maruti 800After the iconic Bajaj scooter,  another symbol of the eighties and the then acme of middle-class ambition — the Maruti 800 — is driving into history.

With new emission norms kicking in, it won’t be sold in 13 major cities.

Nearly three decades ago, this delicate looking car in various hues begged for space on Indian roads next to ageing off-white rivals whose stolidity was misinterpreted as dependability and ruggedness.

The car entered my life only as a toy model as we were only aspiring 800-buyers but that didn’t beat its influence.

The Maruti 800 introduced the middle-class to the “small is beautiful” concept at a time when even music systems were supposed to be as tall as cupboards.

Made near India’s capital, the car was tailor-made for the brash, flashy Delhi yuppies that were just coming into their own in the 80s.