Comments on: Delhi shaped South Asia’s Muslim identity, Pakistani author says Perspectives on South Asian politics Thu, 02 Jun 2016 08:03:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: Espad Wed, 18 Sep 2013 15:11:43 +0000 The author would have done better had he delved into the psyche of Pakistan which now considers itself ethnically, culturally and religiously a derivative of the Middle East. That it was once part of India is airbrushed regularly by the all powerful military which propagated the myth that one “brave” Muslim soldier was equal to ten “cowardly” Hindus. This myth was buried after the venal Paki army suffered four defeats at the hands of India. Civilian Governments too have been on the anti India band wagon as they have always had to humor both the army and rabid mullahs to survive in office even when “democratically” elected.

Given this backdrop, Pakistan has drifted away from its Indian roots, notwithstanding the immense popularity of Hindi films and movie stars in Pakistan and the desperation of Paki cricketers (now not allowed because of hostilities between India and Pakistan) to be hired by the owners of the teams competing in the ultra rich annual Indian Premier League cricket tournament.

Its civil society too is vastly different from India – far more overtly religious, conservative, reconciled to authoritarianism both by the army and mullahs, feudal landlords, politicians, army Generals and mullahs firmly in control of most of its wealth in a sea of poverty and generally unsympathetic to the fate of severely victimized non Muslims (including Shia and Ahmedia Muslims, not only Hindus, Sikhs and Christians).

The writer can wax eloquent about a mythical “composite culture” of India and Pakistan. It is just as unreal as is the desperate, indeed pathetic attempt of Pakistan to get the rich Arabs to treat them as their ethnic cousins. In realty, Arabs show their open contempt for Paki Muslims who are dark skinned, short in height, smaller built than Arabs and whose facial features are identical to that of Indians. Along with Indian Muslims, Paki Muslims too are made to pray from roads outside mosques in the Middle east !! This hurts Pakis real bad as Arabs whom they held in high regard for having exported Islam and “liberated” them from Hindu domination of undivided India treat them with barely disguised contempt – mainly for their poverty but also because Arabs have never considered Muslims from the Indian Sub Continent or Indonesia or black Africa on par with themselves.

Schizophrenic Pakistan muddles through this ethic confusion along with lawlessness a bankrupt economy and an existential crisis. Raza Rumi chose the easy way out by recounting fables about a non existent “shared” past, long disowned by Pakistan.