We are flying, without salary: Kingfisher pilots to passengers

December 8, 2011

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Passengers onboard Kingfisher Airlines flights are being treated to more than run-of-the-mill announcements for the past couple of days. Pilots employed by the beleaguered airline have devised a unique form of protest.

Just before passengers deplaned, Kingfisher pilots announced they have not been paid for two months and they are still flying purely due to a “sense of duty towards the guest”, local media reported on Thursday.

A civil aviation ministry official travelling on one of those flights went to the cockpit and congratulated the pilots for not resorting to “industrial action”, the Economic Times newspaper said citing a pilot.

This shows a couple of things — the tolerance level of employees at debt-laden airlines in India has not yet reached its peak, and that unless the industry comes up with a plan to run the ailing sector more effectively, it is only a matter of time before things go totally out of hand.

An NDTV story said the announcement by pilots came after a bumpy landing. The two are not related, of course, but parallels have already been drawn online.

Twitter user Sanjay Mehta wrote, “#Kingfisher pilots announce on flight that they’re not paid for 2 months. And? Next is a pilots welfare fund box as passengers exit out??”

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya, who owns Kingfisher airlines, named after his famous beer, has some tough questions to answer.


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Sidhartha Mallya, Son of Vijay Mallya in Twitter
@sidharthamallya-I Always believe in trying the local cuisine wherever I am..last yr in South Korea I had dog meat..this time in Vietnam.. Snake!!!!!

@sidharthamallya-Just ate the heart of a cobra while it was STILL beating!! They cut it out of its body in front of us..also had the blood mixed with coke!!

Posted by averagejack | Report as abusive

Yeah like we believe that crap really I.e. eating dog meat and snake heart really!

Posted by politicaljunkie | Report as abusive

The problems of qualified professionals in India can be summed in a cheesy one-liner which apparently is very true: “I am over-qualified, over-worked and under-paid”. And still India seems to be shining on the shoulders of over-qualified, over-worked and under-paid skilled work force!! How far can we go???

Posted by SayantanG | Report as abusive

India is over paid if we compare salary with its per capita income ,

Posted by SpritualMind | Report as abusive

Let me share some ground realities. My batchmate works as a Cabin Appearance Officer with Kingfisher. He told me once that Dr Mallya was least bothered about the airline- he has enough revenue to splurge and lead a lavish lifestyle from his booze business. The top level management of the airline made a fortune out of the airline and left. This had to happen. Also, Kingfisher’s trouble dont reflect reality of India’s aviation sector. We should keep in mind that a few months back ‘Indigo’ ordered a record number of passenger jets.

Dr Mallya should take his airlines business seriously. The airhostesses he recruits are not meant serve beer to his guests on his personal yatch.

Posted by mukulfaiz | Report as abusive