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Walk into the Vodafone store in Mumbai’s Prabhadevi neighbourhood, and it doesn’t look any different from the others across India. It’s crowded with customers waiting to pay their bills, lodge complaints and buy new mobile phone connections.

But there is a difference many haven’t noticed. This is one of Vodafone’s 15 “angel” stores, or retail outlets managed and run solely by female employees. Security, pantry staff, customer service resources and management level personnel — all are women.

The company says research and feedback shows “women with their character traits of greater patience and empathy are able to act and help in speedy resolution,” helping improve quality of customer service.

A visit to the store showed the ratio of men and women customers was the same as any other. The outlet was run-of-the-mill in every other way except that there were only women dressed in the Vodafone uniform of white shirts and red scarves.