Delhi gang rape verdict: Reactions from people on the street

September 10, 2013

By Aditya Kalra and Arnika Thakur

Four men were found guilty on Tuesday of the gang rape of a woman on a bus in New Delhi and her murder, closing a chapter on a crime that triggered protests and soul-searching about the treatment of women in India. Arguments on sentencing are due to begin on Wednesday.

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Here are some reactions from people on the street:

POOJA SINGH, 21, student, at the Munirka bus stop.
“The girl lost her life, the accused should get a similar punishment.”

JYOTI SHARMA, 21, student
“Even the juvenile should be given life imprisonment. The four adult accused should be hanged. I don’t feel safe anywhere even on a bus stand … I try to reach home before dark”

KAMINI MAKHIJA, 34, chartered accountant on metro train
“I am very happy (with the verdict). They should be hanged till death. Nothing much will improve, but this will send the right message. I travel by my car but don’t travel late night”

DIVYA BISHT,  20,  student
“They should be hanged. There should be fear in people that they cannot do such things”

RINI RAWAT, 21, student
“They should get a death sentence … even the juvenile because you need to set an example … set a precedent. That’s very important, so that these things don’t happen again”

DOLLY ARORA, 46, housewife
“The girl should get justice. I am married, but am still scared of getting out of the house at night. The government’s promises were only for a week. Death (sentence) will force people to think before doing such things”

POOJA SINGH, 21, student
“The girl lost her life, the accused should get a similar punishment”

VARUN KAPOOR, 28, chartered accountant
“Death punishment should be given to the accused. Even if that punishment is not given, a harsh sentence of 30-40 years should be given”

POOJA BISHT, 22, student
“If they are hanged, anyone else trying to do something similar will fear the punishment. I do not step out of my house after 7 – 8 p.m.”

CHARU DHAMA, 21, student
“Sentence should be hang till death. It has (verdict) taken a long time … but this is the right decision”

NEENA BHARDWAJ, 47, administrative assistant.
“Till someone gets this sort of punishment, these things will keep happening. They are still happening. It happened in Bombay. And the juvenile got off too easily. If he can do what he did, how is he a child?”

PINKY SHARMA, 29, housewife
“I think the government took too long. They said they will set up fast-track courts and expedite the process, but it’s been almost a year and so many incidents have happened since then. Even children have been victim of sexual abuse. Decisions in such cases should be fast and harsh

DAVINDER PAL SINGH, 30, travel professional
“Capital punishment will set an example, but at least life sentence should be awarded. Men need to take a stand”

MANPREET, 25, student
“These judgments should be expedited. It’s not fair that the victim or her family should suffer while the court takes its own time. Because the blame of the whole incident mostly falls on the victim and she is the one who suffers”

DIVYA SHARMA, 18, student
“They should be hanged. Safety issue will be solved as this harsh punishment will instil fear in people’s mind”

RAJNI, 40, housewife
“If the government could not do anything … what will it do now? Maybe if there was a good judgment then what happened in Bombay would have not happened. Maybe those people would have been scared. I feel the situation hasn’t really changed. I have daughters and if they are even a minute late in getting home, I am petrified. All parents are scared”

RICHA MAHESH, 26, doctorate student
“If there is enough evidence that says these people are guilty, there should be capital punishment. I think police have become slightly more sensitive to complaints by women. And I think if there is harsh punishment, there will be fear and maybe things will change”

SURBHI JOSHI, 21, engineering student, waiting at the Munirka bus stop.
They should get at least 20 years or more. If the punishment is hard and fast, there will be fear of law. And not just rape but even in cases of acid attacks, the accused should get harsh punishment. Five or six years mean nothing. Once criminals are out of jail, they are bound to do it again. Because they will feel that they can get away with it

SRISHTI VASUDEV, 18, student on metro train
“There are still rapes happening. The government, when it comes to terrorism takes a really strong stand. Similarly, when it comes to rape they need to take a strong stand”

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TO BEing a LAwyer :All accused should be punished death sentence includind minor also ::otherwise this happen will be continue boz women r not safe anywhere ;so A Strict law shuld be apply for these rapist

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but why

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