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February 13, 2015

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Vikramjit Singh’s “Roy” is a beautiful film – at least on the outside. It has gorgeous locales, a lead cast that looks like a million bucks, and a couple of very hummable songs. But you know what they say about beauty.

Singh tries hard to present an intelligent film by going beyond the mere aesthetics. There is the elusive thief who manages to steal from every high-profile museum in the world, there is the brooding director who gets inspired by the thief for his movie, and there is also the woman who catches his fancy while he is in the midst of writing his script. The real then merges with reel, and both the film and the director’s life follow similar trajectories, until finally, they reach their logical end.

In theory, this could have been a film within a film, but in reality, it ends up being nothing but a long, meandering, and rather pointless story.

Film-maker Kabir (Arjun Rampal) gets writer’s block and goes off to shoot his latest movie with an incomplete script. He meets Ayesha (Jacqueline Fernandez), a rather sombre indie film-maker who is also shooting at the same locale as him, and gets smitten by her. As he and Ayesha get to know each other, Kabir finds that his writer’s block clears, and he can continue writing the story of “Roy,” the master thief who falls in love with the lady he is trying to steal from (Fernandez again, in a different avatar).

The characters have long conversations, but they are about nothing. The background music rises to a crescendo at several points, leading you to believe that something might move in this snoozefest, but of course, nothing does.

In a miniscule part as Roy, Ranbir Kapoor pretty much sleepwalks through his role, as does Arjun Rampal, actually. Rampal saunters on to the screen, mouths his dialogue and saunters off, letting his body language and good looks do the rest of the work for him. Fernandez puts in some real effort as both Ayesha and Tia, but in a film that hardly makes sense most of the time, her acting is wasted.

“Roy” is one of those films that might seem like a good idea from afar, but on closer inspection, you realize that it’s barely even an idea.

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Haven’t seen the movie yet.. But i love the songs.. they all are awesome and even Jacqueline..

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