Comments on: Anti-rape bill goes easy on first-time stalkers, but only if innocent Perspectives on South Asian politics Thu, 02 Jun 2016 08:03:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: KINGISKING Sat, 30 Mar 2013 10:54:22 +0000 A highly important law passed in Economical Super Power country of South East Asia India that had no concern about its women folks safety and security in the man dominated social infrastructure to keep the feminine Chastity intact, which is so very important for every women young and old.

Until only three/four months back the government woke up when the population’s united movement threatened the very existence of the government to stay in power. I would try and desist from high lighting the dire failures of the government in all respect to protect the female’s most valuable asset their chastity, which once spoiled by any form is equivalent to have killed that women, particularly in conservative social living structure of the subcontinent.

Now, coming to the main point of effectiveness of Trail on Rape case for conviction it is a must to have the victim of the rape case examined by a gynecologist within 24 hours of the incident of happening. Has the government made any arrangement to that effect for the sake of a fair trail..Has the government made any permanent arrangement with regard to the examining the victim in a country where in every twenty minutes a rape case is taking place, how could a government for the people be so careless in regard to the welfare of its people. The government is depending on the old have and has no facilities for medical examination of the victim in every State.

I would have expected the police head of the country to suggest to the government that what all needs to be done from registering the case, examining the victim, investigating the case and finally submitting charge sheet. All charge-sheeted people must have simultaneously DNA test result done from the same place the examination of the victim is carried out by the gynecologist.

I am sure the female high police officer Kiran Bedi would be an appropriate person to dress up the women folk with the law passed with proper supporting facilities police needed acts time limit. In addition, she would not leave it transparent for the accused to get away by viewing the privates parts through the transparently dressed law without the required supporting facilitating for investigating to get the desired effective positive result. With the present state the accused could get away through the loopholes by the caricature of the lawyers

The government has ultimately tried to view the issue seriously and was compelled to legislate the law to give some sort of protection to the women folk. I would say loudly enough for the government to draw the kind attention of the government and say that the law without providing the mentioned additional the facilities is keeping the Women folks in the open to be raped more often than the prevailing state of affair.