the center. From relevant reports it transpires that Maoists have extended their operation throughout India Including the capital. The vital Failures at all level of the Government to curb the home grown terrorist activities is kept hidden and issues very stinking criticism of other world countries suffering the same Problem.
Then, today India is suffering from a decease that has no medicine and remedy “corruption. It is so unfortunate that beside entire state administration of India the Justice Department, business circle, eve public at foot path level are victims of the decease.
To fight this decease the government has to find out the corrupts and kill them to curb the spreading of the decease as China does from time to time, but India being a democratic country would not do that. It has to be understood that when the state machinery gets irreparably damaged then what is left for the country to do. Such morbid failure of the government results in stoppage to function the country’s day today affairs.
Now, if we take the Justice Department of the country and judge from the reports gathered from the articles of writers of the country reveals The Judges of all level have gone corrupt. Therefore one can buy the verdict of even high court and Supreme Court, what more is left in a country to give to the citizen. It is India’s basic Human rights failure to ensure. Equal Justice for all is unknown in India now.
The other uncontrolled problems are land grabbing, Water grabbing, sea demarcation grabbing of weak neighboring countries, then Prostitution, forced child labor, bonded age long labor, Political dissensions, demands of secessions, etc, etc.
To cut a long story short, I put a question to the world Community to Judge. What good is the economic boom of India when the fruit of the economic boom is not accessible to the people of all level up to the grass root?
May be China has the same problem. But China is communist country where as India is a democratic Country.

Finally, will the Government of India wake up to save the country that is heading to be a failed country for the ineptness of the administration or the PM of the country will allow it to dive into deep sea never ever to show its face again Mighty India. The question is for whom the bell tolls?

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