January 15 is celebrated as India’s Army Day each year. Sixty-two years ago on this day, the first Indian officer took over as Commander–in–Chief of the army.

Lately, the Indian army has been under constant scrutiny. From modernization of equipment to the moral character of the organisation, many believe the army is facing too many problems at the same time.

In the recent past, there was a media frenzy about Chinese incursions and violation of Indian air space along the Line of Actual Control and also speculation whether the army would fight the growing left-wing extremism in its own country.

N. Manoharan, Senior Fellow, Centre for Land and Warfare studies, wrote in an article that reforms in the military sector are imperative for India to make a leap from a regional power to a leading global power. They are also vital to achieve the primary objective of securing the country from external and internal adversaries, he said.

Do you think the Indian Army has too many concerns to deal with? Is it time for the army to review the many aspects of the organisation?