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Does Indian literature owe its global success to the Raj?

January 18, 2011

As close to 50,000 people prepare to celebrate India’s bulging roster of nationally and internationally renowned authors and poets at the seventh annual Jaipur Literary Festival, a public spat between its British organiser and an Indian magazine over allegations of perpetuating “a Raj that still lingers” threatens to ignite a decades-old debate over the role of colonial English in the country’s literary success.

With the Games to come, 2010 looking rosy for India tourism

September 8, 2010

Tourism is big business in India and according to new figures released on Wednesday, business is booming.

Who are the Commonwealth Games for?

April 13, 2010

INDIA-COMMONWEALTH/GAMESAs India races to get ready for the Commonwealth Games, graffiti questioning their mass appeal has appeared over the last few weeks near some of the venues hosting the October event.