Never far from controversy in his playing days, Shoaib Akhtar has kicked up quite a storm in India with his autobiography “Controversially Yours”, questioning the integrity of most players he came across.

And one of them happens to be India‚Äôs favourite son Sachin Tendulkar, owner of virtually all batting records worth owning but still not a match-winner in Shoaib’s book.

Also, the “Rawalpindi Express” claims Tendulkar, at one stage, was mortally scared of his raw pace.

Much to his delight, the Indian media seem to have swallowed the bait.

They have reacted with baffled fury, wondering how the erratic speedster can point an accusing finger at someone like Tendulkar, whose integrity remains beyond doubt even after two decades in international cricket.

Cricket is often called religion in an otherwise secular India and Tendulkar is its presiding deity.