Comments on: Corruption trumps reforms and economics in Kejriwal’s politics Perspectives on South Asian politics Thu, 02 Jun 2016 08:03:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: valueScreation Sat, 23 Feb 2013 10:36:01 +0000 It the basic values that have to change for good and Value creation with Values is the right way for us, I believe can lead us in the right direction. At a particular point of time consider any particular system that performs activities in a specific way. Eventually over a period of time people living within that system will find ways to invent, optimize the way things are run. Further on new ideas originate and new systems evolve. But how soon people can adapt to these changes, learn and think further and further (depends on the system’s transmissibility and adaptability). It is quite commonly observed that newer generations adapt sooner to these changes quite easily than their earlier ones. Eventually the system will reach a stage where the non-learners/low learners are left far behind and these leftouts tend to find space in the old system that is on the verge, they cannot perform and they have to survive somehow. Sometimes the # of these leftouts can be quite high in terms of the percentage of the population, which means that the leaders choosen were not wise enough to lead the pack in the right direction and/or the people are not interested to learn to improve to innovate. As a result, there will be an ever widening gap. People should learn good values and how to use them to choose wise leaders. If people do not learn they donot grow, they commit low deeds for a living, they choose alike people as leaders to protect them, neither shall improve lives.
Some of the changes that take place within the system can be based on the convenince of those who are already ahead or up and above. These type of changes to the basic values is a severe clash. Standard Good Values derived prosperity is definitely a welcome sign but convenience based, need based customised values and hence prosperity is a disagreement among many and eventually there will be a segregation among the people with different permutations and combinations of customised basic values.
Books teach some values which are no longer followed. Children observe things that are in contrast to what they were taught as right ways to live. Starting with the parents all the different participants in their surrounding environment customise values for their survival. Children tend to deviate from good values and begin to realise the power of sin and false takes over. The system will reach a stage with the accepted norm as – anyone can live in any way they like to without any values and there begins an end. The child can learn very quickly what matters is only whether one is above and not how one shall reach there and how power can take them up. Freedom without values is peril. Values without freedom is no growth. We need to find space in the middle third with good values and freedom used for the right purpose.
Should we go with rule based entirely or free based entirely, I guess either won’t work. It should be reason based, values based – Valueism works because it is rules that are open. The future should be going towards is No sin and No false power if what we are aiming for is a possibility of Go Hi-Tech and Go Green. The prosperity of the nation is within the hands of its people, if people learn and improve and invent.

By: imango Fri, 15 Feb 2013 01:58:29 +0000 Arvind is right when he says his thing about economy.As long as a strong and vibrant middle class exist,the economy is set to boom,however corruption can take a toll on it,as it is been happening in india for ages.
When Rabri devi,an illiterate housewife became chief minister of bihar,nobody questioned her economic policies,i dare say she haven’t even a clue of what that means.
Arvind here is a hugely qualified engineer and civil servant,certainly he can do much better then most of the present illetrate criminal politicians in india.
India’s economic success depends largely on well being of its huge middle class,but the story now is this middle class spends more on bribe then on purhcase,the country is being looted left right and centre.
Arvinds one policy of rooting out corruption,is rightly intended,the economy will take care of itself.
Corruption free india is the need of the hour,when bribes and kickbacks and capitalism is controlled,then money will flow back in the system.
This is what is economy stands for.
Arvind is right here,,get rid of the corruption,all this figures of inflation and growth does not matter.
Truth is india is not a democracy,its a political dictatorial and highly pro captilist country.
A country where there are scores of billionaires,who net worth makes up the figure for india.In reality its a poorest country on this planet and will ever be.
Truth hurts,arvind keriwal has just opened a can of worms,and certainly we are delighted to be part of this revolution.

By: Woman21 Thu, 14 Feb 2013 13:03:19 +0000 Very good interview. You are right AAP has to think about economic and system reforms in the country. His saying that figures are unimportant is careless. The growth rates are important and they do reflect change in the society. The growing prosperity of the middle class for instance! The question is how do poor sections of the society benefit from it? We can take a cue from West after 1950’s, how they consciously worked on giving underprivileged the rights. We can see the goodness of their system in the rise of Lakshmi Mittal.
The idea that corruption is the only problem plaguing the system is wrong. We all know how good and co-operative our lower bureaucracy is- ask them something which form to submit or what is the whole procedure, instead of an answer all one gets is huge scolding, volley of abuses or worse threat of not doing any work. They expect us to know their work!!

Second popular excuse, file ghum gai hai (I have misplaced your file?) I think in any corporation such people would be suspended for this irresponsible behaviour. But in our system there is no threat. And these people then use these tactics to extract bribe.

How much I have observed the system, I don’t think that corruption alone is the problem. There is so much delay thanks to the procedure, the file has to pass through so many departments! In my opinion if the passport has to be made in 2 weeks, it has to be! But given the existing procedure the things takes months. And sometimes employees take also advantage of it, they delay it further and ask bribes. So even if you remove corruption the entire thing is so tiresome and lengthy that people are tempted to give bribes and get work done soon. It is the system that has to change. For all things reasonable time frame has to be suggested.

So yes,if AAP has to replace Congress and BJP it has to gets it’s vision right. One cannot enter politics without thinking about the various problems and there solutions. Even Gandhi took three years to understand the British empire and evolve his idea of non-violent struggle! Looks like AAP party has lot to learn and understand.

P.S: For rural areas he has to understand the problems of debt that have nothing to do with corruption but rather from incomprehension of working of the markets. I am not sure how many villagers deal with bureaucracy!