Interview with BJP leader Narendra Modi

By Reuters Staff
July 12, 2013

By Ross Colvin and Sruthi Gottipati

Narendra Modi is a polarising figure, evoking visceral reactions across the political spectrum. Critics call him a dictator while supporters believe he could make India an Asian superpower. (Read a special report on Modi here)

Reuters spoke to Modi at his official Gandhinagar residence in a rare interview, the first since he was appointed head of the BJP’s election campaign in June.

Here are edited excerpts from the interview. The questions are paraphrased and some of Modi’s replies have been translated from Hindi.

Is it frustrating that many people still define you by 2002?
People have a right to be critical. We are a democratic country. Everyone has their own view. I would feel guilty if I did something wrong. Frustration comes when you think “I got caught. I was stealing and I got caught.” That’s not my case.

Do you regret what happened?
I’ll tell you. India’s Supreme Court is considered a good court today in the world. The Supreme Court created a special investigative team (SIT) and top-most, very bright officers who overlook oversee the SIT. That report came. In that report, I was given a thoroughly clean chit, a thoroughly clean chit. Another thing, any person if we are driving a car, we are a driver, and someone else is driving a car and we’re sitting behind, even then if a puppy comes under the wheel, will it be painful or not? Of course it is. If I’m a chief minister or not, I’m a human being. If something bad happens anywhere, it is natural to be sad.

Should your government have responded differently?
Up till now, we feel that we used our full strength to set out to do the right thing.

But do you think you did the right thing in 2002?
Absolutely. However much brainpower the Supreme Being has given us, however much experience I’ve got, and whatever I had available in that situation and this is what the SIT had investigated.

Do you believe India should have a secular leader?
We do believe that … But what is the definition of secularism? For me, my secularism is, India first. I say, the philosophy of my party is ‘Justice to all. Appeasement to none.’ This is our secularism.

Critics say you are an authoritarian, supporters say you are a decisive leader. Who is the real Modi?
If you call yourself a leader, then you have to be decisive. If you’re decisive then you have the chance to be a leader. These are two sides to the same coin … People want him to make decisions. Only then they accept the person as a leader. That is a quality, it’s not a negative. The other thing is, if someone was an authoritarian then how would he be able to run a government for so many years? … Without a team effort how can you get success? And that’s why I say Gujarat’s success is not Modi’s success. This is the success of Team Gujarat.

What about the suggestion that you don’t take criticism?
I always say the strength of democracy lies in criticism. If there is no criticism that means there is no democracy. And if you want to grow, you must invite criticism. And I want to grow, I want to invite criticism. But I’m against allegations. There is a vast difference between criticism and allegations. For criticism, you have to research, you’ll have to compare things, you’ll have to come with data, factual information, then you can criticize. Now no one is ready to do the hard work. So the simple way is to make allegations. In a democracy, allegations will never improve situations. So, I’m against allegations but I always welcome criticism.

On his popularity in opinion polls
I can say that since 2003, in however many polls have been done, people have selected me as the best chief minister. And as best chief minister, it wasn’t just people from Gujarat who liked me, not like that. People outside of Gujarat have also voted like that for me. One time, I wrote a letter to the India Today Group’s Aroon Purie. I requested him – “Every time I’m a winner, so next time please drop Gujarat, so someone else gets a chance. Or else I’m just winning. Please keep me out of the competition. And besides me, give someone else a shot at it.”

Allies and people within the BJP say you are too polarizing a figure
If in America, if there’s no polarization between Democrats and Republicans, then how would democracy work? It’s bound (to happen). In a democracy there will be a polarization between Democrats and Republicans.

This is democracy’s basic nature. It’s the basic quality of democracy. If everyone moved in one direction, would you call that a democracy?

But allies and partners still find you controversial
Up till now, no one from my party or the people who are allied with us, I’ve never read nor heard any official statement (about this from them). It might have been written about in the media. They write in a democracy … and if you have any name that this person is there in the BJP who said this, then I can respond.

How will you persuade minorities including Muslims to vote for you?
First thing, to Hindustan’s citizens, to voters, Hindus and Muslims, I’m not in favour of dividing. I’m not in favour of dividing Hindus and Sikhs. I’m not in favour of dividing Hindus and Christians. All the citizens, all the voters, are my countrymen. So my basic philosophy is, I don’t address this issue like this. And that is a danger to democracy also. Religion should not be an instrument in your democratic process.

If you become PM, which leader would you emulate?
The first thing is, my life’s philosophy is and what I follow is: I never dream of becoming anything. I dream of doing something. So to be inspired by my role models, I don’t need to become anything. If I want to learn something from Vajpayee, then I can just implement that in Gujarat. For that, I don’t have to have dreams of (higher office in) Delhi. If I like something about Sardar Patel, then I can implement that in my state. If I like something about Gandhiji, then I can implement that. Without talking about the Prime Minister’s seat, we can still discuss, that yes, from each one we have to learn the good things.

On the goals the next government should achieve
Look, whichever new government comes to power, that government’s first goal will be to fix the confidence that is broken in people.
The government tries to push a policy. Will it continue that policy or not? In two months, if they face pressure, will they change it? Will they do something like — an event happens now and they’ll change a decision from 2000? If you change decisions from the past, you will bring the policy back-effects. Who in the world will come here?
So whichever government comes to power, it would need to give people confidence, it should build the trust in people, “yes, in policies there will be consistency”, if they promise people something, they will honor that promise, they will fulfil. Then you can position yourself globally.

People say economic development in Gujarat is hyped up
In a democracy, who is the final judge? The final judge is the voter. If this was just hype, if this was all noise, then the public would see it every day. “Modi said he would deliver water.” But then he would say “Modi is lying. The water hasn’t reached.” Then why would he like Modi? In India’s vibrant democracy system, and in the presence of vibrant political parties, if someone chooses him for the third time, and he gets close to a two-third majority then people feel what is being said is true. Yes, the road is being paved, yes, work is being done, children are being educated. There are new things coming for health. 108 (emergency number) service is available. They see it all. So that’s why someone might say hype or talk, but the public won’t believe them. The public will reject it. And the public has a lot of strength, a lot.

Should you be doing more for inclusive economic growth?
Gujarat is a state that people have a lot of expectations from. We’re doing a good job, that’s why the expectations are high. As they should be. Nothing is wrong.

On indicators like malnutrition, infant mortality
Infant mortality has improved tremendously in Gujarat, tremendously. Compared to every other state in Hindustan, we are a better performing state. Second thing, malnutrition, in Hindustan today, real-time data is not available. When you don’t have real time data, how are you going to analyse?

We do believe in inclusive growth, we do believe that the benefits of this development must reach to the last person and they must be the beneficiary. So this is what we’re doing.

People want to know who is the real Modi – Hindu nationalist leader or pro-business chief minister?
I’m nationalist. I’m patriotic. Nothing is wrong. I’m a born Hindu. Nothing is wrong. So, I’m a Hindu nationalist so yes, you can say I’m a Hindu nationalist because I’m a born Hindu. I’m patriotic so nothing is wrong in it. As far as progressive, development-oriented, workaholic, whatever they say, this is what they are saying. So there’s no contradiction between the two. It’s one and the same image.

On Brand Modi and people behind the PR strategy
The western world and India – there’s a huge difference between them. Here, India is such a country that a PR agency will not be able to make a person into anything. Media can’t make anything of a person. If someone tries to project a false face in India, then my country reacts badly to it. Here, people’s thinking is different. People won’t tolerate hypocrisy for very long. If you project yourself the way you actually are, then people will accept even your shortcomings. Man’s weaknesses are accepted. And they’ll say, yes, okay, he’s genuine, he works hard. So our country’s thinking is different. As far as a PR agency is concerned, I have never looked at or listened to or met a PR agency. Modi does not have a PR agency. Never have I kept one.

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Narendra modi says philosophy of his party is “justice to all (who r these all?-Hindus first) and appease none (does this mean that the Ayodhya controversial land site will have a hospital to serve humans?)”
on a simple question like “do you regret what happened in 2002?” he gets personal by saying “i have been given clean-chit” the question was not abt whether u think u r guilty (that question was already asked before this one) but on a simple question like did u regret the bloodshed, he sounded almost like Rajiv Gandhi.

Mr. Modi whats the difference between you and Rajiv Gandhi…you dont regret for 2002 bloodshed and so did the late Gandhi who felt shaking of earth was important after the tree came down with its roots in 1984…and yes they were Muslim nationalist and you are Hindus! Jai Ho India! hypocrisy toh koi in dono se sikhe.

though i wonder y din the reporter ask “do you think the 2002 victims would get justice?” with maya kodnani serving the seat till 2012 where the trial court named her a convict, does he want to say that he never knew what happened and who were involved….? can he assure that once BJP and alliance comes to power, the alliance would not fiddle with the power and destroy the religious sanctity of the various clans that live in the present day India.

yes, thousands of Indians would never get justice for the family members they lost in 84 and 2002 because we have nationalists like Gandhi clan and BJP! With such nationalists coming to power in sequence, the only thing one can expect is looting of public exchequer!

however, i admire that atleast Modi has made his choice public – hindu nationalist, though how much i dont agree with his logic (i m born hindu, so hindu nationalist – how come mixing religion with nationalism?) much of the credit for this stupidity goes to the reporter for asking it – hindu nationalist or probusiness chief minister!

Posted by pri005 | Report as abusive

As Hitler was voted to power in germany . So Does the Modi. Hitler incinerated six million Jews. Modi Killed 3000 Muslims. Hitler in the making in India. Modi ,STEP down as the CM ,ONLY THEN WE CAN EXPECT A FAIR PROBE. YOU HAVE ELIMINATED MOST OF THE EVIDENCES AGAINST YOU. HITLER COMMITTED SUICIDE. YOUR END MIGHT BE THE SAME.

Posted by THANNU | Report as abusive

Since 1947, in almost all part of the country Muslims have been somehow tortured & deprived by the majorities & flattered by the govt. systems run by several political parties. Be it Bengal, be it M.P., U.P., North-east, Gujarat, Maharastra, Bihar or Kashmir. Somewhere by the majorities and somewhere by the political systems & defence forces. No wonder about Modi’s comment & no heart feelings. It’s the destiny of Muslims in this country. He rightly compared Muslims with “Puppy” (as he has no regrets about Gujarat riot but worry about puppy running under a vehicle) that must always have a fear of many “Wolfs” like Modi, just in the name of religion only? Another lesson we must teach from Modi’s statement that one has to either Hindu or Muslim Nationalist, not just a true Indian! May God save this country from such traitors, fascist & divisive forces.

Posted by NIPoramanik | Report as abusive

If Modi becomes a PM of India, that will be end of our great history of democracy. He makes news by paying a media marketing wing. He had claimed he rescued 15,000 Gujarati pilgrims from flood-hit Uttarakhand recently in 80 Innova cars and four aircrafts. If he had done a bit of math before claiming such stupidity. 80 Innova cars and four aircraft were pressed into service they could carried only a maximum of 2,300 people, even if cramped. He is a #1 liar politician India has ever produced.

Posted by SamUSA_20013 | Report as abusive

Mr Modi had devoted his life for India.Unlike Other politician he has nothing to gain personally.He works for more than 18 hours with full efficiency and without any discrimination.I have seen more than 10000 speeches made by him right from 2002 and always found him thinking about growth for India and International through contribution in Gujarat.As Indian Citizen I feel India needs Modi to be PM even if he does not have ambition to do so.I would urge all sections of society in India please support him for PM and do not get in false controversies created by parties opposing him,you know who I am referring to.The main reason for these parties go against him is for vote bank politics and they fear if comes to power for atleast 15-20 years they have to sit in opposition and that will dilute their existence.So only solution is Narendra Modi is next PM of India if India needs progress.

Posted by CSJAIN | Report as abusive

I believe he has addressed all points very effectively and very relevant explanations. I am little surprised at the Indian media reactions. Any thing Modi says becomes communal war for congress goons.

Posted by MohitSharma | Report as abusive

Bad translation. Modi had said “… even then *EVEN* if a puppy comes under the wheel, will it be painful or not?”

Meaning, even if just a puppy dies we would feel bad, so of course he feels deeply unhappy that thousands of human beings died. What is wrong in that?

Just by leaving one word in the translation, this has given an opportunity to vested interests in the media to quote the sentence out of context to distort the facts and create an unnecessary furore.

Posted by MerlinsBeard | Report as abusive

Yes I agree with all of you ,I can not understand why this indian(Congress) media taking wrong meaning of each and every interview of NAMO .if this indian media spend this time for analysis of development data of indian economy under congress and analysis of all congress minister’s assets then it is very useful to india as well as their TRP!!
But no one want to believe in indian new channel now because this is SASH BAHU news channel just for TRP and money from any where!!!

Posted by harshikpatel | Report as abusive

Nrendra Modi is most Inclusive then all other leaders in India. In this interview each single word I could understand
nothing wrong there. All Indian medias are in fever of congress so they are speculate whole interview wrongly.
Go goooooo Modi go we are with you and We understand you and we know you ,your work. People know all your anime and anime of country too.

Posted by Sanjaykhan | Report as abusive

The interview parts came on local newspaper in kerala helped me to read the full interview on Reuters.
The news in local paper is mainly focusing on making some controversy as normal .It is our choice to decide what is the opinion by public. i think media can deliver the information to us on full spread.
But the newspapers break some sentence from it and publishing is not good for the society.
The people may dont have education ,but they have common sense to decide.
any way Reutres did the right thing to publish it on complete.

We need a strong leadership for india who is not corrupt and who can take decision on issues that affect india in future.The organised education system,including result making research,strengthening of indian business in higher level,making good relationship with neighbors..Lot of things are ahead.if we don’t do things in right time, it will be difficult for us to manage the population.

Posted by sajeevnair | Report as abusive

Well done modiji

Posted by Sivadasan | Report as abusive

And now he’ll claim. Godse claimed the same things he claims in the interview. he nicely masks the facts that he allowed to riots to continue for three days where people were brutally butchered. An ex MP was even not spared. His legs and arms were cut off and he was burnt alive. And for his respect for the supreme court, the supreme court of India called him modern day nero. what does he have to say about that? The police officers who opposed him during that time were demoted and pushed away. only his stooges were allowed to continue. whats worse after the riots even when people were in camps he dissolved the assembly so that he could make use of the oppurtunity to hold polls. when the then election commissioner opposed he went against him. Even bringing his religion into it- saying as a christian Lyngdoh was listening to sonia gandhi’s tunes. the supreme court transferred cases outside the state for a simple reason- it wasnt conducive to conduct cases there. that bad is the situation there. Reuter, the questions you asked were terrible. you never bothered asking the right questions. this interview seems more like a sham.

Posted by alikm | Report as abusive

Modi is India’s best polotician All Indians can prosper develop and stand tall as he has shown in Gujarat

Posted by DJairam | Report as abusive

He is a great leader of this century. He has born to destroy the traitors who has looted this country before and after independence in the name of secularism & appeasement. Arise Hindus! if not now then it will be never. The Congis & the Corrupt politicians always against NaMo, as they r completely rattled that if he comes to power their looting business will be ceased. Arise, Awake And Bring NaMo to power to c a bright future of India. Jai Hindu!

Posted by JaiHindu | Report as abusive

One of the best interview with NaMo. He is the true secular leader, he follows the principle of ‘Vasudaiva kudumbakam’ (the whole world is one family), not like many other Indian politicians says secularism and appease certain sections of the society.

Posted by Hari_13 | Report as abusive

Its a very good interview. The guy is honest and straightforward. Unlike anyone from the Congress, he is truly Indian and deeply interested in bringing on a much needed positive change for India and its youths. India desperately needs freedom from the Nehru-Gandhi dynastic rule which has always raped and ruined India thru effective media management and using every public institution to remain in power. It’s not surprising they are so threatened by Modi.

Posted by TruthBites | Report as abusive


Posted by Trivedi | Report as abusive

He is the only man who can save India from Vote Bankers Secular, Terrorists and same time Give Growth to this Country. His 10 Years will be more better than 60 year of Congress Rule.

Posted by ShishuGarg | Report as abusive

India needs this modern day Chanakya i.e. Narendra Modi. It is an idea whose time has come. The severity of the assault on him by all political parties and the media only validates the fact that he is a change agent. Change for the good of people. The Congress has a department called the Dirty Tricks Dept headed by Digvijay Singh. Their job is to create and sustain a negative perception about Modi and BJP. They use the media effectively. Congress has realised that Modi at the Centre will result into the political retirement for most corrupt Congress politicians.

Posted by TruthBites | Report as abusive

“First thing, to Hindustan’s citizens, to voters, Hindus and Muslims, I’m not in favour of dividing. I’m not in favour of dividing Hindus and Sikhs. Religion should not be an instrument in your democratic process.”

What a perfect answer by Narendra Modi and this is real SECULARISM… and slept on that who play politics in the name of secularism and that’s why they frightened with Modi… since if this theory applied and understood by Indian people their vote bank will be finish…

Posted by BipinTrivedi | Report as abusive

I dont understand why indian media is making so hype about this…where was this media when assam riots took place…media didnt cover enough at the time of 2G scam,coal-scam…what punishment did they give to Kalmadi??No one knows…Indian media is totally pathetic and non-sense..Even Prime Minister is one of the accused in Coal scam…THE SILENT PUPPET has no authority in his hand..All orders comes from 10,Janpath,New Delhi..Who was Ishrat Jahan??A terrorist was killed …why to make a hype??Even Let website showed her a member of them…Who was Sohrabuddin??Was he an Ideal Citizen??Nope..!A mafia was killed and lots of encounters took place in the past…why no one is talking about that??Have u seen Indian Economy today??Rupees is at its worst against dollars..why no one is making a head line for that??Have u seen how a common man of India is living??Is it bad to play the politics SOLELY ON THE BASE OF DEVELOPMENT??come on all Congress about development…Have u seen Gujarat Development??In Assembly election MODI won 117 seats out of 182..Dont they say that public support MODI?have u thought what impact will be there on Indian economy due to FOOD SECURITY BILL??India needs a MIRACLE MAN…Only MODI can do this..he has no one to see behind in his family…Not like the Gandhi Family,where each and every non-qualified person can be the Prime Ministerial Candidate by his birth in Gandhi family rather than his virtues and qualities..I WANT MY NATION TO BE “MODI”FIED????dont u ??GO MODI GO…!!

Posted by jaykothari23 | Report as abusive

True Narendra Modi, True to his colours, chiding in his remorse, appeasing his support base by a bad analogy, I am already alarmed of his intent.

Posted by TheIndiaGuy | Report as abusive

Great job!!! Reuters..
back at home in India, sad and disgusted at our corrupt media trying to twist the whole interview for TRP gains.

Posted by PrashanthDP | Report as abusive

Hindu cares for even small ant or puppy. Only people that cannot face Mr. Narendra Modi shall raise such issues on Puppy reference that was so innocent and that reflect true heart of Hindu Nationalist leader. But Congress leaders has no identity except buttering Gandhi family. They have exploited Muslims and treated them as Vote bank and have left this community to leave worst life. Progressive and forth looking Muslims admires inclusive policy of Mr. Modi and voted for him. So Mr. Kapil Sibbal, please talk of your responsibility in 1984 Anti sikh riots and thousands others killing Muslims and Hindus under your 60 year rule. Please create your own identity Mr. Khurshid when you yourselves involved in Handicap misappropriation scam . You in Driver seat looted 500000 crores in Scams. Now exhibiting hypocrisy when you have no reply on 1984 riots with no single conviction. People are not fools. You cannot stop Mr. Modi.

Posted by NimeshVShah | Report as abusive

he is one man who does not bother what other politicians think he does what he feels right for this country.
u know Indian media is very happy whenever thys find modi’s statement they will be very busy on paper/electronic media
they are very biased about Modi all the news channels in this country are very critical abount him. they do not have courage to go to pm/sonia/rahul to conduct interview and ask very critical question, first they do not get interview even they get they are restricted. enough of indian media pl be unbiased to all political parties and conduct yourself
hope i see this very soon

Posted by krr | Report as abusive

he is a real leader in the nation, and also real hero. comingsoon Indian become a powerfull country of the world.

Posted by rraj-idol | Report as abusive

I have read Srutti Gotipatti’s tweet saying views on this interview and a reaction our Secular Media and brigade. I would like to know how this interview would have been seen in any other country. I am sure nobody could have faulted with anything what NaMo said. But this is how EXOTIC secular media and it’s brigade thinks in India. Pervert and crook.

Posted by nnitin | Report as abusive

What has been left out has been covered by the readers in the comments section. NaMo as Sri Narendra Modi is affectionately called, he is our only hope to rid my nation from our colonization by the Italian Mafiosi. Earlier our country was murdered and plundered by invading hoards beyond our western borders; later it was the EAST INDIA COMPANY looting our nation which gave room to the British Monarchy to rule us calling my country as the Jewel in the British Crown! “Along Came a Spider” in early 1960s and the Italian Mafiosi colonized us under the patronage of the EAT INDIA COMPANY since then. NaMo is our only hope to win us freedom from this LOOT INDIA COMPANY. KHANgress’ Ali Baba and forty thieves are literally scared that their loot will be put to an end once for all. No wonder their fear is generating so much of noise! If reactions on any message board is an indicator, the writing is clear on the wall. Only the purblind will refuse to read it!

Posted by SriAiyerRS | Report as abusive

This Man know what he is talking and what who is is listening, The opposition has taken full advantage of it but with that they have made fulls out of themselves.
The heart f this interview the comment regards to the pain one would feel if he sees a puppy coming under the car!!!
on this one everyone that commented and criticized Modi has looked a complete fool and Modi has definitely thought about this before making the comment!!!!

Posted by SatishMalawi | Report as abusive

Good Muslim is one who calls himself Nationalist Muslim. So is Hindu Nationalist. That is need of India today.

Posted by Mindu | Report as abusive

Favoring only one community/religion means SECULARISM in INDIA for congress and his alliances reason, they can easily fool them to get power which they are doing since independence, looted the nation , spread corruption , making BHARAT weaker in all fronts , soft on terrorism , riots happened in all parts of country not in gujrat only UP, Bihar , Assam all secular States , no one talks about sikh riots , terror attacks , asaam riot , mubai riots , kashmir riots , every fool is behind NaMo and with a reason they do not have anything left to show country people..The lamest and dumb PM of BHARAT doing Bharat nirman , using CBI for mulyam , maya , lallu , etc and serving sonia and his family as a servent.List is long and they have only 2002 to discuss , else they will come to 1991 ayodhya else they will discuss similar things , not telling what they did for the minorities since independence ,tell the nation what you made Bharat in past 60 years of rule.

Posted by uphoric | Report as abusive

In Our country jain Munis walks after cleaninsg roads not to hurt a ant.They don’t cook in evening as flies may get killed.

Posted by mbhagawat | Report as abusive

The flares up from Salman Khurshid and (Sick)ular Pillars of the society SD and others, are totally untenable and stand atrocious – even the word Oxamaron was uncalled for. I have seen such a kind of maturity from Modi’s interview that he was truly present with conscious and mind and answered as he genuinely felt correct without modesty. Puppy word was not at all wrong when his analogy was only to prove about his feelings. Life can never change for better in politics for Modi and let him prepare for that and I am sure he would overcome these obstacles easily.

Posted by marutee | Report as abusive

After reading the Reauter interview, one becoms clear and aware of the actual facts said by Modi, So let the leaders and Indian media appropriately break and distort the statements facts and get exposed in the eyes of the public, Common sense is far far powerful than the non-stop noise of dwarf leaders and irrelevent myopic media.

Posted by Raames | Report as abusive

Modi is India’s best polotician All Indians can prosper develop and stand tall as he has shown in Gujarat

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

Well done Modi ji ………i strongly Belief that the next election in India will create New History…You are proving that you are the strong Contender or Aspirant for Future PM of India .

Posted by toshi2049 | Report as abusive

Really sad after the negative reactions from leaders of other parties. I truly feel that all these reactions are only to push him back from the upcoming elections.

I don’t know why all other parties are so much united today when they see Mr Narendra Modi to be the most powerful and respected politician of present India.

I would have felt proud if this unity is for making India grow and not for pulling leg of someone who has really earned respect in every Indian eye.

Jai Hind!

Posted by YashT | Report as abusive

a very sincere answer to the hard but decent questions.Pseudo secular political parties in India trying to twist all.

Posted by Rajendransisram | Report as abusive

Modi,by expressing his sadness over puppy incident,admits himself that he was very indeed then sad , when human lives were perished due to religious madness.EVERY BODY should accept HIS PUPPY remark as he has appologised. what else we expect from MODI? LET US NOT BE CARRIED AWAY TO VENGENCE
HIS message is clear for all .

Posted by mini2008 | Report as abusive

Congratulations for fair and balanced reporting. We do not see this quality of fair journalism in India. Very refreshing article.
Mr Modi is India’s hope.

Posted by aashishjuneja | Report as abusive

If one has to understand Modi, one has to understand the real India, not the one emanating from British Colony or the Mughal era. India was a country of all round strength – cultural, intellectual and social strengths way above the universal average. The strength was not derived from aggression or conquering through war on any outside country, except to protect righteousness (Dharma). Even though India imbibed a lot of things during the Mughal and colonial period – some good things included, the great drawback was India became a slave, acquiring subservient demeanor, substantially diminishing the core of its inner strength. It was to restore its strength of character, the great intellectual thinkers led by Mahatma Gandhi, fought for and succeeded in getting freedom.
Muslims who felt they cannot live along with Hindus in a country as minority, especially when they were ruling the country prior to Colonial era, separated into Pakistan. However, it was leaders like Gandhi, who felt that India has to show its strength by accepting those Muslims who opted to be in India living with Hindus and thereby demonstrate the truly Indian core strength of acceptance of all faiths within – a trait intrinsic to Hindu religion that you will only grow stronger by inclusion. It was a dream as espoused by Gandhi, which the whole of India, particularly its leaders accepted.
Soon after independence when Nehru became Prime Minister, it became slowly apparent that Nehru had different ulterior motive. He was the architect for manifestation of minority polarization for vote bank politics and truly worked on the polarization of Muslims. His dynasty which has been ruling India, has perfected this art and adopted this phenomenon in a crass and brazen manner. Because of the Congress led by Nehru/Indira Gandhi family’s approach, this factor was competitively whipped up by all other so called secular parties. The serious consequences of this exploitation was:
1. the culture of doles and perpetuation of poverty and illiteracy among the minorities, so that they can be continued to be exploited
2. The core intrinsic cultural. social and intellectual strength of India got further stifled instead of getting liberated after independence.
Nehru and Congress continued to stifle the alleviation of poverty and growth of illiteracy, especially among the minorities by increasing appeasement, ensuring that these segments do not benefit from unleashing the Core intellectual and cultural strength intrinsic to Indian ethos. The villains continued to succeed in their plans all these years and enjoyed power, perpetuating unabated corruption.
It is only now that India with a threshold strength of educated and young population, there is some hope for progressive, developmental, nationalistic energies to be unleashed, thanks to emergence of leaders like Modi. All the propaganda of false allegations on Modi is a direct outcome of the natural tendency of those in power mongers, thanks to exploitative strategies and as Modi is becoming more and more popular, the shrill and loudness of lies and misinformation about Modi is intensifying. 2014 is looking like a serious threat for these exploiters. The stakes are so high that the entire Indian media has been bought over by the exploitative power mongers, who are hand in glove with the ulterior designs of the vested interests. The only agenda for 2014 is “stop Modi”. It’s do or die for the villains.
In this background, the interview by Rueters is refreshing.

Posted by sbala53 | Report as abusive

Riot victims have not been rehabilitated even after 11 years.Modi has not furnished data regarding Muslims’ participation in ”allround”growth of Gujrat. Modi has not inducted any minister from this community though Muslims constitute nearly 10% of population in Gujrat.

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Mr Modi is the greatest leader of this century. His idea is to break india into little tiny bits, and allow divisive politics based on religion rather than caste.He appeases none since his ideas are generated in the pre historic era and finds enough supporters who can’t adjust to the rapidly changing world but can relate to him ,since his ideas are archaic,obsolete,redundant and hopefully will be the radical chemistry to unite a nation.

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Modi is the only leader in India to day who is seen as most honest,forthright andbelieves in true secularism.His remarks in your interview was again distorted by so called secularist politician and intellectual.They feel that only they have knowledge of English language so whatever distorted facts they will express in media PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE.They donot realise India has moved far ahead from 2002.Reauter has done a great job by asking all sorts of questions and I think in India no leader has as much confidence as MODI has in his frank answers

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‘India First’ is real secularism. How to get Hindus/Muslim votes is not securlarism ? Till date secularism was define by regligion/caste. But India First is something new……There seems to be new wave coming…Vote bank politics related dust will be taken far. Hope ‘India First’ wave will have strength to unite India and take the all the pollution of vote bank politics away from us.

Jai Gurudev !

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This is again a self propagandising Namo. There is nothing new or bright think told in this interview. If mr Modi says 108 ambulance. it is already there in AP by YSR, Karnataka and TN by karunanidhi before 5-10 years.

What %age of power industry has grown. It was more than 26000 MW in gujarat in 2000(beore namo came to power) an excess of 40% of states demand against other states where power problems have become political problems.

All states have developed roads, overhead bridges and National Highways.

Again the growth rate of Gujarat has always been above 12% even before Namo entered politics. For three decades Gujarat has showed growth rate excess to what has happned in last 10 years.

The hidden problems that come to light are the negative increments the work class is to endure due to Contract labour system implemented in the last ten years. The wage of CL in gujarat is the least in the whole of India, lesser than Bihar or Orissa. The water scarcity proplems have started showing its colours in Gujarat. You can expect the problem to bloom in couple of years and hence, Namo wants to escape from the same by becoming PM.

Why do not he complete his tenure and then become PM. Fear ah?

Again are there no other leaders in BJP, only Namo?

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What rubbish Congress low mentality people are talking. If a man is born Hindu Family then he will say with pride that I am Hindu. What’s wrong in it.We should proud to be Hindu.
In Hindustan if to say that I am Hindu is a crime then we all should be hang as per Congress leader’s statement.

But what ever wrong will be done by Congress persons.
It is time to unite.
I appeal to all Hindus to be unite and remove Congress in coming election
Be unite
Be Unite
Be Unite and come with Modi

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He is the best politician in India. At least he told what is inside of him without hesitate unlike other dirty politicians, who could do anything for their votes.

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if you see the root cause of what happened in 2002 then it was again triggered by congress having said that what happened afterwards was equally bad and should not have happened but at the end of the day in politics the best choice you get is who is less evil so to keep that in mind if you compare two sides of the coin then Modi and BJP has demonstrate their good governance in Gujarat where whole state is progressing and every body is getting benefit of that on other side we have slum dog millionaire India given by Congress and particularly by Nehru family who give damn about the country. Currently congress is also lacking leadership, There was good leader in congress too like lal bahadur shastri who got support of the whole country but none of them survived and gone or murdered so current congress is ruled by one family only for most of the part who never had any best interest of country in mind

so If you compare your choices that way then it looks very obvious to me that who you should VOTE in next election.

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I never knew any thing about Modi until I saw so much opposition for Gujarat Riots. I cant decide what is truth but I know one thing for sure there is some thing about him!
And after reading more about him and his critics, I am sure he has guts to implement what is require by India. Other politician want to do but have no guts to implement.
At this difficult time India needs some one like him to steer to the prosperity.
I sincerely think Muslims in India can grow ( and they deserve it ) when they are given right opportunity not just appeasement. This is one of the great policy Mr Modi.

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