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BA’s Kingfisher deal ups pressure on India’s airline regulators

September 6, 2010

Willie Walsh, Chief Executive of British Airways, is not afraid of conflict. Having tackled investors who have seen the airline struggle through two years of substantial losses and stared down continued industrial action from his cabin crew, he’s now set his sights on India’s civil aviation regulators.

Tears, threats, triumph in Jet Airways layoff drama

October 17, 2008

jet.jpgI was on a Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Mumbai on Wednesday, the day the airline said it may lay off a further 1,100 employees in addition to the 800 it had retrenched.

How safe is flying in India?

June 25, 2008

rtr1pgsg.jpgSometime ago a passenger in the United States was off-loaded when she jokingly asked the cabin crew if the pilots were sober.

Do India and U.S. have more in common than they think?

May 19, 2008

First impressions count. That’s true no less with airports, the gateway to a globalised world for any country.