Movie Review: Hate Story 3

December 4, 2015

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If the plot of Vishal Pandya’s “Hate Story 3” seems familiar, it is because the film is a rehash of every single Abbas-Mustan film in the last decade. Pandya lifts plot points liberally from both Hollywood and Bollywood and puts together a 131-minute ordeal that seems to get worse every minute.

The seemingly perfect life of young business tycoon Aditya Dewan (Sharman Joshi) and his wife Sia (Zarine Khan) gets a rude jolt when a complete stranger makes the couple an offer like the one in “Indecent Proposal”. When they refuse, Saurav (Karan Singh Grover) vows to destroy Dewan’s business empire.

The procedure to destroy a conglomerate seems too good to be a true. A bribe to a peon here, a couple of phone tapping devices there, and Dewan is thrown in jail, his factory is shut down and the whole world is convinced of his guilt.

The predictable plot is punctuated by songs that have all four leads (Joshi, Khan, Grover and Daisy Shah, who plays Dewan’s loyal lieutenant) gyrating to cheap lyrics and thrusting their pelvic muscles at the screen.

Of the cast, Grover seems to be concentrating too hard on scowling in every single scene, while Joshi seems to be putting in the same amount of effort to appear as expressionless as possible. Khan and Shah widen their eyes and pout their lips every few seconds but don’t do much beyond that.

There are some laugh-out-loud moments when the screenplay plummets to the absolute depths of Bollywood inanity. Apart from such moments of hilarity, “Hate Story 3” has absolutely nothing going for it.

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