Three days after the weekend serial bombings that killed 22 people in New Delhi, I find the general atmosphere of the national capital almost abnormal in its normalcy.

blast3.jpgOne of the blast happened right across the street on which the Reuters office is located.

Colleagues who were working on September 13 told me the impact of the blast at Barakhamba Road shook the building and unsettled flocks of pigeons nesting on rooftops of adjoining high rises.

The sirens of police cars, ambulances and fire brigade vehicles soon shattered the tense silence of the otherwise bustling commercial district, as people rushed to help the injured.

As I walked into the office a day later, I expected to see chaos, panic, and a heavy police presence all around. What unnerved me was the resilience of people who owned small shops, ran taxi services and sold goods on the sidewalk at the blast site.