Movie Review: Boss

October 16, 2013

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There are some movies that are worth your time and money and the effort of writing about them. And then there are movies like “Boss.”

Anthony D’Souza and his team have obviously put in minimal effort in making this film and they don’t expect audiences to exercise their brains either. Juvenile jokes abound and slow-motion shots of Akshay Kumar running and slamming the villain’s head into the ground make up about half the film.

Kumar is the “Boss” in this hare-brained film, a gangster who only beats up people to the beats of loud music and with nubile dancers dancing. He’s estranged from his upright father (Mithun Chakraborty) who thinks his eldest son is guilty of a horrendous crime. This doesn’t stop the father from using muscle power when a powerful politician and police officer threaten his other son. Talk about double standards.

So, of course, Boss storms on to the scene, beats up police officers and all and sundry in order to win his father’s approval, and rescue his brother from the clutches of the evil guys.

There is hardly the semblance of a story here, too much violence for a film that has a UA (Parental Guidance) certificate, and humour of the lowest level. The only silver lining — and it is really faint — is Akshay Kumar’s comic timing, which flashes once in a while and will extract a few laughs.

If only he would use that comic timing to do some real comedy rather than resort to jokes that are offensive and unfunny, it would serve us better.

Of the cast, Chakraborty as the Boss’s father is hopelessly ineffective, as are most of the actors. Aditi Rao Hydari, playing the Boss’s brother’s love interest, exists solely to flaunt her bikini body, only to cover up in demure salwar kameez outfits once she falls in love, and casting anguished looks when her brother refuses to approve of her boyfriend.

This is not a movie that is worth your time and money. Spend it elsewhere.

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The makers are hiding the truth that Boss has flopped. Its collections were below 9 cr…. failed all over india….

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