Photographer gang-raped in Mumbai

August 23, 2013

A 22-year-old photographer was gang-raped by five men in India’s financial capital Mumbai on Thursday, evoking comparisons with a similar incident in Delhi in December that led to nationwide protests.

The incident took place near the posh Lower Parel area when the woman, a photojournalist with a magazine, was out on assignment. She was accompanied by a male colleague, media reports said.

A case has been registered at Mumbai’s N.M. Joshi Marg police station.

“An FIR has been registered … nobody has been arrested so far,” a head constable at the police station told India Insight. He gave no details.

The incident is likely to shock residents of Mumbai, considered one of India’s safest cities.

“Can’t travel to Bihar, U.P., Delhi, Haryana, M.P., Pune & now Lower Parel. Can’t travel to work or school. Girls a liability. Vicious circle,” someone calling herself NamPod said on Twitter. “Every Mumbaikar must come out & show their outrage to the failed government, police system & laws,” said Trivan K., another user.

The woman has been admitted to Jaslok Hospital in south Mumbai and sketches of the suspects have been made, police said.

“The patient is with us after the unfortunate incident since last night. As of now, she is stable,” the hospital said in a statement.

In December, a 23-year-old woman died days after she was gang-raped by five men in a moving bus in New Delhi, a case that led to street protests, candlelight vigils and a new anti-rape law. The trial is under way.

While Delhi has been nicknamed India’s rape capital, Mumbai, a city home to more than 18 million people, has always been considered a safe place for women to travel even at night.

Sexual violence against women in largely patriarchal India is widespread, say gender rights activists, and crimes such as rape, dowry murders, acid attacks, honour killings, child marriages and human trafficking are common.

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When Will Women Be Safe In India !!

Posted by sushilpershad | Report as abusive

It is pathetic that people think that Bihar and UP are extremely dangerous and unsafe for women without ever traveling to those states. It is a stereotype that Bihar and UP are unsafe for women. Its not like women in UP and Bihar cannot go out at night safely. Its not wild wild west up there. It is unfortunate but true that women are equally unsafe in India or abroad regardless of geographical location.
If the entire states are defamed in the case of rape, why is it that the author of this article only blacklists “lower parel” as a place unsafe for women. She should be consistent with her writings and should write that now ‘Maharashtra’ is unsafe for women.

Posted by pranaysingh | Report as abusive

Bitter Truth-“Safety and Security” doesn’t exist for women(anymore)..Place is not a criteria..wherever they go ..they are victims ..and thanks to the law of our country for just making a special appearance(and actually doing nothing)..Words are not needs a reaction to all the actions taken by those people of society who consider or treat women like an object..(even an object is treated better than this)..its time for Newton’s third law…NO MERCY..

Posted by RisingSun | Report as abusive

6. Capital punishment and quicker judgment can be effective deterrents. But hanging need be limited to incurable cases for two reasons a) defense would try using immense legal acrobatics and unethical means to resist this punishment b) hanging will give the criminal a death without pain. Punishments like flogging or methods that can be make culprits suffer pain and torture of similar grade as they mete out to victims and companions could be effective. In more hardened offence law may opt to castrate the offender temporarily or permanently. This will be a model of punishment that may be deterrent.
7. Anyone who prevents or advises a person against going to work at late hours or wearing a dress of choice is impeding the right to work irrespective of cast, sex or region as provided in constitution (article 14, 19 and 21).
8. Sexual behavior is explained by Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) a medical doctor and pioneer of clinical psychology. But in Germany itself some his theories were suppressed or dismissed as vulgar or unnatural.
9. Dr. Freud developed some influential theories in modern psychology and psychoanalysis. His division of the mind into the conscious and unconscious components drove research on the brain to specific motivations of our behaviors to new levels of abstraction in human thought. He developed a three-tier theory of personality which developed at different stages of life. According him, every man is born with a criminal instinct or desire to snatch. Psychologists also say that way in which a guilty can get away from punishment or get punishment delayed or reduced would encourage the vulnerable members of the society to adopt criminal means. Politicization of the crime and the absence of “role models” may encourage crime. Rape especially gang rape must be differentiated from all other anomalous actions and dealt effectively and rapidly
Prof (Dr.) Ramakumar,V.

Posted by RamakumarV | Report as abusive

1. Discussions in media on rape especially the gang rape are never specific. The Issues get mixed up with other sexual interactions, thus,-.
a) some pointed out that mature males has no opportunity to meet needs when physiologically excited and/ or
b) that girls appearing some dress excite males.
c) girls should not opt to work late or in mod dress. Apparently, they blame it on a constitutional right to work for a living (article 38).
d) Some activists support minor rapists and blame it on “state’s” failure to protect youth from bad influences.
2. All such arguments only divert attention, delay punishment and favour pardon. If poverty leads to crime, 34% poor of the country (call them BPL) would do “gang rape” and brutally assault them to muffle any victim or companion from complaining. Juvenile Law does not bestow a minor with the right to crime. Parents of the accused, who fail to do parenting, misuse this argument and/ or blame it on govt.
3. No victim of reported rapes was provocatively dressed. A boldly dressed girl is more often avoided by a cowardly male. Low/ no opportunity to access physiological need is not exclusive to male; a female too has desire. But men being gang raped is not seen reported. [Using the same analogy, can we justify the hungry stealing food stuff or the poor looting bank?
4. Sexual exploitations in office, Pinching in a crowded bus or train, Child abuse, incest sex, eve teasing, staring or passing comments are discussed to project gang rape as a natural male oppression provoked by dress, “survival of the fittest”, “expression of an alpha male” or “dominant gene alleles”. Equating rape to other forms of sex linked assaults is born out of poor/ incomplete knowledge about sex or sexuality and is misleading. Many show gang rape as a handicap shrouded with mystery, fantasy or secrecy.
5. Gang rape is a work of a sick mind compounded by group behavior or gang mentality (“Allellomimetic behavior”). This need immediate quarantine and suitable treatment. In cases where treatment is unlikely to be rewarding (like hardened/ repeat rapists) euthanasia (mercy killing) has to be considered to limit the spread of the malady to vulnerable members of the society, especially a generation that fails to get proper parenting and care during their childhood or early adulthood. Brutality is a mental aberration or sadism could be related to post traumatic stress disease (PTSD).

Posted by RamakumarV | Report as abusive

I read all comments with extreme care. They are well meant. However, finding reasons tells us only reasons and not change the fact that the human is the most violent species and rape is violence. Period. I spent twenty two years investigating and treating child sexual and physical abuse, and treatment of women abused and raped. I am convinced that the violent, at the earliest age, must be removed and compassionately confined, away from the rest, for the rest of their lives.

Posted by onebookend | Report as abusive

When will women be safe on American streets? When they are all properly trained in firearm use and are armed. And when we quit treating violent criminals as any type of victim.

The US has these types of crimes committed all the time, but they are relegated to local news. Interesting that someone high up in the Oligarchy seems to want to demonize India for the same thing that goes on, almost unremarked, here in the States…

Posted by Moric | Report as abusive

It is high time self-defence is introduced in schools all over India. Clearly, men won’t stop being animals so we need to empower women by making them capable of defending themselves.

Posted by poppyrich | Report as abusive

So Modi finally speaks out on gang rapes and says India is shamed by them. Too true. When he was here in the states he asked the USA to send India some tourists. No freaking way would I travel with my family to a place where my wife or daughter could be dragged off and gang raped!

Posted by RunSomeToo | Report as abusive