By Annie Banerji

India’s western coastline remains vulnerable in spite of the triple bomb blasts in financial capital Mumbai in July which had raised questions about the failure of security services in preventing the attacks.

The abandoned merchant vessel MT Pavit, breaking the multi-layered coastal security, ran aground on the shore of Mumbai on July 30. The Panama-registered vessel began to drift towards the city shore after its engines failed near the coast of Oman.

India’s coastal security is an elaborate affair — the proficiency of maritime security comprising the Coast Guard,¬†marine police¬†and various other agencies including the Mumbai police is laudable on paper.

The Times of India reported another foreign vessel washed ashore in Gujarat a few days ago, leaving the security establishment vexed after the lapse of security by the Navy and Coast Guard in the case of MT Pavit.

“It (the foreign vessel) must have been adrift for several weeks,” the English daily quoted an officer saying.