Comments on: Delhi gang rape case: ‘she deserved it’ is not a good argument Perspectives on South Asian politics Thu, 02 Jun 2016 08:03:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: SteveBen Fri, 08 Feb 2013 18:31:26 +0000 @woman21, why do you insist on misrepresenting my words?

Also, from the ONS: “…say 1 in 12 people” 2275436/Rape-victims-drunk-flirtatious-b lame-say-1-12-people.html#axzz2K9Gi5dxA

This seems to be supported by the ratings of the various comments. Indeed the second most popular comment is along the lines of what I was saying: “If 1 in 12 people really believe that, then I’d be willing to bet it’s the same 1 in 12 who actually commit the crime in the first place.”

Those found guilty of rape should be castrated, chemically or with two bricks.

By: timebandit Tue, 01 Jan 2013 14:23:30 +0000 These low IQ Indian thugs stole the bus and had no intention of stopping their night of crime with just a joyride. This unfortunate victim could’ve been any female, as I suspect they have raped and beaten females before. These vermin acted out of jealousy that the young man had a girlfriend (at all and of that high calibre) and out of anger that a young woman of that high calibre would never want anything to do with them. It is a very male reaction to: (1) destroy what one cannot have and (2) prevent any other male from having it.

By: Middleasia2004 Sat, 29 Dec 2012 18:50:50 +0000 @RangerDan : If you know India (be it for men or women) you wouldn’t have written it. Men in cities, specially cities of northern India are worse than monkeys in the forest. They are pretty dangerous not only for women but also for men (not for rape, but for looting and coercing) and not only in the night but during day time as well, if you happen to be at wrong places. Sadly it is India. The much talked about developments are happening only in few cities of India and affect very few percentage of Indian population, among them there are some people who sometimes forget what really India is and end up subject of such incidents. What happened here is only one case among thousands of others.

I agree with what Ramids stated above. I am not resident of Delhi but I with my wife was subjected to the criminal behaviour of taxi drivers, in the presence of police officials right outside Delhi international airport. And I was helpless and had to run away with my wife. Luckily for us there was a good taxi driver not so far behind the airport entrance who rescued us.
On another occasion I was with my friend (male) in Delhi for an official visit. When we reached Delhi railway station (Nizzamuddin) we were asked to enter into one particular taxi or otherwise we are not going anywhere. There also police presence was there but they were simply spectators. That day also we pushed those guys and run with our baggage. After those incidents I never went to Delhi. I would rather pay some agents for whatever I have to get anything done from Delhi.

In short Delhi is not prettiest or safest city to be in. What is the cure for Indians in my view is not enacting and enforcing some strong laws, (which in India if the suspects are from rich and affluent families, will never even go to courts) but the cure has to be social and economic. Majority of population of India are always struggling to survive. That’s why, he when with few others together attack others for making few fast bucks by any means.

I see in many blogs Indian girls talk about being groped or fondled in public transports, if you happened to be in Bombay suburban trains at peak hours even men are groped and fondled. The groping and fondling of women mindset is seen everywhere in India. I don’t know what is driving the male attitude towards women. Probably the restrictions. For an average Indian male only entertainment is watching movie and consuming alcohol. The limitation he is surrounded with restricts him from making love even with his wife at his home. That drives him for doing such outrageous acts to woman whenever he is granted with an opportunity I believe.

Therefore it is for us, girls, boys, mothers and parents in general to take care of ourselves. India has not developed as you think or wish to be. It will take at least another two generations to see a change in the attitude.

By: ROHAN_TEMPTER Sat, 29 Dec 2012 07:29:24 +0000 @ RAMID … So in short… from what u have mentioned.. should we just understand that “IF YOU CAN’T RESIST RAPE.. JUST LIE BACK & ENJOY IT”..!! How very convenient my friend. Thanks for all the Heart-felt advice about what women shud’nt be doing to avoid gettin Raped… Next time pls provide sum tips for the Rape-Happy men out there too… kindly advise them about how they can curb the urge to forcibly stick their manhoods up an unhappy, unsuspecting woman… let alone Clobber the living day lights outta her post the Rape..!! Ohh we all thank u loads… Cheers to that..!!

By: ROHAN_TEMPTER Sat, 29 Dec 2012 07:20:42 +0000 I found the bit about this Mr. Shivendra Singh, the asst. rev. offcr at Allahabad Court… You have indeed taken this hypocrite to Task in a deserving way. India gets to take the Brunt for audaciously shameful comments from such 2-faced perverts of his category.. who on 1 hand found the Delhi gangrape victim (now Nick-named Daamini.. & May she RIP) at Fault… coz she was out with a male friend in the evening? How utterly Cheap..!! On the other hand Mr. Rot-Head Singh posts such desperate lines regards Sunny Leone & Poonam Pandey..?? Ohh hahaha… Is he just gay or is he pretending to a dude..? Dammit.. i searched around on Fbook.. & found this profile that meets the details for our Crap-head..!! & i wanna go on Record here to say am sorry if this is not the same shivendra singh we talking about… here’s the Fbook link i found:!/shivendra.sin gh.330?fref=ts
Daamini.. may u RIP… & guys like shivendra.. may u never RIP..!! Amen… I rest my case for now..!!!

By: bishakhasen Fri, 28 Dec 2012 20:37:03 +0000 ….. And you thought men and soceity blaming the woman for soemthing like this happens only in India . Sorry to burst your bubble check this out  /woman-fired-for-being-too-attractive-3 1397240.html

By: chyron Sun, 23 Dec 2012 17:52:50 +0000 This time it’s not case of “Femina in vino non curator vagina” , misinterpretation and overstepping bounds, but clear assault. How can someone be sympathetic to “homo sapiens”es who did that and blame victim is inconceivable to me.
Unfortunately, there IS the case of “clash of cultures” – i.e. people of some “traditionalist” cultures practically lose their mind when see some skin or kind of action, what is “relatively” common for (muslim) peasants for.ex. and brings a lot of problem in modern multicultural west-influenced societies. Something that is basically unthinkable to cultures where depictions of nude woman’s body is just plain pleasing aesthetically w/o heavy sexual context. But i thought that India is one of such cultures.

So only way for society is to “trim and weed” these individuals, until those remaining think with their upper head.

PS As for some women’s reaction…well, try to show traditional XIX century korean commoner woman’s dress to some rural “good christian” grandma…you’ll hear a lot. But in reality bare breast in this dress were a) practicality for breastfeeding b)sign that this _married_ woman gave birth to a son.

PS2 Ironically, backlash to actions of similar “people” in the West banned almost all child nudity in art – bringing it to “restricted pornography” area. So we also didn’t found universal and quick solution, thus reverting to older patterns.

By: sanSanjeev Sun, 23 Dec 2012 16:43:45 +0000 Their is no God if their might have been one, It would have been at least peace in India. India has so

many temples, mosques, churches & gurdwara , we have so many priest and mahatmas but with so many God

figured and worshipers and believers of God all that happens in India is crime,rape, scams and what not.

A horrendous crime likes this is just one that got picked but their are probably so many happening that

never surfaces. Most of the criminals come from Bihar or UP, I think we should build a border and leave

UP and Bihar not part of India and as a separate country because they will never learn or educate

themselves what is right or what is wrong. And more responsible is not just the government but mostly

all political parties have criminal faces. today on news on tv I came to know their are about 42

politicians have rape or misbehave charges. And this could possibly be one reason why government is not

acting . Any Government who cannot protect its citizens should step down. How can we go out and vote and

choose rapist/criminal for some mean reason. are you going to wake up when something like this happens

with your wife or sister or with your mother? Their is not right to free speech now I have read

government is trying to block sites that exposes criminals in government. I hope some day their can be

peace and humanity can live long and prosper

By: NanIndian Sun, 23 Dec 2012 12:20:26 +0000 Im afraid people would say the same if it happens to their MOTHER !!!!!!!!!!!

By: Robert MacMillan Sat, 22 Dec 2012 22:30:20 +0000 Thanks, Vinod. I appreciate the thought.