Arvind Kejriwal: when lightning doesn’t strike thrice

October 18, 2012

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Arvind Kejriwal’s dud of an expose on Bharatiya Janata Party chief Nitin Gadkari has caused some people to wonder why the social activist made his allegations in the first place. Is he trying to clean up politics? Or is he trying to clean up votes?

I like Kejriwal. He is a true activist. He gave up a comfortable government job to dive into the world of rallies and RTIs. He even won a Magsaysay award for it.

But now what?

He has clearly come to a conclusion that change can come only from inside the system, so he wants to get into parliament. And the route he has chosen is that of the expose.

And why not? Corruption might be the most entertaining field in politics. Look at the Robert Vadra case, in which the son-in-law of a powerful politician in India’s Gandhi dynasty allegedly got himself wrapped up in lucrative and fishy land deals. That was a nice expose – spicy AND explosive. Kejriwal also managed to get suave union minister Salman Khurshid to fume, shout and fight with reporters.

With these two media circuses under his belt, he announced that he would expose one more politician to naming and shaming, and news editors got ready for another round.

But the charges didn’t stick.

Gadkari and his friends didn’t waste time pointing out that the corruption allegations – the usual about land and shady dealings – didn’t stick. They hardly had to crow, though they did. Kejriwal did this to himself.

If he wants to win widespread public support, Kejriwal must remember that he has to aim for a career that is more meaningful than primetime TV news celebrity.

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Kejriwal has won the hearts of many already…digvijay’s comments is just a tactic to divert the main issues that are at hand, to take the news away from the corruption practices,that the government,doesnt seem to take care. The evidence is out there in the public domain, not sure why reuters is not raking it up to see for themselves. Do they need someone to show the facts ? Yesterday’s ndtv exclusive, made gadkari out of words to prove the companies that were non existent . companies that held major share, did not exist in the place mentioned in the website as per ndtvs investigation !

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